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OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 38)

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Hi All
Samana is still on vacation. I am not able to post the link since I have not yet made 25 posts. So can someone be kind enough to do it. I am anyway posting the written update.
Written Update for Episode 8
Recap: Dev tells Darji that Geet meeting him wasn't her fault at all; the police come in and tell Darji that Channi's mother has blamed Brij for her death.. Darji turns around and says that Channi's father called his wife crazy, and that the police need to find evidence first; Darji says yes for D&G's rishta, and everyone is shown celebrating the roka...

The episode starts with Rajjo (is it Rajjo or Rajji?) taking Geet upstairs to fix her dupatta.. Rajjo is called downstairs and leaves Geet alone to her thoughts. As she's fixing her dupatta, she feels her dupatta (the one Dev gave her) and thinks of Darji's words - "Now this house's respect has become yours" (or something to that effect). She stands there thinking.. when her father comes upstairs.. He tells her that everyone is waiting for her, when he sees her face.
He asks if she's scared.. she nods yes.. He asks "Canada?".. she nods yes.. He asks "in three days?".. she nods and asks how he knows everything in her heart. He tells her that she's been in his heart since she was born, and that whatever Darji
(at least I think it's Darji he said) does, he does it for her own good. But Geet tells her father that HE was the one who told her to study, to meet new people.. she doesn't want to get married so quickly.
Her father tries to re-assure her - "put it this way, after marriage, you'll meet so many new people.. you'll see the colours of a new time. And his family isn't so strict that they won't let you study after marriage; you are a "baghawali"
(explain the meaning please) that you've gotten Dev as a husband." Geet is upset, she never thought that she'd be so far away from her family, that she'd live in a different country. Geet's father pulls her in for a hug... (gorgeous scene b/w father & daughter)
Rajjo comes in with Titu and Dev, and Geet's father exclaims.. "Dev ji.." Dev looks shy (so adorable!)

Scene cuts to Dolly, Nurpinder and Rano who are walking with a tray of tea, when Dolly pipes up and says that when she got married, she got 3-4kgs of gold, and heaps of stuff from them.. but all Dev's family has given Geet is two gold bangles. It turns out that Naintara & Pammi have heard. Nurpinder tries to reassure them that they're not fussed.. but Naintara & Pammi exchange sad looks. Naintara tells them they tried to exchange dollars, but no one could help them.. and it's not like they came to Punjab prepared for a wedding. Naintara says that in their family, there's a tradition that when the new daughter-in-law comes, the "guldeva" (explain that one as well) gives her lots of jewellery. They've organised a pooja to be done that night.. but what are they going to give Geet?
Rano quips for them not to worry. They have a lot of jewellery, and for them to take it to give to Geet that night. She reassures them, and tells them to sweeten their mouths. Nurpinder looks angrily at Dolly, and walks away towards Pammi, Rano & Naintara. Dolly says to herself "Look what happened because of my umbrella mouth! And look what I was meant to do!" She walks away
(gosh, Dolly has some of the best lines.. umbrella mouth, hehe)

Scene cuts back to D&G, Geet's dad, Titu and Rajjo. Geet's dad mentions for Dev to come inside, and Rajjo teases Dev by saying that ever since Geet went upstairs, all he's been doing is talking about her, so she thought she'd bring him upstairs as well. Dev goes all shy and says that Rajjo is just teasing.. he was only inquiring about Geet. Geet's dad smiles and mentions for Titu to show Dev the property. He had put some away for Geet, but Dev hasn't even asked for anything. Dev replies - "By saying that, you're making me embarrassed. The most expensive thing there, you've already put her hand in mine.."(I know I didn't do justice to what he said.. but ah well.) Geet smiles in the background, and Geet's dad tells her to go out with the kids..

Scene cuts to Rano & Nurpinder, who drags her into the kitchen and asks if Rano's gone crazy. Rano replies that she's doing the right thing, and that Nurpinder should bring her jewellery as well so that Pammi can choose which ones she wants to give to Geet. Nurpinder angrily replies that her jewellery is HERS, and that she won't give it to any relatives. Darji overhears, and berates Nurpinder - the jewellery isn't hers, it's the family's.. and Rano is right in asking her for it.
He walks away, and Nurpinder angrily agrees to give her jewellery, but not to ask for her necklace.. she's kept that for Rajjo.

Scene cuts to D&G, Titu & Rajjo. Dev is telling Geet that his family has said that since he's met her, he's changed. He agrees with that theory, and says he's a bit lost.. he sits there smiling to himself all the time. He sees Geet smiling, and says "one minute. I want to keep this memory safe.. this is the first time you've ever smiled at anything I've said." He looks at Rajjo & Titu, who are busily talking about something, and moves closer to Geet - "So should I assume that you're happy with the marriage.. or not?" Geet looks up and says "No.. I mean yes.."
(I'm just melting here.. move over KaJen, you have competition) Dev teases her, and then asks if he should take her silence as a yes.. Geet finally looks up at Dev.
Brij is shown walking with one of his men, and Geet hears them, and turns, worriedly. Geet, Rajjo & Titu are worried, but Dev sees Brij and smiles.
(I know, he smiled..) Brij walks up to Geet with an angry look.. and Geet notices a bag he's holding - "That's Channi's bag, isn't it?" A flashback is shown of Channi running through the fields, and her bag drops. Back to the present, and Geet says Channi used to bring that bag to school.. when Brij cuts her off and asks what she's doing here alone? He raises his voice and tells them to go back to the house. Geet isn't moving, so he grabs her hand to drag her away, when Dev grabs Brij's arm. He asks for him to let go of her hand, but Geet silently tells him not to say anything. For her, he drops his hand.
He tells Brij
(with folded hands) that Geet is his fiance, and he doesn't want anyone telling her what to do. Brij looks at Geet, and lets go. Brij walks away...

Scene cuts to Rajinder & Vrinder, who's asking about dibbas for the wedding
(I think he was referring to music). Vrinder replies he hasn't got any ideas, when his phone rings. Someone tells him that the family he's getting his daughter married to has a hidden past. Vrinder asks who's speaking, and she replies to meet to her the next day at 9am, near the gurdwara. She hangs up.

Scene cuts to the women putting out their jewellery for Dev's family to choose for Geet at the pooja. Vrinder tries to tell Darji he wants to talk, but they've started looking. Naintara & Pammi look very distressed, and Nurpinder silently tells Rano to put away one set of jewellery..
(nicely done by Rano I must say) Naintara looks upset, and says that once they get back to Canada, they'll repay them. Darji tells her they are his daughters, and to think of this as a gift. The family agrees.  Pammi has a request.. not to tell Dev about what is happening, as he'll get upset. As the family is looking at Pammi, Kamya looks at that expensive jewellery Rano put away (obviously it accidentally got brought back out), and Vrinder looks worried. Kamya steals the necklace, and only Vrinder notices.
D&G, Rajjo & Titu return to the house. Naintara again mentions to Rano about not telling Dev.. Rano reassures Naintara nothing will be said. Dev's family get ready to leave because the pandit should be at their place very soon. As Dev's walking away, he looks at Geet and smiles. As they're walking away, Geet thinks about what Dev said to Brij.. her moments with Dev. She says to herself - "Dad was right, Dev really is a good man."
Vrinder is standing there thinking about the phone call, what Kamya did, and what Pammi said.. he looks extremely anxious.

Darji tells Brij to call Dev; Vrinder wonders if Dev's family is bad and if they stole the jewellery; Rajinder, Vrinder & Brij run to a house.. but it's locked.

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Hi All
Sorry about not being able to post the video link though I actually have it. Forum rules I think are that you can't post links till you post at least 25 posts. I am 5 short of that yet.Ouch
Guess people are still enjoying the break. But to ensure weekly orientation of the episodes let me just go ahead and post Samana's analysis that she had PMed to me and will post my analysis after that.

Episode 8

Three cheers for the father-daughter scene! That scene nearly brought me to tears and I certainly had a lump in my throat. The connection that Geet has with her father and the way he loves her in such a deep way was truly touching. I loved the dialogue about meri jaan basti hain tujh mein. It really showed how invested Mohinder is in his daughter's life as well as her smallest of feelings. It was nice to discover where Geet gets her passion and desire for education as well. Mohinder has secretly brought her up in an idealistic way that perhaps does not fit exactly with the way Darjee works, though this conflict is not allowed to take place because of Dareej's despotic rule over the household. However, Mohinder, to the best of his capacity encourages Geet not to just be a daughter but an individual who is aware of the world outside of his house. I also loved seeing the traces of Geet's own never say die spirit and unflagging positivity in him. He shows her a way to look at marriage, not as an end but as a continuation of growing and learning. He also seems convinced that Dev is hugely broad-minded and will nurture Geet intellectually as well as materially. I loved his mention of the first time he dropped her off to school, and how he knows her every feeling, which in some ways shows Geet's reluctance to leave her family as a long-standing trait.

Damn, has Dev done a number on them! And Geet as well! His charm was turned on to the maximum degree during their conversation when he talked about her smile and how he has changed after meeting her. It is interesting (and a leetle creepy) that this is exactly what he tells Maan later on when the latter is falling for Geet. His confrontation with Brij seals the deal, when he is able to protect Geet from Brij's ill-treatment thanks to his new and superior position as her husband. However, it shows that Geet is still dependent on men for protection and defense, which I guess is to build up to the imminent contrast coming up.

I have to commend NT and Dev on their plan! It is brilliant and leaves almost no room for suspicion. Any suspicion that their situation causes is smoothed over by how devoted Dev seems to be to Geet. The way they took the jewellery was pretty genius! As for the phone call that Geet's dad gets, I guess it is a premature accusation because obviously they will suspect them but they will come back to marry Geet and all suspicion will be removed and they will trust them even more. Again, I have to commend their plan as it leaves no room for Darjee, a very intelligent man, to doubt their intentions or their nature. It breaks  my heart to think this happens in real life because if a daily soap can show such a complicated and manipulative plan come to pass, I can only imagine it would be worse and more devastating in real life.

I like how in the background, Channi's story is slowly and subtly coming to a climax, with clues being thrown around here and there about what happened to her. Brij holding her bag was so confusing to Geet that she opened her mouth to ask him what he was doing with it. It shows Geet's own state of mind, with the whole idea of her marriage taking the forefront and yet Channi's remaining a constant question in the back of her mind.

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Here is the Video of Episode no.8

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Episode 8

Roka is done and Geet still cannot digest the pace at which things are moving. During this scene I felt that Geet looks very beautiful. The camerawork is just great. I am really loving HeartGeet's dad and he has this adorable little dimple on his cheek. He does give a tough competition to our dear Maan on his unconditional love for Geet. Though it was nice to have Daarji at Geet and Maan's wedding at least to see how the girl who he thinks is just a puppet gets to make her own decisions and makes a great life for herself but like Sia said some time back if I had to choose just one person then as the most deserving person Geet's dad would have been my first choice.

Geet is her dad's life and he is the only one who realises what she is going through. And it was Geet's dad who wanted her to study and be independent. Did I say I love him? HeartHe feels Dev's family is forward enough to let her pursue further studies. So marrying Dev would not be that bad for Geet. He has high hopes of Dev. At least for his sake they must have shown Geet planning to continue her studies after marriage to  Maan rather than just cooking , cleaning and chaddofying.Disapprove

It was nice to see the daughter- father bonding.By then wily Dev comes there under some pretext or the other. Geet's dad mentions about their land and asks the kids to show him the land. i am sure Dev has started salivating over the land.

If amongst the men Geet's dad is the only sane one ,amongst the women Dolly for all her bak bak seems to be the only one who realises how kanjoos the boy's family is.They could not exchange dollars they say. What dollars I say? Our great NT and her MIL have made another plan. They have to put ornaments on their family deity. They have wasted hardly any time and are zeroing on the kill.Geet's mom is the most gullible. She offers all their jewels. The aunt is way smarter and is not happy about it. I don't blame her. She has always been more street smart. But Daarji agrees to Geet's mom ideas. Though it is foolishness at the end of the day but it also shows what Samana always says about Daarji. He is one principled person. He thinks the whole family is one entity and so there is no yours and mine in a family. That is a strong basis of a joint family.

On the other side Dev continues to try to charm Geet. He teases Geet about how infrequently she smiles.Later on this same guy goes straight ahead and robs her of that very little happiness in her lifeAngry. I don't know how much more Dev can rile me up and the fact that I know he does not get what he actually deserves just makes it worse for me.Angry

And there enters the "You may be our future SIL but you may not mess around with our daughters" Brij - the ultimate party spoilerCool. So my suspicion about the Police warning was correct. Brij lost no time to take care of evidence Channi' bag but Geet sees it. I am sure this observation will play a role later when she hands him over to the police.
Dev  shows spunk first but then is coward enough to know that he cannot physically overpower Brij. So he falls back to old fashioned grovelling. Its difficult not to compare this to what Maan does to Brij during their marriage. Even when her life was not in danger , we have seen how Maan "handles" anyone who dares touch his mishti. But anyway Brij does let Geet go which again endears Dev to Geet.

Geet's dad by then gets the call which in a way confirms what he suspects all along - somethings off about the boy's family. This makes him look at Dev's family in a new light. By the time he gets a chance to discuss with Daarji Dev's family gets their hand on the jewels but not before he notices Kamya doing something which he knows is suspicious but he can't put a finger on yet. And the piece she steals is the one the aunt made for Rajji which she silently indicates Geet's mom to put away. And in the precap she questions about the haar and there is no news of Dev's family. Got to see what made them return after all.Maybe the land that Dev heard of from Geet's dad..

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@ Jyothi  Thanks a lot. You are a starStar. Happy New Year to all. catch up with all later.

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This episode was all about the jewellery fiasco by Dev's family and further showed the hidden evil intentions of the family Ouch
It was clear that Dev-NT and that mom-sister all had a plan to take away all the jewelleries and property of Geet before marriage and then run away to Canada but Geet's dad got a doubt and so they had to wait till the marriage Angry ;I liked how Nurpinder was practical during this whole jewellery fiasco and refused to give the jewellery since she was thinking about her kids ka futureThumbs Up ..
Poor Geet wanted to study further but was made the scapegoat by family CryCry ;In this episode once again Geet tells her father how she wants to study further but damn CVs later never showed Geet trying to finish her studies which could hv been such a good track Ouch..
Dev as usual was busy playing the typical filmy hero trying to win Geet's heart with his sugar-coated filmy dialogues LOL and while his family was busy in the jewellery fiasco Angry..
In the background even Channi's track was nicely developing as in this episode Geet gets a doubt when she sees Channi's bag in Brij's hand Thumbs Up ;But as usual Brij twists the whole thing by showing his power and anger on poor Geet Angry ;Dev tries to b the hero here WinkLOL but little does Geet know that whether its Dev or Brij ,she is just being played around by all these men AngryCry..
Only Geet's father looked really worried regarding Geet's future but rest were all busy trying to maintain their reputation and izzzat in front of Dev's fraud family Ouch...
Overall a interesting episode ...

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Another interesting episode...
The initial scene of Geet and her father was touching. Its just sad that thier relation was not explored more.The dialogue " Mere Jhan basti hai tujme" was really good, and the actor was good too. They should got back the father in the Delhi track atleast couple of times, trying to show that he's still keeping an eye on her, similar to how he helped Geet find a home in Delhi through Pinky and her father.

Anyway coming to the episode after the scene, how the cunning Dev was saying he is getting the most valuable thing in his hand and doesnt need anymore money from them was nicely done. CV's tried to keep the viewers believing that Dev is the good one and his family are the evil ones.
If I was seeing this for the first time, I would have felt that the Dev and Geet scene was really good, as how he teased her if she is happy about the marriage or not.And the ishara from Geet when Dev is holding Brij's hand, shows how much she respects her brother and doesnt want any
problems. And also the point that she asked outrightly about Channi's back shows a hint of her courage which we will come across later on.

Coming to the Jewels scene, everybody acted so perfectly. Especially Naintara was good, in showing her helpness of managing everything in the last minute, and Kamya's greed.
How stupid can one get, they were getting all of them anyway but still she was greedy to take it.
And since I haven't watched these episodes before, I am curious to know who is the lady who tried to warn about Dev's family. And he actually meets that lady as she requested...

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Geet's wish to study more...
Geet's Dad's worry about his daughter...Embarrassed
Really Geet-Dad's love is something to compete with Maaneet love...Big smile
Pammi-NT busy with Gold... and Dev's jooti-meeti dialogues...Dead
Iyoo why they made this Dev in a Saint...Angry
I hate him I hate him.. I Hate Dev...Angry

BTW i noticed one thing...
As Dupatta plays an important role in Geet... Geet's Dupatta is her honour for sure...
In the very first epi itself she lost her Dupatta to Dev...
and today Geet's Dupatta has been replaced with the one Dev gave to
her... From that time onwards it was confirmed that Geet's Honour was given to Dev's hand...Ouch

but things was entirely different when she met Maan...
When he saved her form lake... she doesn't have her Dupatta.. but he
gave back her one... means the Honour was given back to Geet by Maan only...

Oh God I am missing Maaneet/Gurti...Cry

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