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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 35)

geetaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 10:03am | IP Logged
Sorry. Looks like I double posted the WU.
Anyway coming to the episode analysis.
Now that was a fast paced episode. Too fast for Geet though.
Poor Geet didn't stand a chance did she?Who would not fall for such a knight in shining armour. It was so sad to see how Geet extends her hand without even being asked to and this time does not even bother defending herself. Aur Brij bhaiyya aap baat baat pe talwar kyun nikaal lethey ho yaar. The poilce finally arrive. Why were they there? To give a fair warning to Brij I suppose so he can take care of any witnesses and evidence that he might have ignored before.Dev lies for the family and everyone is happy. Little do they know that lying is what he does best.And the looks of disappointment he was giving Geet.
How uber smart of Dev to have Daarji himself come up with the plan of a hurried marriage. It would have been suspicious coming out of his mouth. Now I know why he kept quite the first time.
Geet worried not without reason on how fast things were moving. And how trusting Geet is. She thinks Brij cannot have killed Channi. My sweet girl if only you knew what he was capable of. She does come to know eventually. That part of Geet's character was mostly consistent. She could only think of the good in people as opposed to our delicious but cynical  Maan who could only think of the worst in people.
We should not blame the PH for inconsistency .They have been kanjoos right from the beginning. Its us who did not realise it. The gave Geet the same yellow suit and Laal Dupatta(or was that another shiny number?) that she wore for Lori. Even NTs saree seemed to be of the same material. So see it is not that they became kanjoos later. They were consistent with their kanjoosi.Big smile
Kamya the blabbermouth also has some brain in there.The song during the roka was not professionally sung but it created the apt mahaul. The dulhewale's got their first installment of their much awaited moolah. And poor Dolly- Brij's look said she was going to repent her ouburst.If I were viewing this before I knew what was going to happen then NT's look just made it clear that things were not definitely going to be a smooth ride for Geet. But i might have suspected just a money hungry sasuraal with an evil co sister, nothing more. Am I wrong or was another new music track, which we got to hear a lot later, introduced in this episode?

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TRULYOURS Senior Member

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 10:21am | IP Logged
episode 7

seeing geet with dev brij gets angry

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 10:32am | IP Logged
Hey all! So sorry about being late but I am so glad you all just went ahead! Clap

Thanks Richa for posting the episode and the WU and thanks Jyo for changing the title so that it was easier for people to find. Hug

Here is my take:

How did this not get TRPs??? I just don't get it! It's brilliance!

I loved the expression on Geet's face when Brij was beating Dev up. I think for the first time she felt disgust at any part of her family and bitterness towards his actions. Dev hugging the dupatta only made her feel worse because she could see his "pure" intentions and Brij's unjustified violent reactions. From here itself, there is something so absolute about Geet's sense of right and wrong. She does not condone Dev's idea to meet her alone, and try to give her gifts after they have broken the rishta, but she also doesn't support Brij's treatment. That instinct for right and wrong is already there, and she is not on one or the other person's side but on the side of right. However, this is suppressed until later when right and wrong becomes a matter of life and death.

Geet's expression when she extended her hand to get hit was so calm and resigned. I think she almost wanted the punishment, because even though she did it unknowingly she knows she has broken Darji's trust. Darjee seems especially angry that she could do such a thing after he had explained their motives behind refusing the match. It shows that on some level he expects Geet to think and act for herself, only within the confines of his system, which ironically she does, but unfortunately, he doesn't get to see the side of the story that would make him proud.

And can I just say, the difference between Dev and Maan! Dev helps the family cover up Brij's crime, while Maan helps Geet expose him. It really shows how Dev is trying to win the family with his smooth ways while Maan, though harsh, only tries to do the right thing and expects nothing less of others. Even though I am trying to watch with an unbiased eye, Dev's speech made me gag! It was so sugary sweet that you could sense something, not wrong exactly, but too corny about this guy. He seemed in this episode to be a pushover who would be ruled by the women in his family. However, in retrospect I guess he was carrying out the plan to perfection in slowly getting Geet's family to agree for a shotgun wedding, and not just to agree but to make it their own idea! He really convinces Darjee that he could get no better partner for Geet and I have to applaud his manipulative skills here!

Aha! I guess the characterisations are really sound here because anything I read into in one episode is further developed in the next! In the last episode I said Geet wasn't really a romantic and didn't think much of love-shove. This was reinforced in her rooftop conversation with Rajji where she wonders where Channi has gone. Channi is Geet's only example of love and it is clear that she doesn't approve of the idea. At this point all her ideas, morals and values still revolve around Darjee's little universe. This basis for her life will be brutally yanked out from under her later, when she discovers that Brij can indeed commit a murder and that too her own, for no fault of hers. But at this point her faith in her family remains unshaken. I also like how clear she is about her stance from the beginning, she likes Dev but still does not want to go to Canada.

Darjee's line about them how holding the izzat of his house was so significant because we all know what is going to happen with that izzat.

NT gave her first vamp look! Shocked

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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 10:35am | IP Logged
dramatic episode indeed!
dev, systematically manipulates geet's family. my god! look at him! as if he really loves d girl n reluctant to leave her behind! d way he walks slowly waiting for darji to stop him was really master manipulation. he was able to cheat darji! Darji's hurry to get d girl married ends up falling prey to dev's plan.
did NT call dev as veerji during the engagement ceremony? ugh!!!
the father - daughter's visual interplay during d song was beautiful! i wish d father had come back n later episodes to see his daughter loved n pampered by Maan. Though Darji does come toknow, d father who loved his daughter so much shd have had d chance to see her happy.
d song was not professional but for that very reason it was more authentic n suited d occasion.
reg. PH kanjoosi, evn i felt that why was geet given just one set of salwar with shiny dupatta for d occasion? but still these simple churidhars were any day better than dat low class tent dresses which she wore later.
dev chr is so low? how can he so enjoy d flirting n make a young innocent girl fall for him. Bt still fr geet's convo with her sis n bro it is obvious she might like dev but not in love with him.
Brij - is really is so full of anger for all silly reasons. dat guy really needed anger mgmt classes. he was d same till d end.
one thing i noticed watching d old n later new epi, d old ones were packed with drama n lot of things happening. later epi no story line at all, they were trying to fill d gaps with mahi... no wonder many old viewers left. stalker track did bring ppl back but our dear channel pulled d rug.

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 10:46am | IP Logged
Episode 7 is drama created by Dev & family to  increase the pressure  on handa family to get geet married with dev with in four days so that everything happens without much delay. If dev was really going  why again he shd call her to that bridge do that duppata wala nautaki to impress geet,He want the handa family to seriously consider the marriage with in four days.
    Today episode starts with dev meeting geet on the bridge with a red dupatta. before saying anything geet's brother brij bumps there and orders geet to go away and beat up dev. brij informs the incident in the house. DArje becomes furious and calls geet to punish with stick again Dev comes and put his hand before geet gets hit withthe stick and blames himself for what  all happened. He asks for apology  , again Brij becomes aggressive ,everybody in the house try to stop him. Meanwhile police steps in and ask for brij  blaming him for murdering channi according to the complaint given by channi's mother. But darjee refuses it and ask the inpector to bring witness for that,  While leaving inspector asks dev what happened to him? Dev takes advantage of the situation and say he has  slipped while walking to impress handa family he says atleast for few days he was related to them and takes blessings  from darjee and leaves. While leaving darjee tells him that still they are on their deccission   not to wait for them till one year but If he is ready to marry geet within three days they have no objection. Actually according to dev everything was going according to his plan. He  not only try to win trust of geet but also Handa family all together by asking them to forgive him for calling geet to meet him.
    Again There is a roka function where everybody is happy and geets family is gifting the would be in laws & dev wid gifts and jewellary  and dev's family is shamelessly accepting it. Pummi & NT having those cunning looks to each other wanted to say as if mission accomplished.
    Here darjee was elder person in the house,he ordered geet gave away the kangan, now he ordered she got ready for roka.  Why he didn't even enquire once about dev family before doing roka. He didn't think about Geet, he only thought about his prestige & respect.Geet became scape goat between all this. Shameless NT degrading Babhi devar rista . Urghhh..Angry

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 11:00am | IP Logged
 Btw I liked Dolly [Geet's Bhabhi] She is a completely contrast character of Brij. Today Her expressions were fab. I enjoyed when she paints her nails  and Geet's tayiji calls and bashes her saying the boy's family is not coming to see her nails then she takes that so lightly that she don't care and walk away.LOL
   I forgot to mention when geet was standing on the terrace rajji & titoo tease her and suddenly the issue of love comes where geet stops rajjo and says not to talk about it but that scene was to show how much geet believed her brother. She says to rajoo that brij is strict and want girls to be traditional & well cultured and to be in their limits but for that he cannot kill any body.Ouch

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 11:13am | IP Logged
Epi starts with Dev's Dhulai by Brij...Big smileBig smile Love u Brij for this!!!!!! I wished he hadn't stopped n gone ahead n killed Dev...Angry
Dev cries like a poor,innocent soul... n then becomes d saviour of Geet first as well as her family by saving their izzat in front of d police...
That was very quick thinking by Dev.. coz it was his sheer luck that police came at that moment n so he wasted no time in using it for his own benefit n became THE HERO WHO SAVED D DAY..AngryAngryAngry

I hav become a DEV-HATER now..his dialogue of Khandaan ki izzat ki parwah n all that crap...really made my blood boil...GRRR.. I wanted to throw something then...
(Now I fail to understand.. just how wld ppl accept a unpunished Dev after all this.. It was a very bad move by CVs.. seriously...)

Darji's weak point is his name n honour.. so since Dev hits d BULL'S EYE.. he agrees for marriage...

NT is one strange woman.. her dialogue for Dev-Geet jodi.. made me wince... Ouch
I m feeling really..really bad for Geet...That poor soul.. cant b blamed for anything..Cry
Later v can see.. that her trust was broken by her family after another..specially the MEN in her family.. 
whom she had so much faith...even Brij..Ouch

Finally.. v see that something is really wrong here.. NT's superb exp in d end..(Man.. I missed her)
n then d precap.. looks very interesting...

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 11:49am | IP Logged
@ Paro: 
U mentioned abt Geet's trusting part.. n how she sees good in everyone.. nice...Like during Daman fiasco in Asar.. at 1 point wher she thinks that Daman may b a genuine guy.. but then Maan explains her n she sees d truth.. even in that OTT behaviour..this part was kept consistent...
n PH maintaining their KANJOOSI status...LOLLOL

@ Priya: 
I cant believe someone is talking abt d dupattas...LOL
Even I find these dupattas way better than those tent ones which made her look 10 yrs older.. while these ones r classy n suits her age... My fav is d BLUE one...Embarrassed

@ Samana:
Ur part abt Maan-Dev characterisation was good.. u know what even I thought of Maan at that point..
While Dev defends Geet n takes d blame on himself.. Maan on d other hand always told Geet to stand up n fight for herself when she is not at fault n wants her to b strong...(Any sense...Confused)

@ Richa:
Thank u for todays episode...Smile 

@ All: Very nice takes. liked reading all of them...SmileSmile

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