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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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bluerose1889 Goldie

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 4:09am | IP Logged
I was a little busy with work last week and missed most of the discussion here after the 1st episode. I caught up with the episodes over the weekend, so i thought i'll write about the whole week. I have to say, it is kinda difficult to get through these first few epis with no Maan at all...

I felt so sorry for geet, the way she was crying after she got punished for losing her dupppatta. But nobody in the household dares to say anything in front of Darji. What made me so angry was that everyone actually believed that Geet deserved to get punished because she was wrong. I hated when Rano consoled Geet saying that if she made a mistake then she should know that she'd get punished.
Geet is clearly not ready for marriage, but since the elders say its time so she has to obey them. She has absolutely no choice in the matter.
Dolly is adorable and funny. Despite being married to Brij she's so cheerful. She and Rajji are the only relief for Geet in the whole family.

The groom's family is introduced. It's kinda funny to see NT so covered up. Also, she's introduced as Dev's Bhabhi - meaning Maan's wife. I think Pammi was forced to do this in order to help Dev. Kamya is so irritating and has a big mouth. She almost gave the whole thing away a couple of times.

I think it's unfortunate that the circumstances gave Dev the upperhand because he had the power to break the relationship because of Geet's accident. Already Geet's family were ready to do anything he said because he was the Groom. Now Dev had an additional advantage which he utilized to his benefit. There was a double meaning when he said that Geet is the kind of girl he was searching for.

I liked the terrace scene, especially because my favorite MG tune was playing in the background.
It's easy to see how easily Geet fell for him. She had no say in choosing her life partner and she could only hope that her family would find someone nice. Dev is handsome, very polite and charming. Most importantly, he gave importance to her opinion which her family never did.

The plan was executed very cleverly, Kamya lightly mentions Roka, NT supporting her and Pammi agreeing to the idea like it just occured to her. Only Geet's dad is a little suspicious about the speed at which the things are happening, maybe because he's the only one who's bothered about Geet's happiness and not just about getting her married off. Others just think of her as a burden they need to get rid off. We can understand Brij's opinion about women when he said "Kya yeh kami nahi hai ki woh ek ladki hain". Same with her mom too. I know she loves her daughter very much. But she also thinks that a girl should study just so that she can get a good husband.

Lohri function was picturized vey well. Channi's mother's entry was very dramatic. She curses the whole family for what they did to her daughter. But the person who suffered the most was Geet. If it hadn't been for Maan, Geet would've died just like Channi.

Dev and family arrive. Darji and family are all glad that they don't question too much about Channi's mother. I found it so funny when NT hugged Geet. Who would've thought, she'd later try to kill Geet.

I liked the Dev - Geet scenes. I watched these episodes for the 1st time in July and I knew what Dev did. But even then it was so difficult for me to believe he actually did all those horrible things when I saw Dev - Geet scenes. It was very cute the way he was trying to take her pic and Geet shyly running away.

I liked the song sequence. Brij, as usual doesn't approve of the women of his house dancing in public even though it's celebration time. Dolly was adorable as usual. Loved the way she was dancing and then suddenly stops when Brij looks at her.

Daarji wasn't aware of Channi's murder but he knows what Brij did. I got the feeling that even though he doesn't exactly support Brij, he is not against it either.

Overall, the 1st week of GHSP was dramatic to say the least. I missed Maan terribly. I think his entry is in the beginning of third week.

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Lily201 Goldie

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 8:22am | IP Logged
@Flower Buddy Remi- Excellent summary !!
And I agree - NT hugging Geet on the "match" was ironic- infact I really wanted to mention on that one paradoxic moment -but me being me -opened the dam of thoughts in one direction & completely forgot points -worthy of mention.

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 8:26am | IP Logged

WRITTEN UPDATE (Credit to SweetnSourMe)

So today's episode starts of with the whole family, including Dev's family together. Dev's says how he was ready to take Geet as his bride since ever, but he has just recieved a call from Canada concerning his business and he has to go back to Canada ASAP and he only has about 4 days left to stay in India.
Brij tells Dev what's the problem... he can go back to Canada and finish of his problem. but then Dev claims that the problem is so big that he cant return back to India with in a year.
Dev's family really wants to make Geet their bride, and asked Geet's family if they cant wait a year for Dev's return.
The Dada ji calls Geet and takes of the Kangan which was given by Dev's mother, and returns it back to them... Both Geet and Dev looked shatteredCry
The next day people could tell Geet was upset. All the women claim that the dada ji made a mistake my rejected Dev's proposal, but he claims he didnt accept their proposal because what if Dev never returns. Their family will be disrespected and Geet will remain single.
Just then the little sister comes and sneaks Geet out. Geet was scared and confused as to where was being taken, but then she see's DevEmbarrassed
Then comes a really adorable Dev and geet scene. It was sooo cuteEmbarrassed
Dev gives Geet a bridal outfit...
Geet says i have to go, and Dev says i have to go also... but i want to tell you something before i leave... "when i first saw you my heart had a desire to make you wear this red dupatta and make you my brideEmbarrassed"
"Tomorrow where ever i am i wanna feel that i am apart of you.."
he hands her da bridal thingy but she say's how she can't take it... and he understands..
he says before leaving he has a request... he wants her to look at him once, and she looks up.
he goes like how they met at this place, and this is the last time their meeting... just then Brij comes and punches Dev and tells Geet to get out of here.
Brij takes and axe looking thing and places it on Dev's neck... while Geet is crying.
Dada ji takes a stick and tells Geet to put her hand out. He's about to hit her hand, when suddenly Dev puts his hand in front of Geets hand... I found that soo adorableEmbarrassed

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 8:28am | IP Logged
Sorry I got a little delayed today!

Here is my take Big smile

I absolutely loved this episode. There was just so much going on and in retrospect, so much foreshadowing of what is to come.

Hm, so Dev has some problems in business abroad and can't come back for a year after. I guess this was pressure from their side to get the wedding done fast, but they overestimated Darjee's lenience and his readiness to do anything to get Geet off his hands. I loved this characterisation of Darjee today that showed that he may be willing to compromise on certain things and move with the times but he has his boundaries and truly does have Geet's best interests at heart, from his perspective of her best interests anyway. When he told her to utharofy the kangan, it reminded me of later when Dev leaves her at the airport and he tells her to take off her suhag ki nishani. This whole episode was sort of a precursor for what is to come, on a much smaller scale.

Geet was sort of glum about her wedding being cancelled, but I think not really heartbroken or anything. What she seems to want more than anything is to make her family happy and I think she is more sad on their behalf than because she isn't marrying Dev. Although she did have a soft spot for him after his charming attentions, I think it was pretty much out of sight, out of mind for her. At this point, she is not a romantic at all but is very loyal to her family. On the other hand, Rajji seems to have big Bollywood dreams of princes and being swept off one's feet etc, which leads her to take Geet to Dev. Even here, Geet is completely indifferent to Dev and I think in the loudest voice we have seen her use to date, immediately tells him she has to go home. She knows this is wrong and she doesn't want any part of it. Nor does she accept the token he tries to give her. She is much more influenced by Darjee than the women in her family and is almost angry that she has been dragged into such a situation.

It is interesting that the theme of Geet being punished for others' misdeeds keeps being repeated. In the first episode, it was Titu's insistence to have a joyride that got her hit and now it's Rajji's romantic notions that she suffers. I guess in the end, it's her baby that makes the difference because she seems ever willing to take the hit for any and all members of her family but when the baby comes along, it becomes one thing that is even more important than her family was to her. The subtle irony is just amazing, that Geet who wanted only to make her family happy, who had no romantic notions (she even sounded a little weary of Channi's love story), who just wanted her family to be happy should ultimately have them turn against her for their own fault.

I loved Darjee's justification for not waiting for a year. It showed that he was really a logical, balanced individual, only very strict about maintaining his public image. Every decision he makes is made with the consciousness that he is setting an example and so every decision is calculated and well-thought out. It was interesting to see the tables turn, where Mohinder who was suspicious before said they should reconsider, and Darjee who was bending backwards refused to back down. He is confident that they will get a better rishta, given that they are not an ordinary family. It is clear that Darjee has worked hard to build his image as a respected elder and he is not willing to take the risk Dev's family is asking for, putting that image on the line. I liked that this clarification was given to Darjee telling Pammi that he couldn't keep Geet a kunwari for a year in the house. At first it sounded like he was just in a hurry to get her married, but then he made it clear that he was talking about keeping her as a bound kunwari, and not just a kunwari in general.

I am very interested to see what Dev and co. do to eventually convince him...

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 8:45am | IP Logged
Hi Samana
Have to appreciate your dedication. Have replied for your PM. do check it out and reply. i am for the break but since you have taken the effort to post the episode today I am posting my take too.
It sure is depressing to see so many sad episodes. If I had started viewing from the first then i don't know if I would have continued. Though the theme is a very strong and valid one I can see why the trps would have been low considering it was being shown in starone whose viewership consisted of the youth who had enjoyed the lighter serials like remix and DMG and not star plus whose viewers seem to thrive on the protagonist's tears.

So Dev has to return to Canada. But the family wants Geet to wait for one year. I am not sure how this would have worked for Dev's family. The dowry is given only for marriage right?and not engagement. So how were they planning to make the big bucks? One wonders. And you could see the disappointment in their faces at the loss of their meal ticket. I was wondering why they did'nt ask the marriage to be fixed real soon. Maybe thats what eventually happens.It is ironic to see the same Geet who was so sad to know the news of her marriage going to be fixed now being sad that it is not going to happen any more. Dev did make a great impression. Of course he was also her ticket out of her prison and she was impressed by the fact that he seemed to respect her opinions even if it was all an elaborate act.
And the next day it was nice to see Geet's parents at last a little bit concerned about how she may be feeling.The broker must have been amply rewarded for her efforts else she would not have dared to instigate Mohinder to convince Daarji.
Nothing could budge Daarji though. His speech did not make his viewpoint very clear. Was he really concerned about Geet or was he only worried about his family's izzat? He seemed to be have both though knowing him its more of latter than former.
I don't know if Dev meeting Geet secretly was an elaborate plan by everyone or Dev's own agenda. He seems to be really taken by her everytime he sees her though it is nothing but a partly pre approved extra marital dalliance for him.
I was happy at him getting manhandled by Brij though he had not done anything that bad yet but am sad Brij lost a golden opportunity later on when he actually deserved much more.
Precap Dev as Geet's saviour. Poor girl didn't stand a chance did she. He was oh so smooth

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-Gemini- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 9:02am | IP Logged
thanks for the analysis ,i had not seen these episodes ,i started watching from Maan's entry.

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 9:31am | IP Logged
This was the episode which sort of confirmed my doubts that Dev and his family r definitely trapping Geet in this marriage and so all the excuse of business issue so that the marriage is done within 4 days without letting anyone know about it Ouch
In fact I will admire Darji here for not going ahead with the marriage and returning the kangan back to Dev and his family but I guess it was too late as Dev had already managed to win the trust and confidence of the ladies especially Geet Ouch...
In fact when Dev saw that their plan could backfire ,he was quick to meet Geet spearately in alone giving her that bridal shagun ka chunari to indirectly tie her up in a relationship emotionally Ouch ;Dev's gestures and sugar coated romantic words made Geet emotionally weak and Dev succeeded in his mission Ouch ;Somewhere Dev made sure that he shows all the larger than life Canada dreams to Geet in a big way so that she herself will want to get married to him in this quick time to get rid of her hitler family Ouch ...
I loved the ending of this episode the way Brij stands in front of Dev like a tiger ready to eat him up LOL ;Even though I hated Brij for whatever he did to Geet later but in this one scene I loved him for showing his concern for his sister Smile..
Overall a very interesting episode and once again it showed how Dev was the mastermind behind this whole secret marriage plan AngryOuch

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 10:39am | IP Logged
Wow.. It was a total surprise epi for me today...Shocked

Dev n family tell Darji that they hav to leave for CANNEDDA in 4 days. n wont b back for at least a yr..
To that I thought.. that Darji n others will take d decision then n there.. to get them married within 4 days...which they did not.. I m very much glad that they refused at first.. Smile

D phone was from d creditors I guess... n after that Dev n NT came with this whole business plan...n it kind of backfired.. coz clearly Dev,NT n all wer in shock... when Darji returned d Kangan...I guess Dev n his family did not expect this...

I must say.. I m starting to respect Darji more n more since last 2 epi... Today he did think of Geet n her furture while taking d decision...His dialogue.. Ladki par hi oongli uthate hain sab sad but very true...
One more thing... d example that Darji gave.. of that other girl getting married to a divorcee.. shows that they will not accept any " Aira-Gaira" types.. just to get her married n send her off...(I dont know why but I found that whole thing significant)

On the other hand.. I m just hating Dev more n more..pls somebody kill himAngry
any doubts I had.. was clear to me today.. that it is Dev's own selfish n personal need that he is after Geet... n it is not just money...Angry
Firstly.. I hated that look he gav to Geet when he was leaving...n secondly.. that  gifting her d dupatta as his parting gift...(btw.. dupatta symbolisms anyone.. I wld like to know...)

Best part.. Brij kicking n punching Dev...LOLbut  also.. Dev is such a loser.. he just took d beating.. reminds me of d scene when Maan shoves Brij in d corner only for touching his collar.. Cool
(Man..R v to blame here for liking him...LOLLOL)

Geet in this whole mess.. is actually like a "Katputli" with no say at all.. which reminds me her similar dialogue to Maan...Confused when she tears d land papers..

Precap: Dev's nautanki continues...

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