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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 28)

pennu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 9:46am | IP Logged
Maan came on the begining of Third week i think...Ermm
11th or 12 epi...Big smile after Geet's engagement...

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 9:49am | IP Logged

I loved this episode because I thought the Lori sequence where Dev and Geet look at each other was cuteStern Smile and  I was hoping against hope that mayb Dev turns out to b a good guy but his family is the bad one LOLLOL...well I dint knew whats coming na thought Dev was cute LOLLOLLOLOuch...

Coming to the episode I really hated the Handa family for blindly going for this marriage and fulfilling all their demands without getting a single doubt Angry ;When Dev-NT-Pammi all said that noone should come to know about this marriage ,why Darji dint get a doubt Angry ;Geet's parents especially the father did get some doubts but well only Darji and Brij makes decisions in the house so they had no say even in their daughter's marriage Ouch..
Poor Geet dint wanted to go to Canada but fell for Dev's sugar-coated words Cry ;She looked like an innocent angel in these episodes who wanted a bit of freedom to make her decisions but her mother preaches her that women in this house has no say about their future decisions and so its better she just stops dreaming Cry...Now when I see these episodes ,I just wonder what would hv happened to her if a guy like MSK never entered her life Cry ;There is not a single doubt that its Maan Singh Khurana who actually brought the Sherni Geet Handa out of her shell and taught her how to fight against injustice Approve ;In these episodes she really looked very timid and scared of her family Ouch..
Lori sequence was a good build-up between Dev and Geet where Dev was succeeding to get Geet's attention and Geet was innocently falling for his charms since she was told by her mother that Dev only is her destiny now Ouch..
Felt bad for Channi's mom Cry but she cursed Handa Family and well unfortunately that curse went to Geet Ouch ;Handa family's son killed Channi so brutally and took a mother's curse ,so no wonder Handa family's daughter Geet handa had to suffer CryCry ;But with Babaji's blessings Geet got a Maan Singh Khurana in her life who wiped off that curse from her life forever Embarrassed but Handa family could never come out of that curse and so eventually that family's son Brij had to land up in jail Smile...
Overall a good gripping episode with a dramatic end ClapClap

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 9:51am | IP Logged
 Geet & dev come back to their family in the hall ehere everybody deciding the date of roka and every body is happy with  rista  Big mothed kamya interfers the silence and asks geet hope U had a good chat and asked what did they talk, to that dev  says it's too late and they  have to leave. But naintara interrupts and   say  we will decide the date of roka and we will inform  you. While leaving darjee says I have an important thing to say,since today is lori[a punjabi  new year festival] we have a huge celebration and he requests everybody to attend.To that  NT SAYS she want to make a request that till roka is not  done the proposal should not be discussed with relatives and others , to that line pummy adds  the reason that  boy is from canada and girl is from here ,people start getting confused and worried. Then darjee accepts that but Geet's father looked much worried to that. Then they leave again dev tries to impress her with a stare.
   After they leave Geet's father raises the doubt  that he don't understand why they want to hide everything but darjee once again says we are giving our daughter we have to accept what they say.To that Geet's father feels why they shd hide geet is not abnormal girl she is good in all sense but brij who is a type of male egoist say is it not enough she is born as a girl?It is good for her she gets married to a guy and leaves the house with her husband.  
   Geet  is getting ready for the lori function where  dev's family is also expected and  her  inner thoughts disturb her .She starts thinking about the  dev and his caring nature. She is confused that what she  talked in front  of dev was indeed right or wrong.She was impressed with his caring nature..  She was much worried about going away from her parents by dressing the wound  , dev wanted to say her that he will take care of her. Dev did his job  100% by winning her confidence .His plan was  success. But geet is in a confused state. Her mother comes to her bringing some clothes to wear for lori and asks her what did he talk to him but when geet  opens up rano feels sad and angry and much worried that they will come to lori or not. Geets tayiji also hears this and become angry on geet and advice rano to be quite  till every gets normal so that the male in the house don't get doubt especially  darji.
   Now it 's a highpoint lory scene where arrangements are made to celebrate holi and everybody is expecting dev's family. Geet's sister rajjo force  geet to attend but tayiji asks them to sit inside the house. Rajji  is expecting channi in the celebration but geet says she is not gonna come and warns her not to talk about channi.
  In between the celebrations everybody is waiting for dev's family darjee asks brij to call them but worried tayiji asks brij to bring something from store to keep him engaged. Then a women comes  ie channi's mother who blames darjee family saying U people are enjoying here,my daughter channi is not seen anywhere then darjee says  we are not concerned we don't know where is channi, the women says U ask Ur grandson he has  something to do with this. Then mindless brij  yells loudly saying when U people  were supposed to take care of Ur daughter U left her free with a boy who belongs to other cast and now U come and blame us. She got the deserved punishment. Hearing that the women suspects channi is killed by brij meanwhile dev's family arrives and everybody is scared &  surprised seeing them. Even Dev seem to be worried seeing the family  in such situation.
  It was a good high point episode where i felt this marriage will not take place after knowing geet's family background abd his furious,brainless powerful brother But Dev 's family has come with ful planning because they wanted  a family Who can do  any thing for respect so here If dev marries geet and left her, they are not going to tell any body or they will try going to the police .

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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 11:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pennu

Maan came on the begining of Third week i think...Ermm
11th or 12 epi...Big smile after Geet's engagement...
thank u pennu
i have to wait for 6 ot 7 more episodes to see Maan. but i think these early episodes were fast paced, so it shd go fast. And by new year if we get some good news related Maaneet, tht will be the best new year gift for allof us.

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
Darji bowed down to Dev's family decision.. without any question asked??? 
Darji n Brij.. dialogue.. regarding females/daughters.. made my blood boil.. I felt like slapping him once...
All this shows.. that how still daughters r considered as burden.. n family ppl r just waiting.. to pack them off ASAP...AngryAngry 

Poor Geet.. starts falling for Dev's charm.. Cry
One thing.. special credit to CVs.. the planning shown by Dev n NT was foolproof...

Lastly.. Channi's mother realises that Brij has killed her daughter.. n Brij with his sick mentality.. announces.. that Channi deserved it.. n somehow I feel that Brij was feeling proud of giving d punishment to Channi himself...Angry

This is not something fictional.. all these things showed in today's epi.. is reality..n still persists in India...that is why it was harsh n hard hitting...
I must say.. I m pretty much upset after watching d epi...OuchOuch

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lams Goldie

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
I  salute all of you in being able to watch these epis ... the disgust i have for dev and brij and daarji and their actions and words I am not able to ..
I did watch these epis to understand the story but till Maan comes I will only read ur analysis and not be able to add anything ... CryCryCry

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-brokensoul- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 12:18pm | IP Logged

3rd episode analysis

A very nice episode.

Geet's family was so much in a hurry to get her married maybe cos of what Channi (Geet's friend) has done falling in love with someone.

As for Dev he does not care for Geet's opinion he is making sure nothing goes wrong in their plan because of what Geet might do. And also he is a womanizer and a big flirt and was attracted to Geet or maybe every girl he sees he gets attracted.

Feeling sorry for NT in a way cos she has blind faith in Dev that he will not fall for Geet. Otherwise as a wife she will be feeling insecure of such a beautiful girl coming into her husband's life even if it is for a short time.

How I wish they have kept consistency in Dev's character by keeping his character as a flirt and a cheater.

When I watch these episodes I feel like killing Dev because he does not get any punishment or there was not even a faceoff between Daarji,   Geet's family and him.

Felt so sorry Geet's Dad. Very close and beautiful relationship was shown between father/daughter. I always liked Geet's Dad and wished he comes for her wedding with Maan instead of Daarji.

DD was so good and look so young and innocent and I am sure she must be having back pain for looking down all the time.

I love the background music which was given for Geet like Dharara……. It has very nice and a sympathetic  feeling.

One thing I notice even in these episodes everything is there with the seriousness humour factor is also there

4th episode analysis

Dev really looks angry because Geet said she does not want to go to Canada.

Geet's dad was intelligent more than the others in the house. Or maybe because for all others Geet was a burden but not for him. For every condition of Dev's family he raised his concerns but sadly no one was interested to hear him.

Like any other girl of 18 Geet too was impressed with what Dev did. She very well knows there is no way she can escape from this marriage so maybe she is trying to come to terms with Dev that he might be a good person and he will make her happy. And what her mother explained to her saying girls are lucky to get these kind of boys to marry, she must have accepted it.

It is really sad in India these kind of situations arise when a girl has to get married. Family thinks  if they did not get hold of this rishta there might not be a better one for her daughter. In fear of that the first person who comes and ask for their daughter's hand they just give in.

Loved Rajji and Geet's cute scenes. Look at what we get later as sister scenes with  Nandini.

Channi's mother though seems to be in a lot of distress the character is a very strong one who is not afraid of anything or anyone. Well she does not have anything more to lose. She has already lost everything.

Each and every character was so strong those days there are so many things that could have been shown with these characters even in the later stage as a parallel track of Geet/Maan Office track. I just admire these characters much much more than the characters they have brought as Geet's family later. I wish CV's has kept these characters instead of going for new ones.

I am sure if this show has been on Star Plus even in initial episodes will get high TRP's because Geet has always been quite fast pacing and scenes were not dragged.

Waiting for 11th epsiode. that is the epsiode Maan enters. With these episodes I get so angry with CV's for making Dev a saint when he is the main culprit.

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 December 2011 at 12:36pm | IP Logged
@ Samana:

Liked ur take.. u covered the whole epi.. with ur detailed analysis very nicely...
I was upset after watching d epi..  just not in any mood to write.. 

Two things I forgot... one is Geet's mother..her dialogue regarding Girls education n for  NRI guy for marriage was too much..(icing on sexist cake...LOLLOLLOL)
Second is Geet's father.. he is d only man in Handa family.. who has brains but poor fellow does not hav any say in d family at all..
I wld love to hav seen him in Geet-Maan marriage instead of Darji...Cry
I said this before.. I dont feel d love of Geet's mother at all.. but on d other hand.. Mohinder's concern n love for Geet.. really touches my heart...

@ All: 
I read ur takes.. Nice ones...feels good... that I m not d only one upset here...SmileSmile

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