Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 23)

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WRITTEN UPDATE (Credit to prettyfulwishes)

Recap: Dev tells Geet he'll pull her dupatta off the truck (their first mulaqat); Geet gets punished by Dar ji; Jinder (that's the lady's name) tells them the boy's family is here; Geet tells Rano that she doesn't want to get married, but Rano silences her; Kamna tells everyone they saw Geet without her dupatta; Dar ji asks forgiveness from Pammi (Dev's mum), Naintara and Kamna; Rano walks Geet away but Dev says for them to stop, and tells everyone he accepts the rishta...

The episode begins with Dev telling everyone that it doesn't matter what happened with Geet that day. He wants to marry her. Dar ji turns to Pammi and asks for her opinion. She says that if the children are happy, then so is she. Naintara says that if Dev is happy with Geet, then they will accept her as a daughter-in-law. Everyone is really happy, except Geet. Dev notices this and asks Dar ji for Geet's opinion to be heard. Everyone stops and stares. Geet's dad (Vrinder) says "Why not, of course" and goes to Geet. Geet falters, but nothing comes out. Dar ji interferes and says "Enough... What the elders in the family have decided, the girl has decided the same." Brij asks Geet if she accepts the rishta, to which Geet doesn't reply...

Kamna congratulates Rano, and says "Now our work is done". Everyone looks at her, and Naintara corrects her - "it's not work, but a new relationship." Rano then tells Geet to ask Pammi for her blessings. Naintara teases Dev, and asks him if he's just going to stare at his new bride instead of asking his mother for blessings.
Dev & Geet (hereby known as D&G for now) touch Pammi's feet at the same time, and Geet quickly takes back her hand. Dev asks "Why did you stop?" D&G look into each other's eyes... (ai hai.. I'm definitely falling in love with this jodi!)

Naintara prompts Pammi to give her bangle to Geet as a form of shagun, and Pammi blesses Geet. Dar ji gives money to Dev as a small gift, and Dev at first refuses, but Rajinder tells him that it's a blessing from the elders, to which Dev agrees. Naintara says that they don't have words to express their happiness, and Kamna says that they must have a roka. Geet's family is shocked, and Rano silently tells Vrinder not yet. Vrinder tries to make excuses, but Pammi says that the children are right in saying there should be a roka. Dar ji says there will be a roka, and Dev just looks at Geet.. which prompts him to ask if he could speak to Geet in private...

Geet looks up, worried.. and Brij tells Dev that Punjab isn't Canada where girls & guys can talk before marriage. Dev says that he isn't trying to be disrespectful, but he just wants to know Geet's opinion. Brij tells him that Dar ji has already made it clear that whatever the elder/s decide, goes; and that girls & guys do NOT talk before marriage. But Dar ji stops Brij, and relents for D&G to talk. Brij tries to tell Dar ji, but Dar ji replies that sometimes one has to move ahead with the times. He tells D&G to talk on the terrace.. and Brij looks angry at this.

Dolly leads D&G onto the terrace, and tells them to go to the far side of the terrace, and that she will wait there. Geet still looks worried, so Dolly takes her aside and says "Why are you still worried Geet, it's not as if he'll eat you!" Dev looks on, smiling.
(God, this woman makes me laugh..)

Geet has her head down (I swear at this rate, she'll have massive neck pains), and Dev starts by saying that ever since their marriage has been finalised, she's been looking apprehensive. He understands that it's only been 2hrs since they've met, and already their roka has been set. He wonders if she doesn't like him... but all this while Geet has her head down. He mentions that when he saw her on the road, in b/w her anxiety, there was a smile.. but ever since the marriage has been mentioned, her smile has gone. He says "it's obvious you're not happy with the marriage." To which Geet looks up and says no and hurts her foot on a piece of wood. She cries in pain, and Dev tends to her wound, telling her to close her eyes while he pulls out the splinter. She reacts to the sudden pain, and Dev makes a bandage out of his hankie. Geet watches him as he tends to her foot...

Cut back to the families sitting down as Rajinder passes around food. Someone calls out Brij's name, and he goes to them (I think the guy was the brother of that girl who got killed.) Brij asks him what he's doing here, as there's guests, and that he'll talk to him later. Rajinder starts telling Dev's family that b/w the roka and the wedding, they won't have to worry about a thing. Nurpinder notices that Naintara & Pammi are a bit distressed, and calls them out on it (nicely of course). Pammi replies in the negative, but says that she has a suggestion about the wedding - "Every wedding that has happened in our family has happened at Jaddipind (I think that's what it's called)... I would like for D&G's wedding to happen there as well." Geet's family are shocked (gosh, they definitely get shocked easily). Vrinder doesn't want it to happen there, but Nurpinder & Rajinder say it's okay. Rano asks for Dar ji's say in this matter. Dar ji agrees to have the wedding over there as long as all the traditions are followed, Vrinder looks upset...

Cut to D&G. Dev asks Geet if her feet hurts, and helps her to her feet. He asks again if she's happy with the rishta.. and says that marriage is very important for a girl.. he tells Geet to say what's on her mind without any worry. Geet falters but tells him that she doesn't want to go to Canada. Dev looks slightly annoyed.

Dolly watches D&G and Rajji comes to see what's going on. D&G hear them, and Geet walks away leaving Dev staring after her...

Precap: Geet's family are celebrating something (not too sure what as I didn't see Dev's family) when a lady comes crying & screaming for her girl (the one who was killed in the 1st episode presumably). She points to Brij and says she knows he murdered her...

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Another interesting episode!

First of all, I had commented yesterday that I didn't like that once Dev said he agreed everyone ignored the women who had basically said Geet was besharam etc etc. But today I really appreciated Darjee's character when he actually asked for Pammi's opinion on the matter before accepting Dev's decision. It shows that for him, age also matters along with gender and he does respect women as the elders of a family.

I am loving Mohinder (Geet's dad) more and more everyday! He is such a kind man and I loved how he absolutely did not bat an eyelid in asking Geet what her opinion on getting married was. It makes me think that if only she didn't live in the kind of family where girls don't really communicate with their fathers that much, she would have found a true confidante in him. He is somehow a deeply perceptive man and senses things because he is truly looking for his daughter's happiness and not just for her to get married by hook or by crook. He has his own dreams of how he wants to get her married. This shows that she has great value in his life and he doesn't just consider her a burden. He wants to take great pleasure in her marriage and her future and so wants her to get married from home. Her getting married somewhere else would deny him that one last celebration of his only child and he does not feel comfortable. I like that he is not as ready to compromise as Darjee and the women.

I also noticed that Brij and Dolly have a connection today. This shows that no matter how different their views on women, they are not treated as mere objects. They do have respect, but only and only if they live exactly as prescribed by the men. Dolly is the first person Brij looks at when Darjee contradicts him and he trusts her to take Geet and Dev. So although it may not be one of equals, you can't deny there is an established relationship there.

I loved the scene on the terrace with Geet and Dev!! It had so much substance and symbolism. Of course most literally I loved that Geet voiced her feelings that she did not want to go to Canada. She was unafraid to just come out with it. I really liked this as Dev was getting a bit cocky and flirty with her, assuming that she was just sharmaofying but she slapped him in the face with her denial a little bit. I think Dev was being very nice to boldly ask to speak to her and get her opinion as well as noticing she was anxious but I thought his tone was very confident, almost as though denying something to the point that she would confirm it?

I also loved Geet's admission because it really emphasises that she is not at fault for what happens to her later. She did not want to get married, go to Canada or leave her family but she was forced to and the result was then proclaimed her fault, highlighting the unfairness of it all!

As for the symbolism, the thorn in the foot happened the moment Geet took a step towards Dev. I guess it foreshadowed that moving towards him would be a bad thing. Also, I have read that the foot symbolises female sexuality. So this may also show the painful loss of her virginity, especially as Dev later touches her foot when she keeps pulling it away.

And Shivi if you are out there, it appears THIS was the first instance of your favourite BG score!Shocked

Speaking of music, I loved the title song when it played after Pammi put the kangan on Geet. It really made my heart break into a million pieces. Daler Mehndi's voice is just so heart wrenching here. I don't think I have ever heard him sing something not upbeat so this was a surprise for me.

Dolly is so funny! She actually makes me laugh with her broken English and her kabab mein bone! LOL And Kamya I guess was basically giving away their plot by saying kaam ho gaya when NT smoothly corrected her. Cool

All in all the show stealer was Geet's brave declaration that she does not want to go to Canada. It's pretty clear that it doesn't work, but the gesture is really meaningful.

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geet looks so young here when u compare her with the muskaan in DMG...this is like unbelievable...yet she is looking sweet as always...i really love this new look of her...

n dev...he is like the perfect gentleman...wanting to know about geet's opinion as well...this was so nice  kind of her... (LOL)

and then like u said...both make such a nice really looking forward to their love seems great...hehe...i also really love that BG music when dev removes that thorn from her's very nice...

overall awesome episode...i really loved it...and precap seems wonderful...thnxx for the WU... :)))

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From the beginning of the show I failed to like Dev though he was presented as a nice guy n behaved in a better manner then his weird momConfused n that brat KamyaAngry (I was so glad when she didn't come back form CanadaBig smile) I'm not clear why didn't I like him mayb bcoz he looked fishy or I didn't like AvinavConfused. Darji telling girls don't have any say but agrees with the elders decision is still exists in our society but in a different manner where your parents, relatives will directly n indirectly try to convince n pressurize u that what they r doing is the best thing that can ever happen to u (I mean to say when a girl goes through the process of an arranged marriage like GeetOuch). Its really pathetic when a guy comes form abroad the members of a girls family go gaga over himDead! MaybeErmm they do it to ensure a better future for her. It was also clear when Darji agreed to let Dev-Geet meet alone on the terrace. Breaking the Hands rules n bending in front of LadkewaleOuch. I think when Dev put bandage on Geet's foot he made an impression (mayb a second one she did seem lost in his eyes on the road!) on the poor girl but she did say what she wanted to say. Glimpse of the girl later she would becomeApprove. I just adore DD's looks in the early days of GHSP so natural n makeup less. Only DD can look so beautiful without makeupDay Dreaming. Her authentic nave look suited the character of innocent Geet. We all feel like hugging her in HP daysHug. To me NT looked like an over protective bhabiROFL! Her costume of full sleeve blouse n Gunghat though she was presenting herself as an ideal bahu to a small town family didn't suit her I just love her in chiffons n noodle strapsDay DreamingROFL but Karishma is a very pretty girlEmbarrassed.

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leverne IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 9:17am | IP Logged
nice episode today..Smile
.i dont understand the need to get geet married in such a hurry..Shocked
.it was nice to see geets parents cocern but they couldnt do much.Ouch
loved dev asking her opinion but poor girl was stopped before she could stay anything.Cry
geet had to say yes poor girl was forced.Ouch
On ething i noticed is that geet throughout had a head down.Cry
feel really bad for her.Dead
Dev asking to meet her alone, didnt go quite well with her orthodox family. Smile
But just as they didnt want this rishta to break said ok. Tongue
OMG why are the ladkewale hell bent on getting married so soon...Confused
Roka bhi kar liya and they want shadi in temple. I am smelling something fishy.ConfusedShocked
Geet getting hurt in her feet, is it an indication that something wrong might happpenConfusedConfusedConfused

PS My analysis strictly based on todays epi (as i had nt seen it before) assuming i dont know what will happen in futureWinkWink

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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 9:23am | IP Logged
i liked the episode! my god! dev was really hitting on geet! d way he keeps looking at her in front of other ppl n then in terrace acting very flirty!!! if we didn't know abt his evil plan, we wd have thought d new groom likes d girl n behaves romantic. but knowing the background, he really is evil, hellbent on ruining an innocent girl.
Drashti is really gorgeous as innocent young girl portraying hestation n fear so beautifully. in spite of her scare of brij n darji, she didn't hesitate to voice out her fear n hesitation when she's given a chance. atta girl! but dat scene when dev ties kerchief to her wound, d way she looks at him, for a sec he did resemble a knight in shining armour. but still she said her feelings. that shows what a strong chr she has! we can see glimpse of it in this scene.
as sam said i liked the way darji gave credence to elder women evn after the male (dev) showed his interest. Geet's father comes out as an affectionate father but hands tied by his obedience to his father. both parents love their daughter but are shown hellpless as darji is the head of the family. i think this happens in many joint family. d father or mother are not allowed to grow into their roles.
i am little apprehensive to see dev-geet romance. i know it is very kiddish to refuse to see maan or geet wit anyone else. but what to do i startd seeing the show becos of them. but still i want to see d initial epi to understand the base story line which d cvs anyway forgot.

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mila1 Goldie

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 9:23am | IP Logged
Samana loved ur analysis specially when u pointed out the foot symbolismOuch Dev did took her virginity awayAngry he could've easily spread the girl n only take her money after all money was the motive to marry a solvent small town girl. I remember in office when Dev came to know about her pregnancy he blamed NT for not telling him n her reply was  u sleep wasnt a part of our plan. Too bad how they later showed NT as the villain n  Dev as a Victim of her nasty planDeadThumbs Down. Also Dev always claimed he did everything for NT as he loved her too much but if he really loved his wifey that much he could never sleep with another womanAngry.

Bye for nowHug

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Yesterday I missed analysis, but I would like to mention that when Dev made an entry he was in this an symbolism saying that Dev past is hidden that is his marriage with NT(Now that we know what happens next) …

Ah today when he told mujhe yeh rishte manjoor hai…we coulds see every1 was happy,even Dev mother n NT too as they wanted it to happen n because of Kaamna it got ruined...But no one saw the sadness in Geet eyes which clearly mention that she does not want to get married..Aah Dev noticed it and he wanted her opinion too..(Wonder why he wanted as he wanted to dupe her after marriageAngry)

 Loved daughter father he was asking geet putting his hand on her head,it shows how much he cares for his daughter. If she was given to voice her opinion she would definitely say what is in her mind... she wouldnt might saying in front of everyone,which needs lot of courage.But again she was forced to accept the family decision.

Dev is shown positiveAngry…he is putting good impression on Geet n her no one doubts his bad intention and agrees for marriage.

In a scene when Dev was speaking to Geet about marriage liked the symbolism there..Thorn pricks Geet n she will be in Pain..this may be indicating that Dev will only give her pain I liked the other thing is when Dev puts his hands forward to help Geet to get up, she does not takes his help but gets up  on herself .That is because she is still not comfortable with him or Only Maan can hold herEmbarrassed.

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