Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 17)

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 7:31pm | IP Logged
Wow great analysis..
Muje a sab epi padke rona aarahi ye soch kar ki ab hamare shw band ho gayi hai..
But iam happy that we are gettng to read and recollect updates again..thanx a lot dear

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Overdue Analysis: Episode 1

WOW. THAT was their first episode? How could this not garner TRPs (according to producers) which then forced them to change the track later on to the office and Delhi one (NOT that I am against that AT.ALL. LOL) .. but it's sad that something so influential and important didn't gain enough attention unfortunately .. but nonetheless I will say if we ever had to show people what GHSP was all about when it came to the crux of the story .. it is shown in the first episode itself -- honour killing.
Gosh I went through a wide spectrum of emotions while watching it. This was my first time watching the entire episode. I did not know of Channi or the fact that the first scene in GHSP was of a poor, innocent girl being killed in the name of honour (as we later found out) OuchCry .. gosh what a horrifying sight it was to see her run frantically in the fields and later come face to face with death.
Let me start off with the technicals. What can I say other than the fact that it was brilliance? The amount of detailing and careful attentiveness that went into crafting each and every scene is commendable and whoever is responsible -- Clap. This is the work of professionals, DEDICATED professionals. People who know the in and out of a story and know how to execute it well enough to portray all elements within one scene. From the camerawork to screenplay -- everything was beyond perfection.
The dark fields and the way the sun was setting in the background when Channi was killed was brilliantly shot and equally gruesome to watch Ouch .. what people do in the name of their so-called "honour" is disgusting to say the least Angry The part that got to me the most was Channi yelling Geet's name just before dying Ouch .. this just tells you that there will be a girl who will face a similar situation except this time she will not be so unlucky and have  a saviour -- which will be both her strength and her soulmate-to-be Embarrassed
Geet's family was shown as what you'd expect them to be. Her mom only worrying about her marriage while her aunt was frustrated as to why Geet went to college -- a girl cannot receive an education Ouch .. how do they expect her to learn and grow? Angry UFF anyways, her father and uncles' character sketches were portrayed very nicely. You could see who had the most authority -- Daarji. And you could also tell a lot about Darji's character when he has a smile on his face upon meeting Brij -- the man who would kill even his own sister Dead .. brilliant characterization I must say! And Brij Oye's scary background music .. ufff the chills it sends down my spine I tell you! Stern Smile I have always been a pankha of GHSPs music and soundtrack so expect a lot of crooning and gushing when it comes to that! LOL But yea Brij's BG music is one of my favourite on the show <3 Tongue
Geet's entry. Embarrassed Sweet, bubbly girl racing out of her college to go home (Pawandeep Kaur played Geet's friend haha LOL) .. right away we see her as someone who holds her family and rules in place but enjoys life when it gives her the chance (i.e. doing the bhangra with the others and playing around with Rajji) .. Rajji is a sweet young sister who is clearly scared of her elders just like Geet.
Tito was so sweet.. I loved the bro-sis bonding they had. Geet truly looked like a young college student Embarrassed .. and this is like the one and only time she had two braids LOL .. after that it was one braid and one braid only Tongue ..
We saw the authoritative nature of Daarji and the status he has in society and also the fact that no one dares to say anything in his presence -- he is most influential and strict. His screen presence itself makes you cower ..
Coming to Dev's entry .. loved that it starts off with symbolism -- Geet's dupatta aka her honour, dignity, and respect. He is the one to take it away and is not able to return it to her in time -- because that is someone else's right Embarrassed. Ok I just LOVE Dev's BG tune .. trust me it's so soothing and melodious -- a great contrast to his nature as we find out in the coming episodes Dead .. and I guess his BG tune adds to the preconceived notion that this man is the hero and means well and that he is the one that the girl will eventually fall in love with -- WRONGGG!! LOL I love how they kept that suspense and made us believe everything they were showing -- sort of like how Geet ended up believing everything she saw .. we were living Geet's life so we saw things from her perspective.
So poor Geet had to run home without her dupatta and didn't know the trouble that awaited her .Ouch UFF I just felt my heart tug at every lashing she got with that whip. Dhana dhan Daarji was hitting her and I was feeling the pain Cry .. she tried to defend herself but who are we to speak in front of Daarji right?! Ouch And Brij's menacing glares to Tito and everyone else, gosh he really thought there is nothing and no one above the MAN Dead .. women are just meant to sit at home and do as they say! But how humiliating would it be to get lashing from your grandfather like that in front of everyone? Only Geet would know Cry .. and then they mention that the ladke waale are here! What GREAT timing eh!? But this also symbolized how later on Dev would always try and defend Geet and listen to what she said (of course for his own ulterior motives) but it would never work out in her favour (as we know she still ends up getting in trouble later on) ..
All in all a BRILLIANT first episode. What I've always loved about GHSP is that in every episode something substantial happened. They didn't drag .. and when you look at the first episode you can see just how much they covered in those 23 mins. They showed us honour killing, Geet's entry, Dev's entry, introduction to her family and their characterizations as well as some of the main traits of Geet -- a girl who enjoyed life yet was responsible when it came to family and was very submissive when it came to her Daarji. This of course changes after a certain someone enters her life later on Embarrassed and I can't wait for that!
Amazing analyses everyone Clap .. loved reading the reactions some of you had as it was also your first time watching these episodes.
Thankyou Sammy for initiating this idea.. it feels nice to share the episode-watching experience from the beginning with people who hadn't watched -- just like me Smile  

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Btw I consider Geet's bhangra one of the most iconic scenes of this series.. it just shows her bubbly, carefree, mast character in a great light (a foreshadowing of the fact that she is not a girl to stay oppressed no matter how many thorns prick her .. she will stand tall i.e. after being duped by Dev she still ends up enjoying life in Delhi and not becoming emotional every 5 minutes)

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Faria: If you're reading this ..
The Kite Runner is also the only book that has brought tears to my eyes.. and you want to know when I cried in that book? When I found out Hassan died. THAT was just like a blow to my heart .. I WANTED .. so badly wanted for Hassan to stay alive but ... =( I guess sometimes you just cannot control how the world works..

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@Shivi: I loved your comparison between Maan and Dev, with the dupattas! Dev looks all chivalrous and charming on the outside but when push comes to shove, he just can't give back Geet's dupatta in time for it to be of any use to her. On the other hand, Maan's personality is like a slap in the face to poor, sheltered Geet, but he never fails to return her dupatta. I love that Maan is the first person in her life to have expectations of logic, truth and righteousness from Geet. And by having these expectations and mocking her for not meeting them, Maan propels her to be a better version of herself!

@Shammo: Great point about the undertone of truth in all the dialogues. This really foreshadows wha the struggle of the protagonist will be about. I guess we do have to thank Dev for what he did! Though I would never wish Geet's situation on anyone, we can't deny that it would have been such a waste for her not to end up in Delhi, independent and professionally successful!

And what are you saying? Your thoughts were perfectly articulate and great to read!

As for the dove, all I can think is peace. But maybe it is a symbol of freedom, flying away etc. Along with truth, freedom is also a major theme in the show. Geet frees herself from her past oppression from her family and Maan frees his emotions from a self-imposed prison. So maybe the doves are symbolic of that?

@Z: Great take!

And agree on the music. That was spot in from day one! I actually really love the title song as well. It's too bad it became somewhat redundant and sidelined after the loves story came in full swing and sort of became overshadowed by Maahii but it's good that we are going back to relive all this for that reason. The song is happy and light at first and then goes into a wailing tone when it sais Geet hui sabse parayi... and it is so sad because we already knows what that means. That song is so Geet and so apt for the story because it shows this happy, positive girl who hides a lot of sorrow, which is what she eventually becomes in Delhi. I also loved your point about the bhangra and how Geet defines the philosophy she speaks during the Behne De sequence. This girl does not miss out on the small joy just because she is in a less than ideal life situation!

Yes, and they made Dev so believable as a knight in shining armour who would sweep Geet away to Cann-ade-ah LOL and take care of all her problems. It really makes us see the story along with Geet. I can't wait to see what my first reaction to Maan will be in this context! You know, other than my eyes popping out of my head at his sheer beauty! Embarrassed

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@Samana, loved this part-- 'Geet frees herself from her past oppression from her family and Maan frees his emotions from a self-imposed ' Yes, you are right about the freedom that is another basis of this story. Yes, that is what the doves symbolised. 

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@All: I need a huge favour from somebody.

Today is my parents' wedding anniversary and I will be out in the evening. Can someone post the episode between 8-9pm IST. You just have have follow the format mentioned on page 5, which is to embed the episode and find and copy the written update, giving credit to the original writer.

I will watch the episode and do my take when I come back in the night but I want the timings of the episodes to be fairly consistent so people can look out for updates.

Any volunteers?

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Finally.. I cud see.. the epi.. without any interruption..
I m seeing this epi.. for d very first time... not even seen it on YT...
I will say GHSP.. had a totally diff std.. as compared to what v r seeing right now... may b I m biased.. dont know..
The opening scene itself.. showed that...this is nothing to do with kitchen politics,saas-bahu fight...etc etc.. but will b addressing a real social issue..
God..I dont believe this.. where did they start with... n what was shown in d last few months...
Anyways...* shaking my head*
I really liked d epi.. some of d things...

GEET - (the protagonist) naughty,young,innocent girl... who is kind of a BELIEVER..(dont know if it is d right word)who does not want to give up in life so easily...

DARJI- n his right hand.. BRIJ.. (though he is younger ) hav n upper hand in d family.. the authoritative figures.. mostly bcoz.. only they both share d same views..same principles.. 

RAJJI n TITO- young sibs..who  love Geet a lot...they hav their own special bonding..

CHACHI - typical elder female/wife.. who has seen everything in d house may b even gone through..since many appears to b stern..but in a way concerned abt Geet..

Entry of d so-called supposed to b d Hero.. DEV.. LOLLOL

So v see.. Handa parivaar.. their values,traditions,beliefs...their mind-set... which was very nicely shown n covered in d first epi itself...

All in all.. the stage is set.. n journey of GEET HANDA begins...

one last thing... last scene wer Geet was rudely beaten by Daarji.. n no one even dared to speak in btwn...she was all helpless.. it was n emotional one...coz now I  know somebody like MSK will come in her life later.. n will giv her d respect n love that she never got...Smile

Thank u Samana.. so much for initiating this thread.. N sending me a PM too..Smile
Also its nice.. so many ppl r participating in this.. n sharing their views...Smile

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