Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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Geet episode 67:

At last the Hum Tum episode.Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming Actually the whole thing went on for 3 episodes and it still feels it got over very fast.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed This was of course the grand finale where Maan's emotions got almost the better of him.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Of course Maan stops Geets when she start talking about her marriage to DevDisapprove. ye tho hona hi tha. But what he says about Geet is true. Geet has done well by herself. Though it has not been very long since she left home, she has a job, she has a home of sorts and a handsome boss who yo yos from being Dhak Dhak to Dusht Danav but lovable in both his avatars. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Geet demands and even the rain god obliges and the current goes off.Big smile So no worries about the AC. What a strong hold Geet has on Maan sir's hand. ShockedWink Next comes the answer to one of the questions in that fateful TT interviewOuch ' What were things Geet always carried in her bag? Instead of the gudiya if it were the monthly essentials that Geet carried and didn't want Maan to look at it would have been more believableDisapprove. I am sure Geet's mom would have def advised her about it.  But gudiya is cute too. BTW does the gudiya have any significance later? ConfusedOr was it just introduced to show Geet is still a kid at heart?Confused

When Geet goes for her dupatta I thought "don't tell me she is going to tear it again!"Shocked But the way she puffs on her dupatta and keeps it on Maan's eyes was so natural and cute,EmbarrassedEmbarrassed something I remember doing a lot when I was younger though not on someone as hot as MaanOuch. That roly poly security guy too had a natural humour.LOLLOL They should have given him a meatier role.

 Then of course the song plays and don't know about Bobby but Maan tho Geet key husn mei kho gaya EmbarrassedEmbarrassed' Maan was lost in Geet's beauty. If only Geet knew what was going on in Maan's mind she would have thought the chili powder and the knife were not enough if not to stop Maan at least to stop herself especially when he turns on that bedroom eyesDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming. GC should def insure those eyes.Blushing Geet was almost afraid (maybe more because of her own reactions) when she sees Maan approach her with that look in his eyes this time for real.Shocked The words of the song too were so appropriate for the thoughts going on in their minds. They both were lost in their paths in a wayEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. Nice deflection at the last minute Maan babu.WinkLOL Of course he didn't like that song since it was putting all those apavithra ideas in his pavithra mind. WinkLOLLOL

Now to the next part. Again that thing with that dupatta and how he deflects his eyes when he puts it back on her "neck" and then looks at herEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. What he was worried about seeing when the dupatta was down God knowsConfused. And at last Maan realizes that the waistcoat will not help Geet  and of course realizes all our fan's desire to see him in that sexy vest of hisEmbarrassedEmbarrassed and obliges both by removing his shirt off to show of those sexy forearms . Blushing

OK Maan sir let me make you aware of something. Much as you and Geet enjoyed the cuddle Geet could have had a better sleep if she lay down properly on the couch.Disapprove She is not too tall. So she would have avoided that crick in the neck she would have invariably got by the pose you put her head into.Disapprove And of course like Sia suggested yesterday he could have reduced the AC instead of doing a strip tease. But all this is logic and kaun kambhaqt ishq mein logic doondtha heyi?Big smile Who searches for logic when you are in luuurve?EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Poor Sasha had that sour look on her face.OuchOuch Somehow I don't know if Maan is being deliberately obtuse and thinks if he acts normal people will tend to believe nothing happened.ConfusedConfused Poor Geet too is so upset.Ouch Even Aadi and Pinky were open mouthed. ShockedIf it were only them then Geet would not be very worried. But there was troublemaker Sasha and the other staff.OuchOuch

And my brain is too much stuck on practical side and the first thing I thought when they got up was what about their morning breathShocked. Why don't either of them think about first brushing their teeth? ConfusedAnd forget Maan's hair which never ruffles anyway this time Geet's hair is also intact.Shocked These small points were not forgotten in the HP days but unfortunately aesthetics took over during these office days.OuchWaiting for lift experience of 2morrow.Smile

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pennu IF-Sizzlerz

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hum tum.. i simply loved the way the song..  each and every gesters in this scene was soo perfect and apt one... Clap

 Loved the way she run towards him and hold his hand tightly when the current goes...Embarrassed followed by that look she gave to him and the one he gave bach was... Haaai...Day Dreaming

I still remember that quiz competition done on gurti.. there was question to GC what are the thinks Geet have in her bag... candle..matches.. chilli powder... sir-derd ki dawayi... and gudiya... BTW me really missed that gudiyaaa...Cry

And that Chilli powder scene was soo cute... the way he ask her.. "jab tumare paas yeh sab tha tho chakoo dikhane ki kya zaroorat thi..." LOL

and about the song.. Both of them shares a very Good timing...ClapStarClap
 At the begining the way they both looked at eachother and turned their face...Embarrassed
 And the way Maan ran towards Geet when she burned her finger... then they realises the lyrics of the song...WinkTongue and they moved forward and stopped eachother... Big smile

Loved the way he kept his hand on her Duppatta and  keep on looked at her instead of taking his hands off from her Dupatta...Wink
And that Dream of Maan.. Haaaiii...Blushing
That touch of him and the Turn of her..Embarrassed.  the way he slides her duppatta off from left sholder... Haaaiii...Blushing


Sothe ya Jaagthe Maan ka sif ek hi Dream hey...Wink LOL Geet was feeling soo comfort when Maan made her to sleep on her sholder..Embarrassed. and he himself made himself comfortable with a pillow...LOL

Sasha-Tasha's expression was minblowing when they saw Maaneet sleeping together... LOL

BTW me enjoyed the way Maan wake-up and put his shirt on...Blushing



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pennu IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by geetaddict

Next comes the answer to one of the questions in that fateful TT interviewOuch ' What were things Geet always carried in her bag? Instead of the gudiya if it were the monthly essentials that Geet carried and didn't want Maan to look at it would have been more believableDisapprove. I am sure Geet's mom would have def advised her about it.

she don't need to carry those she was pregnenat na...Embarrassed

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Maan understood geet's pain and that is why he stopped her when she was going to say more about her past. I love how he distracted her by telling her not to cry as he does not have a rumaal to give her.LOL

Love maan's advice to geet on forgetting her past and to move on.  Love the way he is encouraging her.He was a gr8 inspiration to move on in her life saying her parents would feel proud to see her living a dignified life.

Love how geet grabs maan's hands the minutes the power goes. Day Dreaming He feels kuch kuch hota hai.can't stop himself staring at her but that sudden hold indicates always Be with me when needed.

Omg geet is so funny she carries candle,matchbox chilli powder powder &head ache prill. what a saftey LOLgeet has a candle, lights, chilli powder in her handbag. LOL. chilli powder for self defence ,No doubt she is a desi girl. Oh no the chilli powder went into maan's eyes and love how she blows air into maan's eyes. So caringDay Dreaming maan asking geet that if she has all these things in her bag what was the need to show him the knife. LOL

Aww geet tells maan about the doll she has had with when she was little. Maan is suprised to hear she carries a doll with her. Me love that song hum tum ek kamreDay Dreaming . Love how maan ran when geet burnt her finger near the candle. Maan is finding it difficult to control his emotions. Love how maan imagines that he is removing a strand of hair from geet's face and brings close to him. His inner feelings making him restless & making him think about her more .  Day DreamingDay DreamingHe is definitely in love as he comes so close to her and then realises it and closes the window so they cannot hear the song.

Maan is pretending to be asleep so geet will sleep. He is also trying to fight the emotions that he is feeling for geet. Maan cannot stop thinking about geet.Day Dreaming

Love how he goes and gives geet his shoulder to rest on and aww they both fall asleep. Maan in BLACK looks good.Day Dreaming  Both fall asleep.Pinky is worried about geet & Adi is having a clue that maan works in the conference room.

I loved shock on sasha's face. How dare that tanya take a picture.AngryAngryAngry Geet is worried about people talking about them. She try to hide herself but maan want her to geel free & think it just happened. Omg Msk got phone from chopra again saying he want to meet him & geet.





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Ah. Another GHSP classic! To date this is the only show I know of where they dealt with old classics with such ease and freshness. There was nothing like, this is an old classic so we can't touch it. They took it and put their own twist on it. I really wonder who was behind these choices because the excellent choice in music is something that stayed till the end of the show.

Ok as much as I love this episode I have to clear one thing. Why didn't Maan/Geet open the window to shout for the watchman? When they can hear his radio playing, I daresay he would have heard their voices but then we would have never got this song sequence or all the things that came with it!

I kept thinking while watching this about the TT interview with Hrishikesh Gandhi and how he explained about creating the effect of this sequence purely through lighting as it is all done on a closed set. He said he used candle light for when they were facing the table and moonlight effect for when they were facing the window and I really have to take my hat off to him because the effect is so natural that I would never guess they weren't really lit by the moon or that candle in Geet's bag.

I love the starting of the episode where we see, carrying on from yesterday that Maan is curious about Geet's past but what I love is that it is not at the cost of her comfort. He wants to know but that takes a back seat when he sees her crying and his immediate instinct is to cheer her up. I love what he told her about how she is living her life and how through her family members, he indirectly told her that HE was proud of what she was doing. That must have meant a lot to Geet as he was the first person who challenged her old life and now he was approving of her choices and her lifestyle.

Poor Geet doesn't understand that Maan is two different people right now, the one who is attracted to her and invested in her happiness and the facade who couldn't care less. Geet is Geet and even in a serious moment like this she will chance pe dance and ask for the Ac to be lowered! Maan on the other hand is snapped out of adoration mode when he hears that! LOL Thankfully the govt. plays cupid and cuts the electricity.

I just love the way Geet looks at Maan here so vulnerable and begging to be protected. It is only for a minute but Maan catches a glimpse of the lonely creature behind the bubbly girl and it pierces his heart. But Geet is not one to stay in any negative frame of mind for long and immediately pulls out her stash from her Mary Poppins jhula. Wink I love this scene because Maan is so gentle with the girl Geet who is bearing her soul and her sweet little secrets to him. And I love the way GC delivered that dialogue about why she needed the chaku when she had all this! It cracks me up every time!

Ah the song! Like Jyo said, it is pure tension and awareness. Maan is carried away with all kinds of thoughts of the way he wants to behave with Geet, to be close to her and to be able to feel her near him. And all the accidental glances, the slight brushes and the song only serve to enhance this tension. Of course the angry man comes out to put a stop to it and closes the window...on their attraction but only for the moment.

And the sleeping scene is so sweet! I love how he gently places her head on his shoulder and then she snuggles up to him! It is so natural because we know she is cold so her basest insticts will tell her to get close to this warm body that she has just come into contact with. And Maan who was so irritated by her before, takes his own shirt off and puts it on her (a small improvement on the waist coat but I still wish he had a blazer or at least a full arm shirt). And he plans to fall asleep just for  few minutes but how should he have known how comfortable it would be? Wink

And in the morning what I loved the most was that Maan wakes up only when he feels Geet body leaving his side. Until she is next to him, he is sleeping this deep, peaceful sleep and this to me shows how they bring, more than anything else, peace into each other's lives when they don't get in their own way!

Next stop, Behne De. Cool

We are going to need a new thread soon! Party

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This is the same look she gave to him excatly on that night in tabela when he saved her from Brij...Embarrassed


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Maan himself deliberately stopping Geet from saying the whole truth..It was like.. Maan thinking.. The main point is u dont have a BF.. Geet thats all I needed to hell with everything else LOLLOL
Oh..thank god  for the power cut.. at least that put Geet's complaint of feeling cold to a halt..Confused

The candle and matchstick part was a laugh riot... How can Maan resist this intensely weird but cute Geet.Embarrassedbut I didn't like the doll part..they went little overboard with her innocent streak here.. she is 18 not 7..Confused

Wow..that was one POWERFUL TRANSISTOR.. LOLthe song could be heard right uptil the 8th floor of the buliding.. all loud and clear.. and so intense that MSK got scared of losing his pavitrata..LOL

I loved the whole seq..the expr..on Maan and Geet throughout the song was absloute hilarious.. they both really started to doubt their own intentions...LOL

Maan offering his sexy..muscular shoulder as a help to Geet.. not quite logical when pillows were there..LOLbut were needed from romance and foll drama POV.. so just perfect..Embarrassed

Though Maan's attitude towards the whole scene was commendable.. but even Geet is also absolutely right for now.. 

Btw.. one of my fav MSK moments..The lift entering scene..The ATTITUDE Boss.. !!!CoolCool

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Pennu tachnically good photography & camara wok where they could capture two  Good looking & wonderful actors. Now I see this in no show really.If one thing matches the other is missing. Don't U think it is perfect in camera dept & dialogue dept. Poor leads given Non glamorous dressing but that too highlighted bcz they conc on showing more of their expressions,dialogue delivery,voice modulation & body language. AS sam said  Gc was fab when asking 'JAB YE SAB CHIZE THI THO CHAKKU DHIKANE KI KYA ZAROORATH THI'.here sudden change of moods. DD's perfect comic timing as well as acting pasionate while maan holds DD 's fingre burnt in the candle.

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