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Ah these episodes are so soothing to a harrowed soul! Big smile

They have just the right balance of humour, tension, romance and poetry. I love each and every moment of these episodes and can really watch the over and over again, and when I do the question repeatedly comes to mind:

Tacknicully awn paypuss, HOW is that very sleeveless vaist coat supposed to keep Geet warm?! Confused


But seriously, I love all the little details they managed to incorporate into every episode that told us a little bit more about the characters. We saw how well Maan knows Geet in the whole maun vrath episode and now we see how well Geet knows Maan when she tells him to stop staring at her. Clearly Maan has been obvious enough for even our little HP innocent to notice his constant staring. But she doesn't know just what it means yet.

I thought Abhinav was hilarious in this sequence and Barry's dialogues were just brilliant as always. Paro, I too loved the play on samajhna that they did! It was so clever and intelligent. It is too bad that later the story didn't support Barry's wit and he was relegated to using it to make fun of the story itself. I am actually eagerly looking forward to his next venture as well because he definitely has a way with words!

I love how possessive Maan got when Geet was worrying about what his brother would think of her. He asserted that it was more important what he thought of her, alright, no need to have a cow, Maan sir! Geet will do your bidding. Wink

I loved the tension in all the contact scenes, especially when Geet falls in his lap. She looks so helpless and confused and he just looks stunned beyond all rational thought, as though he is drowning in her eyes. I love the duality of their relationship where at one moment they are like little kids fighting over the stupidest things and then just a look or a word or a touch or in this case a fall, can snap them out of their childish mode and make them have very adult thoughts. Blushing I have always loved this about Maaneet, all the different things that are wrapped up in their personal universe for two.

And aha! Maan trying not to look too curious, grabs the first opportunity to talk about that guy. Wink Very smooth Maan, very smooth. LOL But I have to give it to the guy, he has been rude to Geet yes, but after that first day in the office where she told him to butt out of her family business, he has. And it is only now that Geet brings it up that he indulges in speaking about it again. I love Maan for this. He is totally into this girl and it is clear he wants to know everything about her mysterious story, but he is such a gentleman and waits so patiently for her to come out with it herself. That is a MAN.

I can't wait for tomorrow!

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Hey all...Smile

I have said this earlier.. but I did not approve of Dev using his real name in HP.. it would have made these present scenes much easier and logical..Confused it was so absurd.. Maan not calling out his Bro's name..instead kept yelling Suno..Suno.. weird !!! and It would have made so much sense that Geet though identifying Dev's voice but immediately dismissing it bcoz he is altogether a diff person..with diff name..Confused 
Ok..done with the complaints...LOL

Rest of the epi..Dialogue-Eyelock-Dialogue-Eyelock...LOL
Its fun to see Maan swinging btwn his irritation and swooning and mushy mode..LOL

the best scene.. was Geet ranting on and on.. Maan finally having enough and barging towards Geet from the other end.. Geet clutching the waistcoat in her fear...Too good.. LOLBtw.. didn't they know..or esp Maan.. that the remote which switches ON the AC is also capable of  increasing its temp..hence less cooling...Confused

Did I see Maan heaving a sigh of relief?? Winkwhen Geet says the truth abt Gurvinder.. finally he got rid of the major burden off his chest.. and now he can continue with his eye-locks.. without any guilt...LOL

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Kill This Thread. Kill This Thread. Kill This Thread.Kill This Thread

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What happened sadia,Wink sammy hi Hugafter this 66th episode we have to change  go to new thread.Clap

  What shd i comment on devil scenes.comment on devil scenesAngryAngry.They were so unrest though they were together.Nt actually has in mind that dev had cheated her by consumating wid geet which was out of their plan.Keeping that in mind she taunts him in different ways worried & feels insecure about him. She wants khurana'smoney & she knows without dev she cannot achieve it. love how geet is writing a list of all people to sack in the morning as there are too many names and she does not want to forget. ROFL it was so funny when maan said that her name is on the top.ROFLROFLROFL she was super hillarious when sheruns to the drawing table at his back.LOL

Love how geet tells maan off and without turning she knew that maan was staring at her.LOL Geet tries to open the door and maan comes to stop her, their hands touch and you can feel the amazing chemistry between them as they both look at each other.Day Dreaming

Geet recognises the voice. Hate the way devil talked. Love how geet pokes maan amd he says that tumhe kya saap sung gaya that you are not talkingLOLLOLROFL. their nok jhoks are out of this world. Day Dreaming oh god geet's hillarious dialogues saying woh gayeLOL abb kya hua saamp soong gaya kya. pata nahi aapne apke bai se mere bare me kya bataya haiShocked

 maan telling geet that if her third degree grilling has finished they can do some workROFL. when maan said to geet that its more important she pays attention to what he is thinking and geet thought he meant something else.Wink bechara maan had to clarify what he meant.ROFL

Love how they are working together and knock their heads together when the pencil fell. Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingAww he gives his waist coat to geet as she is cold. Geet take it, I would have asked for his shirt too.Embarrassed  Love how geet fell in maan's lap and maan cannot help but look at geet with such love in his eyes.Day Dreaming Even the duppata did not want to leave maan. Maan is in love with geet as when he tries to move the dupatta he is lost in geets eyes.

Geet is cold and counting the hours. maan is angry that she is not wearing his waist coat and is complaining. This is the first time geet mentions daarji after leaving hoshiyarpur and maan realised this and understood that family. He understands geet's pain more than anyone else ever hasClap. Love geet's courage that she has left all memories behind. Geet clarifies about gurvinder.actually Maan  thinks she came to delhi leaving those culprits free who did bad to her actually that is the reason why he thinks she is helpless timid women but on the hand he is very happy that she left all who did bad with her & trying to leave alone .but today that was the actual motive of the CV's to give this  both locked in one room episode. He come to know that she left her family bcz she want to live life as she wanted not as their parents wanted & that is  half truth &maan though Gurvinder was her boyfriend due to which all this happened but in this night session it was cleared.When she started crying maan stand for her saying  what ever she did was right bcz he saw how they tried to kill her & today she is leading  her life in a best way & he was confident if her parents see that they would be very happy.


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 Ahh what a pic..Tongue What a Look.. .Big smile and what a Feel...Embarrassed
Thanks Richa...Big smile

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Written Update (md410)

MK asks geet why her family wanted to kill her?? ( I bet she won't able to tell about devBig smile) She replies that she wanted to live her life on her own terms and they got me marr ant right then MK stops her ( like saying ruko dhristy what you saying story move kasie hogi, if you tell me about your shaadi  director specifically ask you not to say that.ROFLjust kidding friends)  and says do not cry coz he has no kerchief today ( shirt hai na.  hahah so we see funny side of MK today) He tells her one should always move forward in life and should not look back to sad memory, so one does not need to cry and should forget what ever happen in past. ( kaash aise ho paata MK. Agree one needs to move on but yeh Kmbhakt yaadein marne tak peecha nahi chodti uska kyaCry). He adds further that he can see, she is handling her life very well ( yup.  you are right there to thaamo her all the time) and he is sure if her family see her now they will be very proud on her.( nahiii who brij ka bachha abhi bhi maarega use).

Geet is touched ( me too aisa Mk toh dekha hi nahi yaar), moves and softly tells she wanted to say something that she is very cold and can he some how switch off the AC. MK has what is with you type expression (Me too, as I thot she is about to say thank you for encouragement, moral of event geet ka koi bharosa nahi kabhi bhi kuch bhi bolegiLOLLOL) Even before MK gets time to react power cut ( hahhah time for hum tum, yeh le geet watchman read your mind, AC gone ) and she holds his arm. Lightening and standard staring ( hmm isiliye lightning so they can see in each other eyes.

Geet moves her hand Mk walks towards window when he hears geet saying that is why mom always asks to have candle in bag LOL ( bechaari kitni innocent hai yaar hope ki MK does not make fun) He amusingly asks her if she really is having candle in her bag, and gets whole list of things ie candle, match box, red pepper and pain killer in return. She drops bag, when MK suggests letting him see. A doll pops off the bag, pepper flies in MK's eyes, Geet blows it and wipe with her dupatta ( oh god tooo good and to tell you guys truth even here for us it's suggested that have pepper spray in bag, it's down town you never know) he stops her and asks when you had all in bag then what was the need of cutter ( Oh lord I did not see that coming. CV are giving googly pe googly) She replies she does not want to see him her doll. ( oh geet you are like doll for him)


Watchman cursing for power cut as he was watching so cute romantic scene. Finally he goes that the only support is transistor. Back in room, geet lit the candle and we hear shailendra singh baahar se koi ander geet turns and look at maan ( abe aisi chounk kyo gayi??? Did not you know ki gaana suru hone vaala hai. whole forum waiting since Friday) Maneet feel awkward hearing those words, geet put her hand on candle, MK runs to help, blows softly, she takes her hand off, tries to go hadbadaahat main MK puts his hand on her dupatta ( so Maneet yeh hota hai jab ek kamre main band ho aur chaabi bhi na ho. Only difference baahar se koi ander aa sakta hai, so you guys better behaveROFL)

Geet tries to control her breath ( me on my desk, if I were her never chudaoo dupatta balki I go and hug himEmbarrassed) MK let her go ( lekin banda ghoorna nahi chodega, bola na usne tujhe kal gooro mat) see finally geet ko bolna hi pada tere naino ki bhul bhulaaiya main arpi menas geet kho jaaye oki oki lata mangeshkar singing jks apart.  Geet goes to window and we see precap dream sequence. It was MK's dream ( so Jyoti CV's are focused , it's not daadi's imagination). Mk walks to her stare ( sahi hai banda toh gaya mann main ladoo ki geet ka koi BF nahi hai) and says in frustrating voice close the window who knows who is playing this stupid song ( beta sach bolt u bhi chaahta than a kamre main band hona) then he goes we should sleep coz we can not work in dark ( why taaki tu aur geet ke dream dekhe)

he tells her in commanding voice that you sleep on sofa I'll take chair and does it. Geet replies she can stay awake and does not want to sleep this room.( oye teri toh ladki bol na use that you want to sleep on his shoulder) He replies with close eyes your wish main toh so ne vaala hu taaki thik se tumahin sapno main dekh saku kidding ha he says Good Night.

Geet goes to sit on sofa mumbles she used to do jagraata so she won't sleep, but she has no control so goes in sleep. MK wonders what happens to him and geet will make him crazy ( she already did. Damage done) Power is back and he sees how she needs pillow to rest her head. He goes sit next to her, and let her head rest on his shoulder. she is cold so he removes his shirt and covers her ( what did I see a black baniyaan under whitke shirt ??? LOL). He goes to sleep too ( haila kya sahi neend aayegi dono ko, yaar main aise kabhi hotty boss ke saath lock kyo nahi hoti)


Finaly night ends. Pinky worried about geet, goes to ask adi. He laughs that she lives with you and you are asking meLOLLOLLOL. Pinky tells him last night Mk called him for woking on designes and she has not come back yet ( abe gadhi ladki she is in safe hands and what you know they have history of spending night together whether jungle, meeting room whatever) what pinky did not realize is that twin evils were hearing convo ( ho gayaa bhantadhaar) adi calms her down, fills in that they must be working up stairs. He goes to open the room saasha jumps in and unlock it ( bechaari saasha sabra nahi hota, yeh MK bahanji ko itni important kyo de raha hai. hello ise pyaar kahte hai saasha). They all walk in and ddd saasha gets shocker of her life aka maneet sleeping together not together I mean on sofa head resting on each other and geet is covered with his shirt ( haila kanchi ka prediction seems to be true. Next is yeh BACCHA dev ka nahi MK ka hai.  kya fark padta hai Khuraana khaandaan se hai wohi bahut hai LOL)


Devil khuraana ( dev) ki mastaraani ( nayantaara) wakes up, sees daaku all dress ready to go out( yeh bande ko chain nahi), he asks, gets answer in return that she was right so he is going to office else he will end up being Mk's delivery boy ( hmmm so he is delivery Khuraana) She is suspicious asks if he is going to office in real?? ( biwi sahi pahchaanti hai apne Dumb dev ko)  He says yes kisses her on forehead and walks off ( yaar yeh hubby biwiyo ko itna bevkoof kyo smajhte hai, ki ek kiss kiya done)


Back in room, saasha speechless ( bolne ko kuch nahi bachha, MK gaya, tu nikal patli gali se) pinky tries to wake her up, taasha takes picture ( that is why I hate mobile with camera, pakka ab bachha MK ka, I bet) pinky still yelling geet, finally she wakes up, sees them all, throws his shirt, he wakes up too. Coolly wears his shirt ( sahi hai kar nahi toh dar kyu) orders adi to finish Mr Chopra's work and tells all that he was not aware that he pays them to stare at him ( haila hum woh free main karenge or you can have ticket for this we will pay after all you are MKROFL) He asks them to leave. Half janta goes not saasha, taasha adi pinky he yells please go back to seat now. ( MK tum hi kuch kar sakte ho)

Adi and MK bumps and adi says we can not discuss as designs are not complete ( abe use MK kahte hai) geet steps forward and tells that they are complete ( you guys dirty mind see they were fighting and working whole night last Thursday se and tum log ho ki jaane kaha pahuch gaye)

Geet says we finish last night and stops coz saasha staring, so Mk asks what is she looking so strangely. Saasha says nothing, he cuts her off tells we were working and door got closed, we locked in. She hesitantly replies she understands that you must be tired, so slept.  Geet is uncomfortable asks his permission to go he says yes.( beta ab jot u bolegi vahi hogaTongue) She walks off


Pinky and geet walking she tries to explain, saasha/taasha watches, MK coming out peon comes in he asks why he came he goes daadi maa has sent his cell. Mr Chopra calls, Mk tells his designs are ready if he wish he can have them send to airport.Mr Chopra answers he has canceled his plan so he will be in his office in an hour to discuss ( haila so it was your plan to trap them in room kya??? Thank you cutie pie you are Cupid Chopra) Mk says okay, he signals geet to stops but she is too scare. She talks to her self uff yeh sir bhi, what people think Pinky tries to explain but she asks her to come fast. 

They walk off MK follows ( yeah yeah ab yahi hoga jahaa main jaati hu vahi chale aate ho) Pinky tries to tell her that MK signaling her but she does not listen. Pinky goes see sir coming in anger. But geet anyways goes in to elevator. MK holds it and gets in. Rest staff is out of the lift. Geet thinks to himself why he does not understand what will people think, what is the need of signaling me. Screen freezes ( abe geet jyada mat ud aasmaan main.   abhi dekh kal kaise chillayega who tere pe, baad main hum tum elevator main ho aur who phas jaaye)


Precap: Saasha ne Khodi apni kabar.

Taasha shows saasha that she took picture of Maneet. Geet walking in office all giving her weird look, she is shocked. Abba yeh ladki ne kya picture sab ko mail kar di ( hope she has not give to journalist.Confused)

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Aaahhh finally the main Hum-Tum episode is here EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...This whole episode was a perfect example of extreme passion ,lust ,sexual tension and desire that one feels during the first phase of love EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ...No wonder Geet was given the colour of blue which indicates passion and Maan was wearing the colour white which indicates purity as well as immense self-control WinkLOLTongue ..MSK's thoughts throughout the night was pure but he just could not stop himself from feeling the desire and sexual tension for the blue beauty EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
I loved the little interaction of Maan and Geet regarding her family and the way MSK complimented Geet regarding her courage and strength StarStarStarStar ;I felt MSK asked Geet to stop at the right time or else if she had gone ahead to tell him the pregnency and marriage truth that time ,we would not hv got the mesmerising hum-tum song later WinkLOLEmbarrassed...Powercut too happened at the perfect time and three cheers to the watchman for selecting the perfect song which really pumped up MSK's hormones LOL...
When the song started ,MSK was finding it difficult to control his overflowing desire for Geet and that resulted in the sensational dream he had where he was almost about to kiss Geet's neck after pulling off the dupatta from behind so passionately EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ;A kiss in the neck indicates the need that a man passionately feels for his woman and so MSK's  dream clearly indicated that MSK was feeling the need to go and touch her and shower all his love for her EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ;But just to control his feelings ,he smartly closed the window on time WinkLOL..
Full marks to the CVs for creating the perfect ambience for the hum-tum moment with perfect picturisation and perfect expressions of passion and desire given by GC and DD StarStarStarStarStar
Little scene of Geet telling MSK about what all she carries in her bag daily was a cute girly scene EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
After that when Geet falls asleep on sofa ,loved the way MSK showed all the care and concern for her by walking upto the sofa and making sure his hand becomes her pillow and then putting his shirt on her so that she does not shiver in cold ..,awww EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..Next morning the way both slept off in each other's arms ,both looked like a perfect couple made for each other EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..No wonder Sasha got the shock of her life seeing both in that room sleeping in each other's arms LOLLOL...
MSK woke up and was just so casual putting his shirt back and talking to his employees as if nothing happened LOLLOL ..Poor Geet was looking all embarassed thanks to her dusht danav all half nanga LOLLOLLOLEmbarrassed...Even though Sasha took that MMS of Maaneet but I wonder what was the purpose of that MMS which involved her own boss in it ConfusedLOL..Sasha really did some dumb plans to b honest which only brought both Maaneet further close to each other LOLEmbarrassed
Overall a very entertaining and sensuous episode StarStarStarStar

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