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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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Geet episode 65:

Oh my God! These episodes are a laugh riotLOLLOL. Geet realizes a little late how alone she is with Maan at the officeShocked. Her fears are not completely unfounded. Maan is decent but like she said he is a man. And she is right to feel that it is better to be safe than sorry. Maan gets another name "iron man"Wink though geet did word it differentlyLOL.  The paper cutter was in front of him for almost a whole minute and Maan still didn't see it? Hard to believe. Confused

Maan what question is this? She is definitely an angel.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Don't you remember gaping at her when she came to the party in that white sari?WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed But Maan does not also realize that for a guy to have wrong intentions the girl need not be pretty she just needs to be a girlAngry. Or is Maan trying to say that if a girl were very beautiful then he might think of having wrong ideas in his mind. Confused.Confused  I thought his argument must have been about him being a decent man rather than the girl being pretty. Disapprove But then we needed that dialogue so he could counter himself when he says "Geet you r my angel."later on. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Anyway the interactions between Geet and Maan was really funny.LOL The way Geet gets too close to Maan to prove that she is not scared and then they both become conscious and move away. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedThat itself should have proved Maan's pavithratha to Geet.  Wink

Each and every expression and dialogue after she locks the door between Maan and Geet are very funny. Her reference to Maan as Hatta katta naujawan( what Geet you are line maroifying MaanShockedWink?), then her blaming Maan for everything, then her teasing him about not being perfect and then her suggestion to shout at the guard just like he would shout at her rather than murmuring were all hilariousLOL. When she calls out the names and Maan enquires about her knowing all the guards names and the reply she gives made me laugh out loud.ROFL

Trouble brewing in many ways between NT and DevBig smile. NT was always smart but we can see how Dev's betrayal by sleeping with geet has hurt her so much that it has made her so much more stronger. We can also see how NT is getting on Dev's nerves. But NT was right in a way. There were so many servants in KH and Dadi asks Dev to go to give the mobile. I guess for first time viewers whether Dev would open the door and see Geet would have been a suspense but we know Dev tries to play cupid and we get to see the cute Hum Tum sequence.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


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Aww geet is worried about coming to work at late night all by herself. Loool geet saying that ek akeli ladi and ek akela boss.ROFLROFLROFL  I like how even geet knows that maan is a gentleman.  Loool she thinks maan looks like a lohaa ka robot.ROFLROFL

Geet takes a knife to protect herself. Maan looked so handsome coming there in a white shirt with black vest and tie. He knows that geet is hiding something and proves it to geet. . Maan said that geet thinks she is koi aasman ki pari and har aadmi unke peecha dewana hai. He said that she is galat in thinking this. I so want to say tell maan that geet is a pari from heaven as maan is totally in love with geet and was stunned when he saw her at the party.  EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedmaan saying to geet that she was not beautiful enouigh to tempt him  that she is not aasman ki pari  this dialogue reminded me of jane austen's pride & prejudice  where Mr.Darcy tells this dialogue ROFL


Maan lied when he told geet that tum itni bhi haasin nahi ho. He is totally fida over geet. WinkWinkWinkLoool geet saying that itni buri bhi nahi hu. She wanted maan to say that she is beautiful. Embarrassed


Like how maan clarifies to geet that they are in the room as that is the best place to keep blueprints and they are there to work.  I love maan'a ada when he sat down on the sofa.Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming Kya attitude. I also noticed that he waited for geet to sit down and then he came and sat at the table so they both can work.

Maan is not happy that geet is still suspicious. Love how geet was getting close to maan while saying that she is not suspecting him and trust him. They both are close to each other and feel the connection and separate. Day Dreaming

Geet closes the door to prove that she trusts maan. they are locked in the room. But maan is worried about the feelings he has for geet and them shut in the office together is not going to help.  Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming  geet is trying to open a locked door and maan looks ready to kill her. LOL

  geet asking maan to break the door is funny and maan's response was hilarous when he said that that she has hindi film ka bhoot sawar and if doors break so easily that choor's would have diwali everyday. ROFLtumhare sirr pe hindi filmon ka bhooth sawar hain ...LOLgeet getting scared of maan  then every thing what ever happens till she closes the door to prove she is not scared

I love how geet called maan haata khatta.ROFLROFLROFL Love geet blamed maan for everything  and told him that he is giving her tevar.   I was in hysterics when geet told maan that Mr Perfect also makes mistakes. Maan looked like he wanted to strangle geet. ROFLmaan saying to geet that she was not beautiful enouigh to tempt him  that she is not aasman ki pari  this dialogue reminded me of jane austen's pride & prejudice  where Mr.Darcy tells this dialogue ROFL

 Phone Not working wow kya kismet payi hai .Geet's phone battery is and was turned off.  maan looks ready to jump out of the window.  maan telling geet that her dimaag ki battery is low and she should charge it when he meant the cell.ROFLGeet says oh tho Mr.perfect bhi ghalti kar sakhthae hain ...LOL

the way maan looked at geet  & the entire episode .. was quite entertaining. I might have seen this episode atleast 100 times till now.ROFL


Geet walking behind maan, he turns and they come close to each other.  geet telling maan not to do left right like he is a fauji will not make the door open.LOLLOLLOL Maan was being sarcastic to geet about giving one good suggestion throughout the whole day and geet thought it was a compliment. LOLLOLLOL

Maan shouts so quietly to the watchman. Love how once maaneet's arms touch each other, maan feels something.   geet tells maan to shout like he shouts at her. ROFL

 love how geet shouts at the watchman. Geet screams and maan covers her hand. LOLLOLLOL

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what a complete laugh riot these scenes were! If d earlier epi had moun vrat scene then this epi had dat watchman calling scene. DD was in her elt n GC's reactions were perfect foil. GC's comment on their 'action-reaction' is very true. Kudos to dialogues which made it naturally funny. i don't think i saw n any other serial they cd have sustained this many epi with d lead chrs confined in one room without making it boring or fake.

i started watching geet only from these epi. watching a hindi soap after ages, geet was a shocker to me. use of movie songs (hum tum attracted my attention), constant eyelocks, beautiful romantic seq, lovely dances, sizzling chemistry bet lead actors (we dont evn see such chem in movies except a few) d list just goes on. no wonder i am still caught up in time wrap.

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Recollecting the epi...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Going thru the analysis... ROFLROFLROFL
Hum-tum Precap of the epi...
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Missing the GHSP epis...CryCryCryCryCryCryCryCry

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Lily201 Goldie

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Its really wacky -but even now after watching a  GHSP epi - can't help the bubbling curosity to watch the next one in the series -especially if the epi is one like this!!
I can't help as I start appreciating the details even more which were hidden in the epis at the time these epis used to air & yet my eyes missed them as I was too spoilt of watching what I loved so much ,but now having spent so long a time without this luxury -my observations are latching on more & more nitty -gritties...
My fave lines:-
Geet- Switch on nahi ho sakta hai sir,iski battery low hai Shocked
Maan - Phone ke saath saath tumhari dimag ki battery bhi low hai kya ?? Charge kyun nahi kiya??Angry
Geet- Yeh to Pinky ka phone hai - aur isne charge nahi kiya Sleepy
Maan - Jao jaake apna dimaag ermm apna phone charge karke aao (Rofl at GC's expressions)LOLLOLLOL
It was so funny that the guy whose conduct,decisions were immovable as a stone -could show a spectrum of sentiments even if it was an oscillation b/w anger,perplexment,exasperation to wonderment...
And gotta hand it to DD - there could be no such female protagonist who could swift b/w innocence , thoughtful to mirthful to chaotic situations Embarrassed
Another fave moment - when Geet had that knowing ,amused smile as she said - "To Mr Perfect itne bhi perfect nahi hai ..." & Maan almost,but almost was lost...
And to the climax of it all - the shout out to the culprit-cum-cupid watchman (after all he switched radio with "Hum-Tum") - it was hilarious -
Geet-- "Oye Ram lal,shyam lal, kake"
Maan- "Tumhe sare guard ke naam pata hain"
Geet-" Nahi bas tukka laga rahi hoon-in naam me se koi to thik hoga -hain na?? Haan"
Geet- "Oye mohan lal -koi to bolo, oye jaagte raho ... koi bol hi nahi raha -ullu de pathe,khote AAAhhh " LOLLOLLOL
This epi is FULL of moments that make me guffaw & laugh out loud ...
But gotta say- KR as NT was suave to perfection - all those sneers at Dev being Maan's "chaprasi" & thinking of "that girl, Geet" -while Dev tried to chicken out by hiding about seeing Geet -it was funny in a sadistic way to see Dev being cornered...
Moi lubed the Daadi as well -I think Suhasini Mulay was her name she had short -but fab stint in the role before Anju M ...
Actually every body had a part to play -thats not what you always find in every soap & certainly not in such an aesthetically presented manner -Kudos to Hrisikesh G & Barry who was a riot at penning down such lines!!

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Ah finally got the chance to watch the epsiode and do my take. Big smile

Since I am late and everyone has pretty much said everything I would about it being a completely hysterical episode, I want to concentrate on something specific in my take today and that is the dualities in Maan's character and his speeches. As I have always said, these paradoxes are what make Maan's character for me and what made me fall hook, line and sinker for GC who portrayed them so well.

When Maan tells Geet how pretty she is...not. LOL
I love how here we can see that hilarious wry, sarcastic side of Maan when he tells Geet not to flatter herself, thinking that she is some sort of angel. But contradictory to his words we see him grabbing the chance (quite literally) to touch her by insisting on knowing what was behind her back. Was it really that important Maan? Or were you just waiting for a chance to get real close and have a moment of contact? And then when he tells her she isn't that pretty I love how intensely he looks at her as though appraising in detail how beautiful she is...not. Wink

Maan is here strictly for business Geek
Here it is so interesting because he goes into the conference room and spreads out the blueprint as though ready to get down to work. If he was so professional in this context, what would have mattered most is Geet getting the work done, her feelings about him notwithstanding. But he is absolutely exasperated that she is scared of him; that feeling unsettles him and he is unable to focus on the professional task at hand until he pokes and prods Geet into confessing her fears and proving then wrong. But Geet is not one to back down and is out to prove to him that she is not in fact scared. This is exactly what dadi wanted for Maan! In many ways it is Maan not being able to let go of the Geet being afraid of him thing that got them locked in together.

Baba MSK does not like getting prvachans from others!
I love when Geet starts her lecture about what zindagi has taught her and Maan's expression says, "Sorry, WHAT?" ROFL What really got me about this was the fact that this sounded exactly like something Maan would say to Geet in a time of crisis. She was just trying to return the favour and Maan was so aggravated. I think he doesn't like being on the receiving end of such sage counsel.

Finally, as long as Geet was uncomforable, Maan was in his element. He could maintain all the snarky comments, the sarcasm and the coldness but once she proved that she was not uncomfortable and the more comfortable she got with him, the more it unsettled Maan. This was a characteristic I loved of their relationship through out the show. Maan was always the cocky, playful teasing member of their relationship and innocent Geet the victim, but on the occasion that Geet took charge and faced Maan head on at his own game, it was the confident Khurana that was left dumbfounded. Here we see Geet in all her trust and innocence completely drops all awkwardness once the initial clarification is over. She has no problems going close to Maan and it feels natural and normal to her. But Geet's comfort and loss of inhibition serves to heighten Maan's awareness and caution around her. Every touch and every moment of proximity weighs on his mind intensely when contrarily he is able to grab Geet's wrist with no problem when she is the vulnerable one.

I love this metal  and emotional push and pull between these two characters. It was this that made their relationship unique and so very complete.

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