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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 143)

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I m putting up my Episode 63 take a bit early Embarrassed ...
I loved the episode for two things ..One we get to see another mysterious side of MSK the way he tells how he hates roses and almost pleads Geet to take away those roses but then gets so possessive when that thorn pricks her finger EmbarrassedEmbarrassed and two Geet very smartly tames the Dusht-Danav by doing the successful Maun Vrat Cool...
Looking back at this episode I always wondered what was MSK's past that the CVs had thought of which we never got to see laterAngry Ouch ;It was clear that MSK was in love with some girl who loved those white roses and so after she ditched him ,he went into a complete negative frame of mind and started hating everything connected to that girl Ouch ;When Geet brings those flowers and keeps it in MSK's cabin to thank him ,it does remind MSK of his past ,reason why he gets so mad at Geet and asks her to throw away those flowers in dustbin Ouch...
But the moment Geet's finger is pricked with a thorn ,he gets so possessive for her and instant words of concern comes out from his mouth in the form of "Sambhal ke Geet " even though he resists himself from showing the concern WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ; Later MSK makes sure that the thorn is removed from the rose stem which is a symbolic indication that any thorn whether its Dev or NT will b removed in same way from Geet's life if they dare to harm her EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...MSK just cannot see Geet in pain Embarrassed..I loved the way later MSK keeps that one spl rose with him after removing that thorn EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...The rose was extra spl for MSK because it gave her pain after he rejected the rose and so he wanted to treasure that pain with him ,so that in future he never causes any such pain to Geet again EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...I remember in later episodes MSK burns that same rose in fire because next day he actually ends up giving pain to Geet by removing her from the project just because he was unable to control his own feelings for her Ouch...
Geet was truely a sherni and so instead of crying in her cabin ,she decides to teach a lesson to her boss by going in silent mode Evil Smile...Geet knew that her silence will affect him and thats what happens when MSK starts showing desperation to break her silence WinkLOLEmbarrassed ;For the first time MSK actually is shown running behind his employee in the office just to get her attention and make her speak LOLLOL...I really loved those silent expressions of DD here the way she coolly writes that thing in the diary and gives it to MSK with a jerk LOL and then GC too was superb the way he shows his irritation behind her back LOLLOL...very nicely executed silent nok-jhok StarStarStarStar
Overall a very entertaining episode ClapClapClap

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Written Update (prettyfulwishes)

No recap. (Interesting)

The episode starts with Geet asks Maan his opinion, but he's thinking of how she got the file, and diverts her attention by asking Adi what he thinks. Adi is postive about it, and Maan says alright (so Geet's project is on. Nice)
Everyone walks out except Sasha and Geet. Sasha sarcastically compliments Geet on her bravery - after the party, Sasha didn't think Geet would be able to make it today. Geet lets Sasha know that she knows who humiliated her, and why. A few more words are exchanged, and Geet walks out with her head held high.

Maan is looking for that file, and remarks that he had left it on his desk, so how did Geet find it? Just then Geet walks in.. ManEet moment. (only about the 1000th eyelock in the past week and a half. Move on from eyelocks... you've got 90% of the posters feeling ManEet mania as it is. Thankfully it was a quick one.)
Geet thanks Maan for hiding the fourth file; Maan is confused; Geet tells him that because of his hiding of the file, she was forced to come to the office instead of hiding out at home... it gave her some time to calm herself.
Geet thanks Maan for all he's done the past two days to help her, then tells him that she really didn't stuff up the party - someone put her up to it; and then tells him that she wasn't going to quit - she really was sick. Geet smiles and leaves, and Maan smiles watching her.

Sasha walks in, and Geet looks straight ahead and walks out. Pinky marvels to Geet that she's so surprised that DD came to their house. Geet tells Pinky (or rather tries to convince herself) that Maan only came past to give her encouragement as a boss.
Sasha asks Maan why he's giving Geet so much importance. She rectifies her mistake, and mentions that Maan doesn't really associate with junior staff. Sasha tells Maan that Geet's his secretary - he should maintain a distance.
Pinky tells Geet to do something to show she's grateful for Maan's help. So the next day, Geet brings a bunch of white roses to the office.

Everyone around her thinks Geet's gone today - and Sasha is quite pleased. She stops Pinky from advising Geet to throw them away.
In Maan's office, Geet is arranging the flowers in a vase, and thinks Maan will love them. She walks out, and Maan walks in.
Maan calls Geet to his office straightaway. He's not happy, and tells her off. (Ahh, now there's the Maan I know.) He actually uses the line "I'm the boss".
Geet turns the table back on him, and tells him that he's too small to realise the meaning of thanking someone.

Maan tells Geet to chuck the flowers in the bin right now, and pleads for her to let him have one day of peace. ManEet moment (1001...) and then Maan starts telling her off while shes picking up the flowers, and she pricks her finger. Maan is worried. ManEet moment. (1002...) Geet leaves.
Geet and Pinky are in the cafeteria, and Geet is pissed off. She tells Pinky of her nickname for Maan - Dusht Danav. Geet is insulting him as Maan is staring at the rose that got left behind.
He thinks back to Geet thanking him, and then insulting him. He picks up the flower, and puts it in a drawer.

In the cafeteria, Geet vows not to say a word to Maan, after he told her not to say anything.
Maan is looking for a file, realises Geet has it, looks at her through the window. Geet is checking her emails, and notices that someone ordered the samosas and kachori from her account.
The phone rings, and Geet remembers her vow. She refuses to answer the phone, and covers her ears. Maan sees this, and walks into her office, demanding the file.
Geet walks into his office and puts the file down. Maan tells her he wanted the other one, and Geet thinks to herself that he thinks he's God. She walks out, and Maan wonders why she's so quiet.
Geet walks back in with the file, and puts it down. Maan tries to make her talk but she won't, and writes her answer down - she won't talk because he told her not to. Maan, in anger, says that he'll ask Adi and Sasha. Geet wants to say something, but takes her notebook and walks away.
Maan is angry, but then he wonders how long Geet will stay quiet.

Dev sees Geet; hears Maan mention Geet's name. Freak out moment. :D

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Geet episode 63:

Wow what a funny and thoroughly enjoyable episode.Big smile Their comedy timing is amazing though a little hard to believe at times.Smile

Geet and Sasha's takkar was damdaarClap. It had to be given to Sasha that even though Geet  almost stopped short of directly accusing her she did not back down even a bitShocked. When Maan had hidden the file well, I wonder how Geet suspected and found itConfused. I like the way she called his bluff in a straight forward way. Her thanks was a little bit long drawn and even my face was a bit similar to Maan's by the end of it but I was surprised that Maan did not even bother denying itShocked. I thought he might say something like he did not genuinely know where the file was when he called Geet and that is all he is bothered about. Looks like the great MSK is not that bothered about his tough man image that much any more.Wink That sweet smile on both their faces was cute.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

It was also surprising to see Maan caring two pence about Sasha's advice on how he handles his secretary.Shocked He didn't even bother to argue or get angry at her.Shocked Maan aapki thabiyath teek hei na?Wink

Pinky ney advice bhi diya tho kya diya?Disapprove To buy a gift for MSK. DisapproveThat too was not very logical. Knowing Maan as a boss for this long she must have guessed that whatever be the gift Maan was not going to be very graceful about it.Disapprove It would have been more logical if they had shown Geet coming up with the idea of giving Maan a gift and despite Pinky discouraging her, she being Geet just goes ahead and gets something.Smile

OK it was roses right? Not some gun or something. So Maan does not like roses but what was the big deal?Confused They kept repeating about the roses thing. So does that mean he likes other flowers? ConfusedI thought it was a little OTT. I understand it is to show how Geet changes Maan but still.

Maan you have really spoilt GeetShocked. She was really answering him back left right and centre. ShockedMaan was not too wrong in stating that the flowers were not necessary since she had thanked him personally. Kitni sunaadhi mere poor Maan ko Geet ney.Ouch Though what she said was also correct.Wink Arey looks like I have become Narad Muni agreeing with both.ShockedWinkLOL His outburst of giving him some respite I think was more directed towards his own thoughts and feelings about Geet than Geet herselfEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. But then he simply can't get rid of them when the thorn hurts his Geet and later on he removes that thorn. Symbolism alert- Though Maan may not have been able to save Geet from getting hurt(like in the case of Dev) he will continue to try and remove as many thorns from her life as he can.(By putting Dev in jail). EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
@Jyothi and Samana - your talent seems to be rubbing on to me a li'l bit.Big smile

Geet has definitely taking Maan for granted.Wink Otherwise the older Geet would not have even dreamed of ignoring his call or behaving in that childish way with him like she didShocked. But same's true with Maan too. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedWe could not have dreamed of the old Maan not fuming at Geet's behavior and even playing tricks on her so she would speak.Wink

Next episode Dev sees Geet not that it makes much of a diff except for straining the hubby wife relationship. Any means by which Dev is distressed gives me a very small pleasure.Evil Smile

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 EPISODE=62                                                                            Aww geet is worried about how she will face everyone at work. Love how maan followed herr to make sure that she got home safely. Love the condition maan gave to mr chopra that he does not want rahul on the project. Clap

Love seeing maan doing tai chi Day Dreamingand how he is thinking about geet falling in his arms and what she said. Everytime I hear mahi, its like his heart is singing when geet is nearby. Day Dreaming

Maan feels guilty for the way he has treated geet. Agree with maan that Taviz is trying to bring maaneet together and no matter how much maan tries to distance himself from geet, the taviz will find a way of bringing them back together. Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

I love how maan called a meeting to find out what happened and who gave geet the wrong time. Sasha was not expecting this, she is such a liar that geet's sari tore. It was sasha who caused that.

Maan is clever as he asks about who telling geet the wrong time but the evil witch sasha lied.

Aww love maan's concern when he heard that geet is not in the office and love how he told everyone not to talk about the incident. I hate it when tasha calls geet behenji, makes me want to throw tasha out of the window. Angry

Love how adi told maan that geet did not know of the time change. Loool maan getting irritated with pinky is so funny. Loool pinky is sweet, she had food under the files to give to maan. LOL


Aww maan is so concerned about geet and does not want her to hide. Loool geet sees maan and shuts the door thinking its her imagination that she is seeing him.ROFLROFL loved the look maan gave to geet and asking her if it is a tradition to shut the door in front of guests face. ROFLROFL

maan telling geet that he did not come for a tea party is funny.ROFLROFL Geet should have said how about a coffee party then.ROFLEmbarrassed Love how Maan used the file as an excuse to bring geet back to the office. How could geet find when maan has it.

Love how maan told her that what happened yesterday was not her fault. Love the advice maan gives geet to face the world. He is encouraging her to be strong and not think about what others will think. Haai kya smile di maan ne before he left as he knew geet will return back to the office.Day Dreaming

Maan ki chori pakdi gayi as geet found the file from his table. Love how maan watches geet while she is presenting.Day Dreaming


Maan is so lost in geet that she had to ask him twice about her idea. Loool he did not even remember what she asked him. Maan is too clever, he asks adi so that way no one finds out that he does not know what geet asked him.LOLLOLLOL

Maan cannot find the file in his office. I love how everytime maan sees geet his heart sings mahiDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming. Love how geet tells maan that he hid the file from her on purpose so she can come back to work.LOLLOLLOL

 maan got irritated when geet said that she has one more thing to say. love how geet told maan that she took sick leave and was not going to leave work.LOL


Sasha is trying to create trouble for geet because she knows that maan likes geet.

Geet takes roses for maan to say thank you. oh no maan got so angry at geet when he saw the white roses.  I love how geet called maan rukhaLOL. You can feel maan's pain when he told her to remove flowers out of his office.  Oh no he told geet to be quiet. I love how maan reacted so quickly when geet got hurt with the thorn. Embarrassed


So sweet when geet calls maan dusht danav. But on the other side maan picks the rose and keeps it in the desk. From now he will love roses as they will remind him of geet everytime he sees them.Day Dreaming

love how geet does not answer his call and speak to him. Good geet did this, maan needs to be taught a lesson that he can't have his way all the time. LOLLOLLOL

geet talking in her mind "that maan thinks he is bhagwan and does he think that she is going to get bhaviysawani that he wants noida accounts file and not the construction oneROFL

Maan on purpose is annoying geet. love how geet wrote down on paper and gave it to maan that she is following his instructions and being quiet. L when maan saw that he looked ready to strangle geet. ROFL

  maan is going to find a way to make geet talk. I love their nok jhoks. Day DreamingDay Dreaming

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Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

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Written Update (-bhootni-)

Recap: Geet brings flowers for Maan's office but Maan asks her to shut up and throw all the flowers in the garbage. Geet decides not to speak to Maan at all...even as he tries his hardest. She wrote him a note saying that you told me to shut up so I am going to keep quiet...Maan says that he'll see to it how long she keeps shush LOL
There is a meeting and Maan introduces the project...he wants to know everyone's suggestion (lol aka get Geet to speak LOL). He keeps on looking at Geet...while Sasha's silly me side kick is totally fida over him. I don't even know why the sidekick brings Geet in but anyways she says that Geet is new here but Sasha maam can help you out. Maan has a non-interested expression, Sasha is all happy...while Geet is just like screw you all. Maan thinks to himself that he'll see how long will it take to break your maun vrat. Sasha keeps on changing the plan of the house and Maan continues to agree with her...LOL he thinks to himself that just two more minutes and she'll be...LOL Maan provokes the situation even Adi starts to tell Maan Geet's idea...but Maan is like if it's your idea then say something. Geet and him have a stare off as he says that you shouldn't be talking for someone else. Geet just looks away...Adi sits back down and Geet raises her hand. Maan smirks in his thoughts that finally Miss Handa is speaking...Geet speaks up that this parking and porch...the idea is not good. He asks her why does she thinks so? Geet doesn't reply so he asks again!
She starts to talk about middle class families and how family is more important for them rather than the condition of their house (ughh I hate when people bring in class...that's the whole problem with the freaking society!)...anyways Sasha goes on who doesn't like it when their house is better than their friend's. Geet calmly explains to her that you don't find happiness by degrading someone (Maan and Adi are all proud of her while Sasha and her chamchi have this weirded out expression). Uff she goes on about how special middle-class people are...Sasha starts to yell at Geet but Maan interupts and says that I think Geet is right! Sasha and Geet both are shocked out of their wits! He wants to include this design to the project. Geet and Maan have a stare off again while the dude in the background gala pharing with maahi again LOL 
On the other hand, Dadi says that she can't get through Maan so to get him back into this's Dev's responsiblity. Nainatra starts her drama that she wants this to happen that's why they all have come back. So the whole family stays together. Dadi says that she wants him to come back and married seems as if Nainatra doesn't like that at all...and even gives a saara huwa expression when Dev asks if she has selected a girl for him? Dadi says not yet but I do know that he wants a girl more than a whole status attached to her. If she is weak hearted then she'll run away within two days. There should be a girl for Maan who answers back to him...Dev is happy but Nainatra gives a fake smile. Dev says you are absolutely right...she should be totally different from our Canadian Nainatra...LOL Nainatra's face is worth saying!LOL Somebody from a small he looks at Nainatra's face and his smile suddenly vanishes...while Nainatra looks horrified! Dev continues that he thinks that Big bro likes someone in the office...dadi says oo how do you know that? Dev smiles and says who would know the matter of love better than Dev himself LOL...again Nainatra looks like someone stole her candy. Dev and dadi talk about Maan's secratey and Dev wants to go meet her because he is really interested to know who that girl is.
In the office...Geet is calling Maan a tere jalebi (mmm...) she is mad at him that he tricked her into talking...seriously everything goes according to him in his world. Maan walks in Geet's office asking for quotes but notices the flowers there...LOL Geet says that the dustbin didn't have any space so she placed it on the table. Maan glances over to the dustbin which is totally Geet looks sort of scared. She stutters that the dustbin was was just Maan doesn't believe a word she is saying. She continues that this is her room and her table and what she wants will go on Maan is just trying really hard to hide his amusement it seems. She says that she can put anything she wants on her table...right sir? Maan folds his hands and continues to look at her...while Geet tries to avoid any eye contact! Maan says Geet! I thought you weren't going to talk to me today Geet looks shocked and stutters that first I wasn't talking to you but now I am...but just because I have started to talk to you doesn't mean that I'll throw away those flowers! Maan says fine! As long as these flowers are not anywhere near my is okay till then! Geet gives him a fake smile...and Maan starts to walk away...but overhears Geet saying that she should have brought him an umberalla instead of the flowers! Dusht Tanav! LOL Maan turns around and points his finger at her...did you say something? Geet shakes her head to say no but instead ends up saying yes...can I leave if I am done work? Maan looks at his watch and says that yes it's 7pm's better than you bringing me an umbrella tomorrow morning. LOL Geet doesn't have anything to say so she hurries up to she is passing by...she smiles but makes sure that Maan doesn't see it. Maan turns around to look at her retrieving figure and gives a small smile of his own.
Dev comes to see Nainatra sitting on the bed...he says hi sweetheart but Nainatra looks pissed to the max! He asks her if she is angry again...she says that what do you want me to do...that you keep on remembering Geet and for me to just sit here. Dev looks confused! How did Geet suddenly come in between again...when have I taken her name? She reminds him about what he said to Dadi...He is quite angry at the fact that she can't forget Geet. The girl must have moved on already and she is still stuck! Nainatra reminds him of the dhoka that he gave her which makes him really mad and after yelling at her he leaves the room. Nainatra is hyperventilating now! LOL
On the street of Delhi (or is it Chandigardh?)...Geet is looking for a taxi and just then Dev stops his car. Dev gets out of the car and says that Nainatra has turned his mood off yet again! He continues that he was being so sweet and she brought Geet in between again...while just on the opposite side...Geet is still trying to hail a taxi. The screen spilts in half as Dev starts to walk to the other side and Geet is still trying to get a taxi. Damn!! Dev finally sees Geet...when he hears her calling out for taxi. He wants to cross to confront her but she finally gets a taxi...Dev is shocked and remembers their wedding...and him sleeping with her. She finally sits in the taxi and leavs while Dev wonders how Geet got to Dehli?
Pinky says to Geet that maybe they should mix jaamal ghota in Sasha's coffee. Aww...LOL lmao she makes fun of Tasha as well...But Geet says no Pinky...I don't want to hurt them but I want everyone to know their reality! She'll make a mistake and they'll get the evidence! Pinky's father says that is a fab Pinky says yes and anyways we have the jamal gota as our back upLOL. The phone rings...and Geet goes to pick it up. Somebody asks for Rita but Geet says it's wrong number...the phone rings's the same guy asking for Rita. Geet again says that it is wrong number...the guy says so what? if not Rita then you! Angry Geet slams the phone down in anger and goes to sit back on the dinner table. Pinky says that this Delhi...guys start to flirt whenever they see or hear a girl's voice...Geet is angry and says that let him call once more and I'll show him his place!
Dev walks into his house...suddenly Maan comes home and is talking to Mr. Chopra about how he loved Geet's idea for the project...Dev is shocked to hear her name. Dev convinces himself that Bro is probably talking about someone else and all I keep hearing is Geet's name. How did Geet get to Delhi? Maan cuts the call...and says to himself that he has to prepare the design tonight itself. He has to tell Geet to come there immediately!
The phone rings again in Pinky's place...Geet starts to give loads of galliyans (lol reminded me of Muski) and says that I'll tell the police if you call again...she cuts the call...and who is on the otherside...of course Maan LOL Maan is pissed at what Geet said to him and his dadi asks what's wrong? Everyone else is always interested in the convoLOL. He says nothing dadi maa I'll make a phone call and be right back. lol somebody has lost it and I have to fix it! He is mad that she has crossed all her limits! She didn't even give me a chance to say hello and instead started to swear at me!LOL He starts to call again but then decides to meet her tomorrow at the office! But then he remembers he needs to finish the design of the project by tonight. He needs Geet to finish the design! lol he calls Geet again and Geet decides to teach the caller a lesson...just as she picks up...Maan starts speaking that before you start your session of galliyaan you should know that it's me speaking...Maan Singh Khurana. lol Geet's hands start shaking...he starts yelling at her and doesn't give her a chance to speak. In fear...Geet accidently cuts the call...aka Maan gets confused and even more mad :PLOL Geet is scared as hell for yelling at Maan and even cutting his call...she decides to call him back!
Geet starts to walk toward the phone and talks to herself that either way she is going to lose her job...but why did he call her so late at night? It's probably something really important...just call him up maybe her job will be saved. She prays to God before calling him...Maan picks up the call to yell at her...but she starts speaking before he gets a chance. LOL lol she starts to apologize non-stop ...lmao...jaawani mein baache aksar aisa karte hain...apne bhi kiya hoga LOL (lol okay I can't stop laughing)...Maan says what? and looks highly offended :P LOL Geet says that she was seriously yelling at the boy not you...Maan tells her to shut up (lol Geet puts her finger to her mouth LOL) should listen as well! lol Geet says yes sir...good point...good idea! LOLshe continues to explain to him about the boy...Maan tells her to be he'll talk! He doesn't hear her say anything so he keeps on repeating her name...Geet finally says I am quiet sir LOL Maan says that Mr. Chopra is going to London tomorrow so he needs to see the designs before that. He continues that they'll  need to finish the design tonight and for that she needs to come to his house...Geet unconciously says yes sir! lol but then realizes her blunder! She says kya?
On the dinner table...dadi comments that one of her grandson doesn't care that his family is waiting for him for dinner and the other one is sitting there sad and mad. Nainatra looks at Dev...who doesn't respond...until his dadi calls out to him. She says that if you weren't married...I would have thought that it was a matter of a Nainatra looks pissed again while Dev is trying to avoid any eye contact. Dev denies everything...anyways Dadi comments on how his anger is about to ruin somebody's night.
lol Geet on the other hand asks Maan what in the world is he saying? So late at night and that too at your house? What kind of work are you talking about? LOL Maan says Geet what kind of work do you do at my office? Geet says that at office I do office work...but so late at night...this is not right sir! And anyways I only gave the flowers as a thank you it didn't have any meaning attached to Maan says I also helped you but not because of something! lol I love their convo...sorry can't write each and every dialouge...but it is a funny scene LOL lol Maan is frustrated and says...fine then meet me in the office in half an hour! Geet is about to protest but Maan cuts the call! The screen spilts into's only 9:30 for goodness sakes!
Precap: Geet is talking to herself that he is afterall a man who may act like a robot once in a while. lol she picks up the blade and just then Maan walks in...Geet hides it behind her back and maan asks her what's in her hand.

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This episode was one of the funniest episodes in GHSP with MSK getting multiple names from Geet ..Teri Jalebi ...Madhumakkhi ka chatta ...and then 100 gaalis on phone in the last scene ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL..
What was pleasantly surprising that even though Maan overhears her blabberings regarding how she should hv gifted him a madhumakkhi ka chatta ,he still does not get angry but takes it as a good sense of humour and gives that killer smile to Geet ShockedShockedShockedLOLLOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Sometimes I feel MSK actually enjoyed all the madness of Geet because it sort of helpled him to come out of his dark shell and see life from a different and more bright angle EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
In the starting scene also MSK was smart enough to make Geet talk in that board meeting by raising few queries which only Geet could reply since MSK just wants to hear her voice so that his life brightens up again EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
Even in the last scene when Geet feels some random guy is giving blank calls and ends up giving gaalis to MSK ,he does not get angry but just ignores the whole thing and calls her in the office Tongue..I dont think MSK would hv shown similar patience with any other employee if they had given MSK similar gaalis on phone or showed similar attitude in office WinkLOLTongue...But Geet was always extra special for MSK Embarrassed...
DD was the real show stealer in the whole episode and was completely natural throughout the episode especially in the last scene when after giving all the gaalis she realises its MSK and puts down the phone in fear LOLLOL...her expression was spot on there StarStarStarStarStar...
Dev and NT in these initial episodes were quite fun to watch the way NT keeps taunting Dev and the way Dev keeps teasing MSK about his spl secretary LOLLOL ...wish CVs had used this Dev-NT jodi till the end AngryAngry
Looking forward to the Hum tum episodes from tomorrow now EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Geet episode 64:

So the prep for hum tum beginsEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. It's nice that we have such special moments to look forward to. Big smile

It's touching and surprising to see Maan taking so much of pains to make sure Geet talks.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Of course I am sure he is now so used to hearing her bak bak that the silence that he earlier enjoyed has started bothering him. WinkIt was nice to see Geet bravely and confidently answering Sasha's spoken and unspoken questionsClap. I liked the way she kept on saying "hum middle class". She has proven herself that for people like her the children are more important than what other people think about them.Smile

Anyway there is no way Maan is going to complain now that she has gone to her HP express avatar talking dime to a dozen. From Maan's attitude he didn't seem to have a very serious issue with flowers as long as they are not around him. Geet's funny self talks are always a riot.LOL And Maan proves that she does not always whisper as quietly as she thinksWink. I am getting used to their cute smile that comes on their faces at the end of their interactionsEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. They seem have too much fun sparring with each other.Big smile

Dev NT and Dadima interaction was interesting. Dev says he knows a lot about love and romance. Unfortunately his definition for these is quite warped.Angry NT was shooting daggers at Dev. I too was thinking why Dev wanted a small town girl for Maan. ConfusedUnless it is someone like Geet , Maan would send her packing like Dadima said. But after the holi fiasco our CVs forgot that a spunky Geet would not give up just like that.Ouch At least Dev's cheating is eating away at NT and NT's jealousy is spoiling Dev's "mood". Small compensations but have to live with these only.Ouch

So at last Dev sees Geet and actually hears her name but thinks it is his over imagination. Geet's phone conversation reminded me a lot of "Jab we met"Big smile. Did the movie come after this or before?Confused  Yesterday's patient Maan was differentDisapprove. This akadu Maan is more the person we knowSmile. Maan's expressions of disbeliefand irritation at what he was hearing and his responses were spot on and so was Geet who was not used to going to paraya mardh's houses at ungodly hoursShocked. But then even if my male boss would call at an ungodly hour and ask to come to his house the response would be more or less the sameDisapprove. Unfortunately she does not realize that there are more people in Maan's house than there are at the officeWink. That's good anyway otherwise how will we have got our HUM TUM.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

@Samana Hey its not fair. Where's you analysis for yesterday's episode? Don;t you know there are people like me who look forward to it?Big smile
The participation is def coming down. It is now mostly you me Jyoti and Aricha who are regular. I know you are quite busy too.Lets see how long we can carry on.

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