Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 138)

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Written Update (prettyfulwishes)

Recap: The client asks for Geet to handle the project; Maan tells Geet that she'll organise a party for the clients; Dev tells Geet to book elsewhere as his wife is angry (Geet doesn't know it's Dev) and he wants to do something special..

The episode begins at the office. Geet is standing at reception with Pinky, when Adi comes along and starts laughing. He tells a startled Geet that everyone is talking about her. Sasha and Tasha are tearing their hair out, and Geet has done really well with the project. Geet tells Adi that she doesn't want to do the project, she's happy being a secretary. Pinky stands up and exclaims (with a cake in her hand, and icing on her lip) that one doesn't refuse a burger if there's no chips (ah, food. Pinky, you're making me hungry. Shhh).
Adi agrees, and states he knows why Geet doesn't want to work on the project - it's Sasha. Geet nods, but Adi reminds her of MK's temper (damn, I'd deal with the temper just to see his face. Hehe), and says she needs to tread carefully so the project and the party is a success.
Geet is worried about the party - as she has no idea how it works in Delhi. In Hoshiapur they only celebrated weddings and religious festivals. Adi tells her to hold the party according to MK's likes.  Geet says that whatever she's done, he hasn't liked. She doesn't even know his likes anyway.
 Pinky has another bright idea - why don't they ask DD? (I love this girl - Adi, fall in love with her yaar) Geet wonders who's going to ask them - Pinky says Adi sir. Adi is startled and tells Geet to ask. Geet refuses - whenever sir sees her he gets angry or upset. She tells Pinky to ask, and she refuses as well. That's when Pinky notices Maan walking past. The three of them tell each other to ask, and then Pinky and Adi disappear (Tellywood style - pop, and they're gone!).
Geet looks worried, and Maan stops and tells Geet to come into his cabin. Geet asks now, and Maan (again) says no tomorrow. Geet asks alright, what time tomorrow? (Hahahaha, Maan still hasn't learnt not to use sarcasm with our seedhi saadhi abla nari) Maan looks at her, and Geet realises he means now. She blabbers on, and Maan walks away. She scolds herself saying that lately she's been talking too much and almost starts running towards his office.

Geet rushes into the cabin, and Maan starts saying how important this party is to him. Geet is fumbling to write while Maan is still explaining. He tells her not to make any mistakes this time, and Geet looks up. He continues his "don't make any mistake" tirade, and Geet begins tearing up... which Maan notices when he tells her to go. Geet turns, and Maan gets up and walks towards her. (I swear, Maan can be such a robot at times, I had to watch the scene twice to understand him once. LOL)
He makes her turn and face him, and realises she's crying. He hasn't gotten angry or raised his voice, so why is she crying? Maahi begins when he almost touches her face. (Almost.) He lets out a sigh, and hands her a handkerchief, and tells her to wipe her face. (Wow, Maan ke paas dil hai... pehle baar Geet ke samne emotion dikhaya. Yay.) She wipes it, and hands the handkerchief back to him.
Maan asks her to explain the tears - and Geet tells him that she has no idea how to organise a party; she wanted to talk to him about it, but he didn't give her a chance to talk, and then he started saying that there shouldn't be any mistakes, and then she freaked out because he thought she could do it. She tries to tell him she can't do it, and he says "Quiet". He will tell her what to do (Yay. This rona dhona actually works... if your name is Geet, and your boss is referred to as DD. Keep that in mind). Without thinking, Geet says "Thanks Maan" and touches his arm. Maan looks at her, and covers it up by saying she needs to get a notepad.
He mentions that there's one sitting there, sits back down, and starts issuing orders: "The dinner dance decor should be metallic silver, flowers and lights should be everywhere-" Geet cuts him off and asks him to say it slowly. Maan looks at her, and starts talking slower. Geet smiles, and cuts him off again, saying he can talk a little quicker. Maan looks at her again (gosh, his expressions made me literally LOL, and I'm not meant to be doing that - everyone's sleeping), and starts talking faster. Geet (back to being normal) cuts him off again, and asks him to repeat the food line. (Even without romance, ManEet's banter makes me giggle)
Maan then mentions two bars, and Geet (not thinking) blurts out "chi, chi, chi" and does the 'Forgive Me' religious thingie... Maan stares at her, and Geet again covers her mistake by saying that it's Delhi... she goes back to writing. He finishes stating his orders, and Geet is still writing. He stares at her, when Geet looks up and he looks back down and asks if she understands now. She happily nods, and he sends her out... stops her and says that there shouldn't be any mistakes, which is when Geet accidently knocks over the pen holder.
She quickly picks it all up, turns and starts walking off, turns back and asks Maan whether metallic is the same as grey. Maan is exasperated by now, but says yes. Geet turns, and turns back, and asks what type of flowers Maan wants - "gulab ya surajmukhi ke?" Maan doesn't know what she's going on about, but says he wants orchids. Geet agrees, and turns... turns back, and says "Sir..." and Maan is simply staring at her. (Loved this part. Geet is turning into Muskaan... and it's awesome) She says "Have a nice day" and he's still staring.
It turns out Sasha/Tasha have been watching this, and watch Maan staring at Geet while she walks out.
Tasha wonders what's going on, and then mentions how Geet is 'using' her innocence to come close to 'their' DD. Sasha says she's watching it all, and plans to get rid of the 'behnji bholapan' and embarrass her so much at the party that Geet won't be able to come into the office anymore. (Oooh, these two are starting to wear me thin. The amount of galis I have for them is unbelievable, but focus.. DD.. *sigh*)

At the hotel, Geet and Adi are organising the decorations. Adi cannot believe Maan gave her notes on how to organise the party - but it's very good (Adi is so lovable. I'd love to pinch his cheeks right now. Hehe). This is when Geet looks down at her notes and starts freaking.  Geet runs around while Adi nervously laughs away. (Cute scene b/w the two) She finally stops, and thanks Adi for his support while she organises this. Adi mentions what are friends for, and says that Pinky mentioned she'd bring Geet's clothes to the party. Just then Adi gets a call - it's Sasha.
Sasha threatens Adi into coming into the office, otherwise she'll tell MK. Adi gets extremely worried, and starts stuttering that he'll be there. He leaves Geet to her organising, and reminds her about the Thai and continental food.

Back at the office, Tasha runs excitedly towards Sasha, and Sasha asks if the job's done. Tasha excitedly says she changed Geet's order of Thai and Italian food to Indian snacks, and made sure to use Geet's name. (Evil, arghhh. Bite your tongue Sabii.) Sasha is pleased, and says that after today, Maan will never trust Geet again, and will prove that Geet is good for nothing. (Bite your tongue Sabs, bite your tongue!)
Tasha freezes, and says 'Dhak, dhak' and Sasha realises Maan's coming. She looks at Maan, and he tells her to notify Geet that the client will be there an hour early. Tasha goes to notify Geet (Hah. My foot) and Maan walks away. Sasha is extremely happy that she basically has this in the bag - Geet is on her way out. (Someone, stop me from strangling her. She almost cracked my laptop screen, and she's harming our Geet. Churail kahin ki!)

In the hotel, Geet thinks she'll get it all done when someone walks up to her and says "Roses for you". Geet is thinking back to when Dev had said I love you to her, and tears up. The manager comes and apologises that these aren't for her but someone else. The manager tells the guy to take it to the Royal Suite (so Dev is using roses for his wife huh. Arghh, evil women. They all do my head in). Geet is still teary.
The man takes up the roses to the Royal Suite, and Dev opens the door. He sends the man away, and thinks of Naintara. (As much as it pains me to do this, I'll write what happens. Someone bring me a bucket) He has written notes in Naintara's bedroom, along with a red rose for each note - because he knows how much she loves red roses. The first note Naintara reads, she throws the rose on the ground. But Dev seems to know she would have done this, so there's another note and rose on her dresser... and another one on the floor when she opens the door. She finally smiles seeing the last rose. (I'm upset... Dev, out of all people. Naintara? I'll never understand)
Dev is then shown walking out in the hallway thinking that he has one more thing to do, and then his preparations will be complete. Maan is then shown walking along the same hallway and notices Dev. (UBS alert - but the white jacket doesn't suit Maan... take it off already :P) Maan asks him what he's doing here, and Dev says he's not doing anything bad. Maan smiles at the retort, and says that if he's not doing anything, he should come to the business party at the Crystal Hall. Dev asks who organises his parties, and Maan says he has a secretary. Dev hits a nail on Maan's head and mentions that his scretary was the one who he was thinking about that day. Maan looks at him angrily, and says Dev hasn't changed - still says whatever comes to mind. He walks off telling Dev to attend to his wife, while Maan attends to his party.
As Maan is walking down the hallway, Dev's words come back to him - wondering if his brother is in love, wondering if his secretary is the one he was thinking about... Maan asks himself why Dev keeps bringing his secretary up, and why is Maan so worried about this? (uh, a 3yr old could tell you this one Maan - you're in love.) Maahi plays as he wonders about this...

The dance... Song is Kurbaan Hua... (*melting*)

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Geet episode 58:

The very thought of the upcoming dance gives me goosepimples and butterflies in my stomach.Day DreamingEmbarrassedEmbarrassed A different kind though is in Geet's stomach since she is nervous about making arrangements for an office party and has no clue how to go about doing itOuch. It was funny to see both Pinky and Aadi vanishing when it was a question of talking to MaanLOL. After all what are friends for?Wink But to give Aadi credit he did help her later on at the hotel before that Sasha called him off.Angry

It was funny to hear Maan wondering why Geet was crying when he had not even scolded her this time.LOL And then the great MSk does something totally unlike him and helps Geet with all the details.Shocked Geets " thoda slow bolengey" and then thoda aur fast bol sakthey hein" was really funnyLOL. Our Geet does know how to test even a very calm man's patience and MSK being MSK have to appreciate how patient he was with her.Smile Of course Geet too involutarily holds his hand and says her thanks to "Maan".EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Already apna haq jataaney lagi ho Geet? Geet's and Maan's smile after she left his cabin was sweet.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

 We understand how uncommon it is for MSK to have taken so much pains to help an employee when Aadi simply cannot believe it ever happened.Shocked And then the reference to roses reminds Geet of her past.Ouch Abhi Maan sir hein na. Bhool jao us sab ko Geet. Unlike Dev who claims to remove the thorns from the roses but leaves her behind with just the thorns for memories, with  Maan there are always roses and thorns together. He may give her pain but at the end his love for her is as sweet smelling as the roses.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Of course who else would order roses than our Romeo.Disapprove Please forget his helping you with business Maan sir. He runs a full time business of flirting and seducing women. AngryAngryBut have to give it to him. He did manage to convince his wife for a date.DisapproveBTW NT was looking really young and hot in that sports suit.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed I wish at some point of time Geet had got to wear if not the same kind but at least more casual clothes than the behenji dresses.Cry

Sasha was just being mean.Angry Somehow this sequence was when I saw her being the meanest especially with the saree episode and everything.Angry Actually I was just thinking the other day the NT that came later on was so much like Sasha. Just being plain old mean rather than our classy vamp NT. But if not for Sasha's meanness we would not have got our passionate dance. Day DreamingSo iske liye tho Sasha ke saath khoon maaf.Big smile

The interaction between the brothers was weird. We can very clearly make out that they are so different from each other. Maan so seriousEmbarrassedEmbarrassed and Dev the RomeoAngryAngry. But Dev's constant teasing does somewhere bother Maan in the sense that he keeps wondering if it is true and is he truly falling for his secretary?ConfusedConfused How clichd. But when it is a question of Maan and Geet even the clichd is amazing.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

So tomorrow the comedy or rather the tragedy of errors for GeetOuch and Maan sir getting super hotAngryAngry(in an angry way of course) before he gets a different hot.Blushing

OK  I have a confession to make. I could not wait and already have seen the dance sequence today too like I have only about a zillion times before. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedI can't still come to term with the fact that how one simple dance can leave me mushy how many ever times I watch.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Waiting to see it over again.Embarrassed

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Ohh Gosh Kurbaan Hua is coming up soon and the build-up before the epic dance was just so interesting and dreamyyy EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
I loved the whole dictation scene of Maaneet here the way Geet was completely controlling Maan's speed of talking here when he was dictating her all the stuffs that r needed for a Delhi Party LOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ;Noone can control the Grt MSK whether he is talking or shouting or doing anything and if anyone dares to control him ,rest assured that person is almost dead WinkLOL but but but Geet is the only person who had that control on MSK where even if she repeatedly asks him to go slow or not very slow or even does "chi chi" for cocktails LOL ,the grt MSK still cannot shout at her WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ;Everytime MSK got irritated over Geet's rant ,he stops herself from shouting at her just after seeing that innocence and dedication on her face when she was noting everything down EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ;
In fact MSK cannot even see Geet in tears EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...awww finally once again the handkerchief makes its presense felt when MSK gives it to her and asks her to wipe off her tears and decides to help her out EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...This was a complete new side of MSK which Sasha and all saw and so well no wonder Sasha was almost mad at Geet and also determined to humiliate her Ouch...But noone could stop MSK from falling in love with Geet this time ..not even MSK himself EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
Dev planning surprise for his wife in that same hotel was quite a suspense during that time ,but well we know its going to b another hit and miss fiasco ,so no tension now LOLLOL...
Cant wait to see the epic Kurbaan hua dance now ...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Giddy with anticipation! Big smile

Today's episode was again a build up to the epic that we know is coming. To be honest with you all, I didn't know if we would get this far on this thread but we have come to the first Maaneet love story milestone and it only gets better from here!

Geet-Adi-Pinky scenes are always a treat. I love their light hearted friendship and their mutual fear of Maan. LOL And Adi and Pinky trying to help Geet be happy about getting such a huge responsibility, with Geet fretting about how she is going to pull this off when she is completely clueless. Confused

The conversation that Maan and Geet have when he is helping her with the party is one of my absolute favourite lighter moments of the show. I especially love the parts when Maan is wondering what on earth he did to make Geet cry. I guess it shows that he has been making an effort not to be mean to her which is why it startles him when she is upset. And then he is so sweet and gentle and in mentor-mode. I love mentor Maan and apparently so does Geet! Wink He genuinely wants Geet to succeed and puts all his effort in that direction.

But my favourite is when Geet turns around to ask a third question and finds her boss staring at her, waiting for her to leave and she tells him to have a nice day. LOL His smile after she leaves is so sweet and indulgent of this whirlwind girl who can play havoc with his heart and mind. It was also a point to note that they showed him almost going to wipe her tears but stopping himself. But he will wipe her tears later this evening...good loop opening and closure by the CVs there.

Geet is so cute getting ready for the party. But even when she is so absorbed in her new life, memories keep haunting her. Ouch

And Sasha is such a BCensoredh!!! She clearly cares naught for the company in which Maan has given her a job mainly out of loyalty to his old munshi and is ready to make the company look bad just to humiliate Geet? This is why Maan could never be hers in a million years and why he is so attracted to Geet. Even when the world is out to prove her wrong in his eyes., she radiates truth and integrity.

Seeing Maan in that suit made me swoon. He looks SO good, with his top buttons open and his easy swagger. Tomorrow that hollow of his neck is going to get all sweaty when he is dancing with Geet. Blushing That drives me crazy every time! 

PRECAP!! EEE!!! BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing

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@Samana Missed your analysis for yesterday's episode. And I completely agree with you Maan in that black shirt with his top buttons open and that white jacket was just a treat for our eyes. But sometimes he just looks so painfully young is certain ways. I felt that a lot today when I saw Maan and Dev next to each other. Not in his demeanour of course but just that fresh striking look of his I guess escpecially in casuals.

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 Adi is scared of going to ask maan for geet about how to arrange a party.adi and pinky disappearing the minute they see maan is funny.LOL


 Maan ask geet to arrange for a party & geet agrees first but then she is worried how party is arranged in their city bcz in Hp it was different.Maan tells geet off, tell her to go but when he realises that she is crying he stops her. Smile Seeing sasha i knew she will really do something big with which he will get angry.

Maan asks her why is she crying and today he has not told her off too.  lagta hai maan daily dosage for geet is to tell her off everyday.LOLLOLLOL Love how maan goes to lift geet's chin but he stops himself. Embarrassed


So sweet he gives her his hanky so she can wipe the tears. I love geet's innocent and honesty when she tells maan that she does not know what to do to arrange a party and she got nervous and that is why she cried. ClapClapHug

Love how maan understands that and tells her how to organise this party.  when maan said drinks geet said chi chi babaji.LOL  but when maan gave a geet she happily wrote down drinks. LOLLOL Thai,chineese food.

Love how maan watches geet but the minute she looks up he turns away.  geet asking maan about what flowers he wants is funny.LOLLOLLOL

I love how maan smiles after geet goes.Day Dreaming Only geet can make maan's heart and soul smile. Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming  Filler episode but again we can see his inner feelings coming out itself when he stares at her during dictation & smile when she leaves the room. All the old episode totally 15 to 16 min maaneet screen presence yummy to watch.

 Devil trying to impress his evil wifey Nt with a surprise in the same hotel. Geet making arrangements for the party with the help of adi but sasha is one jealous creature who want geet to fail in all her trials to make the party perfect so she calls back adi .Both maan & geet entering the venues in oppposite directions maan looked sexydreamy with white & black stylish .THey both meet & devil says he has come for his wife & maan tell him about the party. Actually i like the convo of these two where he see  dev & ask him suspeciously what is he doing here,He says he 's doing nothing as he is thinking,This shows he is always does  something wrong may be a casanova type But I liked the way maan shies of to this answer,Dev idiot says he has his wife but maan is having nobody except his wife &ask him to marry somebody But maan 's destiny is geet yup he was right there is his secretary who looks after his work.LOL Oh no the super innocent stare of maan is expected in the next episode


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Day DreamingBlushingEPISODE 59BlushingDay Dreaming

Written Update (md410)

Part 1:  Baanho Main Teri Masti ke Ghere phir insult.


MK (do I need to tell looking hot??? of course not) walks in the crystal Hall. Geet doing arrangements ( pakka ab yeh gayaEmbarrassed) , MK sees, he stops, mesmerized looking at her getting stuff done. Mahi in BG.( wonderful face expression and good  picturisation). Geet is standing on the ladder, unaware that he is watching ( in fact GHOOR raha hai badi badi aankho se, and I am goring him choti choti aankho se), she is about to fall and apun ka nave romeo ( MK) catches her, she is scared, closes eyes, rests her head on his shoulder, almost a hug when she gets back to her sense she sees him, after routine check up ( staring) she tells him she is okay. LOLLOLLOLMUST WATCH

Now it's MK's turn to get back to Dharti maata from dream maata. He suddenly realizes that hall is not ready for party. ( hahah pahleladki ko ghoorlu kaam baad mainLOL) He questions her, she replies that she was not aware of time change. He goes did not saasha tell you, saasha who just arrived says yes she did. ( OMG saasha you are worse wamp than BINDU) Geet tries to take stand, but MK toh MK hi hai ( anger and geet ki aankhe ismain he forgets all) does not believe her and says she knew but then also arrangements not done. Geet says give me sometime, he retorts back what???give you time and what he should ask to client that wait downstairs as we are not ready ( no send them royal suit, they can watch romance of detaara and save us). Saasha says Miss Hoshiyaarpur can do this only ( let's see what miss distorted Delhi can do) she  asks 10 mnts to get all done, as she learned from him how to work in crisis. He agrees, geet again takes a stand that she is telling truth, MK does not care and insults her ( OMG you will be so sorry on Monday for doing this to her) says he made a mistake  by trusting her, client will be again unhappy seeing we are not prepare, I'll loose my rapo in a second. Saasha happy hearing all, geet is visibly upset, He goes on to say that he can forgive mistake but can not stand a lie ( would you fire saasha Mr MK after knowing the truth??? You do not even have a brain to know what is lie)

Geet again tries to tell that she is telling truth but he shuts her up saying she is trying to cover her mistake, not only that she her self is not even ready ( OMG I wonder how is he going to redeem??? Itna kosega na is pal ko later). Geet tells she will get dressed once all done, but nahi gussa express( MK) does not stop, yells back at her that how can she take it so casually, the deal is millions of dollars, he made mistake trusting her, as he thought she has changed and not the selfish gal from Hoshiyaar pur ( oye tu aur tera who lafanga bhai selfish hai. you went to get her property. geet I tell you now show him his place, maana hotty hai par aisi insult). He storms off.( accha hua gaya)


Bindu (Saasha) gets chance to insult geet more, she goes see what you capable of, you were trying to get my place?? Geet says she is right this time but saasha just keep bashing her. Geet walks off . saasha says you watch what happen in party (nana after party, MK latoo on geet)

Geet starts talking to her self that if some how she can make believe maan that she is not at fault ( karega karega bharosa, when client will praise you, tab jalega aur maanega what he did wrong) ,why every time she is the one who gets blame for mistake. No one told her time has changed.


Nayantaraa arrives wonders it's only 7.15 ( haila 10 mnts before maan says it's 7.30 so by now should not it be 7.40???? or different hall in the hotel are in different time zoneOuch). Geet nayantaara missed each other. (we knew that did not weApprove).

Geet wonders where is pinky, she is scared that if she is not in time MK will be angry again ( what again he is already angry). Bindu ki pooch taasha comes with packet gives it to geet, saying waiter was looking for her, Mk sends this. She wonders why would MK send dress to her( valid point. Briny gal) taashaa says coz he thinks who knows you may show up like this. (kammene logo ke pass excuse ki kami thodi hoti hai. whole sale main hote hai.), she in attitude tells it's up to you I was forced by waiter to give you ( hahah ek waiter bhi bossing kar leta hai tere pe) Geet thinks what does maan think about her she will come like this. She is shocked to see dress. ( nanna tu dekh kaise jalwa hoga)


Part 2: Dil Na Jalaaoo Pass toh Aaao


Sashha doing decoration, MK now in geet's absence remembering his interaction with her (yeh sahi hai pahle daanta hai phir saare time khud FB main) saasha watches( does not know ki he is in geet ke khayaalo main, she just watches handsome maan so as I) walks to him asks if he likes it or not ( meri maa do not disturb yaar) he says yes, she flirts with him saying she knows his taste ( kaash yeh sach hota. you know nothing beta), adi brings clients, Mr Chopra introduces his team, mr Rahul as CEO ( hahha MK aaya geet ka deevaana),who instant looking at saasha than shaking hand to MK ( both notices that, accha hai tu rakh le bindu ko, aafat jitni jaldi jaaye good0), Mr Bose his PRO and a gal ( why there is always gal in team) and 

Here comes the shocker of the day when God father asks for daughter aka where is geet??StarHe explains to rahul how brilliant geet is and how she is just secretary, but credit for project belongs to her. ( wonderful. Me loving this, MK dekha) Rahul says where is she we need to meet her ( Aaya majaa I want to see jalaa hua coal mK). MK  disjointedly says she must be coming soon ( hahha do not you know Princess enters at the end) he asks saasha about geet, she shows off that how would she know as she was busy decorating

Satyanaash I have to watch Devtaara's sada hua romance. Nayantaara walks in dev does faltu shaayri. Shows her tattoo on his chest ( ARjuhi in KMH ka disoriented distorted version actually no comparision)

Mr Chopra says to Mk we met all now we want to meet geet. ( hmm so TC article is right dance will be tom and sorry Monday)MK like devoted hubby tells him yeah yeah she is getting ready will be here any minute. Just kidding ROFLhe tells she will be here soon and White Princess Geet enters. OMH for MK the earth stops revolving seeing her. HE IS GONE. Mesmerizeingly looking at her beauty. Saasha makes fun saying that this saree suits for wedding ceremony at hoshiyaarpur . ( yeah what you know about purity of white or importance of sareeAngry). She turns to look at MK thinking he will be angry but is shocked seeing him all lost ( this is called boomrang saasha).  Geet enters all are AWWW ( me glued to monitor) and 22 mnts done aka Screen Freezes on good looking geet's face.


Precap: dance sequence with new lyrics of kurbaan ( yaar yeh kyo tarsa tarsa ke last 3 days CV showing dance clips in installments. What a TRP game)

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I love how maan watches geet making sure all the decorations are done right. EmbarrassedDay Dreaming He is looking at geet so lovingly.Day DreamingDay Dreaming


His expressions are so amazing. Day DreamingDay DreamingMSK is in love and love the smile that he has on his  face when he watches geet. Day DreamingDay DreamingMaan remembers the times geet fell into his arms. Day Dreaming


I love the way geet lands in maan's arms. Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingMaan saving geet signifies that he will always be there to save and protect her. The way maan looks at geet when she is in his arms is so dreamy. Day DreamingDay DreamingMaan was so lost in geet and did not realise until geet called out sir. LOL


Sasha messed up the party time and maan got angry on geet. Hate sasha for what she did to geet. Angry


The way maan looks at geet's entry is like he has found his love.Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming I hated the way rahul looked at geet. AngryAngry wish the chandelier had fallen on his head.Angry


Geet looked so beautiful and out of this world in a white saree.Day Dreaming



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AnjuMaanManiac 1201 163174 03 June 2011 at 12:52am by sun-naaaaaaaaa
MAAN MANIACS THREAD#3 - Link to next thread p.170

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AnjuMaanManiac 1336 206849 02 June 2011 at 9:08pm by AnjuMaanManiac
new enry in geet link-IF ARTICLE n link on STARONE

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vinsh 1 1595 07 September 2010 at 7:20am by Tomiko
Brij Appreciation Thread-Link To New Thread pg130

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sallu_lover 1172 64495 19 July 2010 at 5:06am by sallu_lover

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