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OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 133)

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@Samana,Penu,richa-Thanks for an analysis ,best one-liners and the cherishable pics respectively on prev pg that take me back with a whoosh *in flighty mode*

Honestly the butterflies this epi gave me with the amount of transitions is something I'm still to experience - really Geet's utter sincerity to perform well against all odds -despite the fear of Maan's wrath.

Looking back-I think the reason Geet brought that extra cutting-edge performance was not only to take the baby's responsibility or carve a niche in the big city with her professionalism -but to prove that Maan's so-called underestimation of her principles were wrong.

No wonder she contradicted the phobia,annoyance she had with her arrogant,rigid boss -by still upholding her stance with a strong voice.

But then again Mr Boss contradicted his "rules" by softening to her & accepting her opinions involuntarily (I lub those boss-secy days) Embarrassed

Haila -that particular convo when Adi-Pinky "vanished" with MSK's arrival was hilarious-I still remember it in as much detail.

Geet's under-rated naive nature as newly appointed secy was performed with a poise by DD like no one else-GC too flowed smoothly with half miffed and half amused boss ...

The coffee mug -tussle was funny,yet held a hidden meaning with the liquid splashing on Dev's photo-that too on papers that signified his intrusion in Geet's life...

The fact that the past she wanted to confront laid as a shadow besides her & that to in a place she started a new beginning was scary 'n' ironical.

@Samana- Yup world was always on extremes for Maan whereas Geet walked the middle path of b/ light 'n' dark - probably signifying that she admitted being struck down & being vulnerable but was ready to overcome it.

Whereas Maan though persevering -was somehow stuck in his prejudices -though I can't ever blame him for that.

PS-Word "binary" is temporarily forbidden -coz then all those chapters regarding binary codes,microprocessors,ASCII etc etc keep zooming inside my head 'n' suddenly I get in my "study" mode which I want to unburden myself for a whileLOLLOLLOL 


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Originally posted by Samanalyse

Ah! How I love working-girl Geet Day Dreaming and how I pined for her after marriage, only to catch the briefest of glimpses when MP1 was kind enough to bestow us with them. Cry

Agreed -those days were unbearable-we hung around like hungry wolves in vigil for a glimpse of a working Geet -but never were these scenes given the credence I hoped for.

And when they were given some screen-space -Nondoe and Preeto spoiled it with their nonsensical "hubby-fights"Angry

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 Lily I liked Ur cofee symbolism dear,
@ Regarding BInary codes, Microprocessors & microcontrollers, I agree this is march Exams may be spinning Ur head & u want relax but they won't let u.LOL

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Written Update (prettyfulwishes)

Recap: Geet holds Dev's visa papers but Savitri says she'll take them, and she'll deal with them; a potential client complains at the non-attention Maan has given his presentation and Sasha says that perhaps Geet photocopied the wrong file; Geet saves the day by explaining why the prints weren't made, but Maan tells her off and says she's only a secretary...

The episode starts with Maan storming into his office. He is thinking of the client's words about the presentation, and how the client asked if they couldn't complete a presentation, how would they be able to take on a big project? In his fustration, Maan slams open a file, and thinks on what he said to Geet after the presentation - that for the first time someone other than Maan spoke in a loud voice, and too because of her.
Maan looks down and notices the open file is the one of his readymade blueprints. He flicks through it, and wonders why the file is still here - what file did he give to Geet? A flashback is shown of Maan on the phone to Savitri, and in his focus on the conversation, he hands Geet the wrong file. He grimaces, and realises that he gave the wrong file to Geet, which means a mistake...
He walks to his chair, and sees an unmarked envelope. He opens it to find a letter from Geet stating that she's really sorry, and that she didn't know how sick his Dadi was. He thinks of how she tried to tell him that she just photocopied the file he gave her. He then mutters that for the first time, he's made a mistake.. a very big mistake. Well, if he's made the mistake, he'll rectify it. For the first time, Maan Singh Khurana is going to ask for forgiveness.

In Geet's office, she sobs and complains about Maan - what wrong did she do by finishing the presentation? Maan just doesn't understand her and she knows why - she doesn't wear nice clothes like Sasha and Tasha. (Huh? Geet darling, you look better then them anyday) She drinks water to calm herself down, and then holds her stomach as the baby must have kicked. She talks to the baby and apologises for getting so angry, but the baby doesn't need to worry, Geet is going to face every obstacle. (Cute scene of Geet)
Just then Maan walks into her office, and clears his throat. Geet stands up, and Maan is unsure of what to say, and Geet is curious as to why he isn't saying anything. Simultaneously they decide to talk, and then Geet tells Maan that whatever happened in the conference room wasn't her fault.
Maan asks Geet if he can talk now, when Pinky walks in with an apple in her hand. She asks Geet something (she talked so fast, I got confused) and mentions 'Dhak, dhak'. Maan looks up hearing that. Pinky tells Geet they should go, when Geet beckons towards Maan, and Pinky realises it's the boss. She starts stuttering, and Maan silences her with a look.
Geet asks Maan if he had any work for her, and Maan says that he wanted to tell her... that he wanted to say so... He stops, and says he had nothing to say to her. He'll talk to her tomorrow. He puts whatever was in his hand down, and takes his file back. He walks out and tells people off, and Geet & Pinky peek out, when Maan turns and they both busy themselves. (hilarious scene, I'm definitely watching it again)
Geet and Pinky giggle, before Geet calls him "khadoos" and says that he'll tell her off tomorrow, because he forgot to today. She picks up her bag ready to go, then softens and asks Pinky if she could use her computer. Pinky agrees, but asks why. Geet doesn't answer.

In the Khurana mansion (brace yourself ladies...) Maan is shirtless and warming up. 'Maahi' plays as he thinks of Geet's words. He thinks of his mistake, and thinks he'll rectify it. He thinks of his moments with Geet - in the office with the papers flying around; in the car when Geet bumps into him; Geet untangling the phone cord off Maan; Maan holding Geet's wrists. He wonders why Geet always torments him.
Geet is shown at Pinky's house, Googling 'Dev Khurana' and is amazed at the results. She asks God to help her.
Maan is fighting away, and thinks that he has to ask Geet for forgiveness.

The next day, Maan stops in front of Geet's office, and calls out her name. Geet freaks, and immediately stands up. Maan tells her to come into his office for she has to take dictation. She wonders why he's doing it so early.
In his office, Maan is mentioning how he hasn't ever said the word 'sorry' in his lifetime. He practices saying "I'm sorry". (Quite funny, especially when he smiles and says it. Does not suit him at all) Geet asks to come in, and Maan straightens up. He says yes, and as she walks towards him, he drops some files on the floor. They both crouch down to pick them up, and their hands both reach for the same one. Intense eyelock between ManEet before they both get up and bump their heads against each other.
He starts telling her off before turning and telling himself to calm down. Instead of him saying sorry, Geet apologises, and Maan mentions for her to sit down. They both sit, and Maan turns his chair around and thinks that he'll dictate first, because sorry isn't happening right now.
Geet calls sir, and Maan starts his dictation to Mr.Chopra. As he's talking, he looks at her, but when she looks up, he looks away. He ends the dictation by saying "I'm sorry" and Geet looks up confused. She asks him if that was all.
Maan thinks to himself that he's trying to say sorry, and she's brushed it aside? Geet says she'll be leaving, and Maan inwardly fumes. She leaves, and Maan starts complaining - he's trying to say sorry but she's acting as if nothing happened. What does she think of herself?

In the Khurana mansion, Savitri is telling Naintara that the difference b/w Maan and Dev is that when Maan is faced with a difficulty, he immediately looks for a solution; and when Dev is faced with a difficulty, he searches for the easiest solution. All Savitri hopes is that in these two months, Dev hasn't done something else wrong.
Naintara is silently freaking out as Savitri talks - thinking back to Geet's pregnancy and her interrogation of Dev. Naintara goes to Savitri and says there's nothing like that anymore - in fact she wanted Dev back here with Savitri, because he never goes against her.
Savitri then asks if Naintara is coming with her to recieve Dev at the airport, and Naintara says no. She assures Savitri that they haven't fought, it's just that she wants Dev to come to her - she wants to know how important she is in Dev's life. Savitri says it's the right thing to do and leaves. Naintara fumes that Savitri's grandson has committed a grave sin with Naintara.

In the Khurana building, Geet is walking out of Maan's office with files in her hand when Sasha screams out her name. Geet freaks, and drops all the files. Sasha scolds Geet for not doing her job right, and Geet asks what happened. Sasha asks Geet why MK would say "I'm sorry" to a client, and(in her innocence) Geet says she was just as amazed, but then she thought that Maan said it, so she wrote it. Sasha continues blaming Geet, and Maan walks outside.
Geet then tells Maan that he told her to take dictation, and she did. He said "I'm sorry" and she even cross-checked it. Maan then realises that she took his I'm sorry for dictation, and wonders what to do with this crazy girl. He walks off into his office smiling.
Sasha follows him and asks why he's giving Geet special treatment, and now he's laughing about it. Maan tells Sasha to sit down, and for her not to worry - it's only a small matter.
Back outside, Geet fumes and thinks that she's definitely going to talk to Maan. She walks back into his office, and Sasha tells her that they're busy. Geet says she's sorry, but that she wants to talk to Maan in private. Maan thinks that she wants to let it all out today.
He sends Sasha out of the office and waits for Geet to say something. The episode ends on Geet's expectant face.

Precap: Guess who's walking into the Khurana building! He walks past Maan's office where Geet is standing mouth open in front of Maan...

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Geet episode 55:

So MSK got another namkaran today -  Dal Badlu.LOL I believe it is used mostly in the context of those who jump from one political party to another. I first could not get and then I replayed the scene where Geet says it, got an approximate and then actually googled it.Big smile Our Baary ji is def a master of words.Clap

One thing that has been always consistent about Maan and which I love is that he always does the right thing when he realizes it. So when he found out that he himself had given Geet the wrong file he decides to do something he's never done in his life – say a sorry.  Clap

Like Sia I too am not very fond of Geet putting her hand on her belly but her conversation with the baby was cute.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Of course like most office interactions between Geet and Maan what follows is so funny without being OTT.Big smile

Let me list the funny parts
  1.  Pinky barged in at the wrong time and called Maan Dhak Dhak.LOL
  2. Maan's expression on hearing it loud and  Pinky's expression when she sees Maan standing there.LOLLOL
  3. Both the office people and the way Pinky and Geet peek at Maan.LOL
  4. Maan's embarrassed expressions and the way he dashes off from there before he embarasses himself any more

GC was really very good during this time in bringing out multitude of emotions in such an effortless way.ClapThen Geet's line "Khadoos kahin ka. Daantney ki vajeh bhool gaye hongey.Ab kal aakey daanteyga". LOLOnly Geet(and Barry ji) can think of such hilarious lines.Thumbs Up

First time we get to see our sweaty NP Maan doing Tai Chi over Geet.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Those doley sholeys.Day Dreaming But I thought this time there was more contemplation than anger. GC is so good at this tai chi thing that it almost feels like it was a choreographed Dance and the way he walks away was just like you would after a performance.Clap The scenes that he recollects are of course the memorable ones.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I am surprised that even though Geet types in Dev Khurana she is not able to find a single reference which links Dev to Maan.Confused They are supposed to be big industrialists. His name would have showed up somewhere with Maan's.Confused Anyway that is search engines for you.Smile

Next day another hand touch, another slightly longer than necessary eyelock. But it is funny to see that Geet is the first one to break it and even after she does Maan continues to stare.Wink And that stare has so much intensity in it.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed That is one thing that has always been true about Maan and Geet. Their stares and touches are so much more passionate than when they supposedly did the deedOuch.

Maan if you give dictation and in the same tone say "I'm sorry" anyone would think it was part of the dictation no. And then he wonders why she took it so lightly.Shocked And even though Geet thought it was part of the dictation she was surprised to hear that the great MSK was actually saying sorry. Wink

Then of course Sasha brings it up and then the expression on Maan's face when he realizes what Geet had done has so much of apnapan and he is not able to wipe that smile off his face.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed He looks so good with that half smile on his face.Day Dreaming It is not just that he finds her funny. It is almost a smile that shows his fondness for her and her antics. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Now we know why Sasha is so worked up. Maan is not Maan anymore when he is around Geet and that bugs Sasha to no end.Big smileNothing stops Geet in her Sherni mode.Cool Of course she had a good teacher who taught her not to bear any kind of injustice but to oppose it.Wink So she just barges in to the boss's room.Shocked The expression on Sasha's face when Maan instead of asking Geet to leave sends her away was again priceless.Big smile

I really like this Dadi.Big smile She has got real class in the way she talks and behaves. And you are spot on wrt Dev Dadima. He definitely has a very crooked brain compared to Maan's straight one.Angry NT does know how to say the right things and it was also nice to see Dadima actually ok with her explanation.Smile

So next week Dadima finds out the right match for our Khadoos Khurana.Big smile 





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 Maan is upset that how could she do like that giving incomplete presentation papers without proper design & bcz of her he lost his cool & yelled on them & they pointed fingers on him saying how can they approve such a big project without complete presention papers. He was very frustrated though geet was able to manage the whole mess but while flipping files he sees the original file kept in front of him  Finally maan realises that it was his fault and not geet's. Maan reads geet's sorry note and feels bad for the way he treated her.  Geet thinks that maan does not like her because she does not wear clothes like sasha.Cry Geet does not know that maan likes her but just does not understand it.Embarrassed he don't want to think about that but suddenly many times those feelings are out by themselves but he get over it suddenly.

Love how geet talks to the baby and that for him she is ready to face any trouble.  Script writters have always attracted me for that cute & reserved talk  for her baby & that really proved hoe determined was she.   Maan wants to say sorry  but is not getting the chance. He goes inside her cabin & clears his throat but hoshiarpur express start again saying whatever happened in the conference room isn't her mistake. pinky comes in and says dhak dhakLOLLOLand the expression on maan's face looks like he would strangle her for disturbing him.ROFL Geet asks whether he has some work with her but he backs off saying he will talk to her tomorrow. Geet is surprised & the way they both peeps him is hillarious.geet says khadoosLOL She still want to find out dev so ask pinky whether she can use her computer,but pinky asks why she keeps silence.

This is the first time we see maan doing tai chi shirtless. Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingMe in dreamland. Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingMaan remembers what geet said to him and how she fell into his arms. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedHe cannot stop thinking about geet that is because they are meant to be together. Day DreamingDay Dreaming

It's a first time for MSK to say sorry. Aww so sweet to see him practicing how to say sorry to geet. LOLLOL So funny when he try to tell her with smile in front of the mirror.She suddenly bumps inn for dictation . I love the minute their hands touch, maan feels something in his heart. Embarrassed they bang their heads together and he shouts at her. LOLLOLI think that is his way of saying that he likes her. LOLLOLLOLMSK has a unique way of expressing his feelings.LOLLOLLOL

Aww maan says sorry to geet in the dictation he gives her and she thinks it is part of the dictation. LOLLOLLOL thought that geet is being rude and did not accept his apology. Geet is so cute. maan calls her paagal.LOLLOLLOL

Geet did not understand that maan said sorry to her and not for the letter.Embarrassed She gives that letter to send it & sasha finds that sorry strange & asks geet but geet is confident that MSK did say sorry.Hearing all this discussion MSK is out & supports sasha  How dare sasha call geet low efficiency machine. AngryAngryAngryLove how maan smirked, see geet is making him smile and be happy. Wink Loved the way geet calls him dal badlu.LOL


Geet gets special treatment because she is MSK's heart and soul.  Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreamingwhen maan said that geet abh sunaakar hi rahegi was funny. LOL Fun filled Episodes. The action & reaction dialogues expression & body language of MG  were superbb


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nice analysis ,there were many new names for Geet & Maan ---dal badlu ,low efficiency machine ..
Maan looked funny while he was rehearsing to say soryLOL.
 When Maan said 'ab yeh rukhnewali nahi hai 'was so cute .
loved the way Geet consoles herself & have water & talk to her baby .Smile

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Wow...Tongue Maan doing HU-ha.. along with self-talk.., that too only about Geet...Embarrassed
Hmm... soo Maan decided to say Sorry for the first time...Shocked bcos its first time he is did galathy..ShockedLOL
Next day.. DD looked like candy in that Orange suit...Big smile
Maan just melts with a single touch by Geet on his hand... when Maaneet went down to pick that file.. Embarrassed

I just loved the way Maan said.. "Isne mere Sorry ko dictation samachliya..Shocked Kyaa karu mei is pagal ladki ka..Confused". and that smile...Embarrassed

And the way he said... "Lagtha hey ab yeh rukhne waali nahi.. ab sunakar hi rahegi..LOL"
Sasha's expression was mindblowing when Maan asked her to study the project file whether its correct or not...LOL

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