Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 131)

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Geet actually want to say sorry so prepares coffee. cruel shasha misleads her while adding suger,she knows MSK takes only one cube suger. maan spits out the coffeeLOL. It was so cute when geet goes to smell the cup to check that it is coffeeWink. Geet spills coffee on maan and love how she goes to clean his shirt. The minute she did that maan stops her, he feels something for geet but wants to keep his distance.  For the first time in the  show OF GHSP MAHI ANTHEM STARTSDay Dreaming Day DreamingDay DreamingkUTCH KUTCH HOTA HAI MAAN KOLOL


He is developing feelings for geet and that is why he tells to leave the room.  Geet telling dadi that he has never seen maan in a good mood. LOLOh god geet sambal jaTongue Geet doing maan's khichai in front of dadi.LOLI liked the way dadi rubbs of sasha saying Y are U overactingROFL Bysaying namaste which don't suit her styleROFLI think dadi knows her attitude well.

This is the first time geet  Discovers what DD meant called maan dusht danav Day Dreamingand when she tells dadi that this name suits him more than dhak dhak, I was hysterical.LOL  Oh god adi gives his  shirt,  adi is thankful that the coffee was spilt on maan's shirt and not his trousers, warna adi ki to ROFLMann looked extra yummy in that white shirt.Day Dreaming Maan throws attitude on dadi too.Geet ask her to wait.

 adi in his baniyaan with the tie minus shirt is too funny.ROFLROFLROFL Geet has the canada file with devils picture. Cliff hanger again. I thought she would see that & know about him.Awesome episode. Good execution.

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Coffee scen was awesome... with the Mahii...Embarrassed
Geet expression and Maan's questions were soo funny...Big smile
that "chai jais.." and "5 cubes bass..."ROFL

Geet-Dadi scene was very nice..Smile the way Dadi was enjoying Geet's buk-buk..Wink
Loved the way Maan's name  came as Dusht-Danav... so Dadi tooo have hands in giving this name to Maan...Big smile 
and the way Geet says.. "maj Meri naukiri gayi..." and the very moment Maan comes and says.."Geet thu aaj gayi.."LOL

Adi looked soo funny in that baniyan with tie... and the way he says "Its Ok..."LOL
BTW Maan/GC looked sooo Dashing in that White shirt...Embarrassed

ALL security is looking for Vicky..Shocked Arey koun si vicky..Angry

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This episode was an absolute laugh riot! LOL

Just when you think you cannot love Geet anymore she comes with new impossibly endearing antics and words. It actually reminded me of the talli scene later on when Geet says Maan named her "chalta firta disaster" but it was actually Sasha! Shocked Now I wonder who actually had ML. LOL

The coffee scene was amazing, of course and I love the line "kyun? chai jaisi lag rahi hain?" Oh Geet don' act too smart when you have just followed Sasha's advice! Confused And of course the first instance of our national anthem, Maaahiii! Big smile It felt good to hear it and it was like I was truly hearing it for the first time. I loved the way Geet basically tried to forcefully take Maan's clothes off and he held her hands, all so impulsively and instinctively. Already these two have a comfort zone as though they have known each other forever and although Maan is frustrated I feel like there is a part of him that is enjoying trying to put some sort of harness on this whirlwind of a girl. Like he says much later, nobody knows what is going to happen in her life in the next moment and he already likes it!

I don't know what bothered Sasha more, the fact that Geet wouldn't listen to her, or the fact that Tasha listened to Geet!

Again, Geet's conversation with Dadi was hilarious! I think Dadi enjoyed the fact that there was someone in the office who didn't quake at the mention of Maan and could freely express what she thought of him. She also enjoyed her incognito status as just another visitor to the office. Of course Geet's unassuming honesty would have won anyone over but I think Dadi also sees someone in her, who understands Maan better than probably anyone she has seen in the office and is willing to call him out on it. And in that one conversation, Dadi finds out more about Maan in the office than she probably ever knew before! This opens a loop for Geet to heal Dadi and Maan's relationship, which is closed when she forces him to move to the main house when Dadi gives her the outhouse.

In the last scene, other than the fact that Maan looks HAWT in that full-arm shirt, it became clear that he is a very stubborn man who takes things to heart and does not let them go. He clearly cares for his Dadi very much, but to a large extent disregards her melodrama. But I like how Suhasiniji played dadi as somewhat calculative. That aristocratic edge was gone with Anjuji who played Dadi as much "cooler" and more youthful.

AAHH! Dev's inferiority complex was so juicy! WHY oh WHY did they abandon it? Cry

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I m little late..

Coffee scene was to of my fav Maan-Geet's scene...GC's expr..are
I guess..only the fact that Geet was a female..that saved her..(and also she was not Adi..LOL) otherwise..Maan's expr actually indicated that MSK would have seriously punched right in the face..for doing that..LOL

Geet actually went ahead and tried to strip Maan..ShockedLOLeven Maan got scared and had to physically stop her..LOL

First intro of evergreen MAHI... though I was not much fond of it..never thought I would miss it..Confused

Ok..that dupatta didn't cover anything...that Maan had to avert his eyes..if it was a TENT one..I can understand..but this...Confusedeven funnier..was in the next scene..her dupatta was still off her what was the use..????Confused

Geet's back answer to Sasha was good.. whatever it is btwn her and Maan..and nobody else has the right to interfere in btwn...Embarrassed (its similar to what Maan said later on in Rasika track..)

Dadi meeting her future..Bahu..and already impressed by her..LOL

The sleeves of GC's shirt has always been a problem..either they are too tight..too short..or too long...I didn't like GC in full sleeves..he looks much better of in 3/4ths.. Smile

Did I hear..Punishment and Dev in the same sentence..??? Confused NT will do that..and how???Confused

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Oh what a super entertaining episode where a "Chalti Phirti Disaster" , a "Dusht Danav"  and Mahii Anthem was born  StarStarStarStarStar...
The whole coffee scene was so well executed from the dialogues to the scene when Maan holds her hand and Mahi anthem is played for the first time Embarrassed to the scene where Geet fixes her pallu back and Maan looks elsewhere WinkEmbarrassed ..I always wondered what difference did it make if Geet ka pallu came down or if its around her neck because everything down under toh was the same Wink LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLTongue..But I guess the scene was just to indicate that both r sort of drawing close to each other in the hit of the moment and needs to keep a safe distance WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..Dialogues by Barry was the best part of this scene especially the dialogue of Maan asking only this much sugar and then Geet asking is it tasting like tea LOLLOLLOL...this was the best part of Maaneet's office track chemistry was just not about Mahiis or eyelocks but these cute funny nok-jhoks between them what made it all spicy and interesting EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Dadi and Geet's first interaction too was really cute and funny the way both Dadi and Geet joins in Maan bashing mission LOLLOLLOLLOL...Both were simply enjoying dissing the grt MSK LOLEmbarrassed ;I guess one reason why since day 1 Dadi wanted Geet as her bahu was because she was the first girl who had the courage to actually diss the grt MSK without any fears WinkBig smile ;Dadi was impressed with the fact that Geet was so honest about her views  on MSK despite he being the boss and so hot looking WinkTongue ...Everyone from Sasha to Tasha believed in buttering MSK and Dadi but Geet was an exception here EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..
Poor Adi ,his shirt too went for a toss thanks to Geet's coffee fiasco LOLLOL ;I really loved the Adi-Geet interactions ..their friendship was so nicely developed in these office episodes ClapClapClapClap..
So finally MSK decides to forgive Dev and let him come to India Ouch ..Well little did he knew about what all Dev and NT did with Geet Angry..I remember in this episode ,I was praying hard for Dev not to arrive so soon and spoil the Maaneet moments LOLEmbarrassed...
Overall a very good entertaining and well executed episode ClapClapClapClap

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Written Update (dancingdoll)


1. Geet thinks to herself that its important to apologize to Maan this time...She decides to write a note to him...(That's better...Face-to-Face to she gives more reasons to apologize...but who am I to complain...That way I get loads of Maan to watch...LOL)...She goes to her office, keeps Dev's file on the edge of her table and starts writing a note to Maan...(now, Can I consider this as her first Love letter to Maan...*scratechs her brain* D'oh...)...In her first draft, she starts with "Mein Geet Aap Maan"...(Now, did I get this right?? Did she really write that??? ROFL...As if she is giving him, his intro - Aap Maan...Ok??? ROFLROFLROFL)...Anyways, she realizes soon, that "woh paagal ho gayi hai..and crumbles and throws her first draft...She then goes on to make numerous drafts and throw them all...She finally gets some flashy idea and writes the note...
2. Maan tells Dadi that its not necessary that he responds to all her Questions and he asks her if there is anythign else she wants to talk about...(...oye mere sher...way to go...ClapClap...*touches Maan's biceps*...Sher puttar hai Punjab ka...Dole shole to dekho...LOLLOLLOL)...Dadi tells him that what she has started, she would finish that and then leave...(Humari Dadi bhi kum dheeth nahi hai...Kum nahi hai...*tries seeing Dadi's dole shole too but fails* LOLLOL)...She advises Maan to forget past and come back home...Maan gets angry and tells her that he doesnt like saying NO to her always...He calls Geet and tells her to come to the cabin for dictation. Dev's file falls down and the first page with Dev's snap opens up, when Geet picks the phone and while talking to Maan, Geet picks the file in such a way that she does not see the first open page...(Yeh to hona hi tha...She will miss all sweet opportunities only to see him face to face...but I too want tht, first rendezvous, and karara slap to banta hai...*rubs her hand with anticipation*...LOLLOLLOL)...Geet asks Maan whether he wants her to come now and Maan at his sarcastic best, tells her, "Nahi, Kal"...and my little innocent Geet (with her motto - Boss is always right...LOLLOL), agrees to come tomorrow and asks Maan, the time when he wants her to come tomorrow...ROFL...Maan gets frustrated and tells her to come NOW...(Arre, Bechari ki kya galti hai...Communication Maan, Communication...Tongue...clear instruction...poor geet ...*pouts*)...Geet curses Maan as "Dusht Danav" but then realizes tht dictaion means her job is not in danger...She thanks Babaji and then Instructs herself to do dicatation quietly (Now, Is that ever possible??? ROFLROFL)...and keep the note that she has written quietly, hoping that Maan's anger would subside after reading the letter...She leaves her cabin.,,,
3. Geet enters the cabin and realizes that the atmosphere is tensed between Dadi and Maan...She tells Maan that she would come later on...Maan stops her and tells her that the dictation would be now...He tells Dadi that there talk is done and turns to Geet and tells her that Dadi was leaving now...Geets gets uneasy but Maan stop hers and tells her to come inside. Geet comes inside, then Maan instructs her to sit...Geet fumbles but sits down...(This was very weird even to watch with Maan and Dadi standing anf Geet the only one sitting and getting fidgety...ROFLROFLROFL) ...Geet gives Dev's file to Maan and tells him that these are his younger brother's  Visa papers. Dadi snatches it from Geet and tells Maan that she will handle this Visa issue. Maan tells her rudely, to do whatever she likes, but now he would wanna go back to work...Maan notices Geet staring at him with open mouth ROFLROFLROFL and retorts at her if she too has some problem with him...Geet closes her mouth and says No. He then tells her to call Sasha...Geets gets up to calls Sasha when Maan stops her again and tells her to use the phone to call Sasha, she need not go personally to call her...ROFLROFL...Geet accepts it and then stops again...(Ab kya Geet?? ROFLROFL The way Maan is instructing her what and how to do, I thik he should become her secretary or keep a secretary for Geet too...LOLLOL)...Maan realizes that Geet wants the phone, so, he pushes his phone towards her...Geet calls Sasha. Dadi thinks that Maan would have to listen to her one day, after all she is HIS DADI...(Dadi bhi humari khusti janti hai...ROFLROFL)...
4. Dadi meets Sasha outside Maan's cabin and Sasha does a bowed-head Namaste...Dadi retorts at Sasha that by doing this kinda Namaste, she has reminded her of her age...(Hayee...Dadi par jawaani aayi hai...Abhi to mein jawaan hoon...ROFLROFLROFL)...She would have prefered a Hello which would have suited Sasha's dress too...ROFLROFL...(Now, what is this about Sasha's dress?? This is the 4-5th comment I am hearing about her dress...Tongue)...The chamchi behind SASHA tries defending her ut Dadi leaves...
5. Maan is giving Geet dictation... - Khurana construction is launching a new venture in the market exclusively for the working class but it has all the facilities that is provided to a luxurious house...Every house would have 2 rooms, balconey in the bedroom, open space for parking (Kyun?? I need a Car Port...*whines like a kid*Embarrassed)...and then Maan starts thinking...but Geet, in her flow, starts continuing Maan's dictation - a lawn for the children to play and and a small kitchen garden...and then it happens...Maan starts staring at Geet and gets lost in her again...Geet looks up from her dictation and then woh bhi gayi kaam se...ROFLROFL...Maan breaks the session as usual with his classic shudder...(Haye...Geet hut...Mujhe beithna hai yahaan...*pulls Geet from her seat*...okie, Maan, start now...*stares at maan forvever* Day Dreaming)...Maan likes the idea of having a garden when Sasha comes in. She is surprised to see Geet still in office...Sasha gives the project file to Maan when he gets a call from Dadi...Dadi tells Maan that if he cannot come home then there is no need to get Vicky and Dev back...(Sacchi??? Big smileBig smile)...She tells Maan that her last wish was to get a group photo with her grandkids, before she dies...(Budhiya is all chaloo...Emotional blackmailing...ROFLROFLROFL...or jaa jaa ke, she wants a group photo?? tht can be done when Maan lives in the outhouse too...Kuch aur bahaana soch badhaoo...ROFLROFLROFL)...While talking Maan hands over the wrong file to Geet and Geet wonders what to do with the file. Maan tells her to create 10 copies of it. Dadi listenign to this thinks that Maan wants to make 10 copies of the group snap...ROFLROFLROFL...Maan starts getting frustrated with the misunderstanding, when he notices Geet still sitting...He asks Geet what is she waiting for and asks her to leave...Geet leaves...Dadi again presses on the 10 copies of the photo and wonders if that is to put garland on her snap...ROFLROFL and she thinks Maan wants her to leave now...ROFLROFL...Dadi drops the call and Maan gets full on frustrated ...He looks at Geet and thinks that this gal makes him commit mistakes 24*7...(Arre yeh to shoorwaat hai Maan...Aage Aage dekho hota hai kya...ROFLROFLROFL)...Sasha is happy to hear this and thinks that Geet might have got saved after the coffee episode but not she would sure shot get fired because she has the wrong file with her due to which Maan would loose the project and then Sasha would handle the situation and bid goodbye to Geet. She goes to the conference room and Maan decides toc hange his shirt and then reach the conference room...(OMG!! OMG!! He would be back with the short sleeves shirt, with his sleeves stopping just on his biceps giving a free view of it,...OMG!! OMG!! *Hyperventilates*...Paani!! Paani!! ROFLROFL)...
6. Geet is takling the copy of the wrong file when Dev calls in...He asks for Maan...Geet sees Maan moving (in his sexy shirt...Haye Day Dreaming...*hyperventilates again*...) towards the conference room...She tells Dev that Maan is busy and he could leave the message with her...Dev tells her that he is Maan's younger brother...He then starts flirting with her...(Besharam kahin ka...aakar to dekh yahaa...Punjabi ki sherni aisa jabda maregi, next time flirting to kya, phone karna bhool jayega...*hands on the waist*...SleepySleepy)...he asks her whether she was the one who picked the phone even yesterday...Geets says, then he compliments her on her voice...he tells her that he would be back in India in a weeks time and hopefully he would get a chance to meet her...(Dev, u r now off limits...Yeh Maan ki property hai...*puts a fence around Geet and sticks the board - Exclusively Maan's property* ROFLROFLROFL)...Oh!! He also tells her to "take care" and not stress much...(Stress ke bachche...teri to...*pulls her sleeve back*...)...Geet thinks that this guys voice is similar to Dev's voice
7. Maan tells Adi and Sasha that these clients are very important for them and hence there should be no mistake from their side...Geet comes in...Maan continues that this would take the Khurana company to new levels and hence no mistakes should be made...(Oh!! and yes, while saying all this, he totally check Geet out...Haye,...Day Dreaming...*pushes Geet again from there*...ROFLROFL)...Sasha tells Geet to keep the files in front of each seat. Geet does that and Maan goes to open the file when Sasha immediately stops him purposely and randomly asks him how much profit is he expecting from this deal...Maan retorts back that since when is she interested in mathematics...she should concentrate on her designs only...(Good One Maan...In sab ke saath, ek thapad bhi raseed kar deta...Din ban jaata humaara...chal, koi gal time////ROFLROFLROFL)...Maan tells Geet to leave but Adi stops her because Maan might need her if there is any dictation required in the meeting...Sasha and Adi go to get the clients and Maan and Geet are left alone in the room...and as expected, Maan again starts checking out Geet...(Full on checking chal rahi hai guys...OMG...*starts hyperventilating but this time with Palpitations*...ROFLROFLROFL)...and then gets lost again in her...geet looks at him and keeps staring at him AGAIN!! TongueTongueTongue...Maan then gives his famous OMG! shudder TongueTongue to come out of the lost state...ROFLROFLROFL and starts fixing his tie...(All bahaana!! Nautanki full on!! Kab tak bhagega Maan.?? ROFL)...Geet notices his uncomfy gestures and opens the windows...As soon as she does that, the papers start flying and Maan starts controlling them...Geet looks at him and realizes she has put one more mistake in her little kitty...ROFLROFLROFL...She immediately closes the windown in desperation and apologizes to Maan...She tells him that she will make coffee for all the clients...Maan hears coffee and gets all jittery..he immediately stops Geet and tells her not to even take the name - Coffee...ROFLROFLROFL...(Bechaara, kabhie life mein Coffee ko nahi chuegaa...ROFLROFL)...He tells her to stay here...(Haan Haan...Maan also wants constant greenery to the eyes...ROFLROFL)
7.Clients come in and Maan tells them that before he starts his presentation, he wants the clients to look at the file first and understand their designs...Sasha is pleased with herself and thinks that Geet is now sure shot off to Hoshiyarpur...The client open the file to find rough sketches and incomplete blueprints...They question Maan about it...Maan checks the file asks Geet where are the Project papers...Geet tells him that this is the same file that he had handed to him...Clients start getting agitated...Adi tries defending but clients get more agitated...They curse Maan when Sasha realizes that things are going out of control...She tells the clients that Geet has made a mistake and got the wrong file photostats...but this also doesnt work with clients and tells them that if they cannot even handle a presentation then how would they handle this project. Maan agrees with him and tells them that they dont deserve the project...(Ab to Geet ki khair nahi...Disapprove)...The clients start leaving...
8. Geet sees the clients leaving, stops them. She tells them that they cannot leave like this...Maan looks at her in surprise and anger. She tells them that the presentation is still pending. Sasha tells her to shut up but Geet tells the clients that this project is designed for a layman, who spends his whole life dreaming about a house. She proposes to give this layman a luxurious house in subsidized rate...They would dream and the Khurana company would fulfill their dreams. She tells the clients that the reason this blueprints are incomplete is because every layman can have a say in his dream house. (Wow!! What an idea...Humari Geet bhi sayani hoti jaa rahi hai...LOLLOL)...It would be a special house for this layman...Adi is impressed...The clients question her that Khurana's dont have any plan on paper...She tells the clients that they do have a plan and show him a file which shows 2 bedrooms with a garden, which gives the children an opportunity to play with their parents...and parents need not worry about children as everything is available at home...The clients like the idea of a garden but are worried about the budget...Maan is very furious...The clients ask him if the budget can be managed...Maan (with all style vyle) tells them that its easily doable, after all a layman should have a 1kitchen garden...The clients are impressed and give a green signal to the project...Geet, Adi and Sasha are happy...
9. The clients leave and Geet is excited when Maan comes to her angrily...(Baap re baap...he is damn furious...*hides behind Geet's dupatta*...CryCry)...Maan tells Geet that in his office his employees do what they are allocated to do and do not step on some other person's toes...that's why there has never been any mistake in his office...He tells her that she is just a secretary here...Today, for the first time, a client has come to his office and shouted at him...and thats all because of her...Geet starts crying and defends herself, that it wasnt her mistake...She took copies of the file, he had handed to her...Maan tells her not to make excuses...He would not consider her mistakes as his mistakes...She makes mistakes and not he...He leaves from there leaving Geet dejected...
PRECAP- And now the real treat for Maan's Maniacs...Maan is practicing Martial arts, with his bare chest sweating...He is angry and thinking about Geet...(Haye...What a desert,...nam nam!! EmbarrassedROFL)...(Sab aas pados ko bulalo...friends to chetaavani de do...Maan with his profusely sweating bare chest...ROFLROFLROFL...*goes to vacate the whole Maan Hospital* ROFLROFL)

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Geet episode 54:

Sorry guys. Just today I realized that for some time now I have been typing in the wrong episode number. Ouch

Anyway it was a cool episode where we got to see a really Dusht Danav whom we had seen in HPShocked. Today also Geet writes her first maafinama.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Another classic joke "ab sir?""nahi kal"."kal kaunsa time sir?" Oh Geet you do drive us and Maan crazy.LOL

 Maan was really being rude to DadimaShocked but I guess knowing her so well he realizes that is the only way he is going to get rid of her. Poor Geet was caught between the two.Confused Again you could see how his expression softens when he talks to Geet and toughens when he addresses Dadima directly and indirectly.Wink Geets coming up with suggestions was natural cos she herself can identify with the middle class. Another Maahi scene- a little stretched but charming. One thing can't be ignored. We have two beautiful people here.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed So I guess we can't complain if the cameraman spends so much time focusing on their face with the lovey dovey expressions on them.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Dev flirting with the secretary.Angry Some people never change.AngryBut in the serial world they do and become saints.Angryhmmm.

Sasha is so spiteful she puts the whole project in jeopardy. AngryThat is the diff between her and NT. If it had been NT she would have let Geet make the wrong copies but also had the right ones ready just to impress MSK. But Sasha does not have her class and scheming brain so puts the entire project in a soup. I love Aadi for asking Geet to stay though I don't get why?Confused I guess he was just being nice or something. Geet and him alone in a meeting room makes Maan hot under the collar.WinkI thought there would be another lovey dovey staring when she opens the window but instead we get Maan being angry at her with the Maahi in the BG.Confused LOL

One thing I liked about Maan was the directness when he said, "Yes we don't deserve it."Though it was said in anger. Geet did a brave thing but I never thought a kitchen garden would turn tables in a business deal.ConfusedLOL I was waiting for the presentation and before it started it got over.Confused Anyway the final outcome is that Geet came smelling of roses just before Maan decided to throw mud on her. Ouch

That uber angry expression on Maan's face and the way he says "you make mistakes not I". ShockedOh Maan you are going to eat your words and how. Yipeee Sweaty NP Maan tomorrow.Can't wait for it.

@ Jyothi and Sia Actually only after reading your explanations did I realize that the Maahi tune was bcos of the dupatta thing.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed I was wondering what made them play it when Maan was shown irritated.Confused And the dupatta position was very confusingConfused. It fell down and they show Geets back and it is up and then they show her front and then it is down. And then she pulls it up and in the next shot it is still down. The mystery of the see sawing dupatta.WinkLOL



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Aww geet wants to say sorry to maan and is writing him a note to say it.Smile She writes,even she goes mad with his continues taunts scribbles many atlast succeeds try to go & give him, he calls her to bring a file & come for dictation . she innocently ask when she has to come,maan telling geet to come tomorrow for dictation as a sarcastic remark and she believes him. LOLLOLLOLI love it when she calls him dusht danavLOL. I liked her expression

 She enters the room for dictation but he is talking to dadi she places the letter in the file & gives him & yells on her to sit & note down.dadi's discussion is irritating him so he shows attitude to her too.He dosen't see the letter in the file . so he miss that & while talking to dadi he gives a wrong file & ask her to make 10 copies.Sasha evil see that but she want geet to do that mistake so that she is fired ASAP. donno what is her problem,Is she upset that she dosn't fit for the office or she is maan's secretary or she feels geet attracts everybody.

 maan is angry at dadi and gussa geet pe nikal raha hai.Angry Love how dadi put sasha in her place.  I love how maan looked at geet when she gave the suggestion of having a lawn and small kitchen. He lliked the idea but was surprised. I loved it when mahi was played, he is attracted to her.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Maan gives geet the wrong file and tells her to make 10 copies of the file.  dadi thinks maan is going to do 10 copies of her picture after she goes.ROFLROFLROFL Bechara maan phaas gaaya yeh kahke and has a headache now. ROFLROFLROFL He makes mistakes and blames geet for it. Ulta chor kotwaal ko daate. Angry


Maan sees geet smile when the window is open and the look he gives her is amazing.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed maan tells geet not to make coffee for his clients. LOL Ya he is taking safety measuresROFL Actually seeing maan's initial reaction I felt she is gone today. But some how calls back the clients. How can sasha do like that knowingly,irresponsible witchAngry Ok she don't like geet but here business is involved.

I love how geet convinces the client of the project and they agree to itClapClapClap. how could maan get so angry at geet and make her cry for something that was his fault. Angry He starts shouting at her without thinking for giving incomplete files copies without checking them.He will not allow her to give reason or justification.He says he is doing all mistakes bcz of her & for the first time he  yelled on clients too.But sooner realize that it wasn't her mistake in the next episode.

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AnjuMaanManiac 1201 163173 03 June 2011 at 12:52am by sun-naaaaaaaaa
MAAN MANIACS THREAD#3 - Link to next thread p.170

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AnjuMaanManiac 1336 206847 02 June 2011 at 9:08pm by AnjuMaanManiac
new enry in geet link-IF ARTICLE n link on STARONE

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vinsh 1 1595 07 September 2010 at 7:20am by Tomiko
Brij Appreciation Thread-Link To New Thread pg130

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sallu_lover 1172 64495 19 July 2010 at 5:06am by sallu_lover

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