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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 128)

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I hope I got ur name right
Nice take, yes I did notice the photo scene. And even in that photo Maan seems to be in a very happy and elated mood which is not like him. May be the pic was taken before Sameera's fiasco when he was a very happy guy. Unfortunately we didn't get to see the other side of him

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Written Update (-bhootni-)

Recap:  Geet refuses to give her resignation letter and Maan wants to see how long she'll last in the office. Dev calls Maan and speaks to Geet (who doesn't recognize his!) and Maan tells him that he has paid of all of Dev's debts in India. Nainatra promises that whatever she wants will happen from now on.
In the office:
It's 7:00pm and everyone in the office are leaving...Pinky comes to Geet to take her with her (promising samosas...yum!) but Geet tells her that she can't leave right now. As well as Maan is still working...she is scared that Maan will yell at her again. Pinky is worried that she won't be able to get home since she doesn't know the way but Geet asures her that she'll be fine. Maan comes into the room...playing with his cellphone and asks for the budget file...Geet presents it to seems as if he shocked at that (hm...I wanna know what game he is playing LOL). He is like fine...anyways if there is a call in the next hour...before he can complete Geet tells him that she won't transfer it to you. (Go Geet!)...Maan keeps staring at her face and Geet is get back at her he says don't repeat what I already told you.
I am sure everyone is going to like this so I'll bold it...he tries to hold the files but instead ends up holding her hand...and you know what happens then...staring contest of course.
He snatches the file and leaves...while Geet says that he doesn't care about anyone! 
Nainatra at her evil best again
She comes into Maan's house and looks around...she notices some pictures of the brothers (wait there are three comes downstairs saying that even she sometimes looks at these pictures to remember her family. Nainatra is all smile for some reason...they both greet each other. Dadi asks her when did she come to India? Since even Kamya didn't even mention it in the morning...Nainatra makes up an excuse that she had told Kamya not to say anything...she wanted to give Dadi a surprise. She emotionally blackmails her saying I am not sure if you don't like me coming here...but Dadi seems to be really fond of her. A servant comes with coffee and and Nainatra wants to make it...anyways it's been two months since they had a fight...Dev and Maan. Dadi wants to know about Dev...she replies that he is okay...Dadi is mad that Dev hasn't even called once...but Nainatra handles the situation that Dev loves you a lot but is scared to call you. He is really ashamed of all he has done (aiyo Dadi seems to be falling for everything!).
In the office again
Geet looks at the time and one hour has passed already...she is scared that it is 8 already and Maan is still working. She decides she'll work from home...
Nainatra and Dadi
Dadi still thinks that Dev should have come once to check up on her but Nainatra says that you know how troubled he is right now...he is not allowed to come to India. Dadi is mad at Dev for doing bad things but thinks Maan shouldn't be that stubborn. Nainatra sheds fake tears about how she thinks that Maan will never forgive them and they won't be able to come back. Dadi promises that she knows very well about how to handle the situation...she'll get them back! Maan is my grandson...his stubborness is not bigger than mine...he'll have to listen to me...they hug with Nainatra giving evil expressions as usual.
In the office
The phone's Nainatra on the other seems as if Geet has recongized her voice (and not Dev's wow!)...Nainatra wants to speak to Maan Khurana...nvm she doesn't recongize her voice. Geet tells her that sir is busy right now...and Nainatra replies that tell him it's a call from home...but Geet refuses. She asks for her name...Nainatra is about to say it but Dadi tells her that say it's a call from Dadi or he won't reply back. Geet is scared that if she gives him the phone right now...he'll be angry again...Geet refuses and Nainatra gets angry.
Nainatra and Dadi
Dadi is angry that Maan didn't take her phone...Nainatra emotionally blackmails her again...she says that she will stay in a hotel...Dadi wants to stop her but she leaves. Dadi promises herself that she'll set everything straight!
At the office
Maan starts to pack up and there is a phone's Dadi! Dadi scolds Maan that why did he refuse to pick up his call...Maan is confused. Now it's Dadi's time to emotionally blackmail him...(great now Geet is going to get yelled at). He walks into Geet's room in anger and notices that she has fallen and then he goes into a dreamy state (as expected!). He walks up to her to room her laat but obviously stops himself from doing so. He taps the desk to wake her up but she doesn't budge. He even calls out to her...and then is about to tap her on the shoulder but is unsure ...though he does it anyways. He yells Geet and she wakes up with a startle...almost hugging him. Staring contest again!
Maan snaps out of it and asks if there was a call for him...she replies yes...he asks why didn't she give him the call...she replies cus you said so...Maan turns around (obviously to yell a her). Maan is angry that the call was from my house...Geet replies well if you had told me that to transfer every call from home then I would have...he says should I give you a list of whose call is more important...Geet replies why not! They argue a bit more (both of them need to calm down...especially Maan stop torturing her!).
Geet is maha pissed that he just yells at her...instead of appreciating her! lol she just rants on about him while Maan says that this girl will drive me insane but then aww he is worried about how she will get home so late at night. Was she sitting there so late for me? But reasons that if there was someone else that person would have waited as well. Geet is worried about getting home...she wants to go ask Maan about the taxi stand but concludes that he'll just yell at her. I'll go on my own!
Drunk people at 8 or!
Geet is on the road worried about getting a taxi since it's way too late...some idiots come on the bike...obviously drunk out of their wits! They stop upon seeing her...and then talks rubbish with her ...they want to drop her home. Geet is scared...okay and guess who comes to her prizes for guessing
Maan Singh Khurana
Precap: Geet comes to say sorry to Maan with coffee and then they struggle with it since she wants to go make a new one...and the coffee ends up on Dev's papers. Obviously Maan is highly pissed!

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Geet episode 31:

I think this particular day and Maan and Geet interactions on this day are elaborate because it brings to fore all the latent feelings they have for each other, of course right now stronger in the case of Maan than GeetEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. Of course when we get to see such a dashing and smart young Maan in his baby pink shirt the longer the scenes the better it is.Day DreamingDay Dreaming The main thing about both Maan and Geet of course are their eyes. Both have the most captivating of them. And just like they could go on looking at each other so can we go on drowning in their depths.Day DreamingDay Dreaming

Geet wants to make a good impression the first day. But it was already 7:00 and it would have been logical for her to ask Maan if he needed her any more. DisapproveAnd of course with the beautiful Geet for company kaun kambakth ghar jaana chahega? WinkSo Maan is catching up with a whole load of work.WinkWink The way he asks for the file as he checks his phone was so natural. I liked the way Geet completes his sentence in that tone of hers and of course MSK does not like to be smart mouthed.Big smile And then the hand holding. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedHe has almost carried her around in the forest but is affected so much by the mere touching of hand? EmbarrassedEmbarrassedMSK you are such an old fashioned softie when it comes to romance aren't you?EmbarrassedEmbarrassed No wonder you took such a long time to even spell the word CON.LOLLOL Though like I said before it is a treat to gaze at the two gazing at each other SmileI still think they are a tad bit too long. ConfusedThey could have made it a sec or 2 shorter to make it closer to being a natural reaction. One of my friends who knew I was crazy about Geet used to always say "But those guys just stare at each other and hardly do anything else." Of course I used to defend them saying "it is that stare that mesmerizes so many of us.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed" Having said that it is also true that too much of anything is also not good.

And of course our NT dressed to kill (literally and figurativelyShocked) enters KM. and I let out a huge sigh.Ouch Now that was a mansion fit for an industrialist like MSKDay Dreaming not the 2BHK apartment that it seems have transformed into later on.Angry Dadima looked regal too. I loved her sari. I have not seen this Dadimaa much as I started watching later on but she is a popular actress and she is good. I have to see some more of her to decide but right now I like Anju better. She also had that youth and playfulness in her but as far as age goes this Dadima looks it.Smile

As predicted NTs crocodile tears melts Dadima. AngryAnd it is good to see that the CVs showed such that when Dev calls and then NT too Geet feels she knows that voice, naturally since they constitute her nightmares but of course she is not very sure. ConfusedWhen Dev called though Maan had banned phone calls she connected him but when NT called she did not. ShockedThis is not fair Geet.Disapprove Our Doberman goes in his killer walk towards the cabin and sees the angel sleeping  and turns into a mushy poodle.WinkLOL He always seems to be in a spell when Geet is around. Those long fingers attempts to get the hair out of her face but stopped and then he needed to shake himself out of the spell.Embarrassed But Geet tho ghode bechkar so rahi thi. LOLA tap is hardly going to wake her up. He shakes her and then another eye lock. Oh shucks! My friend was right.ShockedLOL

 Of course he wakes her up only to sunaofy her.You do your work and you still have to hear ulta seedha from your boss. AngryStory of our life.Ouch I liked the way she stressed on that "boss".LOL

Maan sir thinks she is just another secretary who can take care of herself . Who are you trying to fool Mr?WinkLOLOf course Geet seems to have the knack of not ony attracting MSK but also unsavory characters. Confused See Geet you should have used your brain (there is no reason to listen that closely to your bosses instructions not to do so) and got away when it was not too late. Ab bhugtho or enjoy karo as is going to be the case tomorrow. Of course the our Hero steps out of the car full filmy style.Cool






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Maan preferred the innocent..little buddhu Geet..LOLcoz he was throughly enjoying himself teasing her..but the moment she got all obedient and talking to the point it irritated him..Confused

Their accidental hand touch scenes..are a real treat..esp Maan's..their reactions are superb..its like a wave of current passes thru them when their hands touch each other..LOL

Our very makes an entry..the moment I saw her with a laptop talking abt company's profits..I was impressed..I knew she would be a ROCKING char..Cooland so true..she became one...

Dadi seems to have a soft corner towards Dev-NT..ConfusedI wish CVs would have shed the light on exactly why did Maan ask Dev-NT to leave the house??? coz from Dadi's dialogue(who respects Khurana Khandaan ki Izzat) seems it was not a big deal and may be Maan over-reacted..Confused

Ok...finally..Maan is Vadde Veerji..Shocked(the image was slightly diff of what I had imagined..)actually this revealtion came as a bigger shock to me than Maan-Dev's relation..LOL

Maan all charged up in his anger..actually happy that he got one more chance to SUNAOFY Geet..barged in like a Rajdhani..LOLbut *SIGH* he is a Hero after can he resist a his heroine..sleeping beauty..specially if fringe of her hair is flowing on her face in the ever present breeze (in a closed..AC room????) all his anger goes down the drain..LOLthe moment he sees this mesmerising sight..LOL

Next epi..Maan in full on Filmy styleCool... saves Geet... from Goons...!!!! AGAIN !!!! LOL 

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The golden Maaneet office love track starts from this episode onwards EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
I think this was the first episode where Maan for the first time lusts and desires for Geet when she was looking like a completely sleeping beauty in her cabin and he kept gazing at her ,thus loosing his senses for a while and going into a trance EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...well cant blame him ,when Geet was looking so breathtakingly beautiful in her sleeping mode EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
Best part about the scene was the way she woke up with a jerk when Maan finally had no option but to touch her and shake her up a bit and then she almost jumped onto him with both their lips just inches away I guess WinkLOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Poor Maan already lost it and was trying hard to get back to his dusht danav mode by trying to throw some extra rudeness towards her over his Dadi's call LOLLOL...But I liked how Geet too replied him back saying it was him who had strictly ordered him not to give any calls and well she was just following his orders Big smile ; These cute nok-jhoks between Maaneet what made these scenes so beautiful as even in these nok-jhoks there was sizzling chemistry visible with all the sexual tension that MSK was already starting to feel for his secretary WinkTongue..Geet too made these goof-ups look so damn cute and adorable especially with the way that phone chord gets stuck around MSK's arms thanks to Geet LOL and then Geet further messes it up LOLEmbarrassed,...
MSK at this moment was wondering ,he was suppose to b pissed off with such an idiot girl but why is he enjoying her stupidties WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...This is what made MSK further mad over his own self because no matter whatever blunders Geet did in the office ,he always ended up falling for her charms and he surely hated himself for this which later resulted in all his hoo-haa sessions LOLLOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...At this moment I wont say MSK is falling in love with Geet but I feel he was definitely feeling a strong attraction for her which just kept growing from here on EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Coming to NT ,well she made sure Dadi is convinced so that Dev can return back and she can get her hold back in Khurana Mansion but well she has no idea what was coming up for her in the form of her Bade Veerji MSK and his future wife Geet WinkLOLEmbarrassed
Last scene made me really excited when I was watching the episode for first time because even though I knew that MSK will do his herogiri act to save Geet and will give her a lift too LOLEmbarrassed but still the main excitement part was how MSK will excute it with style and attitude EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Tomorrow's episode I guess will introduce the famous Mahii tune for the first time which later went on to become an anthem for Maaneet's love saga EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Overall a wonderful Maaneet filled episode StarStarStarStar

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@ Paro :

Very true abt the EYES part...I feel credit goes to both GC-DD for doing such a cliched moment..the eye-lock.. with good amount of conviction..that u don't feel it OTT..Smile That was fine initially but later on CVs really went overboard with the eye the point that it became irritating and unwanted..Confused
So I was not wrong about Maan's exaggerated reaction on accidental hand touch..LOL 

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And so the stomach squelchy feelings and the hyperventilation begin. Blushing

Even though Geet has never had a job before, I love what a devoted little employee she is from day one. In fact she is so ethical that she doesn't even use the work computer to look up Canada but decides to do it at home. Adi made a really good call when he hired her because this kind of dedication to Maan and his craziness is exactly what he expected from Geet and she is delivering! Poor Sasha, where does she stand a chance, leaving the office at 7 like a normal employee? LOL

Naintara, Dadi and KM all looked like a million bucks each! Though I loved Anjuji as Dadi, there was a certain grey edge about Suhasini which made one think that she wasn't quite as principled as Maan. I feel they could have had a much stronger Dev-arrest track with this Daadi who fought against Maaneet for Khurana parivaar's izzat, though she knew it was wrong. It was nice to catch a glimpse of the ever-mysterious Vicky. I couldn't help but think the actor they got later to play Nando's childhood friend actually looked like the guy in the picture and they could have used him for Vicky and made us all super happy instead of making us all want to hang ourselves in shame for putting up with what we did just for Maaneet.

I loved the dialogue of Geet's where she asks, doesn't Maan have a family? And I wanted to scream, YOU! One day he is going to want to skip work to be with her and she is going to have to force him to go. But they don't know that yet, though Maan does seem to have an inkling. Wink

WHY can GC do that with his eyes?!? That transition from his anger that she didn't transfer the call to that expression of tranceful tenderness was just mesmerising and the way he slowly came towards her smiled slightly and almost brushed the hair from her face had such a sense of ownership as though she somehow already belonged to him. And then he snaps out of it and says his most famous line..."Ye ladki mujhe pagal kardegi" Day Dreaming

Only, not in future tense Maan...Wink

I loved the way she said BOSS so full of caustic irony. Again, Adi was so right! She is perfect for Maan because she can stand up to him and take all his erratic mood swings in stride. This is why daadi will fall for her too. Anyone who knows Maan will know that Geet is perfection itself.

Damn! This girl is a gunda magnet! But she is also a macho-maan magnet. Does that make Maan a gunda. Confused

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@ Sia Yeah I love their eyelcoks but when they get overused then even the actors get bored of it and it sometimes shows.Ouch And you were spot on about that reaction to the "touch".LOL Usually such reaction is common amongst teenagers who are in their first flush of "lurve" and to be fair Geet is a teenager but to see someone as world savvy and sarcastic as the great MSK reacting to a touch is funny. But then we do know our MSK and his famous(or rather infamous)attachment to pavithratha which even geet got fed up with later on don't we?WinkLOL His dsoe believe in  a "pavithra rishtha".LOL
@Samana Of course Maan is a gunda except one with a heart. Nayak nahi khalnayak hei thoo.Cool He is def not a Mr. Goodytwoshoes.Thats why we love him.Day Dreaming And thats why the sugary Maan that came later on was a little bit too diabetic for us.Ouch

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