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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 126)

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Posted: 02 March 2012 at 3:30am | IP Logged
Guys all are doing nice jobs in analysisng, thank all of you samanalyse, walk into mylife, pennu, padma and others and richa for the lovely photos.  OMG again i fell in love with MSK ( had fallen out of love with GC when I saw him in his new showLOL no offences meant to anyone).  cant get enough of him.  what OMG days they were (not seen in big screen) only on PC or now mobile).  Hope star utsav shows this show.Confused

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I agree, only Rewarching these episodes is keeping us crazy about Maan/GC , atleast until we get to terms with Yash and like him Confused

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PartyEPISODE 50 Party

Congratulations, everyone!!!
We have reached our first half-century!
Thank you all for contributing to this thread and keeping the magic alive!
Day Dreaming

Ab Aage...

Written Update (prettyfulwishes)
Recap: Maan asks Sasha where his secretary is, and says that in fifteen minutes she's to set up a meeting; Geet asks who the meeting's for but Sasha says nothing; Adi tells her there's a list in the boss' office; ManEet have a moment, and Geet says she's MK's secretary and she'll have him thrown out; Maan tells her he's her boss...

The episode starts at the Khurana building. Maan is in a conference room, and slides a briefcase over to a man. The man looks pleased and says he doesn't need to count it. Maan asks if the work will be done, and the man tells him not to worry - what the embassy couldn't do, he'll be able to do it straight away.
The man leaves, and Maan tells himself not to think - 'whatever I'm doing is my duty; what he's done is wrong, but he's younger than me, and I've punished him enough.'
In the secretary's office, Geet is pacing and tells herself that she can't leave this job. If she wants to stay in this city, she needs to work. But what if Maan fires her? She prays to God, when Sasha brings in a resignation form.
Geet looks confused as Sasha says that she doesn't need to think that much - not when Sasha's here. Sasha thinks that as it's Geet first and last day on the job, why not help her out? That's why Sasha actually spent time typing the letter out, (wah, she knows how to type?) so that Geet can give it to MK - and she'll be free to go. She walks out, Geet still looking dazed.
As Geet stands there, Maan is coming down the stairs. Geet tenses as Maan looks at her while he's coming down, before walking straight past her and into his office. Geet relaxes, and then she gets a phone call. It's Maan, and he tells her to come to his office. (Loved this scene, I totally tensed as well.)
Geet walks into his office as she thinks over Sasha and Maan's words. She goes into his office, and Maan turns. He notices her, and his face changes (he perks up :D). He drawls that Miss Geet Handa came to Delhi to work, and then re-thinks it, she came here to do something else. He then notices the resignation letter in her hands, and begins his taunt. (someone should start a 'Maan's Lecture of the Day')
He complains that all women are the same - as soon as they see a problem, they run away from it as it takes work to find a solution; whether it be from home or job. He tells her to give him the letter, he'll sign it, and she can go back to her Hoshiapur. That is her life, getting embarrassed by her family, getting hit, and then quietly crying, and then hiding from copping more, but eventually going back home anyway.
Geet finds her voice, and firmly tells him that it's better if he doesn't talk about Hoshiapur, as he barely knows anything about it. And anyway, doesn't he hate things without knowing, and without brains?
Maan tells her not to waste his time by telling him things about himself. He asks for the letter so she can go. Geet tells him that she's not about to give it to him - he's been asking for it a lot right, well she's not leaving but he can fire her if that's what he wants. Maan smirks and says that nothing might happen, but she has a lot of akar (being intelligence right?).
Geet replies that it's not that but swabhimaan - self respect. Maan tells her that he's never seen self-respect in her before. He wonders how long her self-respect will allow her to stay here, and Geet says "so you're not going to fire me?" There's a ManEet moment as they stare, but then Maan comes to his senses and looks away. He sits down, and tells 'Miss Secretary' that for a few hours he wants no disturbances. Geet understands, and leaves.

In Canada, Dev is furiously hitting a punching bag (and that too without gloves!) when Pammi comes inside and says that she talked to Chhote Saab and he's ready to give the money. Dev says but didn't he give him a threat, that he wouldn't help anymore? Pammi says that he doesn't talk much, but he won't leave Dev in the middle of problems. He'll always help Dev, but Dev cuts her off and asks where he was when he was marrying Geet? Why didn't he come when Dev had to take that step?
Pammi tells him to get rid of his anger. There's no good in it for anyone. She tells Dev that he's older than him, and that Dev should talk to him once, for her sake (nothing like a guilt trip).

Back at the Khurana building, Geet is her office working away when the phone rings. It's Dev. He asks to speak Maan, and Geet asks who it is. He replies he's Maan's little brother. In her head, Geet says it's Dev... but then she wonders why she said that. She asks him to hold, and then calls Maan. She tells him that it's his little brother on the line - and Maan agrees to talk (not without lecturing her beforehand of course).
Geet connects both of them before hanging up. Maan says "Dev" and asks how he is. Dev says he's asking after two months, and Maan retorts that Dev hasn't even looked back in two months either. Dev replies that's because of Maan telling him to get out - and Maan says that's because of what he did. Dev apologises and Maan says it's old news now (why is he so sweet to everyone except Geet? Why?).
Dev says that Mum told him that Maan gave the money. Why did he do it now - didn't Maan say he wasn't going to help anymore? Maan says it's not important, but he's paid all of Dev's debts. Dev thanks him and says he doesn't know how to thank him properly. Maan only has one request - not to repeat what he did, or to get involved in dirty business. They both hang up. Dev wonders why Maan paid now - and then realises (wrongly) that it's so he can gloat about being right.
Maan picks up a photo of him & Dev (they're both smiling!) and wonders where he went wrong. Maan was only doing his elder brotherly duties. So how did Dev go wrong?
Dev thinks about Naintara, and decides to call her up. She rejects his call, and Dev wonders why she's still angry with him. He's got embassy clearance so now, he'll come to India to find her. Naintara thinks to herself that Dev needs to come to India - it's necessary to form that bond again so he forgets Geet.

Back at Khurana Constructions, Geet is looking over a file when the phone rings again. Someone wants to speak to Maan, and Geet's about to say he's not available when she spots him walking out of his office, and calls for him. Maan turns and asks what, and Geet replies there's a phone call for him.
Maan tells her off for not understanding that he didn't want to be disturbed, but Geet says she saw him out of his office... and Maan tells her not to think as only intelligent people should think, which is why she should only do as she's told.  He moves to go when he realises he's bound by the telephone cord. Geet tries to untangle him but only gets him further tangled. Maan mentions for her to stop and he takes the cord off, and walks away.
Geet watches him go and gets fustrated (a hint of Muskaan is still there...). She fumes that such a little thing, and he got so angry about it. She wonders how his family deal with him... one phone call, and he got so fustrated. She gets flustered, and can't concentrate.

At the Khurana house, Naintara makes her entrance. She thinks about Maan and how he kept them away from here for two months. But not anymore - what Naintara wants, she'll do herself. She then thinks of Dev and says that bringing him back will only help their relationship (repeating what she thought earlier). The episode ends on that smirk.

Precap: Maan asks for the budget file, and tells her that for the next half hour if there are any calls; Geet cuts him off and says she won't transfer it to his office. Maan goes to grab the file, but grabs her hand instead. ManEet moment...

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Wonderful and funny episode. I couldn't stop laughing when Geet was tying the cord around Maan's hand... It was natural and silly stuff happens a lot and makes you embarrassed. I don't understand why Maan had to shout and give her a lecture, just for calling him to take a call. It's just a freaking call and he is roaming outside anyways and not working.
Maan's exPressions when geet says out loud that she has the job was priceless.

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Samana--Liked the way geet entered his cabin & was squeezing the letter & when maan says to give the resignation she says 'aap isiliye sunaraheho taaki main ye naukri choodoon ,loved this dialogue & loved maans expressions when she said swabhimaan ,the ph wire tangling Wink ,wow what good memories ,i feel i am watching the episode for the 1st time ,precap was too good ,how can maaneet do this to us ,difficult to come out their land.

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OMG! GUYS! Maan is Dev's older brother!!! ShockedShockedShockedLOL

Ok these episodes are starting to feel a lot more familiar than the HP ones did because I have watched these scenes over and over again. However, I had only watched the Maaneet scenes and I had no idea that it was Sasha who gave Geet the resignation. I always assumed that she decided to resign and then Maan's taunts provoked her to take up the challenge and stay. But this is better, far more consistent with the whole Maan misunderstands Geet and tells her she is an idiot thing they have going on.

Burning question of the day: HOW did Maan know that folded piece of paper being twisted in Geet's hand was a resignation? X-ray vision, clairvoyance, the special paper they use only for resignation letters? Confused

I love how Maan is both impressed and highly amused by Geet's overdramatic dialogues. His expression when she says swabhimaan is priceless and although he is mocking her yet again, you can see there is some fondness, some ownership and even some teasing in the mocking now. It is not just mean like the Canada Embassy outburst. Also the malignant nature of Maan's words are more than tempered by Geet's barabar responses! I love how she declares that she is not going to give him the resignation letter and before that how she talks about HP. She finally got in the response she had stored up in her since the embassy takkar. This is a girl that will not give up and if she has something to say, she will say it, though it may take ages, she will remember and use it at the appropriate moment.

I loved the conversation between Maan and Dev! It was so awkward thanks to Maan's natural awkwardness with relationships and Dev's guilt at what he did and anger that he had to do it. The guy just doesn't get the concept of family or forgiveness, does he? All he can think of is that his brother didn't help him soon enough. I actually think this is what might send him into the guilt spiral. The thought that he could have just asked Maan and Maan would have helped him, haunts Dev when he thinks about what he unnecessarily did to Geet. He resents Maan for something he did, again selfish and immature. He is just not willing to take responsibility for his own choices.

Aw the phone chord scene! I agree with Nirvy. It was so natural and stuff that happens when you are totally under pressure. But I guess it means that no matter how vehemently Maan tries to go away, Geet will unconsciously have held him back, because he himself unknowingly got himself entangled. And you can run Maan, but you can't hide from the magic wire of Luurve. LOL Also Geet connecting Maan to Dev was interesting as he does not want to let anybody in but she is sort of the moderator that reconnects him to his family and the world. Also more literally she is a connection between Dev and Maan now.

Geet's fist exasperated self-talk about Maan! AWW! These are one of the things that defined the office track and it was nice to see that first instance.

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A very cute Maaneet episode Embarrassed with the biggest truth of Maan being the elder brother of Dev Shocked...
It was clear from this episode that Dev was a worthless brother and Maan had kicked him out of the house because of his carelessness and the way he lost all the money in gambling Ouch ;NT's entry in Khurana Mansion was quite grand and stylish and we even came to know how MSK has been staying in the outhouse once Dev and his wife were kicked out of the Khurana Mansion since Dadi wanted to stay with all her grandsons together ,..
I really loved this old Dadi ..she was really one classy woman StarStarStarStar...even the old NT was one classy villain ...the casting of these characters were simply perfect StarStarStarStar
Coming to Maaneet office moments ,here we slowly saw a very different side of Geet Handa ..someone who was more lively ..more chirpy and full of life but at the same time dedicated and hardworking Embarrassed...Loved those cute nok-jhoks of Maaneet in the episode where she was trying her best to make sure MSK does not get angry but damn those calls ,he keeps getting angry on her LOL and in the end she takes the decision of transfering no more calls to the dusht danav LOLEmbarrassed
I think tomorrow we r going to see one of the best Maaneet moments when MSK looks at Geet with such desire in his eyes since she was looking like a sleeping beauty EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Scene was absolutely stunning EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Episode 50

Maan is being understanding towards devil but he would change his mind if he knew how evil devil is. Geet is worried  about her job after the MU happened between MG. He thinks she is following him & she is also surprised to see him .


Sasha is so rude to geet. she want to give resignation herself bcz by approving  her secretary on adi's recomendation  she is quite insecure.  Maan always jumps to some conclusion about what geet will do before listening to her part of the story. He thinks she has got her resignation letter with her. Yes she has got that letter given by sasha to give to MSK but ,maan starts taunting her and also realises she came to delhi to work. again seeing resignation letter in her hand  blames  her she is coward & fit to take atrocities not challenges. she is not fit to face challenges & when they come she backs off & ask her to go back to hoshiyarpur.He is indirectely motivating herWink and U know our sherni geet whenever she is challenged & somebody wants to be rude with her she will take Big U turn. She refuse to resign till he removes him & msk is MSK he also says he will see till when she will be able to full fill her challenge

Maan thinks geet has akad, I would say he is the most akdoo person.LOL I hated seeing devil. Angry Losser devil is shown in black west restless missing NT  & also angry wid maan bcz he did not help when he needed most that when he married Geet. Pummy tries to calm him down saying he has promised to help.

Maan is rude to geet when he said that she does not have a brain to thinkAngry.   I loved how the phone was tangled around maan's wrist. LOLLOLLOL

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