Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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loved Maan's entry a lot ,their bumping at the embassy ,i felt Maan had no problem with Geet  he was little disturbed as he thought she had a BF ,he looked so smart in pink shirt Wink ,the taveez again made us think that Maan would help Geet again .

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Written Update (-bhootni-)

Recap: Geet is thrown out of the office and there she bumps into Maan who taunts her that she is now going to run away to Canada with her boyfriend. Geet says that you don't know anything about me but he answers back that he doesn't care. Geet promises herself that she will do what she wants now and prays to God to show her the right way.
Shamat time
Everyone is freaked out when they see Maan coming acting all cool but angry and think why is he here so early (lmao they have a siren that rings when he comes in apparently it didn't today). Sasha the meanie and her sidekick are mixing up the files so Geet is all confused! Angry um...who is Adi again? Anyways Sasha wants to Geet to get caught so MK (arre Maan Khurana) will kill...sorry kick her out along with Adi! MK comes into his office and asks Sasha why the office is so empty...the sidekick continues to talk about him not knowing that he is right there. Maan asks about his new secretary and Sasha replies that she is not here yet...Maan is pissed and asks her to tell the secretary to organize a meeting ASAP. He wants to meet everyone in 15 mins! Sasha's sidekick talks about Maan's hotness (lol like everyone here :P) but changes her words wondering how he is here so soon when she notices Sasha's expression. Um...not sure if she said My Khurana or Mike Khurana...anyways Sasha says that he doesn't follow anyone's rule that's why he is always on the top.
Arrival of the new girl
Geet comes in with who I am guessing is Adi...a girl asks who she is and Geet's friend replies that she is office's new secratery...Geet is worried and is looking around but her friend tells her to stop looking and walk. While Sasha and her sidekick are smirking that Geet is late but her friend says nope she is right on time 9am! Sasha taunts should I give her an award for coming in early? Sidekick tells Geet that DD has already asked about her and is very was your first day and you're late honey! Geet replies that she is right on time! Sasha (wait why does she hate Geet...what is her problem anyways?)...says that this office's time runs on MK's time...Adi tries to interupt but Sasha indicates her to shush it! Nvm I don't think that girl is adi...oops!
Anyways, Sasha tells Geet to call a meeting ASAP! MK wants everyone in the conference room in 15 mins! Geet asks what is HOD (even I want to know that!)...Sasha's sidekick is about to reply but crazy Sasha madamji shushes her up! Your time starts now! Sasha and her sidekick walk away as her sidekick keeps on apologizing to her madamji. Geet is highly worried! She wonders who HODs are and decides to look at her desk to see if there is a list there.
Search for the list
Geet is highly worried and is also calling her friend to find out...but she isn't picking it up! She can't find any list on the desk. ooo I found out what her name is!! Pinky! Anyways...I am guessing the RNBDJ is Adi shocks Geet when he starts to laugh out of no where (creepy to the max!) He informs her that the entire list of HODs is on MK's desk. Geet with her crying eyes...say ji? Aww Adi says that MK has called for a meeting...I thought no one would have told you...there is a list of all of them on MK's desk with all the numbers. Geet thanks him! LOL and he continues to laugh his creepy but sweet laugh. He says it's kk...I am in a hurry MK is here...just relax! He laughs again before leaving while Geet gives him a forced smile! Geet starts to leave in a hurry and almost knocks down the building model. She sets it right and prays to her God. Geet walks into Maan's room as the music plays in the background...she looks around and is hesititent to walk in. She starts to look through the file and accidently drops a picture frame.  Maan is showing walking toward the room as well...she picks up the photo frame without looking at it (um...why does the dude has his one picture right on his is still walking constantly looking at his watch...wondering to himself why the secretary isn't here yet...while his office employees are really scared of him *rolls her eyes*. Anyways, Geet finally finds the list and starts to walk backwards *why? no one knows!* and guess what happens??
Seriously how predicable!!!
Bahone ke Darmayaan takraar horayi hai!
Geet ends up falling in Maan's arm as the papers she was holding have a flight in the air...they both look at each other ...with shocked...or maybe surprised or maybe mezmerized look. After a staring contest of 10 mins..even more...he picks her up and moves her 10 feet away from himself. Geet says aap and Maan has no manners (lol kidding) and says tum! even here! Geet has an angry expression as Maan continues with why are...but Geet shushes him. Don't say a word! Whenever you have found an opportunity you have taunted me but not anymore ...I am not going to hear a word against you...especially in my office! Maan says your office? Geet replies yes...I am MK's secretary. Maan has oohhh kind of an expression. Geet continues that don't mess with me...before I call the security...leave right now! Get out! Everyone in the office hear it and wonder who was it? Adi replies that it sounded like a girl...but no one besides sir can talk that loudly in his office...they all rush to see what's going on.
Abb aayi shaamat
Maan folds his hands and says I won't go...Geet is preplexed. Adi in the background is trying to tell her to don't say anything but Geet only has her eyes on Maan. Geet says who are you to do whatever you like? Maan smirks and says that you'll find out soon! Geet replies that she does not want to know anything! I am telling you to get out! This is my boss's cabin and no one is allowed to come here...anyways...they continue until Maan announces
The boss you're talking about is ME!!!
Geet is shocked and says that his name is MK...and Maan replies that I am Maan Khurana! Geet is shocked to the max while Sasha is smirking!
Dev's emotional blackmail
Dev's mom wakes up with a jerk and sees Dev looking at her...she asks him why hasn't he slept yet and he replies that you know everything and you're still acting anjaan. Dev wants to talk to Nainatra but his mom says not right now...she'll contact you. He insists that he has to talk to Nainatra...and he is really sorry for whatever he has done! Anyways their conversation eventually ends.
Back to Maan yelling
He asks her how dare she comes to his office...who has given you this job? Sasha replies that it was Adi and there is a flashback of him signing the appointment letter. Geet is crying...Sasha wants him to kick Geet out but Adi requests him to give her a chance. She is a nice girl sir! Maan is just plain angry! Geet says that it wasn't Adi's was my fault! I didn't know you were this company's just came achanak. Maan in anger replies that you gave an interview here and even started working without knowing who your boss is! There is nothing more stupid than this! Geet cries that she was only doing her work...but Maan yells back at her! He wants to kick her out...while Sasha encourages him. Geet continues to Sasha talks bad about her...meh! Anyways Maan declares that I am starting to believe that you plan on meeting me's not a coincidence. Did you by chance knew that this was my company and you wanted me to help you? Geet replies that you can say anything you want about my work but you have no right to talk about my character. Geet's eyes are filled again and for a minute it seems as if Maan is melting but instead he says...oh your most favourite weapon...your tears! You're not going to change...if somebody yells at're going to start crying right there! There is a phone call...Maan declares secratery's job is to attend the you want me to do that as well? (awww!!). Sasha is speechless as Geet still crying attend the phone! It's pinky on the other side! She goes on and on...Maan wonders why she isn't saying anything? Anyways...Pinky finds out that boss is right there..
Sasha asks her to put the phone down if her one sided converstation is over...Geet finally puts the phone down and tells Maan that there is someone here to see you sir...waiting for you in the meeting room. Maan smirks and says thank you! Though he warns her that the matter is still not over! Everyone else walks Geet continues to cry!
Dev's place
Kamya scares her mom...well unintentionally and then asks about Nainatra and wonders why she went there! She declares that she must have gone to fix Geet...her mom yells not to take Geet's name ever!
More crying
Ughh stupid voice change! Anyways Geet is worried that Maan won't let her continue her job and is worried! She doesn't want to leave the job since she has to survive! She is crying thinking what if Maan kicks her out...she is worried that she doesn't know what to do!
Precap: Dev apologizes to Maan for all the trouble...a car stops and I guess Dadi is here!

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I'll never wear of the thrill that washes over me when I watch these episodes - yup my heart sears when those moronic embassy officials shoo moi dear,lil Geet off - that confused,helpless look of Geet who's still determined to get to the roots of the matter really struck me.
OK-more coming on later...
I'll be going for a dinner break- read a few takes & really enjoyed all of POVs of re-living the GHSP-experience & penning our experience maniacallyBig smile

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Samana ,nice analysis ,i loved the RK pose a lot & both looking into each ones eyesWink ,when Maan tells tears your fav hatyaar ,saasha confused ,what MK is talking about .

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Now this was the first OMG OMG OMG OMG office track Episode of Delhi Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming..MSK looked like strawberry ice-cream in pink shirt and Geet looked like pista ice-cream in Green suit ..and what happens when we hv a combo of strawberry+pista on screen Tongue ...its yummmyyy EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
Even though the first encounter of Maaneet in office was cliched one with Geet falling in Maan's arms and both hving their first intense eyelock in the office but what the scene absolutely a delight to the eyes was the scorching chemistry between both GC and DD ..both looked absolutely stunning together EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
I loved the way MSK kept playing around with Geet asking her what is she doing in this office and Geet was in her sherni mode asking Maan to stop following her everywhere and better get out of the office before she callls his boss LOLLOLLOL...poor girl got the shock of her life whgen she came to know that this dusht danav only is her boss from now on LOL and I bet even MSK ke mann mein laddoo phut rahein honge when Sasha-Adi informed that she is the new secretary WinkTongue but he just did some extra drama of how he wants her out of this job LOLLOL...
Just when Maan thought finally that HP girl is out of his life ,here she enters directly in his office and then in his arms LOLLOLLOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...I felt Maan never wanted to get her out of the job but only did some show-up asking who the hell gave her this job LOLLOLWink...Poor Geet was all so scared but I loved how Pinky and Adi became her support system here when that Sasha-Tasha were trying their best to get her out of the job AngryAngry...
Coming to Dev and party ,.the whole family looked in guilt and fear since the time they committed a sin and its obvious Angry...One cant hv a peaceful life even if they want to after destroying an innocent girl's life Angry...So while Geet was starting her new journey with new hopes and dreams ,Dev's journey towards guilt and destruction too started ...
Overall a very cute episode with Maaneet at their best StarStarStarStar

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Geet episode 49:

Loved todays episode.Big smile Today's episode had the sparks I was eagerly waiting forEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. The sparks that make me look at two people looking at each other for such a long time without getting bored.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOL

Maan looked of course amazingly cute and youngDay Dreaming. That pink shirt with those half sleeves made him look so delectably boyish. Day DreamingIt is a casual wear that suits him so well. But he looked more like a college guy than the MD in that shirt.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Sasha of course takes the place of the proverbial saans for GeetAngry. Though I know that women can be so mean when they put their mind to it still I think she seemed to be putting in a lot of effort to oust her.Confused Maybe she already senses the threat that Geet poses in an ESP sort of way. WinkWhen Geet is all flustered and Adi comes and offers his support I was almost felt like hugging him and giving him a pappi.Big smile Other than his laugh he comes across as a very sane and helpful guy and I don't think it is just to spite Sasha. He genuinely has a good heart.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Of course the fall and catch of the whole seriesDay Dreaming. There have been numerous falls and catches after this and one before this but this one takes the cake.Clap And this time the papers flying did make a little bit more sense than the later origami oneLOL (I forget if it was Samana or Sia that gave that nameConfused). The perplexing look on Maan's face when he sees her was spot on. But Geet looked more like she was resting on a sofaConfused (I'm sure she was quite comfortable there in between those huge but comfy armsDay Dreaming). Except for batting those doey eyes in slow motion she didn't seem surprised.Confused Somewhere DD lagged behind GC there.Ermm

But she more than compensated for it by becoming the sherni right after thatBig smile. She poured out all that she could not say the previous day at the embassy.Though I don't see the sense in asking someone to get out like thatConfused. Yes she does not realize that he is her boss. But he could have very been a client. She does know he is rich enough to buy land and stuffDisapprove.

 And it was actually embarrassingly funny to watch her put her foot in her mouth.LOL It was a treat to watch Maan's varied expressions each and every time she was digging her own grave.LOL And it was fun to watch Adi try to warn her.When Maan said "You attended an interview, you got the job and you don't know who's the boss?". I felt that Geet should have said"And you conducrted an interview appointed me and don't have a clue who I am.This makes us even." Smile She should not have shown her tears in front of him when she knows how he mocks her everytime she does it but I loved her kantaap reply to his stalking accusationClap.

And then she just stands there listening to Pinky's bak bak.Shocked Right now Geet does not have enough brownie points even from even me as a secretary. DisapproveMaan definitely has a soft corner to have let Geet continue. He almost looked glad she didn't go back to her alleged BFWink. And looks like Sasha has not learnt the reverse psychology concept yet. She is too outright in putting Geet down. She should do so from NT to become a better villain.Wink

And he turned back in that jaan leva attitude and said terminator style "I'll be back". Haye mei mar jaavan.Day Dreaming Oh the sweet promises you make dear DD. BlushingGeet teri tho vaat lag gayi.LOL

Something is cooking up at the Dev household. Maybe he is finding a reason to come to India. Maybe the visitor waiting for Maan is our Noorani for all you know. Can' wait for tomorrow.Big smile

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Seriously are they bodyguards?? I dont think so..they are so underweight/lakdi-types.. how r they supposed to guard Maan's muscular body..LOL

Wasting no time..Sasha starts with her evil plans right away..what I didn't get was why is she irked by Geet's presence so soon?? she herself said that Geet is down-market n Behenji types..that means no competition to her at all..Confused

Adi is so nice..he really the caring types..right from day 1 he has been with Geet..Smile

Hey was that Maan's photo on his desk?? and why not.. he is so HOT...LOL

Ok..many would kill me ??? but this is the most fake fall /pose of all the falls in the history of GHSP..Geet walking backwards..Maan entering the room looking looked all made up to me..Confused

Wo ho Geet !!! dialogue pe dialogue without realising the truth.. LOLwhat was Geet thinking abt Maan uptil now?? that he is some arrogant fellow whose only job is to stalk her and mess her life???? Errr..isn't she forgetting something...this is the same person who saved her life and induce some courage in her !!!!! why the arrogance Geet ???

When Maan gave that little smirk and said kyun..tumhe nahi pata... I was dead..BlushingBlushing

just when I recovered.. he said.. Shut -AAAP Geet !!! and the most iconic MITTING !!! and that did it..I was gone again..ROFLROFL

Oh..yes..Dev is back..and why is he acting all Bechara ????he is become positive kya???ConfusedKamya realises what NT is upto..she is not that stupid..then why does she act like one !!!

Wow..Geet is thinking practically abt the job..Thank God !!!Smile

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