Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 119)

shubhika124 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 February 2012 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
Awesome thread Clap
re-living Geet's moments again Day Dreaming dreamyyy Blushing

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nirvanica15 Goldie

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Posted: 27 February 2012 at 4:46pm | IP Logged
Ahh, fInally Delhi days are here...
Have been waiting for this for long, HP story is too intense for me to handle..
I'll try to be more regular now..
Especially for our hot hot Maan...

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Lily201 Goldie

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Posted: 27 February 2012 at 8:58pm | IP Logged
@Samana- Cross my heart - I won't disappear again ,honestly have missed discussing with all of you !!

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 February 2012 at 8:38am | IP Logged

Written Update (md410)

Part 1: Lost hi Lost

Typical dragging type incident. Geet and Mann crosses each other in his office without seeing any one. Geet bends to pick her bag up, when Mann walks out from there ( mann looking dashingBig smile, Role does suit guru, no wonder Rosh jumpingROFL). Saasha tells pinky she is the one who saved her job. adi asks candidates list those are coming for secretary's interview ( abe dumbo geet is waiting out side go hire herSilly) Clumsy pinky has hard time to find list, when saasha yells at her that whether it's trash can or drawer ( well modern Bhumi looks way too good here, but attitude is same, right roshApprove). Back at corridor geet wondering where is pinky and she starts walking ( meri maa stand where you are she will come there or else you will miss herSilly) Finally pinky gets the list and adi tells her to go and enjoy her off. After saasha, adi left pinky realized geet is waiting for her ( no she already starts walking she is lost now, kya kho kho khel rahe ho yaarD'oh)

Geet looking for pinky when saasha bumps to her and gives disgusted look. Saasha asks her if she is coming from uzbekistaan and does not know hindi ( hahah, why not from US those people do not know hindi either) Adi thinks she has come for interview; they take her to board room with out giving her chance to speak ( aaya majaa geet phasi na ab).  Start asks her name, she is about to tell full name but stops at first, he asks geet what and  she goes in FB and then firmly tells only geet ( yeah adi for now geet only later she will be khuraana, maan himself will let you knowLOLWink) He asks about her education she tells she was doing BA, saasha jums in convo and says yeah where you did bahanji fashion course ( interesting never knew about that course).Geet asks him why these questioning to her. He replies for security reason ( OMG now all are going to use these phrase every where for security reason tell this that  etc what rubbish) Geet wonders for 5 mnts so much security question ( oh ask us what security check is. I stopped flying coz of these) Finally she decides to answer as this is question of pinky's job ( no ma'm this will give you a job of staying very close, very near to your own MannROFL) 

Geet tells she came today only from Hoshiyaarpur.  adi tries to make convo by saying oh from Punjab and tells saasha let him handle (can not you see adi?? Saasha sees  potential GF of maan in herTongue)  adi asks about her family gets to know she is all alone. He goes further that does she know how big Delhi is??? Geet says in low voice for her city matters, and to find new path one has to walk alone. He is amazed and says delhi is very fast she says does not matter if one is determine will sure reach at destination no matter how much hurdles are in between( saasha tut oh gayi. Yeh ladki will take mann, already they met) Saasha is annoyed star laughs in funny way ( he reminds me funny character in Ugly Beety, forget his name)

Saasha storms off. Geet asks for pinky to him he says stay here she is busy and follows saasha. Saasha tells adi she is not fit, but adi replies she speaks a little, so good for our boss, saasha annoyingly says but he hardly shows up to office ( aayega aayega once he will see geet then will come daily.) and  I am the one who will be dealing with her on daily basis. Now pinky in dhoondo geet mission. Where at maan's office saasha and adi argue how unfit geet will be. Adi asks to have a look on geet's details ( abe what you know he knows her 5 pushteROFL). Maan asks to saasha why is she unfit and to adi why is she fit. Saasha says she will not be able to handle corporate world where adi has point that she is very seedhi saadhi and these type people are very hard working and honest in addition she will put 100% of her in work.  Finally mann agrees to give her job ( yeh toh hona hi tha, varna rosh jaake kanchi ko maartiROFL he signs her appointment letter of course without reading details in fact he covers her name with his hand. ( irony is geet had signed her property in his name and he is signing now her appointment letterOuch).

Pinky finds geet in danger zone aka close to boss's office. Geet explains to her what happen with her. Pinky thinks she will loose her job. Geet feeling very bad ( naa do not. you will get job here) those two are about to go when adi comes and tells she got the job,he asks pinky to get her details. Geet is shocked tries to say no but he does not listen hands her letter ( Oh man I want such employer, me struggling for job, market is still downLOL) He leaves geet denies to have job, tells pinky this is wrong but pinky blackmails her saying take it to save her job, and change topic by asking if she does not want to go to embassy. They leave again misses maan( hahah I'm sure they will meet in his office geet having note pad for dictation aur tab maan will have shock of his life). Adi apologize to mann for his argument with saasha and tells will never happen again ( nanan plese stand for geet when mann is not there, varna yeh saasha toh use uda degi)



Part 2: Embassy ya road side tea stallConfused

 Pinky brings geet in front of embassy ( oops it looks like tea stall). Pinky asks geet if she wants to go to Canada then she should find matchmaker and marry a NRI. Geet lost in FB with Dev, Pinky asks her tell the reason why is she so wanting to go in. Geet tells her she can not tell her any thing. Pinky says can you jump the wall, geet confused, pinky says see my jalva . she goes banaao fool security guard saying she is reporter and wants to take his picture while she signal geet to enter ( foolish ever thing to show. No way can anyone get this way to any embassy. Just misleadingSilly) Geet walking in side the embassy, where as out side maan coming out of his car murmuring this can be done over phone what is the point calling to embassy ( abe oye tu kya koi President of india or Canada hai kya??? Yeh TV vale bhi na kya bevkoof banaate hai public ko, embassy nahi hua zoo ho gaya) screen splits between geet and maan

Precap: New beginning

Geet telling herself life has given one more chance to her, so she will lead her life her way. ( naa life has given handsome guy to be potential BF becoming eventually your hubby, bhool ja dev ko, he was just a pretty face with glassesROFL)

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Geet episode 47:

I love Aadi. HeartEmbarrassedEmbarrassedSweet and simple.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed I have the same look on my face like PinkyDay Dreaming not as much for his cuteness but his good heart. But as far as the interview goes how come I don't get to attend such interviews where I am the sole applicant, I give some philosophical answers ( I would have rolled my eyes too Sasha style  if I had heard answers like Geet's) and then before I even think of leaving the premises I am offered the jobShockedAngry. Geet tusi kitni lucky ho.WinkLOL

Of course Aadi recognized the determination, the strength, the simplicity and earnestness in Geet's character when he went out of the way in recommending Geet.Thumbs Up Geet's clothes didn't look half as bad as Sasha made them out to be.Shocked Oh Sasha if only you had hung around long enough you would have definitely seen our behenji clothes designer dress up our Geet and then you would have realized how pretty Geet's present clothes actually are. WinkLOLWhen Sasha mocks her it was sad to see Geet remember that particular scene when NT too puts her down in a similar way.Ouch

And though Maan may look like he treats Aadi and Sasha the same I think he trusts Aadi's instincts better bcos he knows of his good heart. I don't know why Pinky should lose her job just bcos Sasha and Adi mistook Geet for an applicant. ConfusedAnyway how else would she have joined KC. Wink

I am not really clear as to how Geet is planning to bring Dev to justice by visiting the Canadian Embassy.Confused Maybe she is trying to track him with the number. Will have to wait and see.

One lone security man in the embassy is very hard to believe but I did not know why she should sneak in.Confused There are info counters in most such places for people who need information alone? Also why does MSK need body guards when we have already seen he can defend himself from sword yiedling thugs and that too for a routine visit to the embassy. And the way they use their walkie talkies like he was some fat politician or something (God forbid). Arey logic thoo bhag kyoon nahi jaatha jub hotha hai magic?Wink (Forget logic enjoy magicLOL.)And 2 morrow they bump into each other .


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Lily201 Goldie

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Posted: 28 February 2012 at 9:10am | IP Logged
You waited for every moment to unfold -just to find Maaneet crossing paths again (or rather having their paths "collide" into each other -always do they bump into each other post their fave game of "hide and seek").

Moi -"highlight of the epi-moment" -has to be the interview -all those replies were a big-time indication of future course of Geet,plus the way Adi -built the rapport with Geet was heartening though they were met by sasha's curt counter attacks.

May I just say I love the understated way Adi deals with Sasha's high & mighty airs -I honestly enjoy those tiffs.

Infact (as I might be telling for the umpteenth time) I love the entire office scenes - rarely did I feel as light hearted as I did when watch the ensemble cast of the office-comic capers.

The misunderstood situations - like "security enquiry","job interview" and that impossible breakthrough in the embassy was enjoyable though my heart beat a trifle faster -for Geet knowing of Dev's whereabouts & possible Manneet-bumping.

The entire write-up posted with epi was fun-really conjured the reactions at those time & what was to happenLOL

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 28 February 2012 at 9:17am | IP Logged
This episode was a perfect build-up for Geet's job as a secretary in MSK's office EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
From this episode onwards only ,I knew that Adi-Geet-Pinky will form an awesome team together in the office while Sasha-Tasha r going to b these typical vamps on the opposite side LOLEmbarrassed...The whole process of Geet getting the job by accident was rather funny but then this is daily soap and u do need such accidental miracles to start the love story WinkLOLEmbarrassed..
What I loved the most here was MSK actually asks both Sasha and Adi regarding Geet  and even though MSK was shown hving more trust on Sasha in such intelligent matters ,but here he gives more importance to Adi's opinion on Geet and opts for Adi's decision to give her a chance Embarrassed...
I totally loved the bonding that Geet shared with Pinky and her father ...very cute and informal types ..something which she has always missed in her own family CryEmbarrassed..
I think tomorrow we r going to see Maaneet first confrontation in Delhi in the Canada Embassy and then later in office when MSK will b wearing the famous pink shirt WinkLOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..
This episode was a cute filler and a good build up for the coming office track StarStarStarStar

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 February 2012 at 9:26am | IP Logged
So Geet does manage to impress Adi with her..less Corporate-related but more melo-dramatic answers...LOLI felt Sasha was more practical...anyways..story has to progress further..the mis-understanding or goof-up by Adi..Sasha..ends in Geet having a job in a MNC as the Boss's secretary..that too right on the first day. must say Geet is extremely lucky !!!! Smile

Adi sir's point no.1 was interesting.. Yeh ladki Boss ke liye perfect hai..LOLhe said Boss and not Job was interesting !!! what choice of words!!! It also showed that he knew MSK very well..In fact much better than others..he knows that though MSK is strict..he respects hard work.. and most of all..Honest ppl..SmileAdi did see that trait in Geet..must say Adi has a good sense of jugdement of doubt he is Maan's fav..coz MSK went with Adi 's decision rather than sasha's..Smile

OMG !!! Adi sir got so excited when Maan agreed..he wanted to hug him..LOLI love Adi !!!! Smile

Next epi..Canada embassy takkar !!! LOL

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