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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 117)

sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 February 2012 at 9:17am | IP Logged
It was out and out Geet's epi today...Smile
I was ready for some filmy drama.. with lot of camera zooming on DD's face..from above.. below.. sideways..2D..3D..from every angle.. LOLlot of ATTYACHAR and ZULM -filled dialogues but to my dissappointment..there weren't any..Unhappy

Along with accusations..Geet was also questioning their so-called "right" values/views..though I felt Geet was tooo soft on everyone.. after what she has gone through esp on DaarjiAngry(but how did she know that Daarji has given Brij the permission.. she was not there???Confused) I m so so glad that Geet bashes everyone even her parents..bcoz as I said ALL of them were culprits.. the love doesn't matter when u don't respect the person..Ouch  

 The audience behind were giving well-rehearsed dramatic responses as usual..LOLbut Finally the truth is out in open..Smile

ok.. Mohinder saved his own face..earned some respect by standing against him and accepting his mistake..

The feminist in me was seeti maroing when Geet pushes Brij..Coolnot once but twice..thrice...Shockedits much..much better and realistic than giving a slap..the look on Brij's face was pricelessLOL

See thats why Maan has so much faith on our Police..LOLthey did not take any non-sense even though Brij was hailing from so-called respectable family.. plus the inspector gave Brij a nice Kantaap for all his nautanki...LOL

oh.. Daarji.. he had the nerves to shout at Channi's mother.. Angry(I guess Channi's loop is closed now..with everyone including her mother and Gurvinder knowing abt her death ) and debarre Geet from the house after all this..Angry(I would have liked to see how and why Daarji changed??)

Daarji... Geet does not care abt u and your hippocratic values now.. Lovely !!!! she gives back on their faces and moves on... But still it would have really hurt Geet to leave her family altogetherCryDont worry Geet !!! BABA MSK is with u..LOL

So Geet becomes parayi in real sense after todays epi...Ouch

Next epi.. get ready.. Gajni-style MSK Cool Cool

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Priya204 Goldie

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This is for the first time I am posting in this thread I will not give a detailed analysis but will say that it was one of the most powerful episodes of geet where geet questions the society & its prejudiced attitude towards women
but my favourite part was the one where the police drags brij to the police van by holding his legs it is first time on tv that a polece had arrested somebody in this manner

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Written Update (kashish 1322)

Recap : Geet disowns her family, and tells them that she'll live her life as she wants. Brij gets arrested for killing Channi and attempt to murder Geet and Gurvinder. Geet leaves her family behind.

Part 1
Geet in a bus going to Delhi, flashbacks are shown of her at the police station. Police guy tells her that she did a great job by telling them about Brij, and that her dad has left a bag for her. Geet asks some guy in the bus when will they reach Delhi, he tells soon!
Here in Delhi, we see an office by the name of Khurana's, and Sasha's entry (she looks gorgeous lol), and another girl who keeps saying "Silly me!". Suddenly a siren goes off in the office, everybody starts running and getting to work, it turns out that the boss who hasn't shown up in months is actually coming to the office today. Everyone calls him "MK". A group of cars are shown arriving at the office, the boss gets out of the car and is walking into the office, and the remixed version of Maan's tune is playing in the background (omg I love the remix versionEmbarrassed, this scene may remind you of Aamir in Ghajini, hot hot hott!!Embarrassed, must watch scene for all viewersssShocked) His face is not shown, as he enters the office, everyone greets him, including Sasha. Then the boss' face is shown, and its none other than Maan Singh KhuaranaDay Dreaming, looking as dreamy as ever in his business attire (def not to be missedddEmbarrassed) He asks for Adi, and a guy in glasses (nerd type) comes out running. Maan asks for Sasha and Adi to meet him in the cabin with certain files. He leaves. Sasha and the other girl are drooling over Maan, and Sasha asks her if she's looking good before she goes in. It turns out that a file is missing, and Adi had left it in the reception with Pinky.
But Pinky is on leave

Part 2 -
Pinky's intro, apparently the girl is obsessed with food LOL
Her full name is Pinky ManchandaConfused (we thought she was Maan's sister)
She's at the bus stand, looking for Geet (with a photo of hers in her hand)
Geet comes out, very nervous and scared, but she gets herself together, and goes to the counter to inquire about how she can get to the Canadian embassyShocked (omg she wants to go to Canada to take revenge, you go girl, but Maan is waiting for you here yaarEmbarrassed) They suggest her to take a taxi, but Geet bumps into Pinky, who turns out to be a friend of hers from long time ago which she doesn't even remember. Geet asks her who she recognized her after so many years, Pinky tells her that Mahinder (Geet's dad) used to send her picture every year. Pinky insists that Geet will stay at her place, Geet refuses, but is ok after Pinky offers to take rent from her since that won't be a favor then.
Pinky and Geet in taxi
Pinky calls her dad and informs him that Geet has come. At the same time, her dad gets a phone from Mahinder, and he assures him that Geet won't have any trouble here, as she's like my own daughter (apparently the dads were friends, aww so sweet of MahinderClap)
Geet asks Pinky if they can go to the Canadian embassy.
Pinky teases her as if she wants to get a hot NRI guy for herself, Geet gets hurtCry
Part 3 -
Maan's office
Sasha and Adi are discussing something with Maan, when Sasha asks Maan about his wound on the head. Maaan goes back in Geet's memoriesEmbarrassed
Sasha says she'll get a band-aid for him, but Maan refuses, and asks for the missing fileLOL
Adi and Sasha tell that Pinky is on a leave and she had the file. Maan gets annoyed and says he wants it now no matter whatWink with his khadoos attitudeEmbarrassed
Pinky gets a call from the office, she gets all nervous after listening to the news of the boss coming inLOL
She tells the taxi driver to go to the office, but Geet wants to go to the embassy
Pinky tells her we'll go later as I have to go urgently now!
Taxi leaves them outside Maan's office, Pinky enters in a hurry, Geet takes her time as she's very nervous!
Geet enters the office with her bag, and then we see Maan walking down the gallery (with his original tuneEmbarrassed), about to turn, and the epi ends!

Precap : Sasha and Adi ask Pinky for the file of the interviewees for Maan's secretaryWink
Pinky opens her drawer, and finds a bag of chipsLOL
Sasha exclaims, "Oh my god, is this a drawer or a dustbin?"LOL
And then tells her to bring the file into the interview room

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Geet episode 46:

What a scene shift. It actually needs a lot of adjusting from all the previous episodes to the upcoming ones. The scenery is one major change of course. From the rustic backdrops, greenery and open spaces of the village to the artificial,crowded, hurry burry of the city. The people of course have changed completely. From being hit for not wearing a chunni to flaunting mini and micro skirts. ShockedFrom nice soft scenes to Hollywood style direction.ShockedLOL

Geet leaves behind her memories, her relations even the special bond she had with her dad , her old life, her innocence, her fears Ouchand embarks on a new one.Smile Looks like having put one criminal behind bars she is on a roll and wants to bring the other culprits to justice too.Thumbs Up Poor girl little did she know that her quest for justice at a much later point will end up in her fixing the culprit's marriage and solving his marital problems.Cry

The way Geet is overwhelmed by the city and the callous attitude of people there when that lady pushes her is natural since she has hardly left her patio forget going out into the city on her own. OuchI think her imagination of Brij hurting her with a talwar was symbolic of all her fears and just like she put him behind bars she will overcome her fears and face the future with a brave face.Thumbs Up

I think whoever orchestrated the intro scene of MSK and Khurana constructions got a little bit too carried away by whichever Hollywood movie he or she saw lastLOLLOL. Sasha did look quite fashionable in that hairstyle and dress. Why could we not have had this dress for the one that Maan buys for Geet from the western shop instead of the polyester nightmare?CryCry I for one would not have minded the repetition of this particular dress.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed It would have led to some delicious scenes.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed All other characters are introduced in a nice way too but the typing the names spy movie style made me literally role my eyes for the first time in all these episodes.ErmmLOL

Of course MSk's entry was jhakaas as it should be. CoolNo complaints there from me. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedFirst time we get to see the rich business man who was he was hinted to be in HP. He looks really dashing in his formals.Cool A good balance between the formal attire and the casual shirts would have been great. Unfortunately later on he was only seen in the formal ones and then they lost their charm. Ouch

Though it is shown that everyone is in a way scared of him he does not come across as too unreasonable and today did not even bark at Adi.Shocked I think he had spent too much of his energy saving and then yelling and then frustrated at Geet and he was a bit tired. LOLHer thoughts are definitely not far away and Sasha trying to escape his wrath reminds him of her.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Don't worry Maan babu you'll meet the girl of your "daydreams" soon enough.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Pinky as usual was her cute bubbly self. And though she may not look it she actually was clever enough to convince Geet to come and stay with them in such a way that she did not feel in debt. Though Geet seemed a little too carried away by her newfound self respect so much so that she was not thinking of the practical side of things.Confused

It is nice to see that though late Geets dad is looking after that very practical aspect of things for Geet and the conversation between Moninder and Pinky's dad was quite touching.
Of course fate crosses their path again.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Eagerly waiting to see them bumping into each other literally.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed



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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 February 2012 at 9:01am | IP Logged
So we are in Delhi now !!! New chars..fresh look..fresh feel..Smile

The siren part was little extra.. but funny to see the reactions of office ppl..which shows MSK was rightly called Dusht-Danav..LOL
Somebody mentioned that MSK never went to office for months together came back suddenlyShockedMSK was trying to find peace in the jungle..alone.. after running away from the so-called civilised city life..but had to come back again to the same insane atmosphere to get rid of Geet's haunting memories..Poor soul !!! Kahaan phas gaya..LOL

MSK entry !!! though it was out and out Gajni-style..Confusedbut still I liked it.. Chauffer-driven car..tons of assistants..classy -office look(which later became a nightmare Dead) but ATTITUDE Boss !!!! Beats everything Cool(that is the sole reason why Copycats looked Paani-Kam-Chai LOL)

The 3rd bestest char ADI sir Big smileoh.. how much we all loved him CryI will say when he entered I thought he will be an irritating side-char who is just kept for the comic relief..At one point I even thought he was a neg char..LOLTo my surprise slowly and steadily he became an integral part of Maan-Geet's love story.. Maan-Adi, Geet-Adi also Maan-Geet-Adi Trio was terrific..Big smileLater on his char was abruptly cut off..just to give screen time to that nonsense comedy circus..Angry

then of the most adorable char..talkative,bubbly,cute.. perfect for our shy..nervous Adi sir..EmbarrassedLOL

What exactly had Geet planned after all??? Go to Delhi start a new life..or go to Canada and confront Dev??? ConfusedGeet getting scared with all the hustle and bustle of this enormous city..but still not willing to give up was good..(btw that Ambassador which took a full circle and came to bump Geet twice LOL reminded me of Balwant Singh Embarrassed)

How did Mohinder know that Geet was heading to Delhi??? Confusedbcoz the next track starts there..silly me..LOL

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 February 2012 at 9:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by geetaddict

Though Geet seemed a little too carried away by her newfound self respect so much so that she was not thinking of the practical side of things.Confused

Paro..As usual thought of it  but  forgot to mention LOL  ppl usually find out an acquaintance even if they are remotely related when moving on to a new bigger city.. So thats why even I found Geet's response totally filmy and I was rolling my eyes at her dialogue..LOL These are simple..small places/situations were the CVs go overboard with the characterisations and try to potray them larger than life..also in the process forgetting the logic and rightly said..the practical side...Ouch

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 27 February 2012 at 9:28am | IP Logged
This Episode was completely OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG for me Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...
I think I m yet to see any daily which has shown such a perfect entry of the male lead twice in same show ShockedShockedShockedShockedClapClapClap..The style ,the attitude ,the personality ,the background music of his re-entry in the office as a business tycoon ,his formal dressing style ,the way camera starts capturing from his sexy boots to his sexy assets to his  hot hot face with those sunglasses on ...Ufff I think I just skipped my heartbeat while typing this ShockedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...GC looked absolutely stunning in that business tycoon look and in those ghajini wears EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..Many other shows tried to copy this similar entry of the main lead with their bodyguards but failed miserably because GC as MSK made all the difference in this particular scene StarStarStarStarStar...
Hats off to the CVs for crafting such interesting office characters like cunning Sasha-Tasha ,cute and loyal Adi Sir and bubbly Pinky EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Khurana Constructions and its employees right from day one looked grand and classy EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..ALos all these actors were truely amazing ClapClapClapClap...Maan only responded to Sasha's good morning in this scene which indicated that somewhere MSK trusted her a lot and thats one reason Sasha was so over confident about her position in the office that later she tried to feel insecure of Geet's presense around MSK LOLTongue...Adi was always MSK's right hand and even though he had the stammering habit in fear ,still MSK always liked Adi for his loyalty and hardworking nature Embarrassed
MSK still could not get Geet out of his mind which was clearly indicated in the scene where Sasha tells him something about HP and his trip and he instantly remembers Geet WinkLOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..On the other hand this is Geet's first episode in Delhi Embarrassed...Pinky-Geet friendship right from this episode was very charming and cute ..loved the whole bus stand encounter of both friends EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Tomorrow I think Maaneet r going to meet for the first time in Delhi and that too in Canada Embassy ...the whole collision was quite deadly WinkLOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
Finally the Delhi Office track kickstarts from here on Big smileBig smile

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 February 2012 at 9:48am | IP Logged
WOWZA! Shocked

Like Paro said, that was quite a drastic change in tone and setting! If i had been watching at that point I think I may have wondered if I was watching the same show had there not been Geet and Maan's faces interjected every now and then. To be honest in comparison with the gravity of the HP track and Geet's struggle, parts of the episode genuinely felt irritating and slapstick (don't slap me!).

Sasha and Tasha totally had the right look in this episode which didn't really carry forward because sometimes they were honestly dressed like they were going to a night club and not an office. Anyway, but here they were spot on.

I loved the flashbacks of Geet which gave us the other side of the fighting for justice, standing on my own feet coin, where Geet grieves for the family she had to leave behind. Once she reaches Delhi, I guess the fear that she has in the jostling crowd immediately makes her think of Brij as that is what she associates this fear with now. But she decides that she is not going to let anyone push her around! I guess Brij represents that side of her that is submissive and meek and she vows to kill it!

Pinky was a lot more Punjabi here than I remember her being later. I am really glad they toned that down because we got more than our share of OTT Punjabi slapstick comedy later on. Dead I agree that Pinky was quite clever in the way she induced Geet to stay at her house, twisting the story to make it impossible for Geet to say no. It was even more heartwarming to see Mohinder behind this arrangement and finally taking some affirmative action for his daughter instead of throwing her to the wolves.

I guess Geet's plan is to go to the embassy, find Dev and bring him to justice. Oh my poor little HP innocent! Ouch You can tell how naive she really is by that Kashmiri Gate announcement that she takes a little too literally. LOL

Now to Maan. Haila what an entry! We saw him at his raw, natural best and now we see him as his cultivated, classy, urbane self. His entry was, yes, a little corny but fitting to the larger than life character he was to become. I loved the reaction to his coming and all the running helter-skelter and all the sheer panic. It is clear that the office is a bit lax when he is not there so people are rushing around to get things done. Sasha feels that she has the upper hand with him, but poor lady she will learn soon.

If I loved Maan's re-entry, I ADORED Adi's entry! He is so sweet and the way he crashes into Maan's muscled chest was just a foreshadowing of all the AdiMaan bonding to come. Embarrassed I loved seeing Maan appreciate his work. Maan is clearly not one to be sold on appearances or stereotypes. On the one hand he has a woman and on the other he has an awkward stammering man as his two senior-most employees. He clearly values hard work be it in any form and this actually becomes Adi's argument for hiring Geet later, which works obviously. Seeing Maan praise Adi warmed the cockles of my heart.

All in all, I have to be honest, not the smoothest transition from one tone/track to another but still the new characters are interesting and convincing enough to forgive that. I can't wait for more!!! EEE!

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