Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 116)

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Posted: 24 February 2012 at 9:06am | IP Logged
Samama nice analysis ,it was too emotional ,i had tears in my eyes while watching this episode ,i hated Darji & Brij to the core ,loved the way Geet told everything done by her family in front of the crowd ,she had become a sherni by this time listening to some of Maan's advice.
i had not taken any serial so serious as i did with this one .

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This was the last episode of GHSP in HP after which the Delhi track starts EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..One of the most powerful episode of Sherni Geet Handa in action StarStarStarStar/..
After GHSP ended ,I always wished that when Geet exposed Brij in front of entire HP crowd ,Maan was there to witness it all EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ;Then he would hv been so proud of his Sherni wife in the future Embarrassed...Even though later in the hum-tum episode ,Geet does tell Maan about how she punished Brij by putting him in jail but well Maan was never there to witness it with his own eyes Unhappy...I m saying this because whenever Maan did some herogiri ,Geet always saw it with her own eyes and was impressed with his mahaanta LOLEmbarrassed but when Geet did this huge thing of not only putting Brij behind bars but also exposing him in front of entire society ,Maan was not there to witness this daredevilry of this girl Ouch...That time when I saw this episode I was like one day when Dev will b exposed and Geet will b giving him similar punishment ,Maan will b there to witness it Big smile but damn the CVs never really showed us Dev getting any punishments but instead he was made a saint and the cutest Devar for Geet later on AngryAngryAngry...
Anyways coming to the episode ,DD was outstanding in this scene and everything from her costume which was torn to her  hair to her overall look without any make-up was just perfect StarStarStarStar ;Barry as usual did a brilliant job with the dialogues ClapClapClap..For the first time I witnessed something like this on small screen where a female lead actually shows the courage to openly expose her culprit in front of entire crowd without any fear and actually achieving success in it ClapClapClapClap ;I loved how everyone from the police to the entire crowd not only believed Geet's words but also gave her full support by dragging Brij in a humiliating manner all the way to the police van ClapClapClapClap...
Handa Family still kept showing their hypocrisy by asking Geet to go away and never come back but well I will say that was really a blessing in disguise for our Sherni Handa woh later goes on to find a new peaceful life and true love in Delhi Big smileBig smileBig smile...
What was a bit upsetting though was ,Brij never really repented for his cruel actions Angry ;He remained the same animal forever who knew nothing other than the so called fake izzat of their house for which they can sacrifice anybody's life Angry..
Overall a very good episode with a grt social msg ClapClapClapClap...Looking forward to the Delhi Episodes now Embarrassed

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Remarkable episode again. Fabulous acting by DD.StarStarStar.  She was inspired by maan's words to seek justice but she want to do in her own way. walks into the village like a roaring lioness.  Geet's father  throws brij out of the house for  thinking  he has killed geet but suddenly see her coming  from the front surprises the family members.
  Actually she takes maan's each & every word as it is because when geet's father proceeds towards her she think how helpless he is that he could not save her from brij who cared daarjee's decision more than daughter's life.  then think about daarjee who directly give permission kill her  for no mistake. then think about brij who dosen't even think she is his sister & the mistake was done by the family. & her mother who out of tradition & dependence indirectly supported daarjee's decision be it marriage or abortion or killing. she could not stop brij. She wans her father to stay away from her bcz she declared herself dead & the one who is in front of them is geet who came  for justice. She was eager to tell the world how rude are their parents who encouraged hes own brother to kill her. Love those dialogues & convo.ClapClap 
   Geet want justice in front of whole village ,she didn't want to stop herself . I hate daarjee who still want to keep  her quite ask geet to get into the house & talk  & hide the issue. It hurts geet more when darjee calls her putar,geet gives a brave kataap saying how didn't he think before ordering brij to kill her that she is his puttar wowAngry How idiot brij isAngry thinks he has done a gr8 job by trying  to kill hir sister shameless still orders geet to get inside & this time she isn't worried even graved alive or killed with the sword .  she wants justice & she mean it. she tells she  tells how he tried to kill her in front of the villagers. actually she provokes him to admit his crime by showing the talwar which he has used last night. she also calls the act  coward because they covered their faces  to kill a innocent girl  for no mistake. brij actually warns her not to cross the limits but geet tells the whole story  in front of villagers.  she also confronts saying she is pregenant with dev & for that  family members want to kill her ,even villagers feel it's wrong. Probably  Brij's sins have to end on that day channi's mother comes & confirms geet is married & she has seen her with her husband.
 Still darjee wants to support his ladla by yelling at channis mother to keep quite but geet's father requests him to accept his guilt  of marrying geet to a unknown person without knowing about him. To that villagers react saying  brij has done blunder by trying to kill her own sister.Frustrated brij is having power but no brain  loose control accepts that he tried to kill her & he was the one who killed channi. in front of the whole village people & family and also warns the same will be done those  girls who try to cross limits in his terms. Handa family is also surprised  to hear about channi from his own mouth. He Pushes geet to near by dustbin & says that is her place. This attitude costs him much anger from geets side. she remembers the whole jungle attack & pushes him back saying  he would never get the love of a sister & instead he will get curses for her for doing that cruel act.
   The day was decided for the culprit bcz everything went against him Gurvinder brings police & ask them to arrest him for trying to kill geet & him last night & also for the murder of channi. But still he is confident that he cannot be arrested without clue. but geet says she  has got the weapon with which he has tried to kill her. She says that his talwar is the key evidence on which his finger prints & her blood was there. She warns the inspector but the inspector slaps him and drag him to the jeep. Oh god fabulous expression By DD Clap while he was dragged, I really thing she is such a witty fun loving girl in real how she could cry and do the serious role Iam sure she might have really  ROFL during that drag & her gussa wala look.LOL.
   Daarjee says there is no relation between her & the family members  But geet surprise him & the family members saying they don't exists for her any more & she wold never step into the haveli in which in lived happily & cherished her childhood. She even takes all the frustration on her parents saying why were they not with her when she was attacked'. She says she don't want to stay in that hypocratic society where nobody asks a boy though he does blunders & if a girl don't do anything & something happens by itself  they  are blamed responsible . Always girls  are tested for everything since birth. So she declares herself geet the mother oft he baby not the daughter of the family where girls are not respected . she says she will lead her life on her own terms. She leaves the place,
  Wonderful, fast moving drama, brij ke papon ka gada bhar chuka tha jo itne sare istafaq Ek hi din hue.  This laid the foundation to the story to move to delhi. This is DD's performance episode with superbb dialogues.Clap

Sorry guys I could not find this pic y'day see my hero's herogiri to save my heroine. Maan becomes savior .Clap

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Geet episode 45:

So at last the episode that marks the closure of one life and the beginning of another. I ahve mixed feelings about it.Confused

Geet's actions confirm what I wrote yesterday about her thoughts when she asks Maan to stop the jeep. I did feel though at some places there was less strength in her voice than there should have been. But it might have also been because the opposition here is your own family so it is difficult to be completely objective however hard you try.Ouch Initially I thought she was not going to tell anything but about the attempt on her life part but then she did that and more. ClapShe told everyone everything and left out nothing. How hard Brij and Daarji tried to avoid any public announcement of their atrocities.Angry But this time there was no stopping her. Thumbs Up

It was a little bit funny to see the women repeating each and every thing Geet says especially the one with the classy glasses.LOL For someone living in a small village her glasses seemed so upscale and out of place.Confused Amongst the 2 men discussing one of them seemed familiar but I could not place him.Confused

As Geet rightly mentioned each of her family members are equally responsible for her state. Be it her confirming mother or her coward father. And at least Geet's father got the guts at the end to confront the lies of Brij and Daarji and bring it into open.Clap Though I have to agree with Geet that it was too little too late.Ouch

I liked how she challenged Brij to confront her in front of everyone like a man rather than like a coward in the dark of the night with his face covered. ClapIt is exactly how I have been feeling about people like Brij who think they are "men" when they attack helpless women in the shroud of darkness. AngryAngryThis line hurts Brij in the right place which makes him angry enough to blurt out the truth about killing Channi in front of everyone.Shocked His uncontrollable anger and false ego about his honour become his pitfalls. Foolish guy.D'oh

I wanted to literally strangle him when I saw the brutal way he pushes Geet and all those people and no one comes to her aid.AngryAngry Again not even her dad.Angry And the way Brij brags about finishing girls who don't follow rules.Shocked I was literally giving a standing ovation to Geet when she gives Brij a taste of his own medicine.ClapClapClap Though she may not be physically stronger her anger, her indignance gives her the strength and his shock at a girl actually giving back made him fall down the same way Geet did.Clap Even I can see the symbolism here. Geet rises up from oppression and puts down the oppressors. Amazing scene.Clap

I was glad to see Gurwinder. Big smileI too was wondering if he was alive. But was it my video or did the police alarm sound like a horror movie BG? ConfusedThe police at least do not let us down. So when push came to shove his proud talks about honour and bravery became meaningless when he resists the arrest. I liked the way Brij was literally dragged and how Geet towers over him. I think it also shows how morally Geet towers over him.Big smile  And I also liked the way the police warned Daarji and the rest of the family they would have to come to the station too.Clap Daarji should have joined Brij in jail if you ask me.Angry

I loved the emotionless way Geet relinquishes her ties with the family and even her name.ClapClap And she in the true sense becomes parayee to her family. There is  a finality to it and the song was very apt.Ouch

Of course looking forward to a much calmer but equally exciting new life of Geet and loads and loads of MU(Maan Uninterrupted).Cool

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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I agree.. even i wished Maan was there to see the Sherni avatar to Geet...
and i thought the same about Dev-part.. but sad to say that nothing like that happened...

Actually Geet really brought the thru color of Dev before the entire office.. but Maan was in hospital that time...(Actually GC got dengue or malaria that time...LOL)

But Maan was there to see the Sherni Geet during their wedding...
The way Geet go against Brij when he was saying bad about her and Maan...Embarrassed

BTW who can ever forget Great Sherni Geet's Finger act to Rasika...LOL Maan got double impressed that time...LOL

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Wonderful! ClapClapClap

In a way, I feel this was the end of the series they originally planned as they gave it closure with this episode and with the title song playing for the last time (I think?). After this began the sequel, which had the same characters but a bit of a different tone and orientation. If you watch the series, these episodes from the first one to now can be watched as a stand alone piece.

Geet's family were such a bunch of spineless jellyfish in this episode and I love the way she gave it back to them! They are such opportunists when it comes to love and support. Up until this point, I had some pity for Mohinder, but seeing the flashbacks in this context, I realise that though his heart was in the right place he didn't really help or protect Geet at all. Even if Brij had not gone after Geet, what were the chances that she would survive the night, being a lone, attractive, young girl with no place to go? If he really wanted to protect her, he would have helped her plan a much better escape and maybe even gone with her, but he did none of this. He took the easiest way out of the situation.

I love how Geet did exactly what Maan told her and remembered each of the incidents of her family members' crimes slowly and deliberately almost as though gathering strength and motivation for the confrontation. Like Paro said, the police may or may not have done anything but in this episode Geet stripped her family of what mattered most to them. No matter what Darjee says now, he will never be respected again and will learn the real meaning of honour as people will always idolise Geet for what she did. Perhaps had her family supported her, they could have been role models and people would have seen the truth through all the trash, the same way the Daimaa and Maan saw Geet's truth even though all the evidence pointed to her being in the wrong.

This is a bit irreverent but the way Geet got up after Brij pushed her made me giggle. I could literally hear a "BOING" in my head the way she just sprung up. But then the way she cornered him and pushed him against the wall to lie at her feet was amazing!

I also loved how neatly and flawlessly they closed all loops and brought all the intertwining stories together in this point of climax. Channi's mother acts as a witness to Geet's marriage and also gets her justice and Gurvinder brings the police, avenging Channi's death and his attack. And of course the way the police dragged Brij away was amazing and I loved the camera work! Brij started off being so cocky when he asked for proof, because he thinks he is super smooth just by covering his face when he kills, and the gradual descent from that arrogance to his desperate pleas was amazing.

Pfff. Darjee disowning Geet. I wanted Geet to laugh out loud here but she did one better by saying that cutting dialogue and simply walking away, leaving even Darjee's ego in shambles, as it should be.

Now that I have seen the conclusion of this track, I wish two things had been different later. I wish Mohinder had been at her wedding instead of Darjee (as he had Geet's best interests at heart, though he was unable to deliver and would have been so proud of her life in Delhi) and I wish it had been Dev instead of Brij who came to confront her. Here we see that Brij had already gotten his justice so there was no need to rake that up again but a heated Dev confrontation would have been much better, especially so Maan could witness that avatar. Also it would have made much more sense for Dev and NT to be trying to kill Geet than Brij and NT which felt like an overload of villains, with no connection to each other. If Dev had gone to jail after the wedding, they could have done whatever they wanted with the track from then on without compromising the basic DNA of the show, unlike what ended up happening. Oh well, no point crying over saint Dev. Angry

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