Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 115)

-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 February 2012 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
 He totally inspired & boost  her to be brave & face the situation & take a right decision regarding her family who does not care for her. He make her realise she need to think individually not crying when she got to face real challenges.

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Hayeee...the time my beautiful ringtone started to get more flava flava LOL
It was after this episode when my sleep was taken away...and who knew it would be taken away for so many more monthsEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
that music and the particular scene just haunted me throughout the WHOLE weekend!! The way he at first didn't want to touch her, as he saw her wounds but immediately remembered how she had attended his small wound on the jeep ride to Amritsar! The way he was so aware of her izaat how like a gentleman he looked away from when he lifted up the pants of her dress slightly...
that day i had said that he will be the man that will heal ALL of her wounds!! The wounds that she had received internally would ALL BE washed away by his his care! Exactly what happened, our Maanwa darlingwa healed the wounds of this beautiful innocent woman Geet who had only his love written in her destiny.Day Dreaming
Yeh pyar ka haq hum sab ladkiyan ko bhi dedo Maan ThakurROFL why olli (only) Geetwa hain??
Whatever it was that time that year when this episode gave a away to a new era of love...and new things to look forward too...who knew that we would for a lifetime be left with such beautiful and pure memories of our Maaneet.
I loved how Geet always had that fighter spirit in her, but she just needed a catalyst to bring that out of her!! Maan her prince charming came as her cataylst...who indirectly always left her with encouragement...the way she took that sword with not only her blood...but the blood of this total stranger and yet knight in shining Armour...the mixing of blood...symbolizing Maaneet they attracted to one another...she not only gave justice to herself as she uncovered the horrible truth of the so called Honored Handa Family but also justified Maan's reason to save Geet.
Maan always felt that why did he even help her when she didn't even do anything to Brij!!! What was the point in her saving her if she wasn't going to stand up for herself and get her brother arrested...but she did, little did he know!!! She gave FULL justice to herself...and to Maan...for saving her pretty ass that night...Embarrassed
Takin the sword leaving the taveez...the sword really means danger the babji at the mela had told Geet...this necklace will protect her love..."Maan" is her life partner that God had rightfully that taveez was to remain with him at all times...because he had become the rightful owner of that taveez! This was why everytime when the taveez came back to always went BACK TO MAAN...because he had been decided to be her hamsafar...and the baba dude at the mela had said to put this around her love's neck!
 Geet returned the taveez to the right owner...and the sword as well...was returned to the rightful owner BrijWinkWinkWinkWink one symbolized protection...while the other symbolized a holder of true love...the blood of MaaneetEmbarrassedBlushing true lovers still yet to fall into loveBig smile 
ok that is all from was a mixture...LOL
To me Geet Handa always was A FIGHTER...she just needed a Ma(a)n to push that extra edge in her to bring out that fighting spirit she had held in her since the beginning!! Like I said...Geet was always a power house...BUT she needed a reason to bring out that fighting spirit in her...kinda like how a chemical holds some type of energy...but it is released slowly...and it needs a catalyst to work well...and to unshield its tru power...
here Geet is that chemical holding all of that power and energy...that needs to be released...but she needs her perfect catayst to unleash...or to give it that extra edgy push to make the reaction go faster!!!LOL U guys get what i am saying???WinkWink eh eh eh??WinkWink

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mysterygurl1427 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 February 2012 at 6:03pm | IP Logged
Oh also, one more thing i thought of while looking at the amazing pictures on this page uploaded thanks to AAricha...
Before the sword was held by was lifted to kill Geet...and now Geet is holding the sword but downward...she doesn't have to lift the sword up to kill anyone...she can just show her fierce, sherni side...that itself is a sharp end to any sword...she will kill the so called "FAKE" honor of the Handa Family with the truth...and she will drop that sword as though she has done her kill...
by getting justice and getting Brij arrested...while protecting her leaving the taveez there its rightful owner, the man that god himself has chosen for Geet...the savior of her BABY.

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 February 2012 at 8:58pm | IP Logged
 ShiviHug Missed Ur symbolisms.  Hayee loved Ur  Sword & taveez importance in the episode.  So true she is done killing the false prestige & honour of handa family by warning them to stay away from her &declaring Geet handa dead & renaming herself only geet. Pummy was right she could see that fire of truth in her innocent eyes .

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-Gemini- IF-Sizzlerz

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Loved the episode very much ,how Maan tells Geet to go to the police station .-with the proof & how geet made her mind to fight .

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by pennu

I was feeling tru the lines you wrote about Darji.. Geet... Maan and all...
but you just cracked me with the line...
Btw..did he wear a new shirt or went to Delhi in just that black vest..LOL
yehaam poora ghar jal raha hey aur thume beedi ki padi hey...ROFL

Pennu.. as Paro..rightly said..I was geniunely  thinking about the entire female population of Delhi..thats why I so concerned..LOL

@ Fozia :

You are not the only one..I really doubted his intentions when he said.. To mat jao..LOL I wrote it too..the way he said it..I actually thought he will say come with me..LOL

@ Paro :

The intensity with which GC potrays MSK's anger is worth watching yaar.. Smile
Loved your analysis..esp this part..

Somehow she feels going to the police is too easy and they might not even do anything. So she decides to strip her family of their most prized possession-  their honour.Clap

and the explanation thereafter...Too goodSmile

@ Samana :

Hats off u.. and also Shivi.. the symbolism of Talwar and Taveez was just superb..Clap Whenever I read such amazing things written by u ppl..I almost die in embarrasment...and I feel forget a take on for an epi.. I shouldn't even write a sentence...LOLLOL

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Written Update (prettyfulwishes)

Recap: Maan tells Geet that if she changes her mind, she can take the sword to the police as evidence; Geet tells Maan she won't go to the police and he retorts that she can do whatever she wants; Mahinder goes crazy as he decides to set the house on fire; Geet walks in the middle of the road, and everyone watches her noticing the way she looks..

The episode starts with Geet walking into a street, and many people following her. Mahinder is shown throwing out Brij as Geet reaches their house. Her family is surprised that she's alive. Flashbacks are shown of Brij cutting her, Darji telling Brij he needs to finish the job, Mahinder telling her to run away.
Mahinder calls out 'Geet' and starts to move towards her, when Geet says 'stop'. No one is going near her. Their daughter is dead. Her family are shocked, and everyone behind Geet are whispering between themselves. Rano then asks how Geet can say that, she is her mother. Geet remembers how Rano forced her to go to Darji and say she was ready to abort the baby. She tells Rano that she's been fighting with swords, that too with her own family. Now she won't listen to anyone - let the truth come out to everyone.
Darji, sensing too many people around, says for Geet to come inside and talk. Geet retorts if he's giving her permission to come into the house - has he already forgotten she's his granddaughter? Darji cuts her off and says that whatever issues she has, she can say it inside. Geet asks what the problem is with talking outside - is he ashamed? Or is he scared of what might come out?
She says that a brother tried to kill his sister, and they did nothing about it? Brij is watching her with a mingle of shock and disgust, and threatens her to come inside. Geet says "Or what? Are you going to bury me, or slit my throat, or just kill me?" (best line uttered by Geet...)
In the background, two men wonder why Brij would try to kill Geet. Brij hears this, and Geet shows him the talwar he used. She tells him that here's his talwar that he tried to kill her with in the middle of the night with his face hidden - but why kill her at night? Kill her now, in front of everyone - show off his bravery. Brij gets incensed and throws the talwar down, and tells her that she's going beyond her limits. Geet asks, "what limits?" She turns to her family and says that they tried to kill her, but she remained quiet. They commit the sins, but it's Geet that suffers.
The boy chosen was by them, she got married because of them, she even told them she wasn't ready to get married but they got her to agree. She was told "it's a Canadian boy, you won't get a better rishta than this." She agreed to get married in three days - is it her fault that she had a suhaag raat with her husband? Is it her fault that one day after the marriage, her husband left her? (Behind her, everyone is shocked that Geet got married)
She tells them that today everyone will hear Geet Handa's story. Her husband left her, and her family told her to forget about him, and that to forget that she even got married. Now when they found out that she was going to be a mother, they gave her the death sentence. (Now the crowd is even more surprised at Geet's words.) Her family sent Brij and his men to kill her - now tell her, what is her, or her baby's fault?
A lady in the crowds asks Darji if what Geet is saying is true, when Channi's mother comes and screams that yes it is. She saw Geet in her bridal clothes, and she also saw Geet's husband.
Darji interferes and screams at Channi's mother that if she utters one more word, no one will become as bad as Darji. Mahinder has had enough and begs Darji to admit the truth. How much longer will he keep lying to everyone? Why can't he admit that they made the wrong decision for Geet?
Everyone in the crowd can't stop murmuring about the revelation. A lady asks Darji how he could commit such an offence to his granddaughter? Another lady mentions that Brij isn't worth being called a brother. Brij finally cracks it, and tells them that what he did was right. With these types of girls, they should killed as soon as they're born. He admits to killing Channi, and says that if they don't follow his rules and teachings, then he isn't afraid to grab his talwar.
He then goes back to Geet, and pushes her to the ground. He tells her that this is her place, under his shoe. She doesn't deserve any better. Flashbacks are shown of every injustice he's made against Geet. She stands up and pushes Brij. She tells him that he doesn't deserve to be called a brother. She curses him and says that he will never know the love of a sister. He is wrong, and his thoughts are even worse. She pushes him to the ground. Brij gets up, screams his trademark "Oyeee", but the sirens of the police are heard (they sound really creepy... nothing like a normal siren).
It's Gurwinder who brought the police here, and he tells them that Brij is the one who caused harm to him and Geet. The police officer arrests Brij on the grounds of murdering Channi, and harming Geet. Brij asks what evidence they have. Geet replies that there's heaps of evidence.
The biggest evidence is her, and then there's the talwar, which has his fingerprints and her blood. But then there's the proclamation of him announcing to the entire pind that he killed Channi. The crowd raise their voices in agreement, and the inspector mentions that Darji must come into the police station later. Brij asks if he's lost his mind, or has he believed crazy Geet's words? The inspector simply tells his men to arrest Brij, and although he resists and spouts out his heritage, the men drag him on the ground.
Brij is dragged, as he passes Geet, and then Channi's mother curses him for killing her daughter.
Darji tells Geet that after today, the doors to their house are shut for her. For them, she is dead. Geet replies, "No. From today, you are nothing for me. This place from where I used to smile, I will never step into the house. From you, from this family, I have broken all ties and bonds." Rano says that ties don't get broken just by saying so, but Geet tells her that if they had cared for her, they would have done something when she was getting hurt by the talwar. But no one helped her, and why would they when they're all a part of this gunj (what does 'gunj' mean?).
No matter what happens, a girl is always mistreated. From her birth until her death, the family respect is put on her head. If she gets married into a good family, she has to maintain their respect as well. And if by mistake her dupatta falls from her head, she has to listen to the world degrade her... She doesn't want to live in a society where all this happens. She doesn't want to live in a family where family respect has to be maintained at all times, even if a girl dies for it. From today they mean nothing to her. From today she isn't Geet Handa, she's only Geet, this baby's mother. She will live her life her own way, only for this child. She then walks away with flashbacks of her mother telling her to abort; her father telling her to run away; Darji telling her off (I couldn't understand what he said); Brij cutting her arm.
The title song plays as the crowds part for Geet to walk away from her family. Flashbacks play of her marriage, of her family blessing her, of her cooking, of her father teaching her how to ride. The episode ends with Geet truly becoming "sabsi parayi".

Precap: Geet is in Delhi.

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it was an awesome epi..Clap i wished to see more punches and hit of Brij by the police...AngryLOL
Simply loved the way they took him..Clap. and that Sherni look Geet gave...Big smile Wow maza aagaya...Clap
So noW she is heading towards Delhi...hmmm...Wink

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