Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 113)

bangalores IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 February 2012 at 10:36pm | IP Logged
what an episode!! u cud  say a miniature movie in itself..
the fight, the rescue...the hugDay Dreaming and not to mention the fore runner of our jungle mein mangalLOL
it is the delicate detailing that went in that makes the part even more interesting...
the way maan runs to unconscious geet and that almost dreaded pause as if he is scared to feel if she is breathing...
there was this momentary lapse of concentration or shud a say momentary over concentration on Geet while maan adjusts the flame of the lantern... that sudden flicker caught my eye...
the hug in the jungle was more of comfort and that smile was one of relief that he was able to save her, one of satisfaction too... somewhere does he feel that he has added to her misfortunesConfusedConfused
the way he keeps remembering her taking care of his wound makes me wonder if he had never felt this kind of selfless undemanding care before...
at the second hug he is aware of the seclusion, the impact of her contact with his body... i guess it is the demand forpropriety that holds him back from hugging her back...
but that was a classic image to end the episode on..geet clinging to him with deperate eyes,her savior and maan who proclaims to hate women who clings, mesmerised by the depth of her eyes ...kind of lingers in our the RK studio's signature pose

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mysterygurl1427 IF-Sizzlerz

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Sarry my lovelies...especially my Samana...actually when i visited that time I was still in India, and that was the only time I got a computer to use...I just returned about 2 weeks ago...and it took almost 2 weeks for me to get normal due to the jet lag and alll...hopefully I can join u all soon!

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 February 2012 at 11:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by pennu

Love your take...Clap but all i remember after going thru your take is...
Gad nosse vott else! 

Then it's good I didn't mention the BAIfriend! Cool

Or else you might have forgotten everyone's takes! ROFL

@SHIVI!!! You better be "sarry" young lady! Angry
I missed you Broken Heart especially with all the symbolism flying around in these early episodes. But I am certainly glad to have you now as we transition into the Delhi track after Geet's rousing claim to justice in front of the entire village. Day Dreaming

MSK and I valcumm you! Hug

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by mysterygurl1427

Sarry my lovelies...especially my Samana...actually when i visited that time I was still in India, and that was the only time I got a computer to use...I just returned about 2 weeks ago...and it took almost 2 weeks for me to get normal due to the jet lag and alll...hopefully I can join u all soon!

 Shivi miss Ure symbolisms. welcome

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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The BEST pose of all...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Thanks for the pics.. Richa...Smile

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Written Update (-bhootni-)

Recap: Maan beats Brij up indiscriminataly and Brij announces to the family that Geet is dead...Maan promises that as long as the girl is with him no one will be able to touch her. Brij is out looking for them again! Maan ties a bandage around Geet's leg and she wakes up frightened hugging him and telling him to save her...Maan is about to hug her back
Geet and Maan have a eye lock and she moves away followed by Maan
She gets up to leave but Maan stops her and says Brij is looking for her outside...going outside means death...Geet comes back and sits down
Maan is angry at Brij for hurting Geet...he tells her to look back and decide what she has to do...Geet cries that she can't even go home and Maan says that no one is there for you at your house...don't go!
He assures her that he'll take her to the police station in the morning...he asks if she doesn't want to go there...and then blames the womenhood
Maan says fine do whatever you want...while Daarji is thinking what's wrong with Brij...has he found Geet or not (mean budha)...he looks at the picture and says what have you done've made me do such a big sin...upar wala is never going to forgive me...Mahinder comes and says that we will never forgive you
Daarji doesn't want to talk to Mahinder...while Mahinder taunts him...he wants to do her last rite...but Daarji says whatever happened was good
Maan brings the sword and says here is the evidence...if you change your mind you can take this to the police station...Geet looks at it
Maan says that I won't leave you alone here since you'll be in danger...Geet keeps looking at the sword...while Brij and his gundas are still looking for her
They come across the same hut but they don't find anyone in there...Maan gets into his car and Geet is there with the sword in her hand...already sitting
Mahinder is depressed and remembers Geet and then imagines Brij killing her...he totally freaks out
Maan and Geet are driving and Geet remembers her family...the taunts...she is really shocked
Geet tells him to stop the jeep...she says that she won't go to the police station...Maan is really angry and drops her at her house...they walk opposite way
Geet walks to her house in the market place...the people around her talk about her...Mahinder on the other hand is trying to set the house on fire...everyone tries to stop him
Brij comes home...while Geet is thinking back at Maan's words...Brij is trying to stop Mahinder too and Mahinder taunts him calling him murderer
Mahinder tries to kill Brij and kicks him out of the house...they all are shocked to see Geet...who looks really angry
Her parents are really are taayji and tayaji...Geet tells them not to come near her...their daughter is dead
Precap: Daarji wants her to go inside and talk but Geet says why can't you listen in front of everyone...are you scared?...Brij tells her to go inside but Geet answers back

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Geet episode 44:

To say that it was an amazing episode would be stating the obvious of course. SmileWhen I saw Maan and Geet and the sparks that are omnipresent whenever they come together I had that sensation in my stomach.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed They are almost the only people who r able to do that to me.Embarrassed Maybe Geet already has a sixth sense of what usually happens when she and Maan and Tabela and lantern get together.Wink So she is like "escape". LOLOK jokes apart it was sad to see how helpless and alone she was feeling.Of course Maan is there to show her the right way. The dialogue of Maan that follows is one of the most powerful and true ones that Barry has written. We ourselves see a lot of women who continue to live in an abusive relationship. Especially with husbands who drink. And I loved the look of resolution that comes on her face when she realizes that Maan is right.Clap

And what was going on with Daarji? Confused Feeling guilty after practically ordering to kill Geet is just sheer nonsense.AngryAngry And he has to guts to blame Geet for him turning a murderer. AngryAngryWaah Daarji Waah.Angry Geet's dad's dialogues did convey his anguish and the way Daarji just pooh poohs it and even goes to the extent of saying that it would have been better if Geet had taken her own life.ShockedAt last something in Geet's dad snaps. If Geet had actually died then it would been too little too late. Anyway at least the sorrow of Geet's death woke the dad in him to the extent of burning the house down and even getting into a physical confrontation with BrijThumbs Up. He gave Brij the correct name "Rakshas" . People like him are the modern day Rakshas no doubt.Evil Smile

The expression on Geet's face when she rides along with Maan is just amazing. It is just like what she said to her family later on. The old Geet is dead.Ouch Whatever innocence was left was also sucked out of her. OuchShe realizes what Maan says is true. There is no family for her. She is all alone. And she has to be strong for herself and the baby. But when she thinks about how she had to take the blame for everybody else's mistakes. OuchAnd how always other people have been taking decisions about her.Ouch How she has been hurt again and again both mentally and physically. OuchSomehow she feels going to the police is too easy and they might not even do anything. So she decides to strip her family of their most prized possession-  their honour.Clap Brij would be happy to be in jail to if he thought it was to save their honour. But what if that very honour of theirs was taken away from them by their own daughter in front of the entire village. ShockedThat would hurt people like Daarji and Brij more than any life sentence. AngryGeet was definitely smart.Clap When she took that decision then she didn't want to involve Maan in it and neither did she want him to help her. It was her fight and she was going to fight it herself. ClapMaan's words had given her the strength of mind she needed. She would remember each atyaachaar they bestowed upon her and what she should do would be crystal clear. And then they part ways one of the many times. It happens this time bcos of Maan's misunderstanding and Geets lack of explanation though I don't think Geet thinks she owes him one though he did save her life.

Tomorrow will be a major turning point and can't wait for it.Big smile


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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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First the hug...improvised version...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Just like Maan I really felt for Geet when she quietly goes back and sits down in that crouched position all alone in fear.. scared.. I m sure Maan wanted to just hug her and reassure her.. I can say by his "look" to her *SIGH* but Maan is Maan.. the pavitra soul.. LOL

I sat up straight.. when Maan said.."Toh mat Jao"... I thought he will in a FILMY STYLE..put his hand forward.. and tell her..MERE SATH CHALO..ok.. he does not do that.. but instead he directs her to the POLICE STATION... that is our ever-righteous Maan for u..LOL

Daarji-Mohinder convo.. Daarji blames Geet even for her own death..and feels he WOULD have honoured Geet's death if she herself had commited suicide for family's sake...I can't believe thisAngry This man is ridiculous !!!! Angry 

Though Maan was all cleaned and had a fresh look in the morn..DD looked scary in the jeep..Shockedwith all her hair flying in diff direction..but I liked the fact that they kept it that was a total realistic look..Thumbs Up

Just when he thought this girl is diff then the rest..Geet announces her new decision.. That did it !!!LOLThe way Maan was seething in anger after hearing that..I m surprised he did not push her out of his jeep..LOL

I guess initially Geet wanted to go to the Police directly but then she changed her mind after those FB..she wanted to confront her family first and all by herself..Ouchand Maan thought its Geet's cowardice..(can't blame him though.. how would he know??? ) Btw..did he wear a new shirt or went to Delhi in just that black vest..LOL

I had forgotten how the Taveez comes back to Maan..must say..logical..

If Mohinder really wanted to do justice to Geet's Death instead of burning the house he could have called the Police and exposed Brij along with Daarji too..he had the strenght to stop Brij physically..had the courage to do that..but still he chose to keep mum..even when Brij and Daarji were cruelly toturing her right in front of his eyes..its too late Mohinder !!!! Ouch

I will say.. Geet always had it in her yaar.. the fierceness.. the independent streak..the righteousness.. its just that she needed a trigger to actually put them into action.. Smileand that came in the form of Baba MSK's pravachan... this time he struck the right chord.. yet again... Baba MSK ki Jai ho..!!!!!! LOL

Tomo epi.. looking forward to the MIGHTY PUSH by Geet to Brij.. the best part..Smile

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