Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 109)

Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 February 2012 at 7:49am | IP Logged

Written Update (-bhootni-)


Brij promises himself that he isn't going to let Geet escape...he calls his backup...he is all set to kill his own! Angry

Geet is highly scared and running...she wonders where should she should she save her child? She promises herself she won't let anyone harm her child

Maan is driving...and the lawyer calls him...tells him to return soon but Maan yells at him to make sure everything is ready

Brij informs his backup that find her and whoever does kill her! Don't think of her as my sister but our family's izzat! And make sure no one finds out! (how mean!)

Geet is walking and praying to save her...just then she notices the taweez while Maan is still shown driving

Geet remembers what the parrot guy told her while Maan's flashback of him taunting the taweez is shown

Geet tells her child not to one can harm them!

Just then Channi's brother comes in front of her...Geet runs away from him and notices Maan driving away...she calls out to him and he stops his car wondering who called out to him

Geet is about to fall when somebody catches a hold of her...he calls out but no one answers and his car breaks down as well

It's Gurvinder...Geet thanks Wahi Guru and requests  him to take her away or else they'll kill her...they decide to go the jungle to hide

Gurvinder and Geet run into the jungle while Brij and his chamchas follow them...Gurvinder thinks that they are coming toward them so they keep on running

Geet is tired and they hide under the tree while Brij tells his gang to look for them

Geet falls down and Gurvinder picks her up...he tells her to run but she is shocked at what she tripped over

She points it out to Gurvinder and he exclaims Channi...the flashback of her death is shown...Gurvinder starts to dig the whole up exclaiming meri Channi

Just then Brij shows up with his gang and one of the members exclaim that they have found both of them...Gurvinder is maha pissed off while Geet is scared

Brij's gang starts to cut Gurvinder up with their swords...just then Channi's bro drops his sword and informs Gurvinder who picks it up and is on his way to cutting all of them up!

There is a sword fight and Gurvinder tells her to run away but she refuses and he keeps on telling her to run

Geet runs away and some of them follow her

Maan is shown by a tent and taunts Geet again as usual...he hears her footsteps and thinks that it is an animal...he takes out his gun

He notices that is Geet who is running and there are people behind her...Brij stops when he notices the fire and they start to retreat but Maan spots them

Maan asks him what he is doing family should tie you at home...Brij tells him that he doesn't have time to answer his questions

Geet is still running and Brij following her...she falls down and Brij shows up

Brij talks about izzat and what not...she pleads infront of him...Geet then yells at him

Damn they start to hit her with the sword...he is about to cut her neck but Maan stops him

Precap: Brij asks Maan what he is doing here...Maan tells all them to go away...Maan starts to beat Brij up

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roseinbloom IF-Sizzlerz

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RES! No way am I missing the analysis of this episode!

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Yey...I m on time today...Smile

No doubt.. Geet called him Dusht Danav.. his convo.. really scares the hell out of everyoneLOL..the lawyer from the party mood started shaking.. just by hearing Maan's serious tone...LOLbut that again showed.. Maan is all-business type.. or it also could be.. that he is KANJOOS..and wouldn't want to waste any money on party...LOL

Brij made sure that nobody misunderstands his intentions.. whatever doubt..was erased by his BLACK-NINJA costume..LOL

Geet screaming Maan's name for help.. came as a surprise to me just like Maan..Shocked(coz the next fight scene in HP.. I thought was the first time she yells his name...) anyways..loved the taveez connection here..
So.. finally.. Channi's truth comes out..Ouchhey.. hey.. Gurwinder also fought haan !!! LOL

The chase scene was too good.. and I just loved the dramatic BG tune...Smile

Maan again with his loud self-talks.. remembers Geet.. and wo-ho !!! think of the Devil and Devil appearsLOL...and he passes the sound as of some Junglee Janwar...with anklets..LOL

Brij.. and his seducing Maan..but due to lack of time... half-heartedly leaves the premises..LOL

Those.. filthy..(using Paro's idea).*Bad word.. Bad word...Bad word*..Brij and his gang.. chasing and attacking a lone girl...Angry

Dhan-tanenan.. the Dhai kilo ka haath..makes its Shandaar entry... though I have seen this particular scene.. 10 times.. I still Seeti maroed.. and clapped at the last scene...LOL

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Geet episode 42

What a dhinchak episode. ShockedBig smileBig smileThe direction was superb and though from the background you can see they have used a very limited place to shoot the chase and they are almost going round and round considering it is a serial it was done really well.Clap Special appreciation should be given to the cameraman Hrishikesh since taking night time shots are difficult even in movies but the way he has shot the night time chase and scenes ClapClapwere really good. Even the fights were almost movie quality.Thumbs Up Of course there were slips ups like I was wondering where did Maan start from? ConfusedConfusedBecause he started when it was day and then he has been driving for quite a long time bcos it is already night and he is still in and around the place he started from? ConfusedConfusedIs he also going in circles? ConfusedLOLOr maybe he was hanging around just in case somebody needed his help?Confused(yeah right! Not the MSK we knowWinkLOL).

And it was nice to hear Geet call out to him as MaanEmbarrassedEmbarrassed and not Maan ji , Maan singh ji or some such name. They already seem to be so familiar with each other's name that everytime they call each other it feels like they are doing it hak se (as if it were their right to do it).EmbarrassedEmbarrassedand of course Maan gets into one of the many auto mishaps he faces throughout the seriesOuch. Maan seems to have particular bad luck with vehicles as they seem to break down left right and center.OuchLOL Anyway this one is for a good reason.Smile

The way Brij was addressing his fellow murderers it almost felt like a terrorist recruitment camp.ShockedAngry I can almost imagine the kind of pep talk they get before going about killing innocents for their own weird reasons.Angry And these guys are no better than the terrorists, getting ready to murder an innocent girl in cold blood for the sake of honour.ShockedAngry I like the way Geet talks later about what meaning does such an honour have which makes a brother kill his own sister?Clap

Somehow this episode also seems a culmination of sorts where we see Gurwinder discover the fate of his wife.CryCry He gets some kind of closure in that he comes to know for sure what happened to poor Channi.Ouch It was heartbreaking to think what Gurwinder would be feeling when he sees the sad state of his love CryCryand though it was foolish we could understand why he went to fight so many sword yielding people single handedly and unarmed.Ouch It is one thing to suspect something and it is another to see the proof of such a ghastly deed.Ouch

I liked the way he asked Geet to save her life. Both Geet and Gurwinder are really brave and basically people good at heart. It was just plain humanity that each didn't want the other to get hurt. Geet is always shown to care for others. So she is right in character when she says she can't leave him alone. But it is also good to see her love for her child taking precedence and then she runs for cover. Though I did feel she was holding onto her belly a little but too much. ConfusedMaybe bcos it is her most precious thing for now it is her way of safeguarding it.Ouch

I think Maan's dialogue about wild animals being there in cities too was a pun that Barryji cleverly put in just to show that how rage and fanaticism can make supposed to be civlised people into literally animals.ClapClap Whenever we hear Maan's self talks and today his conversation with Brij though he might be saying that Geet is not leaving him alone it looks and sounds more like he is not able to leave Geet and her thoughts aloneWink. He finds one or the other reason to discuss herLOL.

I think Maan also read something in Brij and his friend's eyes that made him, thankfully for Geet, follow them. Thanks to Sia I now know that Geet was hurt in her foot with the knife and not her back or something. So what follows makes sense. But the speed and force at which Brij was bringing down the talwar with the intention of chopping Geet's head off unless Maan was iron man the way he stopped the talwar law of physics says his hand should have been chopped. ConfusedBut then this is our steel bodied Maan and I think I am just spoiling the fun by being too realistic.D'oh So I am going to put it under the category of creative liberties.Big smile

Despite all this it was a pretty impressive scene. When Brij and his goons were standing around taking turns to slash at Geet what I was feeling was "gruna" towards them ,which I think might translate to acute hatred mixed strongly with disgust AngryAngry. What kind of people are proud to call themselves "men" and the guardians of honour when they so heartlessly attack a single unarmed girl? AngryAngrySuch men make me sick.AngryAngry Logic apart in the last scene Maan was pretty impressive and am looking forward to the famous swordfight of tomorrow and how Geet is relieved to see Maan and she hugs him. EmbarrassedFirst intentional hug by Geet. Can't wait for it.Big smile




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Ash1991 IF-Rockerz

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an awesome full crazyness fr dis show started frm dis episode...cant wait fr tomorows da precap...

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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@ Paro :

Hey.. if I m not mistaken... she is just slashed by the sword in her back.. but the knife hurts her leg...and it is stuck there...Confused
And Did u forget.. he is THE M-S-K we are talking about ??? Confused he is Rajnikant's brother.. so NO... physics..Chemistry..geometry..biology applies to him... He DOES NOT FOLLOW THE LAWS.. He MAKES THEM...CoolCool

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geetaddict Senior Member

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@Sia Hey you beat me to it today. Good job.Big smile I think Geet calling Maan by his first name like that struck both of us.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed And anytime when they show how men think they are flaunting their masculinity by torturing and hurting women be it a Dev or a Brij I simply want to chop their "u know what" with Brij's talwarAngryAngry. That would put them in place. OK Paro take a deep breath and now let it out.Thats better. Too much violence. I think Brij got into my head.ShockedLOL
I loved your line about the animal with anklets.LOL But to be fair to Maan Geet did remove her anklets last episode which I am sure Maan saw or (maybe Barry did) and the CVs forgot. So how was he to know he was hearing imaginary anklets?LOLLOL

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Oh this is another interesting build-up episode before the terrific sword fight between Brij-Maan EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

Its the taaveez which is protecting Geet from all the dangers whenever Maan is not around since that taaveez had already gone to her soulmate once Wink and she found that same taaveez on the road which is meant to now protect her from all evils Approve ..Its like Maan has dropped the taaveez for Geet's protection only and once the mission completes ,the taavezz will again return back to the place where it belongs to ..that is to Maan EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
Gurvinder gave a good helping hand to Geet in the jungle ClapClap while Geet's own brother Brij was no less than any animal who was running around in the jungles with his men to catch his prey AngryAngry...
Maan building his tent in the same jungle was not really a co-incident but its more like God has decided to somehow connect both together and make sure Geet's life is saved by her own humsafar Maan only EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
The real talwaar fight will start tomorrow but before that the way Brij hits Geet so brutally with his talwaar was simplyyy inhuman and cruel AngryAngry ;I mean how can a brother do this to his own sister when that poor girl was almost pleading for her life and reminding him about their bro-sis relationship can  someone b so damn inhuman Angry...
Goshh cant wait for tomorrow now to see how Maan kicks that Brij's a** AngryAngryAngry...overall a very good build up for the Brij-Maan fight scene StarStarStarStar

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