Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 108)

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Sorry I am late today! I was at a Shivratri thing.

Anyway, if I am late, anybody else can just put up the episode and start your takes. It does not have to be me. Smile

Here it is!


Written Update (-bhootni-)

Brij goes to harm Geet himself but they don't find her there
Geet convinces herself that she can't faint she needs to go on for her child
Brij takes out the sword in anger while his family tries to stop him
Taayji cries that she is your sister but Brij says that I know but she is wrong
Brij says that he can't take the humility and there is only one way out of it...Geet's death
Rano promises to make Geet understand but neither Daarji says anything nor does Brij stop
Brij calls out to Geet and she is scared...he looks for her as she tries to run away
Brij finds Geet who has a fire thing in her hand...she tells him that she'll harm him if he comes near her
Mahinder comes in between...everyone else come in too and tell him that she is your little sister
Taayji manages to save Geet and scolds Geet and tells her that she'll have to abort no matter what
Geet is really paranoid now and takes a knife to protect herself after locking the door
Maan is leaving and hurts himself which makes him remember Geet...he tells himself that he doesn't want to remember anyone especially Geet
A worker gives Maan the newspaper and he notices the missing report of Gurvinder...Maan tells himself that everything related to Geet is complicated...the worker tells him that Gurvinder was having a relationship with a girl from this villiage
Geet is sitting in her room still with the knife...scared
Brij is outside Geet's room and wonders it's been 4 hours why hasn't she come out yet
Somebody knocks on her door...she opens it up scared and it's Mahinder...she hugs him and cries
Mahinder helps her runaway
Brij finds Mahinder and Mahinder yells at Brij to not harm Geet...Brij threatens Mahinder
Daarji tells Brij to find Geet and kill her
Brij is looking around for Geet who is hiding...Brij finds her and she runs away
Precap: Geet sees Maan driving by and calls out to him but he drives away

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 Aww sam  Clash ok moi editingTongue
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This episode was a sort of build up episode before the real talwaar fight of Brij and Maan Tongue..
I loved the fact that in the end minute a father did his perfect duties by saving his daughter from the clutches of those ruthless people ClapClap,..No wonder Geet got that extra courage to save her child now StarStarStarStar
Maan seemed to hv been taking quite an interest in knowing the history of Gurvinder after he assumed that he is Geet's boyfriend Wink ;This goes on to show that somewhere in his subconscious mind Maan was feeling protective for Geet WinkEmbarrassed ;Mayb he dint want her to do any stupidity and fall in sort of trap Embarrassed...and this was frustating him more because he dint knew why he just cant stop feeling concerned for Geet LOLEmbarrassed...
I loved how CVs kept the blood connection between both intact Embarrassed..Whenever Geet is in trouble ,Maan always got hurt too Embarrassed
Will do a short take since I m also busy with Shivratri ...but looking forward to the next few episodes for sure Embarrassed

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Thanks to both Samana and Richa. You know Murphy's law right Richa. SmileIt works most of the time. When you change queues the older one moves faster.Ouch Similarly when you think it is ok to go ahead and post the episode you double post it.Ouch Thats life for you. Wink Anyway special thanks for doing it.For some early sleepersSleepy like me it definitely helps. Happy Maha Shivaratri to all.

Geet episode 51:

An episode with a heavy dose of drama. Geet's resolution to save her child is so strong that it wins over the effect of the sedatives.Smile Watching a half drowsy Geet wandering through her house trying to figure out an escape route was just like at the airport but this time somehow much more is at stake for her.Ouch When I saw Daarji move his leg back and give his slight nod to Brij I wanted to persecute him then and there with the same sword. AngryAngryBrij was young and crazy but Daarji?Shocked He is old enough to think straight and he still gave the nod for a murder?ShockedAngry According to me he is more of a criminal than Brij, somebody who in his cool mind takes a decision to take someone's life rather than Brij who is always driven by his temper anyway.AngryAngry

Poor Rupinder cares for Geet's life and at least gets temporary reprieve for Geet.Ouch Though she does say if Geet does not agree she will kill her with her own hands, I think it was just to buy some time and not bcos she would actually do it. She still hoped that she can convince Geet to save her life.Confused Though last episodes we see the family not supporting Geet in her cause we do see that they try to rally this time to save Geet's life. ClapThey maybe cowards but are not murderers unlike Brij and Daarji. AngryI loved the way Geet was ready to defend her baby even in her semi conscious state.Clap First with the stick of fire and even later on when she was yielding that knife she was looking no less than a Jhansi ki Rani. Thumbs UpStarStarThe way she was holding the knife so firmly I was just wishing that Brij was on the other side of the door and she could just get it all over with.Angry But then Geet's life would have been ruined so in a way I am glad that did not happen.Ouch

Seeing Maan in the same white shirt does not dampen his effect even a little bitEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed though I was a little  confused in this part. ConfusedConfusedLast week he was about to throw the tabeez but I don't think they showed him actually do it did they?Confused Also he had already got into the jeep with his suitcase and was ready to leave and today he comes lifting a bag and enters the jeep once more? ConfusedConfused

That hurt in his hand does not seem to have healed at all and looks almost infected today.Ouch Poor Maan. CryCryYesterday when he said to Geet that his dealings with her is completely over and he does not want to see her again ever in his life I was just laughingLOLLOL. Today too he repeated a similar thing before he set out to go. Oh Maan Oh Maan. There is no way escaping destiny is there? And Geet, like it or not, is yours.WinkLOL  Poor Munshiji seems already out of the picture replaced by that chotu.Ouch And chotu's words confirms what he has been suspecting all this time about Geet having an affair with Gurwinder. Kisi sey tho jalney ki boo aa rahee thi. LOLLOLMaan's anger seemed to be more of jealousy than anger.Big smile

When Moninder comes and Geet gets that ray of hope in her eyes it broke both our and his heart.CryCry Every girl looks upto her dad as their ultimate hero and when that image is shattered it does come as a shock. ShockedNobody is asking him to engage Brij in a physical fight but if Moninder had called the police and reported about Brij's intentions and made sure he was put away behind bars then it is a different story.Ouch But instead he takes the easier route and asks his daughter to run away.Confused At least he does not ask her to give up the baby which I feared he might do. That would have been an even bigger shock for Geet.Ouch Right now he sees only this as a solution and at last he does try his best to protect Geet from Brij and his sword and in the process is almost going to be a victim of the very sword.Ouch I liked the way he said that Geet has the right to live her life in her own terms. ClapAll said and done he has his heart in the right place.

And this time Daarji spells out clearly what he has been giving a silent consent to all this time. ShockedFind Geet and finish her off.ShockedAngry I personally feel that though Brij is put in jail Daarji too should have been handed over to the police on account of aiding and abetting a murder. AngryAngryI have seen enough law and order episodes to know that such a provision does exist. That would have been the right thing to do. Geet was thankfully not around to hear her respected Daarji's murderous order but Moninder was and at least he should have done the right thing.Ouch

Now the chase begins. Eagerly looking forward to tomorrow's episode.Big smile



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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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I agree that this was sort of a build up episode for the big chase tomorrow but nonetheless, it had some beautiful performances from all the cast!

It was incredible to watch the way Tayji broke down. We have always seen her as such a candid lady who approaches things with a calm, cool demeanour. Rano is usually the one for melodrama but today Tayji went a  little crazy at the thought of one of her children murdering the other! I truly do think she considers Geet her own child and for her and Rano, living in the context they do, they look for the way to save their child from harm and preserve her life. To them, Geet's baby is not really a baby but a part of the mistake they made that can be "fixed".

It was disgusting to see how the women of the house grovelled and begged in the face of Brij's brute force. There is something unnatural and disgusting about a such a powerful mother, reduced to begging her own son, grovelling at his feet. In comparison, Geet's strength for her child stood out even more. She is willing to match Brij. If he tries to kill her, her maternal protective instincts provoke her to show no less towards him. Rather than begging and giving Brij the position of power, like her mother and aunt, she faces him head on with his own tactics. And you have to give it to Geet's will power! I mean to stay that strong under the influence of sedatives was pure will power and that is a trait that never left her character and in many ways, defined it.

Ugh Darjee was utterly disgusting today and I cannot believe he allowed Brij and then even commanded him to kill his own grandchild, that too for standing up for what was right. The more i see of Geet's relationships in these episodes, the more I wish Mohinder was at her wedding with Maan and not Darjee. That would have been so much more poignant and effective as he is the one who is standing by her in whatever limited way he can.

That was truly the other highlight for me. Even though Mohinder knew his limitations, that there was no way he was going to get the family to agree to keep Geet's baby, he found another way for her to live her live on her own terms. I wasn't sure if he also told her to abort the baby at some point and it was heartening to see that he never did. He may not have been the superhero that Geet expected but he certainly stayed a hero by not succumbing to his family's pressure and compromising the morals he had given Geet. I would have loved to see more closure to this open end!

Finally, poor Maan. Ouch It amazes me, given his miraculous healing powers that show themselves later in the show, that his wound still hasn't healed! ConfusedROFL In fact it seems to have gotten worse! I guess Geet is the best medicine and without her by his side, his wounds refuse to heal and when she is there, they heal ridiculously fast, ie a head injury is cured within days! Geet is truly miraculous!

The ad about Gurvinder and the bell boy's information seem to confirm Maan's doubts. And even though he just vowed to throw Geet out of his life, he can't help but ask about Gurvinder. It is pretty clear that this girl is not leaving his mind any time soon.

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Geet fighting for her child in that unconsious stage was superb...Shocked she was like a real Sherni...Clap DD was Brilliant...Star

i really wished somebody should have chopped that Brij.. Errr...Angry
That Father-daughter scene always bring tears in me... Cry
Darji was giving silent permission for Brij to do whatever he like to poor Geet...Dead

And Paro what you said.. Maan's wound seems to be infected...LOL that line really made me laugh dear...LOL

BTW that way Maan called Chottu reminded somebody else...LOL No it was Chotte na...Ermm
Did yu  devils noticed that slight Smile Maan gave to Chottu when chottu gave the newspapper to him...Smile that was cool one...Embarrassed


Ahh can't wait for next epi..Big smile All eage rto see BrijMaan's Talwaar Fight...Wink

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Just like Samana.. even I m shocked.. I missed these epi.. totally.. and like Paro (and Sandeep Sharma..) Delhi office track now takes a back stand for me too.. these epis... truly deserve appreciation..

Till now.. I was sympathising with Daarji.. coz I felt though he is strict.. he cares abt his grand-daughter..but he has truly lost it !!!! He  was the sole person who could have stopped Brij by his one command...instead he GIVES permission to Brij to MURDER Geet...He is no less evil than Dev.. at least he was a stranger... Brij.. now I know.. where his sense of so-called righteousness and violent streak comes from... Daarji..Brij actually speaks the language which he the Kaam Khatam-wala dialogue..Oh.. Daarji !!!! Ok.. I will stop.. before I totally explode..

I m liking Chachiji's char..though it may appear rude..selfish way or the other she is trying to save Geet..and I like the actress who is doing the role.. I have seen her before too.. but dont remember.. though a side char.. but is doing a very good job... 

Ouch !!!!How mant times will Maan hurt his hand ???? and why is his self-talk so loud.. (actually even Geets..) ????? He called Geet.. BATAMEEZ.. It remimded of ML track.. where he always said.. Yeh.. Batameez his anger.. nice to see the connection.. Yo.. Barry !!!! Maan thought the girl with whom Gurwinder is chalaoing Chakkar is Geet ... hence his frustration increases...too good CVs...

Brij was like the military dog.. high on alert !!!! Ok..I feel it was actaully a foolish thing.. that Mohinder did.. letting Geet escape yes.. but alone.. in the midst of the night.. that too under the effect of sleep med... there where full on chances of her getting in trouble(Hey...may be he knew.. Maan was there camping...) 

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