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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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I have a terrible cold so I am not doing a very detailed take today. But I have to say so much happened in this episode that it didn't feel like just 20 mins! My head was reeling with all the new information by the end! Wacko

I thought the clash of the mamtas was really interesting and well-done. While Geet is fighting for her child, Tayji and Rano are fighting for their child, Geet. To them this baby just does not matter as much as Geet's own life and they make no bones about it. I don't think they are unaware that this is wrong, but they are also aware that of the reality of their situation and are women who are used to working within those restrictions, not breaking out of them. I loved the contrast of how complicated they were trying to convince Geet this whole idea was, but to Geet it was the simplest thing in the world. Also, today was the first time Geet said she WANTED her baby. Until now, while she couldn't think of killing it, it seemed like she couldn't not want the baby, like giving birth to it was her automatic reaction. But here we see affirmative love for the baby and its life. I also loved how Tayji gave up and confessed that she could not answer Geet. On some level, she was accepting that she was right.

The scene with her talking to her dad was also very poignant. Mohinder is so ashamed of his powerlessness to help Geet knowing of her faith in his judgment. I found the part about the pen especially poignant. Do you think they had plans of making Geet a writer at some point, you know, if they had stuck to the original HP story? That would have been something! So Geet has grown up with the feeling of not being wanted by her family and with her father as her only support. Now perhaps she sees her father as doing the same, ie supporting her unwanted child.

Oh Maan, you are so transparent! The poor guy can't seem to keep his head on straight as the fiery Geet continues to intrude his thoughts. He clearly wants to throw Geet away, just like her copy of the registration, but just can't resist the opportunity to to see her again and make sure she is ok. You old softee! Embarrassed

The conversation with Darjee was very well executed, with each making sense to the other but talking about different things entirely. It is kind of ironic to see a Maan who was unafraid of carrying Geet in his arms through a bazaar now wants to make sure her family doesn't think she ran away with him...kyun Maan babu? Kya iraada hain? Wink

Geet is such an expert at winging it and her quick thinking and resourcefulness usually assure that things do work out for her. She doesn't know how she is going to help Gurvinder, just that she has to get him out of there and not allow an innocent man to be murdered. She has had enough of this negative talk and action and she will not stand for it! Her faith that something will come through is admirable and babaji doesn't let her down! I loved the last freeze of her between Maan and Brij. While she is confronting her past, her future path is already laid out for her. All she has to do is turn around!

@Paro: She does clear the doubt about Gurvinder being her boyfriend later when they are locked in the conference room, before the Hum Tum ek Kamre Mein... sequence.

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 Geet Is firm on her decission to give birth to the child but ranno & tayaji knows that darrjee & brij will never accept  try to convince geet  to abort the child ,tayiji says there is no proof that she is married to dev & there is no meaning to carry the child. rano also try to emotionally blackmail her saying,she want geet to be safe but geet says she cares for the child as much as rano cares for her. she can never abort the child bcz she want the child. rano try to explain that there is no feature for the child as she is unmarried but still she is reluctant .
   Darjee asks rano weather geet has accepted for abortion,tayiji says they will try to convince her & she will listen to them but Brij interferesAngry& says angrily with a sword in his hand that if she won't agree they know better way to make her understand. darrjee's expression seem to be weird as if saying ti brij u are right &Angry giving permission to handle her.  immediately rano lies to darjee that she has accepted for abortion. ,darrjee ask brij to call the nurse & arrange for abortion.
  Geet's father believes that geet didn't agree & ranoo is lying. He asks rano's mother If geet really agreed for abortion,Nrupinder is feeling bad cz he is helpless & he knows geet believes only him & trusts him a lot .
  Brij setout to brig nurse, he doubts somebody inn, with that fresh blood stains falling on him,meanwhile geet is confident on his father that he will help her to save the child,he will never let anything bad happen to her. Geet's parents see her pain & feel helpless.Cry
  Maan is restless thinking about geet. He  Actually want to know whether geet reached her house safely or not. Meanwhile Munji informs that she has forgotten registration copy. Maan get irritated on geet & throws the copy in the bin,but His hidden  Instinct  really disturbs him and he takes those papers & go to handa haveli to give them but his actual cause was to see geet whether she reached the house or not..
    Rajji   comes to geet & say Brij is searching for Gurvinder but Geet  is firm that  she will not let brij to kill any innocent here after.Clap Daarjee He is still worried about the false prestige & honor of the family than  geet's pain,He want the abortion ASAP &  Why brij is late. As tayaji  goes near the door Maan enter's the house & ask for geet,Daarjee think Geet  shared the truth with maan & ask him to keep it secret  But maan explains that  She has come with him for registration but went to meet somebody else .He has just come to give those registry papers, bcz she didn't come with him while returning.Darrjee lies to maan saying she didn't return yet. Meanwhile Geet try to rescue Gurvinder but Brig is hunting for him from one side ,She hides him in a safe place.
  The story geet is moving In such a fast pace with  less drama, I could not come across such fast moving show till date after GHSP off air.Clap



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Who will believe that He is giving this hot look to that damn papers in the dustbin...ShockedLOL
Thanks alot for the pics...Big smile

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@Samana Thanks for clarifying that. I have not seen those episodes in detail. Only scenes here and there so I was wondering how Maan forgot to clarify such an important thing later on.
@Samana and Richa I too am always surprised how much of story they squeezed in the limited time and I even checked if these episodes were longer than the ones that came later on but I don't think they are. It is just like you guys said, So much is happening at such a fast pace.
@Pennu I don't know if you've heard but a few years back one south indian actress supposedly insured her thighs cos it was supposed to be her strongest asset.LOL And if Maan/GC were to do the same though he does have an amazing body I personally feel it is his sexy eyes that he should get insured. They could just melt you with their intensity and the passion in them, don't you think so?  I also loved your last line. Geet was definitely between the devil Evil Smile(Brij) and the deep blue sea(Maan wit his unfathomable depths of course).EmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOL

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 Guys Iam posting episode 37 pics which I was searching desperately bcz this episode is one of my favorite one in Hoshiyarpur track. So here they are. Maan & geet in Amritsar temple. Geet  goes to the temple to  ask solution  &  strength  to face the situation. Maan is shown as nastic but here is the first  time in the episode he also go to golden temple. Geet see a baby in the mother's arms & inspire  to give birth to the child whatever may be the consequences. she thinks babaji' has  given that solution by showing that baby in mother's arms. But what babaji wished  we could see at the back of geet. maan praying coming out of holy waters. It was so sacred .It seemed as if god has listened to her and send an angel to take care of her for ever. These are my fav pics both look so sacred.Wink

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Written Update (prettyfulwishes)
Recap: Nurpinder tells Geet to look at herself in the mirror and see if she sees a married woman ' Geet replies the baby is hers, and Rano tells Geet to abort the baby; Rano tells Darji that Geet is going to abort ' but Mahinder knows she's lying; Maan wonders why Geet always invades his thoughts; Rajji tells Geet that Brij knows Gurwinder is in the house; Darji tells Maan that Geet isn't back from Amritsar..

The episode starts with Geet, Rajji and Gurwinder hiding from Brij who is furiously looking for Gurwinder. Maan comes out of the house when he notices Geet. He goes up to her and remarks that her whole family are a bunch of liars. He says that Darji just said she wasn't back from Amritsar ' but here his granddaughter is, cooking up some sort of issue. Geet looks extremely worried as Maan notices Gurwinder and Rajji. Maan assumes that Gurwinder is the person Geet went to meet in Amritsar, and though Geet tries to tell him, Maan doesn't care. He tells Geet that he came to tell her he won't be in her life anymore (I know, how sad ' but we all know he ain't going anywhere).

Maan starts walking away when Geet tells him that he can think whatever he likes about her, but she needs his help. She needs him to take Gurwinder away from there. Maan gets furious ' he tells her he's not her servant. Geet replies she's begging him to help her, begging him to take Gurwinder away, "please.. please". Something in Geet makes Maan agree to help her, and he waves at them to do what they need to. Rajji and Geet hide Gurwinder in Maan's jeep, as Maan walks towards Brij.

Brij asks Maan what he's doing outside of his home. Maan replies that he was on his way home, and saw the house. Brij gets furious (technically he's always furious), and Maan brushes him off saying that talking to Brij is equal to wasting time because Brij doesn't know how to talk without insulting. Maan tells him that Geet forgot her copy of the registry ' which is why he's there. He walks away leaving Brij smoldering.

Brij walks towards the house when he sees Geet and Rajji standing outside. He wonders why they're outside, and asks if they've seen anyone passing through. Geet stutters that they haven't, when Brij wonders why she looks so scared, as if they're lying. Geet finds her strength and tells him that when they haven't done anything wrong, why be scared? Brij calmly tells them to go inside, and when they do, he realises it's late, and will call Dai Ma in the morning.

Cut to Maan, and he stops the Jeep in the middle of the road. He tells Gurwinder that they're far away from Brij, and for him to get off. Gurwinder jumps off the jeep, and says he doesn't know how to thank Maan, and that Geet... when Maan cuts him off and says that anything to do with Geet he doesn't want to hear. He mutters that he knows what the girl is like, and drives off.

The next morning at Geet's house, everyone is standing (minus Geet) when Mahinder asks Darji if they could have another discussion. Darji tells Mahinder that they've already decided what's going to happen, and Mahinder asks to tell Geet that Dai Ma is coming. Nurpinder agrees that they should tell Geet when Brij pipes up that when Dai Ma does her work, Geet will find out on her own.

Geet walks in with a tray of tea and asks what they're not telling her. Vrinder tells her that they weren't discussing anything important, that Dai is coming to see her. Mahinder and Rano look anxious, as Geet assumes that Dai Ma is seeing her for a check up.

Darji notices Dai Ma, and tells her that they knew she was lying last time she looked at Geet, and that she shouldn't make the same mistake. He knows that she lied about Geet being pregnant, which is why they've all come to the decision that Geet will abort the baby.

Geet drops the tray, and everyone looks shocked. Geet goes to Darji and tells him that she won't let anyone kill her child. Brij asks what happened ' she agreed to it the day before. Geet looks up, and goes to her mother. She asks Rano what Brij is talking about. Darji gets up, tells Rajji to take Dai Ma away, and then asks Geet why she's driving everyone crazy. (In the meantime, Nurpinder has left the room... I wonder why) He tells her that yesterday she said yes to her mother.

Geet repeatedly asks Rano how she could say this. Darji screams "Rano", and Mahinder finally tells them that Rano got scared and lied about Geet wanting the abortion. Geet tries to run away, and Brij grabs hold of her. He yells that she has to have the abortion. Geet screams for him to leave her. Mahinder begs for Darji to tell Brij to let go, and tells Brij not to forcefully do this. Vrinder grabs hold of Mahinder, and tells him to think of the family. Brij tells Mahinder to grab sleeping tablets so Dai Ma can do her work.

Nurpinder comes back into the room with a glass of water (and what I assume are sleeping tablets) Rano asks what she's doing, and runs to Darji and begs him not to allow this to happen, especially in these circumstances. Nurpinder grabs her, and tells her that they have to do this, didn't she hear what Brij said. They go up to Brij and Geet, and Brij forces her to open her mouth. They force the drink down her mouth.

Geet splutters, and the sleeping tablets have an immediate effect on her. She tells them to do what they want. She almost falls on the steps, and Nurpinder and Rano try to steady her, but she screams for them to leave her. She begs them not to kill her child. She notices Dai Ma peeping through the door, and asks her how she can rip another mother from her child. The tablets end up causing Geet to collapse, and she cries asking them to let her go, and then she goes unconscious.

The scene cuts to Maan walking out of a building (and guess what, he's not wearing black) with a suitcase. He puts the suitcase in the jeep, and stops. He thinks back to Geet telling him he can think what he likes about her, but she's begging for him to help her. He gets in the jeep.

It cuts to the elders in Geet's family in the formal area. Darji admonishes Dai Ma for saying no to him. What he has told her, she must do. Dai Ma apologises to Darji for hurting him with her words ' but she can't abort Geet's child. She can't do it, because she's seen truth in Geet's eyes, compared to other girls that she's done abortions for. Darji says that he didn't ask for her opinion, he told her to do the work. Dai Ma says that what the pind has said is true, Geet has had something happen to her (rape?), which means that she can give birth to the child. Darji has finally had enough, and Brij menacingly tells Dai Ma that if he hears even a whiff what happened today, he will kill her and her whole family.

Munshiji sees Maan in his jeep, and wonders why he's driving to Delhi. It would be better for him to take a flight, especially considering he's got a meeting with someone. Maan asks if he's ever forgotten a meeting, and (under his breath) Munshiji says if he did, he'd become a target. Maan asks him to repeat what he said, and Munshiji tells him that he forgot his gun. He walks away, and Maan puts the gun in the dash, when he sees the taveez.

He has flashbacks of when Geet bumped into him at the mela, and the taveez got stuck on his shirt; the fortune-teller saying that today you will meet your life partner; Maan going to throw the taveez, and Munshiji telling him that the taveez is pulling him in a good direction.

The episode ends with Maan saying that anything related to that girl, he doesn't want in his life.

Precap: Brij is looking for Geet, who tells herself that she needs to stay brave, all the while, the tablets still having an effect on her...

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I had no idea this episode existed! I don't know how I missed it entirely. Anyway again, I am so glad we are doing this so I can not only see this, but with a magnifying glass. That being said, this was one of the most difficult episodes of the series so far, especially as I thought we had left the worst behind us after Geet realised Dev's treachery. Cry

But the starting was just amazing! I loved how Maan was trying to instigate Geet in conversation and she just couldn't care less to explain anything to him. She is so focused on saving Gurvinder's life that she tells Maan he can think what he will but just to take Gurvinder with him. And Maan agrees, despite the fact that he thinks this guy is Geet's boyfriend and the irritation that knowledge causes him. Wink It is interesting that we are just coming from a scene where Maan wants to ensure his reputation with the Handa family is not ruined while Geet does not care about her reputation with Maan. It shows how different their feelings are at this stage.

I love how he takes out the snide remarks that he had stored up for Geet, and for which she had no time, on Brij. It seemed like he stayed back to talk to Brij just for the fun of it and Brij's expressions were priceless. It looked like someone had hit him over the head with a bat or something as Maan had him completely stumped. Stern SmileROFL I loved the line about going for a walk and Maan's smirk, damn. Blushing

I loved the new Geet, who has now sen past Brij and knows what he can be guilty of. At first she is still scared of him but seems to gather courage as she talks to him. And her unflinching fiery gaze that has come to become her trademark was beautiful! to the hard part. Cry

I feel like on any other show, with any other actress, this sequence would have felt melodramatic and overdone but DD pulled it off, making me feel deeply, Geet's resounding pain. It broke my heart when she came out and thought that her family had arranged a check-up for her with Daimaa, when actually they had planned to carry out the abortion with her unconscious.

I can't believe the nerve of these Handa hypocrites! Angry They actually force-fed the girl sedatives to get her to shut up and to do something unspeakable. I am not against abortion, but it is absolutely wrong to try and abort a woman's baby without her own consent. I cannot believe that after all the mistakes they made they are making Geet and her baby pay for it! And Rano, feeding Geet the sedative with her own hands?!? What is WRONG with these people? AngryAngryAngry

Isn't it pitiful that the one person that always understands Geet in any situation is someone completely unrelated to her? I loved the Daima's conscience in this scene where she refused to carry out this task, despite all of Darjee's dhamkis. It shows the power of Geet's truth which is perceptible even to people like Maan and the Daimaa, who have all kinds of ideas about the truth of her situation. Ironically, her family who knows the truth of her faultlessness refuses to support her quest for justice.

The last scene with Maan and the Munshi was again fabulous! That line about Maan being a human being if he ever forgot a meeting was precious and reminded me of when Geet calls him a robot later on! LOL Munshiji, there is a reason Maan is not going by flight and a reason he can't seem to get rid of that taveez. Time will tell...

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