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Maaneet FF 'KHUMAARI- Beauty With The Beast'12/132 (Page 46)

mayapari IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 January 2012 at 2:40am | IP Logged
update soon na plCry

jssood IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 January 2012 at 2:53am | IP Logged

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OsheenDGr8 Goldie

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KHUMAARI- Beauty With The Beast

For those who don't know...KHUMAARI in english can be described as 'The state of being intoxicated'

appo lady lolBig smile
@mishti muna
hope u got the meaning now
I love u? So soon!! Body guard getting on ur head babes hehe
calm down warna BP high ho jayegaWink
sorry dear don't know what i am gonna update so no precap
u find Geet smart n Maan dumb!! I find both smart as well as dumb
thnx dear ur appreciation means alot..

Wow Bhabhi ab mujhe rooz aapke haath ka yum khana milega. Shaan said enthusiatically. Yeh kheer toh bahut tasty hai.

Geet smiled in response.

Geet didi ne toh Maan sir k liye soup bhi banaya hai. Nakul informed.

Par beta Maan to office chale gaye. Humne unhe rokne ki koshish ki par wo apne aage kisi ki sunte kahan hai. Dadimaa sighed.

Geet's hopes shattered like glass. She for the 1st time made continental for him with her heart n soul, all in vain. She was disappointed. No, very disappointed but did'nt show it.

Koi baat nai dadimaa mai dobra bana dungi.

Kya baat hai Geet pehle hi din apne pati ko rok nahi paayi aap. Apoorva said in typical taunting tone.

Apoorva... Dadimaa glared.

Ab maine kya kiya. Maan Veerji pehle hi din Geet ko akele chod k chale gaye toh isme meri kya galati hai. Apoorva faked innocence.

Geet did'nt said anything. She just stood there with misty eyes which were not visible to anyone due to the veil.

Geet nai Bhabhi... Dadimaa warned Aur Maan ko koi zaroori kaam hoga. You don't have to worry for him. Shaan aap jake Geet ko puri haveli dekha dijiye

Chalo bhabhi aaj k liye I am your guide. Shaan chirruped n took Geet with him.

Maan entered the main branch of Khurana Construction in typical MSK style. He used to look over all the business from here when he was India. After he shifted to Dubai he visited here occasionally. His last visit was 5 months ago.

Everyone was dead scared. One of the many things Maan does the best. Making people scared. His power was their terror.

He walked into his cabin n asked Adi to bring Gupta's file. Meanwhile Sunaina entered his cabin. Maan was studying company's turnover report.

Hey MK... Sunaina greeted him.


Sunaina sat on the chair on opposite side of the table. She knew how to get his attention. She leaned over the table giving a clear view of her cleavage n upper bosoms.

Maan peeked from above the file.

I am in no mood Su. He again started reading his file.

Sunaina stomped her foot. This trick always worked. But for some reason Maan did'nt felt that spark today.

Accha why you left last night?? We were enjoying so much. Sunaina asked, trying again to get some good response.


Marriage?? And you?? Sunaina asked amused. From when you have started attending such f**king functions. Whose marriage was it??


Sunaina stood up in shock. What?? You got married?? With whom?? She asked unbelievingly. Now she won't be his favorite anymore. She clearly saw her golden coin slipping away.

Maan rolled his eyes. No need to creat fuss. Dadimaa brought that middle class junk. You know I love you. His said with no expressions.

I LOVE YOU which he spoke to every next girl in his bed. He never understood the significance n depth of the 3 letter prase.

Sunaina also knew those 3 words meant nothing to him but everything is fine untill she getting his money for fun.

Maan wrapped his arms around her waist. She looked away. Maan ducked his pocket n gave her his credit card.

Her face instently lit up.

My Don!! She placed a wet kiss on his cheek n ran out.

Maan heaved a sigh of relief. Now that she was gone, he could concentrate on work. But will Geet's thoughts leave him.

At Muhdikhayi ceremony, Geet clad in pink, sat in between all the ladies. Dadimaa was gone to temple as pandit had suggested a puja there, which had to be done simultaneously with muhdikhai ceremony at home.

Everyone saw Geet's face n were mesmerised by her exotic beauty. They gave her various gifts n in return tasted jealousy as jealousy is an indispensable part of a woman's personality. Women are bound to feel jealous by their better counterpart.

Waah! Kya bahu dhundhi hai Savitri ne. One of the dadi said.


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Apoorva was burning with envy. Kya fark padta hai if she is beautiful it does'nt mean she can handle everything. We are rich n have a status. I don't know what dadimaa was thinking while bringing this dirt in KM

Apoorva... Maan roared.

He was already irritated because he was not able to concentrate on anything the whole day n now this family drama.

Don't forget she is Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana. He warned. Mind your words before they leave your mouth. Remember this is KM, my place. If you have any problem then get lost. No its better that all you leave right now.

He ordered the servents to pack everyone's bag. Apoorva stood there dumb. She better not say anything in front of him. He was heartless, relatives n relations meant nothing to him.

Maan dragged Geet with him. How could anybody speak against something that belongs to him.

OK, he does'nt believed in marriage but officially she was his wife. He allows no one to critisize his things. What he does with her is behind closed doors. His reputation was never hampered in anycase.

He entered the room n bang shut the door with his leg. Removing his coat n tie he pushed Geet on bed n sat beside her.

Geet was again sacred by seeing him angry. He placed his hands on either side of her on bed.

Get ready for punishment. Maan whispered, his face dark with anger.

Punishment?? Why?? I did'nt even spoke a word. Geet thought least she knew he was angry because she did'nt say anything.

Before she could speak her thoughts Maan wiped her lipstick off her lips with his thumb.

I want you raw.

Next moment Maan slammed his lips on hers.

This time he was aggresive. When he had said punishment, he truely meant it.

He nibble her upper lip then the lower one. All his determination went in drain. He wanted to punish her n whats better than a kiss.

He knew she was scared of it at the same time it will fullfil his hunger. N a kiss does'nt mean that the marriage is successful, so there was no harm.

His tongue dived inside n tasted her salive. Geet was now completely lying on bed. Maan settled himself upon her. He was amazed how well she fitted. Like when god moulded her, he used him as frame.

Geet was not able to cope up with his aggression. Slowly his anger subsided n he kissed her passionately.

Now she was finding it difficult to hold back. Atlast she slowly moved her lips in response. Maan sighed, it was eternal bliss n he wanted more.

Maan stroked her tongue, instructing her to do more n she followed. She gently sucked n nibbled.

He parted to look at her. She was craving for more like him. He again started kissing her.

He taught her n she learned like an obedient student. He was a good
teacher n soon she learned it all. She responded him with same fervour.

They intensely probed each other mouth. The felicity was unexplainable n heat was consuming.

Maan rubbed his body against hers making her wild with desire. His manhood touched her feminity informing her of his aroused state its other thing that she was not able to comprehend it but a tingling current ran through her with the contact.

She bit his lips. Maan liked that but now it was going too far. He finally left her mouth.

You are going to sleep on floor. He said with a devilish smirk, his breath still fanning her face.




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i am going to kill this maan...gadha kahin ka...awesome update

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Saams IF-Sizzlerz

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Haila!!! Thanx for the new year gift yaar..

Evemthough Maan is rude,I loved his possessiveness..The way he roared at Apoorva and took Geet to their room is mah favourite scene..

One request please make other girls away from Maan,I cant bear dat sight.

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kahkashansakina IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome Graphics
LOL Greetings
LOL Graphics

Little_Mermaid. IF-Sizzlerz

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lovely update
yaar u r to slow no sr why aur i want jealous maan plzzz

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