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Miley Jab Hum Tum
Miley Jab Hum Tum


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YA YA YA YA, its just another day, its just another night, nothing to special yet we have a moment to fight..kay kero rhyming mein fight he jar aha tha'


This another day yet for all of us who are preparing from so long, yet end up just in a usual thread, it's a big day of our grumpy bears life,

It has almost an year we got together apart from being reader writer relationship, and talked on gtalk'.blessed'


I said to her that I m Google'everything ur searching for and she said im straight and that day I got to know how cheap ur'.


So socha khuwab jamy gi apni'aur aj tak freezer mein jama rahy hain, hum tu jamy nhi per log paak gay'.


Apart from joking about u, that u so hate I know, ur a paka Sagittarian'so I need to control my self..











Sorry sorry guys ' don't be scared. Actually I m trying to arrange a super-duper blasting- slashting birth day thread for one of my cutest and sweet friends---------ummm ' kaun hai wo- janna chaoge ap????hehehehehe ap log sab use janti ho.She is a god writer and we all ove her writing' most of the time she give us filler update'.(aisa main nehi wo kehti hai- apni special note par)lol lol lol lol


She is none other than my sweet heart





Sujaaa Happy Birth Day Dear


Many many happy Returns of d Day

Suja dear I m sorry hun 'actually I tried to make a splendid thread for u. lekin akhir main kuch bhi nehi hua..

R a nehi hua tou kya hua- tujh se hum sab log bahut payaar karti hain na. so I think our love is enough for u to bring smile on ur face --hai na??? ye ye ye now u r smiling '
:D :D..
Yeee yeee I got succeed..













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I actually thought of writing an OS for u but than real life conversation asi hotu, fiction ki kiya zaroorat hai



Fiza:how we strted mail

yaad nhi

sujata1712: umm ...jab main tere se direct link kaise banate hai wo sikh rahi thi

fiza: hmm

sujata1712: tune pm kia, par mujhe smajh nahi aaya

fiza: shyad

ohhh yes

u right

sujata1712: shayad nahi, ayahia hai

fiza: yaad aii woh mahoos garii

sujata1712: haan

maine kyun tujhe apna mail address dia tha


fiza: han na

sujata1712: :'(

fiza: kyun tuny direct link k socha

sujata1712: sab se pehle teri galati

fiza: teri galti

sujata1712: kyun tune blym likha

nahi teriii

fiza: teray liyan thori kiha tha

teri galti kyun read kiya

sujata1712: tune mere comnt per reply kyun kia

fiza: tu ny coment hi kyuun kiya

teri galti

sujata1712: .nahi teri glati

tune itna acha kyun likha

fiza: tu tu ankein band ker layti

na read kerti

ignore kero ignore kero bolti hai

kiya kyun nhi

sujata1712: main tab random cmnt karti thi...tune acha kyun likha

fiza: tu coment hi kyun kerti hai

sujata1712: tune likhne k bar e me socha bhi kiase

fiza: tun ny read kerny k baray mein soch kyun

actaully tu skool hi kyun gai

sujata1712: tu iitna acha kyun likhti hai

fiza: na tujhy reading ati na tu read kerti

galti hogai ...nhi likho gi..dekh lay wasy hi itna pyar barsta hai GMYH per

sujata1712: tune computer kyun khareda







Hmmmh…awful …bekar…useless…and manhoos..i can't help u to call that

A pretty mature person yet at time u first panic than think, thst only one of the flaws u…an underestimating , bold, mature…ann part of mayank sharma as  said…yeah aj ki generation hai..instant coffe nhi mein dam hai,…..vivek wala nhi…"larki hath lgany ki socha bhi maat " wala….




Ufff..yeah tu us se bhi gai kuzri baat hai .. Hmmmh…mein kyun treef kero teri , tu mjhy ek reason bata, I hate her when she doesn't updates FOBB on time, I scold her when she said mein ny likha hai tu buss yuck…..i double scold her when she say sumthing awful about in short I hate her..yet kya kerain


Kurrkoery special…Tayraaa hai per mera hai..


Love ya very much suja, ur truly a very important person in my life, May Allah Bless You with All the happiness, success, love, and all his blessing and a successful professional and personal life…

Lov ya










She was first one who always encourages me in writing funny stuff which evidently I was bad at but now I am enjoying my funny stuff more than serious one…...:)

 I found her a very bubbly girl full of masti but at times emotional too……1 advice I really wana give u dear that try to develop patience in u it will really boost u. trust me……….

She also expresses her feelings ,her thoughts through her writing which she felt inside her sumwhere…… because she is a very deep person...

Love u dear………

GOD bless u

May u live long , healthy life,……….





Ahem…. How difficult it is to lie abt the person to lie abt his or her nature, specially whn it comes to suja…… J uff aj k din bhi joot bolna parh raha hai.. lol……

Well joke apart….. Today is the b'day of one of my sweetest ever and lovely friend SUJA… wht should I say abt her.. I read her first story fob and from there I become a big fan of her writing… her writing captivate me a lot…. Her way of describing thoughts, expressions, and emotions is just outclass… being a friend u always found her besides u whnever u need her….
















Suja, aur kuch kehna baki hai sab kuch to keh diya milkar. agar aur kuch kehna baki reh gaya ho to hum call karte hai na! filhal ke liye is OS se kaam chala lo ...

Jokes apart...

Its not long since we know each other, still seems like ages. It's still crackes me up remembering the day we first had our phone call and we actually talked for 5 long hours :D  Being this quite and reserve person this was no less than an achievement, these were your words on my honour. But I truely wanna confess that it was you and it is still you that these calls never ended and we still have our daily doses of calls which are never ending. We met and that mallwala hug ... are memories to be cherish life long. I hope our friendship keep on strenghthening with  every passing day. You are a sweet and simple girl with a golden heart and a true friend indeed. I adore our friendship. :)      




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This for u to make ur eyes open'





SIS I love all ur FFs...
dey r jst mind blowing...
n ur OS...
By God!!!
unke toh kya kehne...hay
ur OS sometimes make me smile like hell n evn make me
BLUSH  like anything...rmmbr ur "Kissing is injurious to health"...
n han sometimes u make me cry too...
bt nevermind i love all ur works...



I think ur one the most amazing writers, the best about you is ur unusual concepts from nite at cottage to FOBBs natures talk, to cuming up with a thriller like game, that gave me an inspiration for CSI its amazing the way u write so verstily..yet the way u depict the emotions cums above all

Keep it up



Palz_arti4evr( palz):


she is indeed a very sweet and supportive girl with extraordinary writing calibre...i 1st got bumped onto her FF and slowly but steadily got addicted to her writing...and then the rest is history.




really love ur writing




FOBB is my favorite ff.She very beautifully has described Mayank's emotions. I m waiting how Nupur will get Mayank back.I m liking the change in Mayank's personality. Some how i relate myself with him.What ever Nupur did with him was wrong.

Okay now Game .Its also a good ff bt its close to its end.I believe ek love story se zayada yeh ek detective story thi.





I read her first story fob and from there I become a big fan of her writing' her writing captivate me a lot'. Her way of describing thoughts, expressions, and emotions is just outclass


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Now its time for celebration , so here cums all that,









Here u go ur favourte fruit cake





















Teri liyan yeah gass poss








Aur hum sab k liyan


Chikken tikka







And sab se zayda your presents…


From faru






Scroll down for them FOR MORE OF THEM  






























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Here are Your gifts:





From me is ko dekh ker hasna maat its my first one, thankU auroni for help…








Sehar se door ghane jungle mein ek akeli larki raat ke sannatay mein duniya se bekhabar chali jarahi thi…..maano jaise apne hosh mein nahi…..kahan jaana hai kyun jaana hai kis orr barhi jarahi hai kuch khabar nahi….bas barhti chali jarahi thi….raat ke peher ke saath   woh ghane jungle ke andheron mein barhti chali jarahi thi…..khule baal safed saare bari bari ankhen haathon mein ek jalti mombatti jiski dheemi roshnee ghane andheron ko chirti usse aage ka raasta dikhati…..woh barhe chale jarahi thi ke achanak saamne ek ghane bargat ke pair per se ek bhayanak chudail uske saamne aati hai…..lekin woh usse maano dekhti hi nahi bas aage chalti rehti hai….us chudail ko ajeeb lagta hai ke jiske bare sunn kar log darte usse dekhkar bhi iss larki ko fark nahi parha…..woh usse rokti hai par woh larki ek nahi sunti….chudail ko ghussa aata hai…..usse kehti hai ke teri itni himmat tujhe pata nahi main kaun hoon….is jungle per mera raaj chalta hai main is jungle ki sabse purani chudail hoon….yeh suntey hi who larki ruk jaati hai…..uss chudail ko lagta hai ke ab yeh larki darr gayi….woh larki chudail ke taraf murti hai aur usse ghur kar kehti hai…..accha to woh tu hai…..main yahan tere hi talash mein aayi thi….chudail ko kuch samajh nahi aata to poochti hai….kya mere talash mein….log to mujhse darr kar bhagte hai aur tu mujhe talash karti yahan aayi hai…tera dimag to thik hai….to larki kehti hai dimag to main tera thikane lagane aayi hoon….tune kya socha main tujhse darr jaungi….tune kya Nupur Bhushan Sharma ka naam nahi suna….darna to tujhe mujhse chahiye….kya samajh kar tu mere pati per doray dal rahi hai…aaj to main tujhe zinda jala dungi aur yeh kehte hi woh chudail ke baal pakar kar maarna shuru karti hai…dono mein hata pahi shuru hoti hai aur Nupur us chudail ka gala dabane lagti hai…….


Mayank cheekh kar uthta hai aur Nupur ko zoro se awaaze lagata hua apna gala churata hai…..


M----Nupurrr Nupurrr utho yeh kya karrahi ho..

N---aaj main tujhe nahi chorungi chudail…mere pati per..Nupur ke pati per doray dalti hai….

M---Nupurrr choro mera gala yeh kya hogaya hai tumhe..

N---Mayank ke awaaz sunkar neend se ankhen kholti hai…

M---yeh kya karrahi ho…mera gala kyun daba rahi thi…

N---tumhara…nahi mayank main to woh jungle mein Ria naam ki chudail ka gala daba rahi thi…

M---tumhara dimag to thik hai….hum apne bedroom mein hai jungle mein nahi aur yeh Ria chudail kaun hai…

N---aur kaun wohi jo din raat tum per doray dalti rehti hai…yeh jaante huye bhi ke tum ab shaadi shudha ho….

M---ek min ek min kahin tum prince ki beti Ria ki baat to nahi karrahi….

N---haan wohi….main uska hi gala daba rahi thi..chudail kahi ki…

M---Oh Goddd Nupur….tum bhi na….lol….

N---hanson mat aaj tum beech mein nahi aate to main usko maar hi dalti..

M---Nupur tum usse nahi mujhe apne pati ko gala daba kar maar dalti….tum aur tumhara filmi pana ufff..usse chudial bana diya khud bedroom se jungle chali gayi….aur by the way yeh pehli bar hai jab ek insaan chudail ka gala daba raha tha….yeh kuch naya hai….Nupur tumhe yeh ideas aate kaha se hai… ke audition ka bhoot ab tak dimag se nahi utra……

N---chup raho…ek to mera jeena haram kar rakha hai uss chudail ne aur tum…kitne mushkil se mere haath aayi thi..

M---hasnte huye..accha….aur yaha tumhara haath mujh ghareeb ka gala thaa….hehehe…

N---haan to tum bhi sanbhal kar rahna nahi to tumne bhi nahi chorungi….

M—accha aaj to chorr do aaj mere pyari patni ka janamdin hai….mujhe celebrate karne se pehle nahi marna….nahi to woh mujhe kaccha chaba jayegi….

N---areee haan aaj to mera Birthday hai….tumhe yaad tha..

M---bhool kar marna hai kya…waise abhi sirf 12 baj kar 2 mins huye hai…mujhe laga 2 mins late wish karne ke liye tum mera gala daba rahi thi….


M---accha chalo neeche chalo…

N---neeche kyun…

M—ufff sawaal nahi chalo pehle…


Aur dono neeche aate hai jahan pura gang ready hota hai Nupur ka janamdin celebrate karne ke liye….



Sorry Suja I know bakwas likha hai still do accept it……


Happy Birthday……!





Equal credit for the thread goes to faru most of animations are of her specially the musical ones









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May ALLAH bless u with a looonnnggg n happy life...
May u get all d love of ur near n dear ones that u r "WORTHY" for...
May u live a blissful life n get all d success of dis world...
May all ur wishes
come true...inshALLAH...AMEEN
Der is a commen factor between me n SUJA dat WE both r Bengali...Embarrassed
though from different countries...Embarrassed
I love all ur FFs...
dey r jst mind blowing...
n ur OS...
By God!!!
unke toh kya kehne...hay
ur OS sometimes make me smile like hell n evn make me BLUSH  like anything...rmmbr ur "
Kissing is injurious to health"...Embarrassed
n han sometimes u make me cry too...
bt nevermind i love all ur works...
dey r jst mind blowiiinnnggg...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
n han rmmbr our first talk...
i mean we never talked dat much in person...
bt we talked in our comments ri8
bt still wen u heard j "Amio tomar motoi BANGALI MEYE" ...u were so shocked as u though m must b n Indian or Pakistani...LOLEmbarrassedLOL
ok!!! ok!!! onek bok bok kore felsi...
so now abr ek bar bolbo j...HAPPY BIRTHDAY...SISHug
ALLAH tomar shokol icca puron koruk...Ameen!!!Embarrassed







sujata is a very nice girl with a golden heart...unfortunately i have never got a chance to know her personally,but 4m what i got to know through our common friends,she is indeed a very sweet and supportive girl with extraordinary writing calibre...i 1st got bumped onto her FF and slowly but steadily got addicted to her writing...and then the rest is history...on this special day,i wanna wish her a Very Happy BirthdayHugHug...On your birthday, special one,I wish that all your dreams come true.May your day be filled with joy,Wonderful gifts and goodies, too.have loads of fun along with ur family...PartyParty

here is something 4 u

hey suja wish u a very happy birthday
really love ur writing u have been a lovely friend on if
hope u get all that u desire today and always Smile



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Today is the most awaited b'day birthday of my janu suja……. Fiza is rite we had beed waiting for god knows how long…….. and atlast day arrived. We did this for u but want to do it more specially but couldn't do…. Shorry…..

So Birthday girl here is ur thread may this day brings countless happiness and success in ur life………..

i never thought tht just because of forum i'll found such a amazing person like u... seriously samjh nai aaraha kaisey wish keroo i wish we be together today...

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                                                     HeartGIFT FOR  U  Heart

      PartyPartyPIYAR KA FUNDA   Party Party


There was a beautiful day. Weather was so pleasant and soothing. Every one enjoying the weather in college with their love ones except one person who was lost in his thoughts..

Samrat: hey buddy?..!!! by hitting on his shoulder

M: hi?. With fake smile?..

Samrat: tujhey kia hua hai ..subah subah itna fazool bander jaisa moo q banaya hua hai?.. Wink?..

M: bander jaisa moo huga tera?.BANDER HUGA TU KHUD??. Pointed his finger towards him?? angry? tujhse buhat aacha hu? marti hai ladkiya mjhe pai ?. By correcting his coller proudly??.

Samrat: bas ker saaray janwar kia aaj hi khatam kerdai ga?..LOL?..ohh hooo marti hai ladkiya? ek ladki tu sambhali nai jati auroo ki baat kerta hai?. Glared?

M: matlab kia hai tera?

S: nupur ?beta nupur?.. nupur tu sambhali nai gayi tujhse?..showed tongue

M: with sad face. Haa yar? phir jagda hugaya.. par iss bar ghalti usski thei meri nai?.

S: par hua kia tha mjhey tu pata hi nai?..?? show concerned?.

M: yar hum ice cream khanai gayei thei ..usski ice crea finish hugayei tu meri khanai lagi maine  kaha nupur how bad?. Kitni bhooker hu tum..(saying this with guilt)? bas phir kia tha meri ice cream meray moo pai pheenk dei?. ROFL? kehnai lagi aab bata aab kaun hai bhooker?. Mai bhooker tu ya tum joker?.. ROFL?..

Bas phir hum ladai buhat?. ShockedShocked

S: hold his head and become stunned??. Mayank tum loog bachay hu? Koi ager yeh sunlai k ek ice cream pai tum log laray tu apna saar peet lai?.. abhi mera dil ker raha hai k iss darakht ( tree) se apna saar dei maroo??..

M: pls yar mai aur nuksan bardash nai kersakta??.. annoyed??

S: tujhey meri itni fiker hai? M touched?.. smile??

M: teri nai. Mjhey iss tree ki fiker hai ?. Tree ko kch hugaya tu mjhpai ilzam aayei ga?.. ROFL?.. ran from their??.

S: mayank k bachey I'll kill u?? ran behind him??..


person: yar nupur chor bhi dei kab tak naraz rahai gei?..tum dono reh bhi nai saktai ek dosrai k bina??

N: nai yar ussnai mjhey aisa q kaha?? furious??.

Person : uff?. Kaha chali jao mai?.. kch nai husakta tum dono ka?.. left from room??

M: yar sami pls kch ker na?. uss ka b'day bhi aaraha hai. Aur mai ussay naraz nai rakhna chata??

S: mai kia keroo?. Khud bhugtoo??

M: pls mera jigger nai?. Pleading him??

S: acaha theik hai per humai girls hostel jana huga?..

M: kia?? shouted to the top?? tera demagh tu theik hai? wardon ko deikha hai kitnni badi monster hai.. uss ka ek hath lag gaya tu hum seedha ooper puhanchay gai?.. LOLLOL??. Vo bhallo se mai nai larh sakta??. LOLLOLLOL

S: tu fiker na ker iss ka bhi idea maine dhond lia hai?.. winked??

M: kaisa idea?

S: hum waha as a new registration jaygai matlab k new student??? excitedly said?..

M: tera matlab ladki ban k? his mouth were left open??..

S: yes my buddy?? deikhna kitna maza aayei ga?.. itni saari ladkiyoo k bech?.. uff mai tu soch k hi mara jaraha hu?? ROFL??..

M: tu pagal hugaya hai mai nai jao ga. Kisi ko pata chal gaya tu jab tak college mai hai moo deikhanai k qabel nai reha gai kisi ko?? aur mai tu sharam se hi maar jao ga?..ROFL

S: tu abhi kaun se zinda hai??  nupur k piyar mai tu pehlay hi maar chukka hai?.. chal na pls mana na ker bhai nai mera??. Mai ho na kch nai huga??. Plshhh chal na ??? appealling him???

M: thik hai ager kch bhi hua tu tera nam aayei ga?..

S: sahi hai?. Yahoo??.!!! Aab deikhna thakur agay kia hota hai?? here we coming miss nupur bhushan?.. LOLLOL??




Both mayank and samrat are getting ready.

M: standing in front of the mirror and busy in decorating he felt sum1 hand on his shoulder?? he turned around and start shouting??..

Kaun hu tum aur yaha kia ker rahi hu? Scary

S: in girlish tone?..hayei mar jao iss aada pai.teri yahi aada pai tu mai marti hu?ar kia dolai banayai hai..start caressing her biceps?..

M: yeh ??ye??.yeh?.. kie ker rahi hai ap? Ladkoo ka hostel hai deikhay pls kisi nai mjhey ap k sath deikh lia tu meri izaat tu nai rehai gei?..ROFLROFL??.

S: she started laughing?? aray yar mayank mai hu samrat?.. ROFL?..

M: samrat?.? Teri tu??. Furious?. Yeh kia tareqa hai??.

S: deikha jab tu nai nai pehechana tu phir tu koi bhi hmay nai pehechan sakai ga?? LOL?..

M: yar mjhse yeh getup nai huraha?. Sad?? yeh itnai badai hairs uff? yach?..

S: yach ko chor idher aa mai tiyar keroo?.. smile??

 Waisey yar mayank tu itna haseen lag raha hai oops sorry I mean haseen lag rahi hai?. ROFL?. Mera dil ker raha hai k tujhey?. Start caressing his cheeks?..ROFL??.

M: yeh kia kr raha hai? Dur rahay mjhse??I m a one women guy??cross his arms around his body?. LOLLOLLOL??

S: hayei haye one women tu mai bhi abhi women hi hu aur vo bhi one?.??

M: samrattt?? I'll kil u mai pehlay hi nervous huraha hu?. LOLLOL

S: aach aacha meray bhai?.. nai kerta?..

M: yar sami? meray earings nai mil rahay?? surprise

S: tera earings?..ROFL?.. yar kabhi socha nai tha k tujh pai yeh waqt bhi aayei ga?.. ROFL?..

M: tu phir??..ROFL

S: aacha?aacha?..yeh lai earings?..aur yeh terai bangles??.

M: bangles bhi pehenoo ?. Cry?..

S: lol lol?.. chal chalai ready hai?.

M: haa chal?. Is se pehlay koi deikhlai?.

S: mayank teri izzat?? surprised?..

M: kia hua? Puzzled?..

S: tera dupatta mayawadhi?.. ROFL?..

M: mayawadhi?.??? Wht is this?..??

S: mayawadhi tera aaj se new name hai?.. m?..ROFL?

M: ayei bhagwaan meri izzat bas bachayi rakhna?itna mushkil nam..mjhey yaad nai huga tu dosro ko kia khaak batao gi??glared? oye itera nam kia hai???

S:oyei hoyei batao gi abhi se batao gi??  fiker na ker hum sath mai rahay gai ?.aur mera name huga ?.. thinking?..

M: bakwas na ker mera matlab hai batao ga?LOL?. samrawadhi?. Haa yeh nam theik hai?. LOL?

S: samrawadhi?. Yeh kaisa nam hai??.. glared?..

M: jaisa mayawadhi hai??  ?ROFL?.

S: chal aur apnai dupatta ka khayal rakhna yeh na hu k kahi bhi rakh doo?.. aakher ko hum bhartia nari hai?? lol lol?..

M: haa haa?. Haad hai pata nai ladkiyaa yeh sab kaise kerti hai itna kch?? thak god mai ladka hu?.. thank u bhagwaan?? ROFL??.

S: LOLLOLLOLLOL??. Aur aab se ladki hai?? ROFL

Both reached at girls hostel gate?.

From here I want u to imagine that mayank and samrat are talking in girlish tone up to the end??.

Gatekeeper: kis se milna hai apko?

S: hi watchman?.how r u? how do u do? Put forward his hand

M: hit on his shoulder?..aabay watchman k bachaey kia angrezei bol raha hai sab ooper se guzar raha hai?. Seedha hindi mai baat ker??lol?

S: haa?. Vo hamay hostel ki warden se milna hai?..

Watchman: jii chalai ander?..

M: yar sam deikhalai aab bhi waqt hai wapes chaltai hai?.. scared?.

S: nai aab agay badh k peechay nai jayei gai tu chal??

Warden: jii ap dono yaha new hai?. ?

S: jii madam?. Smile

Warden: aap logo k name?

S: mera nam samrawadhi hai?? smile

Wardon: yeh kaisa nam hai?

S: bas ji madam parents ko beta chayei tha hum hugayei tu unno nai hmara nam aisa rakha?? LOLLOLLOL??

Wardon: confussed?.. ok? aur tumhara nam?

M: mera nam?.. oops he forgets his name?. lROFL?.. maar gaya? mera nam kia tha? yeh samrat ka bacha tu aab gaya bachey ga nai?? ROFL   Hit on his shoulder mera nam kia hai????

Wardon: apko apka nam nai maloom??.?

S: nai vo kia haina k yeh buhat sherrmeli hai?.iss ka nam mayawardhi hai?? smile?.

Wardon: tu dono behenai hu kia?

S: nai nai hamara piyar hi itna hai k hamara nam bhi milta hai ek dosray se?? ROFL?.. q mayu? Winked??.

Wardon: Mayu?

S: vo mai iss ko piyar se mayu kehta mera matlab kehti hu?? ?ROFL?.

Wardon: aacha chaloo mai tum logo ko tumhara room deikha doo?? 

M: samrat k bachay buhat piyar deikha raha hai?. Tera piyar ki tu?? lol

S: sshh mayu itna ghussa nai kertai?? meri jigri?? lolROFL??

M: jigri??. ??l??ROFL ROFL

Wardon: yeh tum dono ka room hai?.. koi bhi masla hu tu mjhe batana aur haa raa 11 bjay k baad no lights?..okii??.and no boys allowed??

S: jii madam?..

Wardon: good girls??.  Left??..

M: samrat mjhse yeh nai huga?.. mjhe ghuttan hurahai hai iss mai?. He throws his dupatta and turn to samrat.

Samrat atonce shocked by lokin at the most horrible scene behind mayank he signal him through his eyes?

Mayank: kia ankh maar raha ha? Puzzled

Samrat: abbey apnai peechey deikh?. Glared

Mayank turned and shocked beyond his limits by lookin at the sight?..

Gay: aayei hayei?.. sadkai jao kia body hai.. kia chez hai?.. LOLLOL?

M: mayank atonce hide behind samrat.. samrat yeh kia hai? Scared

S: yeh vo hai jo hum nai..aur jo hum hai yeh vo nai?.. smile?.

M: kia vo mai hum vo laga rakhi hai?. Glared.. meri izzat deikh aab teray hatho mai hai?. Kch ker?..

Meanwhile he/she comes near to him??

G: mjhse baat tu keroo janu? Wink?..

M: maa?. He shouted and ran from the room?ROFL.

S: ahahahahha.. mayank tera kch nai husakta ?.

G: beta tera tu mager buhat kch husakta hai?. Winked and touch her cheeks?. Sam

S: Samrat shocked?.naiii ?.ROFLROFLROFL?.. mayu mai bhi aaraha hu??.. ROFL?.

Mayank ran blindly and covered herself from dupatta and suddenly bumped into sumone?

N: deikh k nai chalsakti??..?? annoying

M: (girlish tone) tum deikh nai chal sakti?.. yeh aj kal ladkiyaa na by god jaha koi aur khubsurot ladki deikhi bas takra gayei?..  apni nai tu meri izzat ka khayal kerloo?. Covered more herself completely?

N: kia kaha tumnai? Mai tumse takreyi hu ya tum takryai hu?. Oh hello miss?kaha se khubsurot hu apni sjakal deikhoo kisi banderya se kam nai hu??. Lol?.. makeup tu sahi kerlaiti lagta hai tum lipstick cheeks se start hoti hai?.. ROFLROFLROFLROFL??. And left frm there?..

M: hayei nupur bhushan tum kia jano iss takranai mai kia maza hai?.. smile??

S: hey mayu?. Badi hansi aarahi hai.. kia bhabhi maan gayei?.. ROFL

M: shut up? aur tujhey nazar ai aaya meri lipstick kharab ai tu thek kerdoo?.. kia soch rahi thei nupur k mjhey mmakeup kerna nai aata. Glared??.

S: lol lol? ohh hello yum shayed bhool gayi hu k tum ladkai hu ladki nai ?? ROFL

M: embarresed??

S: laa theik keroo?.. he was reapplying his lipstick and standing in front of his face in a way tht if any1 lookin at them they misunderstood thm??. Winked??.

G: heyi hayei??  mjh mai ki akharabi thei jot um doono yahi shroo huagyi. ROFLROFL??

Both atonce turnd around and shcked??

S: aisa kch nai hai jaisa tum sakajh rahi hu?? confused??

G: samajh kia maine tu deikha hai?? q mayu?.. smile?..

M: mayu ..samrat iss se phelay k mai kisi ko moo deikhani k kabel na raho chal bhag???

Both ran from there??ROFLROFL?..

At night they decide to go nupurs room to give her a surprise?.. they collect their things and move to her room..they quietly entered from window and mayank slowly proceed towards nupurs bed?.

M: hey nupsi?.he awake her?.. nupur uthoo?.

N: she opened her eyes and was abt to shout whn mayank close her mouth?..

M: Mayank remove his wig?see its me ur mayank??. Smile?.

N: tum aur yaha aur yeh sab kia hai?

M: tumha mania k liyei mjhey ladki bana para?. Sad?.. ROFL..

N: burst out louder??? u r impossible?..

S: mai kch nai deikh raha? Lol.. he closed his eyes??..

M: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR NUPSI??. He take out a diamond pendent ?.

N: tears appeared into her eyes?..mayank yeh?..

M: sshhh.. m sorry jaan for whtever I did?. I love u he kiss on her forhead??.

N: love u too?.. and huged her??..

G: hayei hayei ?. Applaud? mera mayu?? slowly proceeds towards him??

M: naiii maaa??. Nupur pls mjhey iss chez se bachaloo.. meri izzat aab terai hath mai hai??. Lol lol??..

N: nupur she is my friend?? she is so sweet.. no need to be scare from her??.. smile??

G: kitna piyara hai tu re?.. nazer na lagay tujhey?? J

N: mayank apni halat theik keroo? yeh kia hai. She takes her dupatta??

M: nai nupur pls aisa nai keroo?meri  izzat pls??  lROFLROFLol??.

N: maynk mjhse q Sharma rahay hu? Winked?..pls pas aao na pls??? ROFL

Everyone was burst out louder and mayank felt embaressed?..

S: mayank tunai nupur se jagda kia tu hmnai bhi terai sath mazak kia?. Yeh sab ek plan tha tujhe punish daine ka???.winked

M: mayank mouth was left open??

Every one burt out louder including mayank???

hope u like it...

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