Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

OS: Silent Confessions

Teesha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 1:17am | IP Logged
Today's eps was such a filler, literally only a minute of ArHiUnhappy God knows when we'll blessed with lengthy scenes of them, so I just satisfy myself by day-dreaming about themLOL

Just wrote up this OS, without much thinking. May sound a little absurd, SorryTongue 

Would really love to know your thoughts on it. 

OS: Silent Confessions

Kushi stood in the Raizada kitchen, deeply lost in thoughts. Nani had requested her to come over because Anjali was feeling very lonely. Shyam was on a trip for a case and Arnav had been keeping himself very busy with work. Kushi had agreed almost instantly, relieved that Shyam nor Arnav was home. Few days had passed since Lavanya had left, and although Kushi had wanted to visit Anjali knowing she must be upset, Shyams presence kept her away from the house. Anjali was having a bad headache due to lots of stress and lack of sleep. Kushi offered to bring her warm milk with honey to ease the headache and help her fall asleep. As she stood in the kitchen waiting for the milk to boil, she felt very restless.

"Kya hogaya hai humhe…Kyun humari nazre baar baar unhe talaash rahi hai (What's wrong with me?  Why do my eyes keep searching him?) she thought to herself. For the past few months, barely a day had gone by when she and Arnav had not met. She was so use to seeing him everyday, arguing with him on silly things and listening to him scream at her for no reason, to mention a few.

"Hum ek dum pagal hogaye hai (I have gone completely mad)" she said slapping her head. "Kaun balha kisi ki daant ko yaad karta hai…(who misses someone screaming at them?)"

Arnav walked in the house, and his eyes instantly roamed around the large living room searching for just one face. It had become a routine now. He felt disappointed  not seeing her.

"Usse ghar aaye ve 8 din, 5 gaante, 35 minute hogaaye hai (It's been eight day, five hours, and thirty-five minutes since I last saw her)" He shook his head continuously, shaking himself out of the silliness. "What the hell am I thinking…." he said almost yelling at himself. He pressed his forhead with his fingers a couple of times. Nani saw him and asked if he was ok. He nodded saying it was a small headache. She asked him to rest and she would send medicine with Ram Gopal.

Kushi turned around as if feeling his presence and looked around the empty kitchen, upset. She groaned, irritated with herself.

"Kushi…Kaam pe dihaan do (Focus on your work Kushi)" she advised herself.

Arnav walked down the stairs. "Pata nahi yeh Ram Gopal bhi kaha chala gaaye hai…(Don't know where this Ram Gopal is)" he made his way to the kitchen, hoping to find the medicine himself.

As he walked into the kitchen, pressing his forhead with his palm, he was pleasantly surprised seeing Kushi there. His heart finally found peace, and he sighed in relief. He was so eager for just a glimpse. Realizing his thoughts were running lose, he quickly searched the cabinets, eyeing her from the corners of his eyes. Kushi, however, was unaware of his presence there. He felt snubbed seeing no response from her. The milk started to boil but Kushi was too deep in thoughts to notice. Arnav's eye landed on the milk rising in the pot. He then moved his gaze to Kushi who stood quietly, staring at the white wall ahead. "Kushi" he called out hoping to warn her. There was no response. He called out again with no different response from her. He quickly rushed to her side but the milk had already boiled out of the sauce.

"Kushi" he screamed bringing her to reality. She looked at him shocked. "Was he really there?" she thought. "Kushi" he yelled again, making her realize he was really there. She looked at him, completely nervous. He pointed to the boiling milk, and she quickly closed the stove, grabbing the saucepan but placed it back as soon as the extreme heat touched her hand. "Ouch" she shrieked at the burning sensation. He quickly grabbed her hand and looked at it worried.

"Tumhe koi kaam thik se bhi karna aata hai (can you do anything properly)" he asked annoyed at her silliness.  

She pulled her hand away from him and squeezed her hand with the other, looking away, offended.

"Let me see" he whispered, realizing he was rude. He took her hand in his and gently opened her palm, examining her burn. He stroked her fingers with his but she immediately made a fist again, feeling the pain.

 "Jalraha hai (is it burning)?" he questioned, concerned. She stood silent, looking at him. He brought his face close to her hand and blew air on her fingers softly. A tingling effect ran down her spine and she took a deep breath, forgetting to breath out. He looked at her concerned, because she wasn't respiring. "Kushi" he whispered, placing his other hand on her shoulder. She exhaled through her nose, her eyes wide open. He held on to his lips with the other trying not to laugh at her expressions.  She was embarrassed and slowly withdrew her hand from his.

"Hum thik hai (I am ok)" she said. "Aapko ko kucch chahiya tha (Did you need something?)"

"Haan..nahi..Kucch nahi..(Yes…No..Nothing)" he responded and walked out of the kitchen, confused.

She placed her  hand on her neck, rubbing it, trying to untangle her emotions. "Jab bhi wo humare kareeb aatey hai, kyun hum itne bechain ho jaate hai…(why do I get restless when he comes close to me) aur unke door jaane pe itna beqarar ho jaate hai… (and why do I get anxious when he goes away)"

"Kushi Beta" Nani called out.

Kushi gave a small slap to her forhead and quickly grabbed a cup and poured milk for Anjali. As she was mixing honey in it, Ram Gopal walked in looking for Arnav's medicine. Seeing him unsuccessful on finding something, she asked what he was looking for and he told her about Arnav's headache, to which she gave a concerned look. He looked around while she thought of something.

"Suhno (she said coming out of her thoughts), tum yeh Anjali Ji ko dehdo…Aur hum…hum Arnav Ji ko unki dawaayi dehtey hai…(Listen, you go and give this to Anjali Ji and I will go and give Arnav medicine)"

He took the cup from her and walked out. She grabbed another cup and poured the hot milk, mixing a tsp of honey in it. As she was about to exit the kitchen, she stopped debating whether she should go or not.

"Ek to unke mood ka kucch pata nahi hota…Dubara se pehk diya toh hume bahut ghussa aye ga (There is no telling of his mood, if he throws the milk again, I will be very upset)" she thought to herself. "Hum Ram Gopal ko kehtay hai…(I will ask Ram Gopal to give it) Haa…yeh thik rahega (Yes, this will be better)"

"Ram Gopal" she called out seeing him walk out from Anjali's room.

"Humne de diya unko, Kushi Ji. (I gave it to her)" She smiled, gesturing a thanks.

"Aap ek kaam karre, yeh Arnav Ji ko dehday (Do me a favor and give this to Arnav)"

He gulped looking at the glass of milk scared. "Saab ne toh dawayi maangi thi…. (He asked for medicine)"

"Haan toh hum jaante hai lekin wo  nahi jaante ke sur dard ki daawayi se yeh garam dood ziada aser karega…Aap bas jaaiya aur unhe deh ke aaye.. (I know but this milk will help him more than the medicine)"

"Kushi Ji" he said trying to argue with her.

"Humhe kucch nahi suhna hai (I don't want to hear anything) Jaa iyee (Go now)"

He took the glass hesitant and she watched him walk up the stairs. She quickly sneaked up behind him, curious to see Arnav's reaction.

Arnav was sitting in his room by the window, his head resting back on the chair. Ram Gopal walked in, scared out of his wits. His hands shivered making a quaking sound as the cup tried to balance on the plate it rested. Arnav looked up, his calm expressions changing into anger. Ram Gopal slugged seeing him and quickly placed the glass with his trembling hands on the table. Arnav stood up angrily and Ram Gopal quickly backed away. Kushi peaked through the door, also scared and closed her eyes. Arnav held the cup up and screamed at Ram Gopal

"Maine tumse dawayi laane ko kaha tha…Yeh dood nahi! (I had asked for medicine, not this milk)"

"Kkk…KKhooosh…Kkkhoosshii…KKohhssii Jiii" Ram Gopal stammered. Kushi opened her eyes and bit her lips staring at the two. It was like a mouse facing a lion. Arnav looked at him confused trying to make out what he was saying.

Arnav moved the cup forward, misleading Kushi to think he was going to throw it.

"Nahiii (Nooo)!" she yelled running inide and holding onto the cup. Ram Gopal took that as his chance to escape and ran out. Now it was Kushi's turn to face the lion. He looked at her and understood it must have been her idea, that's what Ram Gopal was trying to mutter with his "Khhhoosshiii…" dialogue.

"Tumne yeh doohd (this milk)" he questioned, not completing his sentence.

"Haan…Nahin…Woh (Yes…No..That) " She kept changing her answers according to the look in his eyes. She finally gave up and took a deep breath, closing her eyes for a second.

"Haan..(Yes!)"  she said, daringly. "Humne socha ke dawai se ziada yeh doohd aapke sar dard ko door karega (I thought this milk would help you more than the medicine)"

"Tum ziada socha mat karo (Don't think too much)" he said sternly.

She looked down hurt. He closed his eyes, frustrated with himself for his constant outbursts on her. First, he was so restless to see her and now when she was in front of him, he was being so impolite to her. "Jab wo door hoti hai toh main taras tha hoon…Jab paas aati hai toh main yeh sab kurke usse door kar dehta hoon (When she's away from me, I long for her..and when she's near I shoo her away with my behavior)" he said to himself.

"Pata nahi itne beizzati ke baad bhi kyun hum itna sochte hai inke bare main (I don't know why after so many insults I still think so much about him)" she whispered to herself. He opened his eyes as if overhearing what she said.

"Kya kaha tumne? (What did you say?)" he questioned, curious.

"Kucch nahi…" she said, still hurt by him. She grabbed the cup from his hand and turned to leave. He quickly grabbed her free hand and she looked over her shoulders.

"Kaha leker jaarahi ho (Where are you taking the cup?)"

"Behter hai kisi aisa insaan ko doo jisse kader ho (better I give it to someone who values the effort)"

He smiled to himself and walked over to face her. He took the cup and drank the milk as she watched him amazed. As he drank, he thought to himself "pata nahi kyun Kushi, mujhse tumhare roohtna nahi dehka jaahta…pata nahi kyun tumse haarna acha lagta hai.. (I don't know why, but I cant see you upset with me…and I don't know why I like to lose in front of you)". He finished drinking the milk and handed her the cup. She looked at him trying to say something. He raised his eyebrows trying to understand. She pointed to his upper lip and he touched it realizing he had left a fuzz from the milk. He wiped his hand over it, trying to clean but left small areas towards the ends of the lips. She pointed it out again and he attempted to wipe it clean. She moved closer and with the ends of her dupatta, wiped it clean for him. He just stared, simply awed by her compassion and persistence.

They stood very close to each other. The soft wind breeze came through the window, blowing Kushi's bangs over her face. Arnav was quick to hold them from irritating her eyes. He gently placed them behind her ears. She had been seeing a new side of him today, glimpses of which she had seen in the past. But he was becoming more relaxed with it then ever before. His hands were resting on Kushi's cheek as their hearts spoke to each other through their eyes.

"Tumhare nazdeek rehke dil ko bahut sukoon milta hai (My heart finds comfort being near you)…Aisa sukoon mujhe duniya ke kisii khoney main nahi milta (and I don't find this comfort anywhere else)"  he said.

"Kyun aapke itne nazdeek rehne ko dil chaahta hai (why do I want to be this close to you)…" she replied, yearning.

"Dil karta hai sab kucch bhula ke tum mai simat jaao (my heart desires to forget everything and get lost in you) "

"Aapke is andaaz ko samajna chahti hoon…Is Arnav main kahin kho jaana chaahti hoon… (I want to understand this person in you and want to get lost in you"

"Pata nahin kis pal se, kis lamhe mai, mere dil tumhare liya itna bechain hogaya…Jab hosh aya toh apne aapko hi nahi pechaan paaye (don't know since when, in which moment, my heart became so restless for you and when I realized, I couldn't even recognize myself) "


It's just a one-part thing, more like a sceneEmbarrassed


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res ... i am sure it would be great
beautifully written  how they feel for each other..loved the feelings that you portrayed 

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Fabulous Teesa. ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapI loved it. Big smile
Well done.StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar

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A beautiful OS Teesha!
I absolutely loved it.
Your writing is a treat to read.
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A beautiful OS Clap
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simply beautiful
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That was very nicely written :)
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dat was beautiful!!!

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