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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Achha wala bhi padh lo (Arnav confession to khushi

rushshri IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 12:42am | IP Logged

Hi, forumwasio. I am back again wid a romantic scene as regular weekend dose. Though my last os was closed by moderator minuu, I am still writing a romantic one. Sachi sachi batao kis kis ne mere os ki report ki thi. Naughty ppl pehle poora padh liya, njoyed  reading den  reported. WT'.. neways mein kahan sudharti hoon. Haan ye pichle wala jaisa nahi hai bcoz minuu did't like dat 1 (means even she read it). (Sorry minuu just kidding yaar. Aadat se majboor hoon) . One song I wanna dedicate to my lovely adorable moderator MINUU'..





Phew ' forum clean rakhna hum jaise shaitano se not an easy task. Applaud for her.

Forumwasio ab ye bhi report mat kar dena. Though I hv done a lot of buttering above. Hope it works.

Warning 'Whoever sneaks in will b delighted.

Scenario ' Pool side evening. Arnav working on lappy. Khushi sneak in. Engagement night.


Arnav working, aware of khushi's presence.  Arnav widout looking at her ' tell me khushi, now wat is it.

Khushi ' lavanyaji, she has left, left again

Arnav ' I know

Khushi ' but'..

Arnav glared at khushi ' khushi kumara gupta, kitni baar, I hv told u not to interfere in personal life, kitni baar (friendz I love his Kitni baar so dat's in hindi)

Khushi ' How can u do dis to ur love

Arnav ' love '. Now u'll teach me wat love is. Chk urself first. U don't hv the courage to'..

Khushi ' y every sentence of urs ends up wid me? I was talking abt u n lavanyaji n u round up to me.

Arnav ' yeah but I am talking abt us

Khushi ' us, wat do u mean by dat

Arnav softens ' Nothg, just leave me alone

Khushi ' nahi, I will not go. Tell me wat happened to lavanyaji.

Arnav still in soft voice ' Khushi leave me alone plz.

Khushi sits bside him on d ground ' arnavji, plz tell me, wat happened. I can sense smthg

Arnav looked at her. His eyes telling her d whole story. Khushi grasping d whole story. Smwhere down d deep core of her heart she knows she is reason for their separation but still wanted to hear from his mouth. Devi maiyaa knows Y???

Eye lock of few seconds. Both shared d anguish.

Arnav closes his eyes ' I, I don't feel for her

Khushi perplexed. Arnav continues wid eyes open ' Wen I don't feel for her, then wat's d point in continuing d relationship. Her life will bcome more miserable wid me. Rather if I free her she can move on in her life n get a better dan me guy who loves her, respects her n care for her. Dat's y I took dis decision n we broke up.

Khushi ' broke up, just by telling sm1 relationship doesn't break arnavji. Do u know how much u mean to her?

Arnav ' I am really finding it absurd discussing all dis wid u.       Asking himself       Y am I doin dis?

Khushi ' I heard dat, n tell me 1 thg is there ne1 else wid whom u share nethg.  Not lavanyaji, not ur di, nor ne of ur family member no friend but me.

Arnav shockingly looked at her.

Khushi stood up hurriedly. OMG she blabbered. She cursed her habit of blabbering'.. I mean to say

Arnav stood up. Eyes met. A pause of few seconds wid rabba mere in BG.

Khushi break d pause ' I mean '. I know lot of thgs, dat's y but lavanyaji

Arnav ' she has left khushi

Khushi ' but u, she'll get sm1. She is smart, intelligent (pun intended) n beautiful. She will get ne1 but u' u'll b alone

Arnav asks ' how does it matter to u? (in hindi it sounds better ' isse tumhe kya??)

Khushi ' yeah right, it doesn't matter to me (mujhe isse kya)

Arnav can see d restlessness in her eyes. This girl feels for him so much. She cares for him, loves him n respects him despite of all dat insults n misbehaves which he has done wid her in past. His eyes bcomes wet.   

Khushi turns to move.

Arnav ' khushi stop, I wanna talk to u

Khushi can't move an inch. She was facing pool.

Arnav walks n stood bhind her. Khushi goes desperate. Wat he wanna ask now. Wat he will do now? Devi maiyaa y is he so unpredictable?

Arnav in a soft n low voice ' u didn't tell me, how does it matter to u if I am alone in life? (tumne bataya nahi tumhe kya farq padta hai agar mein zindagi mein akela raha gaya to?)

Khushi turns facing him pretending to b chirpy ' how it affects me arnavji, I just said like dat.

Arnav gaze at her. Her eyes were wet as if telling how on earth can u ask dis question to me? U know evrythg still y torment me.

Arnav coming forward n khushi moving backward ' Khushi, don't try to hide from me. I know well wen u r chirpy n wen u r pretending to b chirpy. I know evrythg abt u. Samajhi tum. (samajhi tum was bit harsh, I always faint on dat samajhi tum).

Khushi was falling in d pool, arnav holds her by wrist but dey both fails to control balance dis time n boom, dey fell in d pool. (Aha ha ha ha I really really really want dis to happen. Me w8in. kab giroge tum dono pool mein ek sath)

Both wet. (Oops did I forget to mention d pool water evaporates as d hottie falls into it). Both were standing in d pool staring at each other. She looks gorgeous wid drops of water seen all over her face. Her lips were drenched. Little droplets on d lower lip attracted arnav's attention. Gosh she is so alluring. Open hair drenched adds to her dazzling beauty. She looked like GODDESS VENUS. Arnav can't take his eyes off.

Drops of water on his face appear like diamonds. Moist hair spread on his forehead, lips soaked; dampen face, khushi heart start beating faster. Gosh did he know wat he is doing wid her. Hope not. Full rabba ve moment, romantic 1.

After few minutes dey comes back to d world around dem.

Khushi ' aa'. How we will get out of dis mess. (hum yahan se bahar kaise nikalenge)

D sounds of her voice jerked Arnav to back to his senses.

Arnav -  aa'. Haan'. w8, I will do smthg. ( aa'. Haan' mein kuch karta hoon)

He came out of d pool n strengthen his hand for khushi to help. Khushi remembers d last time wen he pulled her, it's always dey end up at hugging. But left wid no choice, hesitantly she gave her hand to Arnav. Arnav pulled her but khushi collide wid arnav ending up in hug position. (lo ho gaya repeated telecast)

Their bodies wet. Though wet but d warm n moist breaths dey can feel on their necks of other. Khushi's one hand on his chest. She discovered his heart pacing wid time. In no time she understands her Lard Governor is loosing again. She herself can't think of nethg else but her Lard Governor.

The body heat which she is emitting makes Arnav realize d real condition of his samaka devi. He closed his eyes. Damn it. He wants to stand wid her whole of his life.  

She looked at him but still in hug position, eyes yearning for each other. She very smoothly moved out of her arms. Eyes looking down in shy position.

Khushi ' I '. I'd better go. (humara'. Humara jana theek hai)

Arnav though nodded but his can heart was crying out loudly Don't go'.. he can hear dat. She turns to leave wid her heart crying out '. Y r u leaving n she can hear dat.

Arnav ' w8 khushi ' I wanna clear dis 2day. (ruko khushi '. Aaj baat ho jaye)

Khushi sneezed.

Arnav ' u, u r catching cold

n den he sneezed too. Dey both smiled 2gether.

Khushi ' as if u r not.

Arnav ' get inside.

Dey bounce back in Arnav's room. Arnav gave 1 towel to khushi. She starts wiping her face n her hair. Such spectacular moment how can arnav miss? He was watching her, standing there silently. After d smearing  phase over for khushi, she found Arnav looking at her lovingly. Again a rabba ve. He started coming forward. Khushi freezes. Arnav comes close to her. He grabbed her by shoulders n pulled her towards him, close very close. D fire cracked btwn d two n it was visible.

Arnav ' how u understands me so well

Khushi ' I didn't get it

Arnav ' really khushi'.. u didn't get me.

Khushi ' wat r u asking?

Arnav in ASR mode' I am asking damn it ' wat's wrong btwn us. Y we don't bhave normally to each other?

Khushi ' let me go plz. She tried to escape. But d grip was too strong for her.

Arnav leaves ' I can't take dis nemore

Khushi hesitant as if knows wat he is gonna tell.

Khushi ' let me go plz.

Arnav ' khushi '. I love u

Khushi devastated let her body fell on d couch. Devi maiyaa wat she heard, is dat correct? How can he? World stops for her.

Arnav perplexed. Got her up wid shoulders. He found tear rolling out from her eyes.

Arnav felt guilty again ' I am sorry Khushi. I '. I am really sorry

Khushi finally looked up. Her eyes in tears, trembling wid d situation. (Arnav ne snakeji ko bhi peeche chhod diya). She banged her head on his chest n howled her heart out. Dat puzzled Arnav. Is she sad or happy? Is she is annoyed n crying? But if she is annoyed she wud hv left. Is she happy wid it? If she is happy den y she is crying. God I never understands dis woman. He puts her hand on her head.

Arnav ' issshhh shhh shhh Khushi' relax

He made her sit on d couch. Give her sm water to drink. N sits bside her.

Arnav ' look' I didn't meant to hurt u.  I' I don't know how'..

She calms down.

Arnav ' it's quite late. I will drop u.

Khushi ' no, I will go.

Arnav ' I said I will drop u

Khushi finally looked at him ' y did u said dat arnavji?

Arnav eyes down.

Khushi ' u know wat, I never thought of dis situation. After Diwali night whatever happenes '' n after dat ur response made me full of guilt. In my opinion I made a mistake but '. Now. Wat does all dat mean? N if whatever u said 2day is correct den wat u said on diwali night' wat was dat. Smtimes I really feel I don't u at all. Ur strange remarks always leave me puzzled. 2morrow if u again twisted urself '.. no I just can't think of it.

Arnav gazed in her eyes. Arnav ' don't u trust me

Khushi smirked ' I trusted u on Diwali night also.

Arnav ' I was unable to understand at dat point. I was annoyed wid myself but targeted u. I am really sorry for wat I hv done. I was constantly ignoring my heart bcoz for me there is no heart exists in dis world. I was wrong. I admit I was wrong. 2 days back wen u were crying on my shoulders den I realized u mean evrythg to me. Wen my world started revolving around u I didn't realized. Neways I am not asking u nethg. It's just came out'. Don't know how' but came out.

Both stood up 2gether.

Arnav ' come'. I will drop u home.

N turns his back. His eyes were wet wid tears. He thought he had finally lost d battle of love. He will ache for her all his life. His emotions were crying out loudly within his heart boundaries. He can't imagine his life widout her. How will he gonna live widout her? How will he see her wid sm1 else? How will he feel wen sm1 touch her? His binds his fist wid dat thought.

 Khushi herself is feeling vulnerable. Her lard Governor just showed his heart to her. Rarely does he do dat to ne1. She is special for him always. She recalled all d instances wen he has helped her crossing his won boundaries, just for her. She recollected all d moments right from d beginning wen dey met in Lucknow fashion show till now, he is always there for her. She cudn't resist. Her heart melted.

Khushi clutches him from bhind. Her hands gripped her both shoulders n rested her head on his back.  

Khushi ' promise me'. u won't leave me again, promise me.

Arnav heart jumped out. Few minutes back he had lost all his hope.  He turned while khushi loosens her grip. Places his index finger on her chin n middle finger touching her cheek, he lifted her face.

Arnav ' KABHI NAHI ' not in dis life.

N brushed his lips on hers. Lovers contented in each others arms.    


Forumwasio thoda senti than na. Wat to do? Kuch pane ke liye kuch khona padta hai. I know sab ko samajh mein aa gaya mera ishara. Comment karoge to bhagwan tumhe arnie se milaye? See U hv a got chance. N for all dudes (as I discovered there are few who r in my list) Bhagwan unhe Khushi se milaye. If u ppl r not barbad yet (I mean not married yet), may u get ur lifetime Khushi n Arnav soon. Like button press karne mein sirf index finger ka ek click kafi hota hai. Itni energy to waste kar hi loge aap log. Minuuu, dis is a clean, clear n confident OS like IPKKND's pool so plz spare d horror dis time.




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very nice yaar..rashmi..
jonny walker ke champi se bhi accha ROFL...kal ke epi ke baad...I was so irritated ke I did not want to login to forum..but here I am reading you OS LOL

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rushshri IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by appy2011

very nice yaar..rashmi..
jonny walker ke champi se bhi accha ROFL...kal ke epi ke baad...I was so irritated ke I did not want to login to forum..but here I am reading you OS LOL
thnx hun, sab champi ka kamal hai.ROFL

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Originally posted by rushshri

Originally posted by appy2011

very nice yaar..rashmi..
jonny walker ke champi se bhi accha ROFL...kal ke epi ke baad...I was so irritated ke I did not want to login to forum..but here I am reading you OS LOL
thnx hun, sab champi ka kamal hai.ROFL

yaara...just replied to your other post...kya baath ke uper post...LOL

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UltimateBarun IF-Rockerz

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WOW !! It was awesome! Us  locked wale OS se bhi zyaada, ! I love the intenesity, the reservations, the confession, the guilt! evertythings! kaash yeh pool wala scene real mein ho!

lOved it! this get 11/10

thnak u!


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it was grt :)
fnx 4 z pm

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rushshri IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by community_drive

WOW !! It was awesome! Us  locked wale OS se bhi zyaada, ! I love the intenesity, the reservations, the confession, the guilt! evertythings! kaash yeh pool wala scene real mein ho!

lOved it! this get 11/10

thnak u!

don't u think dey sud b drowned to pool atleast once. I so want dis to happen yaar. kaash...Day Dreaming
zafi IF-Rockerz

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Loved it. Awesome.ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

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