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Happy KaSh'edBirthday to Nori Sheikh,We Wove U <3

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Layouts and Ideas:Maham
Transcript:Tani [THANKS A LOT TANIII!] If it would have been you...i dont know :P thanks a ton ;)
Thank you also Sehrish for helping in gathering messages :D
Special Thank YOU To Farzu Amby & Poo for trying a birthday gift from Shaheer for Noor :* LOVE YOU GUYS!

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aftermath.. IF-Addictz

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aftermath.. IF-Addictz

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Maham : So are you ready Viru?

Virina : yes I am'*hesitant* But do you really think they'll be ok with this?

Maham : Don't worry Viru' Why are you so scared? I've told everyone that we'll be going to their houses to collect Nori's birthday '

Virina : & what did they say?

Maham : Nothing' They just didn't say no'

Virina : MAHAM'*screams* They can't say NO on your face. But that doesn't mean they are ok with us visiting their houses. I mean what if their parents don't know about us?

Maham : Arey yaar' Just chill' Pehle jate hai unke ghar pe phir decide karte hai'

Virina : But Maham' We should ask for pro'*couldn't finish her word*

Maham : Chup' Apni bak bak bandh karo n tell me kiske ghar pehle jana chahiye'.

Virina : I don't know' I am really scared.. Lets go to Zahra's house 1st' Her Dad should be in the offce right now. So easier to do the work'

Maham : Ok then let's start with Zahra them' Waise bhi uske ghar pehle nehi jaungi toh uski complains shuru ho jayenge'

*goes to Zahra's house & bells the ring ' Ding Dong. Zahra opens the door*

Zahra : hellooo' Main tumlogo ka hi intezaar kar rahi thi' Come come come'

Maham : See Viru' tum khamakha hi darr rahi thi' See Zahra is welcoming us.

Viru : Because its Zahra' We'll see about others'

Zahra : Kya hua' Why are you fighting?

Maham : Pucho maat' Viru was scared that everyone will throw us out from their house'

Zahra : Aww Viru' Don't worry' You guys are always welcomed to my house' So kya logi? Hot or cold?

Maham : I am feeling I'm in a movie scene or something' Seriously? This is the way you ask your guests? So filmy & unreal Zahra' Anyways'. Can I have hot chocolate with chocolate chip cookies?

*Zahra was going to say something but Virina started talking.*

Virina : Maham' You're kidding me right? We're here to collect the message' Not for snacks' We still have to visit so many houses' Zahra please ignore Maham' Just give us the msg so that we can go to the next house'

Zahra : Don't worry Viru' I have the message ready on a piece of paper' So it won't take long' Sit na' have something to eat'

Maham : Tum kabse tna samjhdar ho gayi Zahra?

Virina : Perfect Zahra' Just give us the paper' & we'll leave' I really appreciate your hospitality' But we have to go to a lot of places' May be some other day'

Zahra : Ok as you wish'

*They take the papr from Zahra & bid goodbye*

Viru : Maham' what was all that? Hot chocolate? Seriously?

Maham : Abey oye' we have to travel a lot today' I need energy yaar'

Viru : Then we'll buy energy drink' Red bull or something' Behave when we got the next people's house' Who should be next?

Maham : Lets go to Tani's house' Even her Mom should be at work right now' Varna woh humein apne ghar mein ghus mein nehi degi' Lemme read what Zahra has written on the message.

Happy Birthday Angel

Many many many happy returns of the day...GOD bless you Angel...I wish you all the happiness in the world and wish you all the success and wish you get everything you want and your heart desire for...I wish this day brings lots of surprise in your life...May this day bring joy, laughter and peace in your life...

I love you alot my Angel you are my Angel and only mine...I love your positivity and how talented you are...I am really proud of you...I seriously am lucky to have your in my life...You are always always there for me and helped me i know i irritate you alot by requesting again and again hehehehe (that doesnt mean i will stop)...I just want to say luv u alot and wish your all dreams and wishes come true...

Happy Birthday once again mwahhh keep smiling enjoy your day

Luv Zahra (your BD)

*Arrives at Tani's house & knocked the door (they don't have door bell :P). Her sster opens the door.*

(Tani's sister)Anisha : Oh Maham. You're here already? Tani told me last night that you & Virina are gonna come' This must be Virina *smiling at Virina* But she is sleeping' Who itna soti hai'

Maham : Tell me about it.. Subah usse kisi bhi time pe main call karu who soke utthi hoti hai' Can you please wake her up?

Anisha : I've been trying to wake her up for the last 2 hours. Par uthti hi nehi hai' Tumlog try karo'

*Maham & Viru go to Tani's room & try to wake her up*

Maham : Tani' Tani' Wake up sleepy head'

Tani : Ufff' Who is it now?

Virina : Tani' we're here to collect Nori's msg' We were supposed to come remember?

Tani : Nori? Who kaha ki maharani hai k uske bday msg k liye tumlog mera neend kharab kar rahe ho?

Maham : Aur tum kaha ki maharani ho ke itne der tak soti ho?

Tani : Shut up' Go away' Let me sleep'

Virina : Tani just give us a small message' I'll write it down' Please'

Tani : main ek hi bar bolungi' I won't repeat' so listen carefully'

Happy birthday Nori... May God bless you with all the success and happiness of the world. Love you loads.


*Viru takes out her notebook & writes it down*

Maham : Bas? You suck Tani' Come on yaar' thora toh bara karo'

*But Tani doesn't reply back as she is back to her dreamland. So Maham & Viru leave*

Virina : Tani is weird'

Maham : You haven't seen anything' Whenever we talk in the morning she's always like that' Neend mein baat karti hai'

Virina : Chalo at least we got our message' Next kiske ghar jana chahiye? Swanz? Bcz even her Dad won't be home now. So no one will be there to scold us'

*they go to Swanz's house. Swanz opens the door*

Swanz : OMG! I can't believe you guys are here' I was so excited since last night that I didn't even sleep.

Virina : Aww Swanz' You're a sweet heart'

Maham : Can I get a glass of water? Atually do you have pepsi?

Swanz : Sure Maham' *she goes to bring a glass of pepsi for Maham*

Virina : Maham' Dude'

Maham : What? I am thirsty'

*Swanz comes back with pepsi cans & her famous meatballs*

Virina : OMG! Swanz' You don't have to do this' We are in a hurry to day'

Swancy : Arey baba' E A T' I haven't written Nori's birthday message yet. By the time I write my message you guys enjoy the snacks.

*Maham starst eating without a 2nd word. Virina realizes that she has no other choice. So she jons Maham & Swanz starts writing her msg.*

Swancy's Birthday MSG:COMING SOON

*Swanz hands out her message to Virina*

Swancy : So who is next?

Virina : I don't know' May be Riya'

Swancy : Oh yeah' I almost forgot' Don't go to Riya's house' She'll be in school right now. She told me to tell you guys to go there and call her. She'll come out to talk. Here's the address'

Virina : Thanks Swanz. Bye'


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aftermath.. IF-Addictz

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*As the school was near to Swanz's place they start walking.*

Virina : Maham can you walk a lil bit faster?

Maham : I can't' I am full'

Virina : Why did you eat so much? Uff..

Maham : I told you before I need energy.

Virina : You're a hopeless case.

Maham : Excuse me?

Virina : Can we not fight right now? We're almost there. Call Riya & tell her to come out.

*Maham calls Riya but she doesn't pick up*

Maham : She is not picking up.

Virina : Keep trying'

Maham : Why should I? You try'

*Virina doen't have the time to argue with Maham. So she takes her phone out to call Riya. But when she is about to call Riya she sees her coming towards them.*

Riya : Hi Guys!

Maham : Why didn't you pick up my call?

Riya : I saw your call and realized you're here already. I didn't want to waste your phone credit' So I came here directly'

Virina : You're smart Riya'

Maham : Smart my foot.

Riya : Ok I would have objected on that but I have to go back before my break is over' So I am gonna ignore Maham this time. Here's the message by the way'

*Riya gives a chit to Virina*

happy birthday noor!


it's been quite a long time since we've had a proper conversation but oh well, we have great memories :D like yeah, obviously "yo basketball, naam toh batati jao" tops the list ;) cherry+mango forever ;D fundoo fruitianz, lmao :P you telling me about navya, you giving IPKKND trp & me giving Navya trp..rofl..did i tell you i stopped watching that show btw? :L it was draaagging :L & i don't really wanna watch desi shows anymore haha :P idk what to say man..writing out stuff for you was great ;) which i'm obviously not gonna evaluate on here..confidential lmao. & watching videos with you+listening to songs and dancing along to them was great fun! :D
i just hope you have a great birthday..you'll probably be angeldmg"16" forever haha..& i hope you get your shaheer/anant, KaSh & everyone else ;D
happy birthday once again!
lots of love,

Riya :

Oh and Zaynoo is not at home right now. So can you guys please call her to take the message? Like right now? She must be on her break now. Please call her right now. She won't be able to talk after a while. Ok I sould go now. Bye!
*Riya runs to her class. Virina starts calling Zaynoo.*

Zaynoo: OMKSG! Finally. I was waiting for your call.

Virina : Yeah we met Riya just now.

Zaynoo : Anyways I'll be fast. I'm short on time.

Virina : Ok ok' But wait let me take out my notebook. To write'*turns to Maham* Maham can you please write down the message? I'll dictate'

Maham : Kyun? Main kya karu? Tum khud karo'

Zaynoo : V' Jaldi' My break is gonna be over anytime now.

Virina : Ok ok' go on'

*Virina starts wrting the message*

Happy burrday NoNo! Have not been able to talk to you in long, but that does not mean i have forgotten all of our memories! all the times on heaven, YM doodling, drooling over KSG and KaSh and talking about me coming to india =)) i miss all that! hope to chat with you soon :D hope you have a wonderful bday and may Allah bless you with all that you want! Keep smiling, and lots of love!
-Your ZoZo



Zaynoo : Ok bye! The bell rang aready. I'll call you later.

Maham : These two didn't want us to go to there house. How mean'.

Virina : Maham' We're not here to visit people's houses' we are just collecting Nori's bday message' So its ok. Our time is saved. Now lets go to the next house' Lets go to Rida's place'

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aftermath.. IF-Addictz

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*They arrive at Rida's place & bells the ring. But no one opens the door. When Maham rings the bell for the 5th time Rida opens it.*

Rida : WHAT?

Maham : What WHAT? We were supposed to come to your house to collect Nori's message. I texted you yesterday. Didn't you get my text?

Rida : I didn't check my texts' You know I had exams' I just came back writing my last exam' You should have called me'

Maham : I didn't have enough credit to call you. Anyways we're here already' so you can't just say get out' Just give us the message and we'll leave'

Rida : I haven't slept for the last 2 nights because of exams' I was going to sleep' Uggh Maham' tum bhi na' Anyways sit.. I'll write the message'

*They take seats' Viru is too surprised to talk' Rida starts writing her message.*


? dekho see see kaun aaya tumhare ultimate bday pe? zyaada happy mat ho, Shaheer nahee hai :| Main hoo TADA :DDD im still tera gala dabaayeng for not being born on 21st, patience-less larki :O HAWWW youre angelDMG16, i got to know the 16 funda today :PP main tapking on your bday, and stealing mere chocolate cake ka adha bara waala piece. Vini and maham can go eat haleem and Pizza! :| i want to eat sheet nooodles wd you, flavour anant masala wale ?? ;DD ILY SOOO DHERSAARA! haan see main keheng ith :P Honestly, you know i think SS will be zyaada happy with you :( Dont be zyaada khush, im only giving him to you for him! coz youre jus the best person i know! jalebi se zyaada sweet and mere teddybear se zyaada cuteee, lill cutieee :P there, i BET there is not a person in this world who is as sweet and as perfect of a human like my Nooro, nd i bet a thousand dollars :P mere paas naee hai to oyye keep my bet ki laaj ;O There never ever has been a person as sweet loving and caring as you. Honestly you are so perfecth! ? can perfection be ever better defined than Being defined in a single word :Nori." ??? :P Youre such a sig and avi and vm pro, that i jus stare, but more than that in this whole PLANNET, there can never be a girl like you. This friendship is a gift, and the courtesy was KaSh, this thought makes me love KaSh for this most beautiful blessing, but as the time passed you became the most important person to me, and seriously noone can help but fall in love wd you sachhii muchhi puchhi. Wenever anyone has a problem you put your heart in solving it, main hoona sabse bari confusions ki dukaan! ILY SO MUHCHH! LOL you dont ever get bored of mere SV PS Bhatki aatmaa questions?

You made me see NAvya :$$$$ OMGGG can i forget the day when i first watched it? and then i ran to you LOL :O haye and Anants first smile UFF :| haan haan im giving him to you baat bhi naee karoon kya? :( ROFL ROFL :P Thankyou so so so muhch! Thankyou for being the sweetest loveliest best person on this plannet and universe, and thanyou for loving me and skyping so madly wd me! ILYY SO MUCH MORE than words can tell, and youre so amazing and PERFECT! there is none like you, there will be none like you everh!

I WISH THE BEST GAL IN THIS WORLD The HAPPIEST BDAY EVERH! inshallah you will achieve all that you desire, and all the hapiness of this dunya, i love you the most Anant KaSh SS se bhi zyaada (im saying this ;PP) Youre my world ka sabse bara part, and not knowing you is something i cant afford, youre mere paagal se system ka sabse cute sa hissa!

LYYY NOORO! cant make you a gift abhi exam haina :'(
RIDAAA - your emotional gal

Rida:Yeh lo!bas?khush?

Maham : Itna lamba msg? I thought you said you're tired'

Rida : Maham deemagh already garam hai' Aur garam maat karo'

*Virina butts in to calm the situation*

Virina : Thank you sooo much Rida' & please ignore Maham' You know how she is' You go & take rest' we won't disturb you anymore' Bye!! Sleep tight'

*Virina drags Maham out of Rida's house*

Virina : Maham' You said you called everyone?

Maham : I said I told everyone' Ab text k zariye bolu ya call se kya fark parta hai?

Virina : Rida was tired' bechari' & the situation was embarrassing'

Maham : No it was not' It was Rida our friend' She is never sweet to us. So why are you being surprised? Aggar parents asa karte toh bura lagta'

Virina : I just hope it doesn't happen again today' Sheru's house is next door right? Lets go there'

Maham : Don't worry' Tum khamakha h darti ho' Dekha' Abhi tak kisi parents ki daant pari?

*While they are talking the reach Sehru's house' Maham rings the bell and Sehru's Mom opens the door*

Aunty : Kya chahiye?

Maham : Salam Aunty' Apne shayed mujhe pehchana nehi' Main Maham'

Aunty : Pata hai' Kis kamse aye ho?

Maham : Aunty wor Sehru se milna tha'

Aunty : Nehi ml sakte'

Maham : Par aunty kyun?

Aunty : Tumhari wajah se Sehru' padhai kaam aur TV zyada dekh rahi hai ajkal' iCarly farly' Dracula diaries [originally the vampire diaries] yeh sab kya dekhti ho ajkal? Huh? Aur telephone ka bill itna zyada kyun ata hai? Abhi uss kal subah hi maine uske phone pe 100 rupees recharge karke di thi' Raat ko khatam' Hamesha zaruri hai har show ke baad shows discuss karna?

Maham : Aunty I'm sorry' But woh'

Aunty : Abhi usse nehi mil sakte' Usse maine parne k liye bheja hai'. Baad mein ao' Bye!

*Maham & Virina are leaving but suddenly someone throws a paper in front of them. Maham & Virina turns back. Sehrish threw a chit to them through the window. She holds her ears and goes away. Maham picks up the chit and reads it*

Sehrish's chit says:

Sorry Maham. Got your text last night. I wanted to tell you not to come but I couldn't' Phone ka credit khatam ho gaya tha' Sorry' Here's my message for Nori:

Hey Norii , have a very happy kashappy birthday .. love u loads !!! =D and best wishes from me for the rest of ur lyf >:D<

Maham : Itni daant khilane k baad bas itna sa msg?

Virina doesn't say anything' So Maham pulls her shoulder.

Maham : Virina'. Kaha kho gayi?

Virina : I am not going to anyone's house anymore' See' this is what I was talking about' Lets drop this idea' we'll call everyone to get msgs.

Maham : Viru just chill' Bas ek bar daant khate hi give up kar diya? Come on yaar'

Virina : No Maham' I am really scared' Tum jao' I am not going'

Maham : Ok I promise this is the last house' and trust me no one will scold us here' as it's Amna's house' Her parents are as cool as her' So please' last time' please'

Virina : Ok' but this is the last house'

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aftermath.. IF-Addictz

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*So Maham & Virina head to Amna's house. Whne they ring the bell Amna opens the door*

Amna : Look who's here'

Maham : Dekhte hi apna taunting shuru kar di?

Amna : I said it because I was excited' But you took it negatively' Anyways' Come on in'

*Amna notices that Virina was not saying anything*

Amna : What happened Viru? Why is your mood off?

Maham : Arey kuch nehi'

Virina : Kuch nehi? What do you mean by kuch nehi' Because of your stupid idea now we won't get enough msgs for Nori's birthday'

Amna : What idea?

Virina : Maham suggested this stupid plan to got to everyone's houses and collect messages' And we haven't even gone to half of the houses yet' We still have the celebritys left.

Amna : I knew Maham would suggest something stupid. Usse aur kya expect kiya ja sakta hai?

Maham : Oh shut up Amna'

Amna : You shut up' Sabke ghar eke k karke jaoge toh Nori ka bday chala jayega but still you won't have the messages' Virina' I have a good news for you' You don't have to got to anywhere anymore' I have collected the rest of the messages' Here they are'

*Amna gives a paper to Virina where everyone's messages are written' Finally Virina smiles as she feels relieved. Maham goes snatches the paper from Viru's hand and starts reading it.

Maham : Why is your message so short?

Amna : Because I had to write other's messages. Do you really think after writing those I had patience to make mines bigger?

Virina snatches the paper back and starts reading it:

Many many happy returns of the day Nori. May u get all that u wish for and more. Luv ya

Wish U Many Many Many More Happy Returns Of The Day Nori ... Wow Finally The Day Is Ones Again Back Where We Share Our B'days On Da Same Day :D

? Wish U All Da Successs N Happiness In Life ? Have A Wonderful Life Sweetie ?

-Hima Anjali


Happy bday nori di :))

-Urvee Rupela

May you be gifted with life's biggest joys and never-ending bliss. After all, you yourself are a gift to earth, so you deserve the best.I wish you a lovely day, not just today because it is your birthday, but all year round. May you always wake up in the morning with a smile on your face.May this year be your best ever.I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true.Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true!I hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise.May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love.Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day.God Bless u :)



-Debadrita Saha

HAPPY B'DAY to you

-Noorie ArShian

My dear Nori-ah! LOVE YOU! Despite the fact ke tu budhi hogayi :P see, every birthday brings you closer to the day when you'd have grey hair shining on your tind and those little crow-feet embracing your eyes...awww! What a sight :P Er, birthday getting too depressing reading this message...fine I'll change it! Psssh! No sense of humor aurat! Hahaha, you know I joke cuz I love you no matter what!

? Happy birthday girl! May this year, and many many many many MANY more years to come, bring baskets of joy and TRUCKS of laughter in your life (Aameen!) ???

Loving you always,


Happy Birthday Noriii!!!
May God bless you and look after you always. May all your dreams be fulfilled and may you encounter success and happiness at every juncture of your life.
Lots of Love,

-Anu Ananya

Happy Birthday Noriii

Hav a Blast Sweety. Hope dis Special Day of Yours brings for you all that your Heart desires..Wishing You a Day Full of Pleasant Surprises,Sweet Moments and Wonderful Memories to Cherish Always
God Bless You...Have a KaShlicious One

-Arzoo Muski

okay, here goes my message. my mind is totally blank right now, so idk what i've written, but i hope its okay! :)
happy birthday

your one of the sweetest and most talented people i've met on IF. i think we met on KaSh heaven? or maybe your creation gallery, i'm not sure. but i'm glad i know you. :)
your creations are just mindblowing! how are they so damn sexy, man?! :O i need to learn from you, someday.
we haven't talked in a LONG time, but i hope we do soon, because i miss you and KaSh heaven!
and we have more in common other than KaSh, like AnYa!
have a KaShsome birthday, and get a little high tonight. ;)


-Aishwarya Vr

Today is ur Bithday
n i want to say,

I m grateful for having u in my life!

Wishing u a vry happy Birthday!!!!


-Niyati Vishian

Happie b day sista..

may you ge all the happiness in life

-Karan's sweetheart Kriti

Happpy Birthdayy Nori!!
May Your Life Be Full Of Sunshines

May You Get All The Happiness in your lyf,and may all your dreams come true
I hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise.
May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love.
Have a Blast on your special day..

-Priya Chandra


May this year be your best ever.
I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true.
Not just a year older, but a year better.
Here's to another year of experience.
A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here is wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends.
A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip.
Happy birthday, may this day always be a special one to remember.
May the best of your past be the worst of your future.
Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true!
I hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise.
May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love.
Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day.

-Gurpreet KaShian

Happy Birthdayyy Cutieee


Have a KaShosome Birhday ?
May god bless you & Hope your al dreams come true. You are really really sweet, always happy go lucky type..lol I really like this quality of you. It's always fun talking to you, always close to my heart
You are an amazing & talented Girl. You are the only one in my friend circle, who is crazy about Navya show..Lol But I really love you
Have an awesome Bday & eat Lots of Cake, share some with me too :P
Hope you'll soon meet KaSh.. Happy Bday, always be happy... Love Oishi


Happy KaShalicious Birthday Nori pori

May god bless you with peace and happiness with your birthday.. You are such a kind and beautiful person.. Its so nice to talk with you everytime cauxe you are seriously a good listener ehhe... I love everything about you specially when you are happy happy but when your sad duh you look horrible lol.. So you better always keep smiling and i hope more birthdays come so that we can enjoy and celebrate it together.. Once again Happy Birthday Nori I wish all happiness for you

Love Aishy

-Fatima Aishy

HappyBirthDay Nori,
God bless you with all His best Blessings. Ameen.
just in a short span of time you became my cute friend :)
but yeah before that you are one of my Fantastic Fours as well ;)
Wish you lots of Happiness, Success, peace, and every possible blessing of God.
may you have a great year ahead. Ameen.
God Bless You.
Stay Happy.

-Rock KaShian

Happy birthday Nori :)
may Allah fulfills your each and every little and bari walli wishes, and
may this year be the best for you :)
a year filled with success, happiness and joy
i wish all your dreams and wishes comes true :)
i'm so glad to know that we share the same birth month, i know we have spoken less, ziyada baat nahi hui =P
lekin, i always cherished talking to you, something i always look forward too, i hope we talk more this year and create a beautiful bond of friendship (strong walli) =D
love you alot

happy kashsome birthday =D
i hopeyour day is fulfilled with happiness and surprises (good ones)
maleeha :)

-Maleeha Moiz Khan

Nori *tight jhappis* Happy Birthday!
I miss our old MFC talks, which have gone back in the years.. but I still remember the good old days, and I'm so glad to have found a friend like you.. hope you have a blessed Birthday... :) :)

Loads of love, tightest of the tightest hugs!!
- Steffz


Happy happy happy bdayyy
Roses r red
Violets r blue
When ur bday comes
I say happy bday 2 u :p

Lol lame i know but i'll make u sumthin pretty soons... Not my fault tere doston ko teri bday last minute yaadaai :p
Luv u...

-Arena Azhar

Happy birthday Nori

  Hope all your dreams come true!

-Zarqa KaShian

Happy Birthday Moonlight!! May you achieve all the success in the world and may you be blessed with every happiness! Miss our crazy talks..hopefully we can have them again soon! Love youu!!

-your Ms. Non-Anand lol


Happy Birthday Noori, may your all dreams and wishs come true *hugs* Wish you the best in your life :) umm we have not talked so much toghter but i have to say that you are very sweet person and i love your work !

? ENJOY you special day with your friends and family muhwaa^

Love from -Mish-

happpy birthday nooorrriii


Happy Birthday To Ya

Happy Birthday To ya ? Happy Birthday Dear Angel ? happy Birthday To Ya! Yess its my angel's birthday aka Nori:p rofll but I prefer calling ya angel more and you know why coz u simply look like one:)-
May ALLAH bless ya and all ur dreams come true!
You are a sweet,caring and an adorable girl Norii and I love ya for that reason only aur haan ek aur bhi hai your creations are breathtaking specially on KaSh

Have fun and if possible try to have a look at my ghatiya gift for ya:(

Nori jee Happy happy birthdayyy



Noor >:D< KaShappy AnYalicious b'day to you!

Have a great day! May God bless you with all that you wish for! May you have a blissful year ahead! :) Love you meri KaSh-Anya Partner! ? Stay Happy & Blessed Always! Muah.

PS :- KSG is mine ONLY..You can keep SS :P Love you Buddhuji..>:D<


hey nori 1st of all Happy birthday dear

I wish may god bless u & shower ur life with happiness
i knw i always used to irriatte u tease u pull ur leg ..and tumhara gussa wla chehra it was so cute .i had best moments with u ..u r the best sweetest sis i ever could get & one of my closest best frnd ...i enjoy talking with u on skype we had so much fun na ..u make one of the best vm & siggies love ur cgs ..i love the way ur ..love ur nautankies these all make u special..u have a golden heart .. u were always there wen i needed u & ur special hug on skype i love u my sweetie pie ..You deserve all the success, happiness and love in the world...I wish you a happy and cheerful life ahead. Happy birthday. Live every moment, today and always...May you be gifted with life's biggest joys and never-ending bliss. May you get all you desire.On your birthday, today, I wish you a year with loads of fun, excitement and beautiful memories. Happy Birthday...KaShappy Birthday Nori Love u Muah..:*


Happy Birthday Nori ?
May ALLAH Bless you with everything that you desire...Ameen
Keep Smiling and be sweet and friendly like this always like u r now
Have a rocking birthday with family n frnds and a great year ahead !!!
Love u loads, Muahh *Hugs*

wishing my shona a very happy birthday. May Allah bless u with all the happiness in life. Have a great day and loveful life ahead. With lots of love to u shona.

-Farzana Irani

happy bday noori

? ! i want to clear a thing today first of all m mchh cuter thnn u okk noww we cnn start ,May this year be your best ever yeahh noww it wouldd b bcozz i wishedd u lol .I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true.Not just a year older, but a year better.Here's to another year of experience. So many candles for so little cake? Can you blow those candles out or should we call the fire department :PP Happy Birthday.Happy Birthday!!! I hope this is the begining of the greatest year ever so far for you!Hope your birthday is cool, fun, fantastic, wonderful, exciting, awesome, rocking and HAPPY. Happy Birthday. You are only as old as you feel... :PPP Happy Birthday.There is no "I" in team but there is in BIRTHDAY, so make it all about "U".Hope your day is simply terrific!Thanks for having a birthday and giving us a reason.
Wishing you a beautiful bdayy
?...mwuahhhx !


Happy Birthday Noru!! I just want to tell you that I have sooo much fun when I talk to youu!! And our convos are the cutest thing everrr just bcoz you are sooo adorable and a sweetheart and you know how to make everyone smile with all you cute lil dumb si bekaar wali harkatein =)) u suck? Remember? Noo! U suck moree =)) I'm so glad I have gotten to chat with you so much via FB in these last few months *touchwood* I hope it stays this way cuz I lovvveee talking to you!! You're a sweetheart! Not to forget, a talented PS'er ;) I loveee youuu for making me the MOST awesomesttt video avi everrr!!! And guess what? I stalked your gallery updates :D I have moreee to ask for <:o)) woohoo! Be ready for when I come back! ;) =))
Apart from all this fun we have together Noru, I just want to tell you that you're a bundle of pure amazingness+awesomeness! I love how Zahru calls you 'angel' because you truly are one :* Always stay this way

? On your birthday, I wish you all the world's love and happiness. May God fulfil every wish and dream of yours and may success follow you in all that you do. Have a blasttt on your bday and wish you a great year and blessed life ahead!
Lots and lots and lotsss of Love always,
?? :*



Many many happy returns of the day my rotlu ; my Meena Kumari my coo chi coo ...
To be honest your are simply 1 of the most talented girl ...be it your creations or your simple ...straight way of thinking

...Love yu for yur positivity ...:D

You are seriously 1 of the sweetest girl i ever came acorss...how much ever I tried to irritate yu; nag yu ...yu were unaffected *yawns* ...seriously yur hell boring lol

On yur birthday I wud just wish to God that he fulfills all your wishes and I thank him to have made som1 as awesome as you

...Lots of love to my Rotlu...and Happy Birthday again
-------------Neha :)

PS: I m not at all creative to have made something for yu lol...Enjoy your day..Cheers !!

Happy B'day Noor *hugs* may god fulfill all ur wishes*hugs*... God bless u... *hugs*

njoiii ur day & have a blast dear... *hugs*

Luv ya,


Happy Birthday Nori! I

? YOU! i miss you. You are such a sweetheart and damn cute as well. Swear down you are a talented girl and such a bright, sunny personality and wonderful person to be around. I'm glad i got to know you. By the way i hope i'm not filling you with pride here ;P Granted, its your special day and you deserve the special treatment but everyday should be special, agree? ;) Do remember that everyday is passing by and we should always reflect upon the miracle of life and the days and years that have passed since the day we were born and not just on our birthday..how old are you today? =) From this day onward you, Nori, continue to be the sweetheart you are and work towards getting even more amazing every single day because everyday we are given chances. Spread your sunshine, Nori, and remember not to let anybody or anything get you down in life. It's only Allah's approval we look towards and we owe Him that because He is the One who gave us life (something to remember on your birthday as you are celebrating the day Allah brought you into the world - beautiful and happy =))

Love Aliya

Happy birthday Nori! hope ur day is filled with sunshine and smiles :) I wish that all u wishes and dreams come true and u have an amazing year ahead... Happpy birthday..luv ya *jhappi*


Happy birthday to the sweetest person i've ever known. You are one person who always puts a smile on my face and a lump in my throat so i thank you with all my heart. I wish you all the finest things in life because a royalty like you deserves the best. May you have a gr8 day not just today because its your bday but all year round. I take this opportunity to thank you for being a sweetheart to me, for listening to me , for trusting me so much and for everything. God bless you nori:-)...lots of drool and sloppy kisses coming your way. Lol. Much love.

Happy birthday noori! Wishing u health, wealth n all the happiness u deserve. May allah bless u in everyway..hv a fab day x

Hey Nori, I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday babe ? I hope you have an amazing year ahead and get everything that you ever yearned for on this day! May God bless you with health, success and love.   

 Hey Norii , have a very happy kashappy birthday .. love u loads !!! =D and best wishes from me forthe rest of ur lyf >:D<


Happy Birthday To You
Hope You Have A Blast
And Get Everything You Wanted !


Virina : OMG! So many messages' Thank you so much Amna for doing this for us.

Amna : You're always welcome Viru. See.. I am nice' not mean'

Virina : Yes you are the nicest' Now we can go to SRK's house directly'

Amna : OMG! You are going to SRK's house?

Virina : Yes' we are.. Do you wanna come with us?

Maham : Take Amna with you. I am not going to any celebrity;s house'

Virina : You are going Maham'

Maham : NO WAY' I AM NOT'

Virina : Yes ways' you are' I listened to your stupd idea and went to everyone's house' now you'll lsten to me'

Maham : But going to celeb's house idea is more stupid than mine' Hai na Amna?

Amna : No it's great' I think it's really sweet that you are doing it for Nori' I would have joined you but Ayaan is sleeping and Ammi is also not home. So unfortunately I can't' But Viru don't for get to me an autograph of SRK when you meet him'

Virina : I won't Amna' Anyways we should leave now. We still have 3 places to cover. So bye!

*they go to SRK's house.*

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aftermath.. IF-Addictz

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Virina : Maham I can't speak Hindi' tum baat karo'

Maham : No way'

Virina : Maham we don't have time to waste' please'

V pushes Maham in front'

Maham : Suniye' Uncle Ji!

Guard : Gee' Kya chahiye apko?

Maham : Humein na who thori SRK se milna hai'

Guard : Kyun?

Maham : Woh humari ek frnd ki bday hai' who na SRK ka bohottt bara fan hai.. so uske liye SRK ka msg ya autograph chahiye'

Guard : SRK se milna itni asaan baat nehi hai bachcha'

Maham : Uncle pls' pls pls pls'

Guard : Mere haath mein kuch nehi hai bachcha' Varna zarur madaat kar deta.. Aur SRK ghar pe bhi nehi hai'

Maham : Oh nehi hai? Ko baat nehi hai' Thank you uncle ji'

Maham goes back to Virina.

Virina : What did he say?

Maham : SRK is not at home. Lets go.

Virina : Wait he's not home? Good good' We should wait'

Maham : Are you crazy?

Virina : No I am not' see he is not home' I am sure he'll return in a while' When we'll see the car we'll block it' Obviously the driver won't run the car on us right?

Maham : Virina you are talking rubbish right now. You know that? It's 6 p.m. we have to go to other places.

Virina : Maham its only 6' Lets wait for a while' Its SRK after all' Just go and ask the guard when is he returning.

Maham : No' I am not gong there again' If you want to wat then just wait'

*After 2 hours*

Virina : Maham' seriously' ask him na'

Maham : I am NOT asking' You go'

Virina : Ok fine'

Virina goes to the guard'

Virina : Suniye'

Guard : Haan ji'

Virina : Sorry meri Hindi bohot bad hai' Mujhe sirf yeh ask karna tah ke SRK home kab a rahe hai?

Guard : Who aj ghar nehi ayenge'

Virina : Why? *shocked*

Guard : Who toh India ke saath sheher ki yaatra mein nikle hai' Mujhe lagta hai kal ya parsu lautenge' Aplog who twitter buiter kya kehte hai who check nehi karte? Us mein unhone fans ko bola hai ke who ja rahe hai'

Virina becomes sad and returns to Maham.

Virina : He is not coming back' he is on a trip'

Maham wants to say something but as she sees Virina's teary eyes she stops.

Maham : Now lets go to Imran's house' we don't have any time to waste' its past 8 already'

*when they reach Imran's house it's almost 10*

Virina : Oh my God! It's 10 already' Does it look ok if we bother him now?

Maham : Yah ape aye hai toh I won't let you go before you try' I wasted 2 hours of my life'

Virina : I didn't know na that SRK & Imran khan's houses are in the total opposite directions'

Maham : SRK and Amir Khan's nephew won't live in neighborhood' Isn't that an obvious thing?

Virina : Now what?

Maham : Kya what? Go and check'

Virina : Ok' Let me go and see' Luckily I don't see a guard here' so lets just go inside the gate and bell the ring of the house.

As soon as Virina opens the main gate 3 dogs runs towards her barking' Virina is so surprised that it takes her a while to realize what is happening' But she starts running as soon as she comes to her senses' Maham follows her' they don't stop until they feel they are safe now'

Maham : Baal baal bachein'

Virina : I thought I'll die today'

Maham : You idiot' Isn't it obvious that there are dogs when you don't see a guard in front of a celeb's house?

Virina : How would I know Imran has pet dogs? I am not a fan of him'

Maham : Me neither' But there's a thing called common sense'

Virina : Can we go to Shaheer's house now?

Maham : I was going to say no but then I realized Shaheer is a nice guy' So we might get a message at least from him'

Virina : I am feeling relieved' This is the 1st time today we agreed on the same thing.

*they go to SS's apartment. Virina is about to talk to the gaurd but Maham stops her*

Maham : Wait' Don't go to the guard' its almost 11' He wont let us meet Shaheer at this hour.

Virina : Then what are we gonna do?

Maham : we are going to break into his house. Who pipes dekh rahi ho? Piche.. we'll climb that'

Virina : WAIT' WHAT? we are breaking into someone's house? That too of a celeb? We'll be in jail in no time Maham.

Maham : Don't worry.. Shaheer is a nice guy' he'll understand' And right now I am deperate to get at least his msg for Nori' Don't you want Nori to be happy? Just follow me'

As Maham mentioned Nori's name Virina couldn't say no' They start trying to climb the pipes' after a few tries Maham comes halfway of Shaheer's apartment' But suddenly her hands slip and she falls over Virina who was standing on ground floor and they both end up at a hospital.

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aftermath.. IF-Addictz

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FROM Niyati
FROM Jenny_KaShian

FROM Sofia
From Hoor
From Laddoo
From Tani

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