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Rain Dance (Fun Post)

-Cruiser- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 10:20pm | IP Logged
OK---------So after making Sunny Pole dance, after making fitter girls wear skimpy clothes and enter pool, (Mooli Parantha Hogger Juhi remembered she has hydrophobia for the task), after making fitter girls ramp walk, (Asvastha Pooja Bedi backed out because of friendship with Mooli Parantha hogger Juhi, who too declared herself Asvastha) Ho*y Big Boss to come up with another novelty and here it was...a rain dance!

Unlike many of the kid members here, Big Boss obviously grew up watching Morning Shows like RESHMA KI JAWAANI and chewed his nails, eyes bulging out as Amitabh and Smita drenched themselves most vulgarly rolling around to the croon of 'Aaj Rapat Jaayein toh hamein naa bulayio...", a thoroughly drenched Akshay rolling around with equally drenched-bull bottomed Raveena doing that 'Tip-Tip Barsa Paani..." in MOHRA.....

To re-enact his teen memories that titillated him a great deal once upon a time, Big Boss sent in 4 guys from his crew inside the house to keep drenching, especially the girls, with 4 hose pipes. Yes, you can actually see Big Boss House rain is even more funnier than an English rainy drizzle which shows you the miracle of a wet patch here and a dry one fifty meters away! In Big Boss's rain you can see thoroughly wet behinds and bosoms of babes while unwanted elements like Sky Walkr are almost dry through out!

As the dance, if we may call it one starts, Kid Sid shoots off the blocks first and promptly slides to ground doing that vulgar Amitabh roll of Namak Halaal..."AAJ RAPAT JAAYEIN TOH"....His partner, Shonali, refuses to bite the bait and doesn't oblige him by sinking into his arms as years ago, Smita ji had done!  Instead Shonali opts to hammer her bum swings at close up cams repeatedly, much to the delight of a thoroughly excited Big Boss.Tongue

In his excitement to take more close ups of drenched babes in house, Big Boss erred a bit and ended up showing extreme close up shot of a naval in a bulged out belly! No face is visible, just the belly, but as it is a yellow saree, viewers didn't have to guess the ownership of this belly. Juhi ofcourse.Shocked

Perhaps, Big Boss himself baulked at this shot and slapped the back of cameraman's head, because immediately we see Amar and Sunny slapping each other's hands alternately-----just as you would see in a Garba dance-----here minus the sticks-----

Big Boss's voyeuristic passions in full glory here as Camera covers Sunny ji in a blue saree, knee level onwards------it starts with knee, caresses thighs, stops that extra seconds at waist level, goes up------and shows Sunny ji's single Hair choti-------------she is resembling a 70s movie school teacher in a village, with that choti and 70s blouse. I told you Big Boss grew up in 70s and 80s before, didn't I?Ouch

Shonali is with Kid Sid, Sky is doing some dopie junkie steps with Juhi Parmar, (no water phobia-nor any asvasth-ta todayThumbs Up) and most admirably, Amar is putting up a grand performance with Sunny ji...Clap

If you thought Dharmendra could not dance, think again. One look at Pooja Mishra and you would marvel at even the 2 steps that Dharam ji displayed all his career! Pooja Mishra is merely running from one end to another, sometimes hopping like Irfan Pathan just before he bowls the delivery...and sometimes jumps for no reason! Pooja Mishra's excitement is to be seen to be believed though...something like a teen kid in a strip tease bar for the first time!

Andrew Symonds, who has no girl left for him, gos to a nearby pole, holds it and starts going around it in circles. Well...Cry

Big Boss has salivated enough at AAJ RAPAT JAAYEN...Tongue

Now starts TIP-TIP BARSA haa-haa...Tip Tip Barsa Paani...Paani ne aag laga di....

Big Boss starts burning with desire and drooling like a dog as Amar does a most gorgeous act of holding one end of Sunny ji's saree...for a split second Sunny ji thinks he wants to completely remove it and start something like Sunny ji is very comfortable with...but Amar, here is only reminding Bolly Wood talent scouts that he can effortlessly come up with these teaser shots that Bolly rain songs specialise in------- Guddu Dhanoa-K.C. Bokadia------did you watch that? For low budget you can get Amar as star of your C-graders atleast. Thumbs Up

Amar actually looks a Bolly he holds Sunny Ji's pallu long enough, look at her seductively..and then release it as she comes to him...Amar holds her from behind and keeps doing these sensuous erotic steps that Big Boss grew up on as a kid. I told you before...don't make me remind again and again.Confused

Cut to Shonali and Kid Sid. God! This Alzheimer affected beauty hasn't forgotten a single bum swing step and is actually swinging it from one extreme to another, her back facing the close up Cam. Big Boss's tongue resembles that of a panting German Shepherd dog by now!Tongue

Our Pooja Mishra, after running criss cross from anywhere to everywhere,  has finally reached Andrew Symonds------who by this time has lost all hope of properly dancing with a girl and is seen mopping the 'rain water' from his bald head.

Big Boss screams to Cameraman,"Sunny..Kameene, Sunny..."and Cam once again shows bums, wet waist and wet blouse of Sunny-Ji.

Cut to Pooja Mishra and she is wildly shaking her head by now. This girl is really amazing. Gone case.

Kid Sid decides enough is enough and youth icon that he is, plays to the galleries and removes his shirt. Lo and behold Kid Sid's 3 Packs body and Shonali's wild bum swings...Big Boss is rolling all over the floor and going nuts inside! Spoil sport Cameraman zooms to Juhi, is only able to show a bit of her face and camera wildly swings to Amar and Sunny. I swear if you see this shot you will agree with me that Big Boss slapped the cameraman for coming to Juhi at this point of time. So fast the camera is taken off Juhi that you don't even have to think there too much!

Camera man shows Village school teacher like Sunny Ji grinning ear to ear and gyrating, then shows a lost in her own world Pooja Mishra. It is obvious this Cam fellow is a masochist for pain, because inexplicably, he comes back to Juhi-Sky.

Sky has that maniacal look that is his patented property and Juhi's black blouse under a yellow saree is just not making any sense. All one can think of is Jayalalitha under rains and wetness showing her bullet proof jacket inside. No offense to Jayalalitha, she is slimmer...point was to just highlight this gross mismatch of blouse and saree colors!Disapprove

In the meanwhile Kid Sid has realised Symonds is giving stares at his 3 pack body and quickly slips into his T-shirt. To escape embarrassment of having got caught red handed, Symonds actually dives into the pool...fully clothed & comes out walking like a wet ape to the beats of another tharkee song that tittilated Big Boss always...SAANSO, KO SAANSO MEIN DHALNE DO ZARA...Clap

Amar does the most gorgeous stuff at this stage and lifts Sunny Ji in his arms. Sunny ji is blushing coyly and hiding her face just as Mumtaz used to do years ago when Big Boss was a tharkee kid, it used to rain in films and Rajesh Khanna used to lift a drenched Mumtaz!

For a split second Sky Walkr thinks of lifting Juhi, just as Amar lifted Sunny Ji. Sky realises he is not an ant to be able to lift something thats more than double size when it comes to  his weight,shakes his head and sheepishly continues with his dopey steps.Tongue

Symonds is having a tough time in holding on to Pooja Mishra who can just escape and go on a merry go around once again...but seeing Symonds fully occupied, Kid Sid seizes his moment, does a poor man's Salman again, removes his T-shirt and once again the Youth Icon is seen baring his 2-3 pack body...Confused

Kid Sid is holding Shonali by her waist and Bhulakkad babe is trying to gyrate sensuously. She too has that 70s heroine blouse, revealing a bit of arm muscle...Why do I have to remind you guys again and again that Big Boss grew up watching babes in such blouses in 70s and 80s?Geek

Sky Walkr has managed the impossible. Somehow he has been able to get rid of Juhi, persuade Amar to let go off Sunny-----he is actually seen holding Sunny Ji's hand, sinking to the ground and lifting her left hand as he sits in front of her and plants two thoroughly LEECHAD type kisses,first on her left and then right palm.

Well, Sunny ji did not find this objectionable though later, she would make a hue and cry about Amar's elegantly lifting her up and coming up with, perhaps the best moments of this outrageous show for voyeuristic Big Boss...Ermm

Even as Sky is busy kissing Sunny's both hands one by one slurpily and sloppily, Amar makes his displeasure known by standing as far away from Juhi Parmar, as his visibly stretched body would permit him...clearly upset over Sunny having been snatched away from him and being forced to settle for body mass of Juhi Ji instead!GeekErmm

Dance show ends, Big Boss is drooling at the footage secured, beating his chest with a,"Yes...Yes...Yes..." and asking the cameraman to rewind and replay it for him!Dead

If some one doesn't believe my description or missed the show and wants to have a you go:

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amina.ahmedraza Goldie

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
lol but seriosuly i like juhi wearing black blouse the reason might be that she dont wanted to exposed be decent enough .. and yes yes she had a phobia ... wo khatam hogya hoga hehehhe
Andrew was classy .. rest seemed cheapo to me

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VAZ2011 Goldie

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
 ROFLWhat a way to end the dayClap 

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amina.ahmedraza Goldie

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 10:28pm | IP Logged
loved that Resham ki jawani punch ROFL

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MrRockySingh Senior Member

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 10:32pm | IP Logged
OMG what a funny post ROFL

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VAZ2011 Goldie

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 10:36pm | IP Logged
Best description of BB. All his tasks and cameras are focused on vulgarity this season..specially since sunny entered the houseDead as if people havent seen her enough already or they have forgotten what kind of entertainment they are supposed t provide??Confused

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MrManagement Goldie

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 10:38pm | IP Logged
I couldn't stop laughing ROFL 
Sunny didn't find offend to sky kissing her but decided to use the scapegoat amar to gain some sympathyDead

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*Woh Ajnabee* IF-Sizzlerz
*Woh Ajnabee*
*Woh Ajnabee*

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 10:39pm | IP Logged
All I have to say to Big Boss is ... SPARE US! Wacko At least we were spared Pooja Bedi's presence in today's episode!

Lol @ poor man's Salman Khan. LOL I think Sid was hoping those constipated expressions will land him a role in some Bollywood flick! Same goes for Shonali who was thumkaoing her kamariya like there was no tomorrow in hopes that someone from Mahesh Bhatt's production would be watching! At the rate the camera was zooming in on her matkas and jhatkas, it was apparent that the cameramen were celebrating Eid, Diwali, Christmas, New Year and all today! LOL

The shot of the day was Juhi's wet belly though ... undoubtedly. Even the cameramen have a semi-sense of humor. They've given us this shot before through Juhi's transparent sari while she was doing pooja earlier in the season - so they were probably thinking why not give us a wet shot as well (perhaps in hopes to prove that Juhi did not lose the 5kgs that she was hoping to lose in BB house).

Sometimes I can't help but wonder if Big Boss is Sky the creepster's long lost brother or somethin'!

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