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NOTE : To anybody wanting updates whenever I post a new story, or a new chapter then please email me at [email protected] and I will add you to my email update list. If you are an I-F member, please state your name too so I know who you are, and if not, then just your name will be fine! Love Hayley ' Please do BUDDY me as well in case I ever need to PM you!
OS : Here for you


Hiya guys! Definitely in high withdrawal times following the end of my fanfic Tearing Ourselves Apart (link) so I thought I would write a one shot to make up for my lack of ArHi, I'm on a train atm and they don't offer free wifi so I cannot watch todays episode that is already out yet! GRRR !

Anyone who would like PM's to anything I update, please BUDDY ME, and for those that want it to stop, please delete me !


She looked stunning. Curls upon curls of her soft hair bounced around her face as she danced along to the music that filled the air. The flashing lights and eery glow of the hall made her stand out like a halo. He had never seen anything like her before. Someone that looked so innocent and yet so beautiful and appealing. He wanted to drag her away from everyones eyes, so he could watch her alone, and do what he wanted t...

He snapped out of his thoughts with a jerk, what the hell was he thinking? Just because he had broken things of with Lavanya did not mean he could now let his thoughts roam freely as they had been doing. Khushi was not his, and as much as that pained him to think that, he knew it was true.


She looked nervously over somewhere to his left and he followed her line of vision to find his family. What was going on? First she had broken down in front of him and cried on his shoulder, next minute she had disappeared. Ever since, he knew something was not right, she always looked out of it, tears swimming in her large eyes. Even  now, as she resumed dancing, he could tell that smile was not real. It was one of those smiles she put on when she wanted everyone to think everything was ok. He knew it well, he had been the cause of it many times over the past few months.


His sister nudged him on to dancefloor and for once he didn't respond with an angry glare, because towards her was exactly the direction he wanted to be in. Losing himself in the images of bodies and lights and music, he swiftly made his way over to where Khushi was turning with the music and grabbed her by the arm.


"What!?" she exclaimed, turning around to face Arnav "What are you doing?" she asked, eyes wide, searching the room for anyone that was watching. He never treated her this way in front of his family. The thought made her feel strange, that they were somehow so close, they understood eachother, but nobody knew about it at all. Which is why any show of concern for one another was always received with curiosity by everyone.


She snapped out of her thoughts as she realised she was halfway down the corridor away from the hall, being pulled along by Arnavs grip on her arm.

"What.. what are you doing? Let go, let go!" she protested as he silently walked on, stopping her just outside of the kitchen where they could hear the dim humming of the music they had left behind.


"What is going on?"

Khushi froze, had he found out about Shyam? This was not the way she had wanted him to find out, from someone else. The feelings of what he might think erupted through her, guilt for not realising Shyams deceptiveness, hurt for what he had done to her, pain for all that Shyam had made her go through, sadness for what the news would do to Anjali, but most of all fear. Fear for what the man standing before her would think of her. The man that she loved.


He saw the terror flash across her features and remain there, frozen, like she was an ice statue. He had pushed it, it wasn't his place to question her about this, if only he could tell her the worry that he felt for her. How he would listen to anything she had to say, be there to comfort and support her and crush her good for nothing fiance to pieces if he had laid a single finger on her.


But those were not the words he managed to say.


"What do you think you are doing? How do you think you were going to get away, and that I wouldn't.. I mean.. anyone wouldn't ask any questions?"


Khushi looked up at him as tears began to fill in her eyes, he wasn't as angry as she had expected him to be following the discovery that his sisters husband was cheating on her. Had she maybe blown this all out of proportion? No something wasn't right here.


Arnav stood watching her as the tears that had built up in her soft eyes fell over the brim and down her beautiful face. Such tears did not belong.

"Khushi, I'm sorry, I .." he paused, not knowing how best to put it "you just.. they way you...the other day...and shouldn't, what I mean...Khushi you.." he sighed exasperated, it was so hard to get across that he was concerned, and not angry.


He looked down as he faced away from her to find he was still gripping her arm so he let go and she stood, frozen, as the tears continued to make their way down her face, continuing to think of how it would feel like knowing that he didn't want to have anything to do with her.

She snapped out of her reverie as he let go of her, sniffing lightly she reached up to wipe her tears away.

He grabbed on to her wrist as she was wiping her second cheek.

"Khushi?" he questioned, as she looked up at him in surprise and then to her hand, stripped bare of her engagement ring.


She pulled it away from his grip and started to turn, only to have Arnav hold on to both of her shoulders and whip her around.

"Talk to me Khushi."


She only looked back up at him.


"Why aren't you wearing your ring?"


" broke off my engagement" she whispered, not looking him in the eye.


Arnav slowly let go of her shoulders as the words she just uttered set in. She wasn't engaged? The though elated him, yet worried him at the same time and before he knew it, rage had taken over.


"What did he do?" Arnav asked, taking a step closer to Khushi who took one step back in return.
"Khushi, Dammit, tell me what he did. Did he touch you? Did he hurt you?"


Looking at the anger in Arnavs eyes Khushi wondered whether he even realised  how much he sounded like a protective husband.


"I have to go" she whispered quietly against his skin, now only inches from hers, terrified at the thought of what Arnav would say if he found out the truth, she knew it wasn't right to do, but she wanted to bury it, pretend like it had never happened.

He held on to her wrist for the second time, rooting her to the spot.

"Please Khushi, don't leave like this again, it'll kill me" he breathed.


Khushi turned her face around and pleaded with her eyes for him to let her go.

"If I tell you the truth" she said, shame burning in her cheeks changing them the same colour of her soft dress "it will only do the same."


Arnav had no idea what she had meant by those words, but the next thing he knew he saw a flash of pink and white as she ran away from him, back towards where they had come from.


He waited for a while, shaking from the intensity of their encounter, what had she meant? How bad could it be? That the truth would kill him.

He decided he was going to find out one way or another.

Walking furiously back to the main hall he searched for her, through the mass of bodies swaying to the music and through the people littered in the room. He searched every corner of the room to find her missing.


With a single look back at the happy faces of all the guests he climbed up the stairs to where he knew she was.


She was sitting huddled up by the side of the pool, long hair falling to her sides with her knees bundled up in her small arms, tracing the surface of the water lightly with her fingers, creating small waves that rippled through the small pool. He watched from afar for a moment as she stared into the water with a blank expression on her face and started to cry.


Everything that meant the world to her, her sister, her family, Anjali and Arnav, were all caught in this horrible mess that she was in the centre of. If she hadnt of been there, none of this would have happened, none of it would have gone wrong. She wanted to go back to all those times she had spent with Shyam and end every single one. But it was too late, the damage was done, and whichever path she chose, more was to follow.


She starting shaking and crying, she didn't want to be weak. But she wasn't crying because of what Shyam had done to her, she was crying because of what everyone would have to go through as a result of it.

"Devi Maiyya" she whispered, unaware of the pair of eyes staring fearfully at her through the window "Why did you let this happen to me? What am I going to do, nothing is good, nothing is fine, everything is a disaster. I don't know what to do, please please help me, I need you to show me the right way."


"Khushi" he asked, voice hoarse.


Khushi jumped up with the sound of his voice and wiped at her tears quickly before standing up to face him.

"Arnav ji" she smiled, the same old fake smile of hers, he thought.

"I was just" she looked around trying to find something as an excuse "the water is really cool and I" she struggled "I just needed to get some fresh air, and Payal jiji wanted.." she looked to the plant on her right, pulling out a single green leaf "a leaf, yes, yes she wanted a leaf" she looked back up at Arnav in triumph and he watched as her face dropped "Oh! Sorry, I forgot that these are your plants!" she exclaimed, dramatically slapping her forehead "Ill just have to go outside and get Jiji another one" she finished, stepping around Arnav.


He held on to her arm before she moved past him, ignoring to comment on her pathetic excuse at an escape.



"I need to get another leaf, Jiji needs me downstairs" she quietly said, feeling her smile fade away, it hurt to keep it up.


"Khushi, I don't know what happened to you, and I don't know why you won't tell me bu.."


"Yes, yes I know, you're Arnav Singh Raizada and you will find out someway" she spoke, tears in her eyes again at the thought of what would happen to him if he were to find out.


"..but I just wanted you to know that I will always be here to listen if you change your mind" he finished, staring at her intently, watching her every quiver.


She watched his eyes for a long moment, trying to decipher the feeling behind why he had just offered his help, could it be? No.. she was being silly again. She refused to fuel the little glimmer of hope inside her that told her Arnav felt the same way about her.


She was walking away and was close to the door when he roughly spoke up.


"You look nice.. not just nice, you look beautiful tonight..your fiance is an idiot" he said, looking at her as she turned around.


She felt it. Deep in her chest. The feeling of hope that had just set ablaze her broken heart.




Ohh Yay. Finished, I haven't written a One Shot in a while, sorry I am still a bit rusty from all the work I have had to do which has fired my brain out completely. I will hopefully do better next time. Thank you to everyone who gave it a read, please do leave likes, comments and criticism. PM's will be sent out later ! Anyone wanting some more reading, do check out my fanfic Tearing Ourselves Apart  

Love Hayles xx


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Yayy I'm first! :D hehe LOL

Hayley, this was sooo beautiful. I just LOVE it when you write, I want to keep on reading and reading and hope it never stops! Embarrassed  You are such a talented writer. And this one shot was amazingly written! Smile 

The way you described both their feelings and the turmoil they were going through was brilliant! And the last line where he says "you look beautiful" just took my breath away. I hope something like this happens in the show. I really really really want it to! :)

Once again, amazing one shot. Keep them coming! (:


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Lovely OS.

I hope you will decide to continue this to a conclusion - interested to see what happens next! Smile

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Awesome OS!
Ah, a caring Arnav, a worried Arnav and a totally in love Arnav!

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Very nice OS loved itt!

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 4:50pm | IP Logged You write so well and always manage to capture emotions perfectly. I would love to watch this scene

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You've done it again!!!! Got me absolutely hooked!!! :) loved it!!!! But still missing Tearing Ourselves Apart :(

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Beautiful OS.Clap So emotional. CryCryCryYou made me really feel for Khushi and what she is going through with your writing. Well done.StarStarStarStarStarClapClapClapClapClap

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