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SS:DTBHJ (A twisted KISS) Pg 34 (Page 9)

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Awww! I love it! It's so cute and funny! Please PM me when you continue!

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@Prinsesse.Suvi...thank you very much Smile

@Sonali...thanks a bunch jaanEmbarrassed

@minizz...thank you Big smile

@ANGEL...sorry sweets I still don't know your nameEmbarrassed but thnks for commenting and glad you enjoyed it Smile

@Vampgirl...welcome and thnks problem and thank you for reading

@Pri... hugs back at ya! HugThnks and no prob sweets!

@Sadi...whoops! Shockeddid I not add you sweety?
CryI m soo sorry, we'll pm you next time and thanks so much for reading...
P.S. OMG! ShockedLOL ur a harshiti fan too!!!???

@Sana ....ur welcome and aww thnks for the complimentsBlushing

@Kiara!Hug Meri jaan... ROFL...nahi jab bhagwaan tum logon ko dimaag de rahe the toh mein Uday ke piche bhaagi thi

@ChocolateQueen. aww thats so sweet of you to say...I really feel I'm doing a terrible job but thanks Embarrassed

...sure will

@Pinkal... wow! Thanks so much dear! I am really glad you liked this ff and found what you were looking for!
Will surely pm you...

@Binita... LOL.. UV never fails to mesmerize anyone naa... thnks dear

@Lamia... aww... ROFL..I kind of got inspired from J for that line and then thought why not add a bit of Geet in there WinkLOL.. thanks a lot!

@angelina_angel... thanks

@moksha89...oh how sweet!
Hugthank you and that is what I felt as well...I didnt want her to be as rebelious as in the show but I didn't want her to change very quickly as well...and ROFL.yes i m sure u knw how it is wit us writers LOL... thanks so much though

@Rumi...I am so happy you can find a bit of the show in der...thats what I was aiming at

@Kajpreet... thanks muffin...will surely do Smile

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Ah! Finally I sorted out the pm list and replied back and am ready for a update...
oh and for the people reading the comments above...I did not just write down your usernames, I went and saw what your name was, so you can distinguish yourself that way...AnywaysBig smile...thank you so much for the tons of comments and all the likes Hug some of you crack me up and others are just sooo sweetly adorable...sweeter than chocolates EmbarrassedLOL


She was so tired!
Her life was so boring and the daily routine fried her head. She would wake up, get into the gym, workout, get dressed, eat breakfast, go learn Hindi and English, have lunch, hang out with Unnati, have dinner, go to sleep.

The only good part about it was that she got to see her new friend after lunch till the end of the day. Of course she saw the pig headed brother of hers too but it was worth it. She loved Unnati to bits; she had become the sister that she never had. Well she does but who cares about that chudail.
 Unnati would arrive in a few minutes, and then the fun would start!
"Today I think we should just talk. You know, like tell me what you think of everyone in the house? Or tell me why you don't like them?" Unnati knew that to make Manyata become a Princess, it was important she understood the people's feelings, emotions and thinking.
"Ummm... kis se shuru karun? Yahan pe toh sab namuney bharey hain. Duniya ka 8ma ajuba hai yeh."
" Hahaha... yes it is the 8th wonder of the world... hehe... how about you start with Dadisa?"
"Well, when she first brought me here I was really angry. I mean how could she snatch everything away from me like that?! I still don't find her so good, I mean she gets annoying and boring like all the other budhies out there. But I guess she is okay for now. But I love Maa the most. She feeds me, makes my hair and at night even comes to talk to me! I finally have a mother in my life and it feels really heart warming. But her husband, my so called father is just something else. Always being sarcastic, angry... aur ek sadu nakchada budha! Kya jodi hai maa betey ki!"
"You have to understand Manyata, that your father is a King, he has many responsibilities and your grandmother is the same. Yes it is true none of us like the strict and disciplinary side of them, it gets annoying but you need to understand they do these things because they are tradition and keeps things in order. Otherwise, Uncle has been caring, he doesn't show it though. And Dadisa is adorable once you see past her. They are not used to your "normal" way of things... so give them a chance. Now tell me about your sister." Unnati knew this would get Manyata on a roll. Things were not going anywhere near good with her and JN.

They had already snipped and poured juice all over each other's clothes, it also came to the point where Manyata was sneaking into JN's room to snip her hair off, also planning to make Vijay go bald.

"Uss bandariya ke baare mein kya bolun? Apne aap ko samjhti kya hai?! Chudail kahin ki!" Manyata spat.
"You know I hate her too...par just think... J ko sab kuch mila hai, sab cheezein, saara attention par phir bhi sab ke dil mein Manyata thi. J was sometimes ignored, Dadisa always talked about her lost granddaughter and also your mom always missed you. J had a crush on Dada since they were really young but Dada doesn't give her much importance. Woh toh itne saal apni Manyata ka intezaar kar rahe thei." Unnati smiled at a bit stunned Manyata.
"Kya hua?"
"Yeh mere aur Uday... yeh intezaar... maharani... yeh sab kya hai?"
"Apki aur Dada ki engagement/roka toh bachpan mein hogya tha."

Oh god! This could not be happening to her! How is she to spend the rest of her life with the bandar halkat kutta kamina? She could not stand that smug and idiotic face for a second and here they were, trying to marry her off to this cockroach. No, no, monia, not roaches, that would be a compliment... haan... they were trying to marry her off to this chachundar! Chuha saala!

"Tumhe kisine bataya nahi?" Unnati asked a bit shocked since no one had mentioned such an important matter to Manyata... not even her brother!
"NAHI! Yeh sab mere murder ki planning yun chup chup ke kyun kar rahe hai? Isse accha toh mein chhat (terrace) se kud jaon, kawwey (crow) ka chehra toh nahi dekhna padega."
Unnati smiled, the Princess' outburst was a pleasant sight to watch even though it was not resembling her opinion, she was confident that this one was a made for each other pair. They would  realize it sooner or later.
Unnati got up, she felt that Manyata needed some quiet time to settle herself and thought it was best to leave her alone, "Manyata, aaj bohot late hogya, hum chalte hai."
They bid each other farewell and Manyata laid down on her bed. Her body was held together in a crouched baby position. What was she going to do? She didn't want to marry Uday what so ever the reason.

Just then she felt hot breath linger over her and she smelled the familiar cologne.
"Uday," reeked her voice, it was a soft realization of the scent.
"Wow Wifey! Must say you're good!" He wrapped his hand around her waist excitedly and when the cold skin touched her warm one, she snapped in awareness.

"Abe dhakkan! Itna uchal kud mat kar! Aur nikal yahan se...chal chalta ban!" She slapped his hand while he protested and threw him down the bed, trying to lead him to the door.

"Na-un...itni jaldi hum nahi jaaney wale," he loved seeing her mad, her short layers of hair were coming on her face and she huffed them away while her blood boiled under his teasing gaze.

"Chayyla! Dimaag ki nas mat khich! Samjha kya? Nikalna tu yahan se! Langoor theek se sone bhi nahi deta.." She yelled at him and muttered away, flopping herself down on the bed. She could care less about Uday being at the door. She closed her eyes hoping he had gotten the message.


The next morning, Manyata woke up with a new plan in her head. She could not just get married to Uday. It would be stupid! She had her dreams, the one of becoming a princess and also the one of marrying a great guy, a prince. Yet, she felt this Prince was not suitable for her, so what if he waited so many years, he was still idiotic and annoying. How was she to spend her whole life with a person she couldn't stand a minute?

"Dadisa kahan hai?" She asked one of the maids, who took her to the library. It was grand, with old wooden shelves and many thick books. She had never been in this part of the palace before, at least not in this quiet and peaceful place. Finally, she thought, I found a place to hide when I feel like it. This was to be her new hiding place, a container that would keep her apart from Jai, Vijay and Uday. The most hated people in her life right now.

"Dadisa!" She called out to her grandmother, who instantly came in front of her with a warm smile on her face.

"Aap yahan? Kuch kaam tha kya?" She asked as she placed her soft hands on her head and pat it slightly.

"Tha...mujhe Uday ke bare mein baat karni hai. Mein uss...uss use shaadi nahi karsakti!"

"KYA?! Yeh aap kya kehrahi hai Manyata!?"

"Nahi! Nahi karsakti mein use shaadi. Woh itna irritating hai aur hamesha apne faida ka hi sochta hai, mein aise insaan ke saath kabhi khush nahi reh sakti."

"Manyata, aap ko samajh na hoga ke aap dona ka rishta-----"

"Bachpan mein hogya tha. Mujhe pata hai. Aur mujhe pata hai ke unki family humare liye kitni important hai par mein nahi badal sakti...Aap ke liye itna kuch seekh rahi hoon aur ab phir se...Abhi toh theek se ek Rajkumari nahi bani hoon aur aap mujhe ek biwi bananaey chali... nahi yeh nahi hoga. Mein Akash se pyaar karti hoon...aur woh ek accha ladka hai."

She completed and stared at her grandmother who looked stern, she had no emotions on her face and no reaction. For a minute, Manyata silently prayed for her to say something, anything, the silence was killing her. She wanted an answer and she wanted one right now. Patience was not in her nor was it in her blood.

"Hum aapki shaadi kisi aur se nahi kar sakte." She gave a firm reply, to which she blurted out, "Toh phir theek hai, apni Manyata ko phir kho dena!"

"Yeh aap...Manyata, aap abhi toh humein mili hai." Dadisa's face was now drained; she could not bear another year of separation from her granddaughter, no matter what the cost is.

"Haan! Agar aap meri shaadi Akash se nahi karwayenge toh mein yeh ghar chod ke chali jaongi, aur aap bhol gayi ke mein ab 18 + ki hogayi hoon. Mujhe meri life khud jeeney ka haq hai."

Manyata knew she would get her. She had the royal blood in her after all. She knew how to answer back and she had learnt how to play these emotional games after watching and observing the display face J and Uday put up so well. She had found out that she was the weakness of Dadisa and her mom a very long time ago, she was not fond of her grandmother but, she was certainly fond of her granddaughter.

"Prince you see what MANYATA is really like," she smirked as she held victory in her hands. This was going to be AMAZING!

Though Dadisa had not told anyone of Manyata's threat, she was well aware that she needed to give her more time before she could make her move. There was absolutely no doubt over the fact that she is not willing to lose her granddaughter again, but she was also not willing to lose her to a man that still not a real man. He would not be able to handle her nor the kingdom, no one could take Uday's place and it was a fact. He was the apple of her eyes, no matter the part that they were not blood related. He still had the soft spot in her heart.

"Oh! Should I tell Akash? No, maybe I should surprise him...yea that would be good," Manyata was flying, her heart was filled with happiness and her mind just kept on coming with new ideas.

"YOU!" An annoying voice came from behind her and she made a face knowing her idiotic sister was in front of her.

"Nahi mera bhoot..." she carried on, flipping through a magazine while J yelled at the top of her lungs.

"UUUGGGHHH!!! Tumne yeh kya kiya?" She held up her dress, a pretty blue short halter, which now had fabric attached to it from the sides, back, front...everywhere!

"Yeh...yeh... tumne mere dress ko SAARI jaisa bana diya! Do you have ANY idea ke Manish ne mere liye  kitne specially banaya tha!"

"Abe Chindi! Itna sab hai phir bhi aadha nanga ghoom ne ki aadat hai, par mein aisi nahi hoon. Aur yeh mere kamre mein tha, toh meine use sil diya (so I stitched it up)."

" J darling! I think hamein jaana chahiye, isse pehle key yeh tailor kuch aur sil de," Vijay worriedly looked at his clothes and back at J before frantically running out. With Manyata resuming back with her work, J left with a huff. After she left, Manyata burst out in laughter. Of course, by now she was used to seeing the high class wearing short dresses but she just loved making J's life miserable.


"Ab yeh kaun aagya...saala, yahan pe sab ki problem kya hai?" she annoyingly went to the door to open it since her maids were told to go do other work by her.

"Hey Princess," the man in front of her smiled while his head crooked to the side and his left hand came down from leaning on the door.

"Chamaila!Halkat! Kitni baar samjhana padega? Dekh mein tere saath ek MINUTE bhi nahi rehna chahti! Mujhe tumse NAFRAT hai! Meine aaj tak kabhi kisiko kabhi itna napasand nahi kiya!" She yelled at the top of her lungs and she could see him get angry, but she could care less. She needed her feelings to be out and they were. He closed his eyes before quickly turning her around, closing the door and smacking her between himself and the door.

"Nafrat se hi toh pyaar badhta hai princess," he smirked and let her loose; she had stopped breathing when he whispered into her ears. His hot breath made her subconsciously close her eyes and her heart began skipping beats. No! Monia! You can't just lose to him like that!

"But I wanted to discuss something very important with you." He sat on the bed, placing his elbows on each knee and hands under his chin. She walked over to him, not knowing what else to do, the whole situation had become so awkward for her.

"Unnati ne bataya ke aap shaadi ke liye taiyaar nahi hai aur ab hum yeh bhi jaan gaye ke aap humse nafrat karti hai. Par humein lagta hai ke hamein baby steps lene chahiye. Iss liye hum soch rahe the ke, kya aap humse dosti karna chahengi?" was it?? Left you all in a fit huh? Sorry
for the cliffhanger LOL

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loved the update!Wink keep writing! Manyata bhi na! poor Dadisa!

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AWESOME Big smile Plz continue 

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love it! funny part is her sewing j's clothes. lmaoLOL wud love to see that om the show

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Very nice update.loved it though a little worried regarding Manyata's decision.par I have full faith in Uday,woh sab theek kar dega.chalo two more words added in your story to describe him-Kauwwa and ChanchundarLOLthat was really funny.loving the Unnati-Manyta bonding.looking forward to seeing the dosti develop between Manyata and UdaySmile
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omg.. luved the update.. :) nd how he is asking for friendship is just too cute.. :) thanx for the PM.. and plz continue.. soon :) 

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