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SS:DTBHJ (A twisted KISS) Pg 34 (Page 5)

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Originally posted by capriya

awesome...nice.pls add me 2 ur pm list.waiting 4 nxt part...

for sure and thnk you Smile

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Originally posted by Suvi7884

Great, fantabulous, awesome start! I love it!

oh jaan its so great to see you AGAIN!!!! Embarrassed
but itna chindi comment Angry ahem! AngryLOL
I joke... thnks a lot for reading sweets and
I m genuinely so happy to see you here Embarrassed

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Originally posted by roking_nidhi223

awesome do add me to ur pm list

Thanks nidz Smile
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Originally posted by tiger_lily

Vishy...!! awesome start..!!

BTW please check MY FF on ManVeer.!! 

Please give it a try!!!!

Hey dear..
thnks for the comment...
and omg! sorry for not responding or liking it
but i DID read it before going to sleep and i was
taken in awe by it Embarrassed seriously loved the concept
that you were trying to present...

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Originally posted by princess_xaini

LUV d cocept..
would luv to raed more..
nd plz pm me nxt tym wheneva u update..

ooohh!! So glad you liked it EmbarrassedBig smile
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Originally posted by Brklyn_gal

Hey it was gr8 u shud defo continue and do pm me

thanks a bunch sweets...Smile
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Ok so I think I wrote a bit too much LOL... the story is progressing slowly because I wanted to describe every part of it...sorry if it sounds boring or anything like is a bit different than the normal episodes since I didnt want to make it the same. Honestly a lot of it I had wrote before they were aired and I was shocked to find out how similar the epis were I changed it ...just so they didn't sound like a written update ROFL

"Oye! Halkat kabootar saala! Mera haath chhoddd!!" she tried to get her hand out of his grip once again. Her mind was reacting to his hands and was blank at the time, she did not feel or sense anything else accept the hold on her arms. She struggled, moving her whole body away from him, scratching a bit of his hand too. But he stood still, not moving the slightest.

"Tujhe samajh mein nahi aata kya KA-" he shot her a look with furrowed eyebrows and she gained her senses back. Shit! How can she forget, he was very mad. But why? She was the one getting forced like a dog to go from here to there. Why was HE mad? Halkat kamina saala!

He pulled her into the Raj Mahal and pushed her towards her family once again. This time they looked more disappointed than worried or surprised. Though there was one person whose eyes were pouring out tears and lips were curved into a smile. The woman came rushing towards her when her husband caught her hand and forbid her from taking any steps forward. All the people turned their backs towards her and set off to their respective duties. Manyata was once again confused, she turned around and caught Uday's eyes. She demanded answers and he was not willing to utter a word because he knew she was now left to Raj Mata.

Uday turned and left out the door, Manyata wanted to call out to him but stopped herself thinking it was for better if he left. She again stared into the palace, confused, scared, angry, so many emotions flooded throught her that it became hard to keep her head straight. She was exhausted of the events taking place from the past few days.

"Manyata, aap apne kamrey mein jaakey aaram kijiye." Raj Mata said from behind gaining Manyata's attention. She wanted blurt out something but what could she possibly say? That this isn't her home or her family?

"Mera kamra! Lagta hai aap logo ko yaad dilana padega ke mein yahaan nahi rehti aur aapki kuch nahi lagti!" she yelled in her defence but little did she know that Raj Mata was present when her so called father confessed. She smiled back at the girl and said "Joh aap kahey... par sach, sach reht hai." She turned and left Manyata with a few servants that led her to her 'room'.

The grand door opened and for a couple of minutes she forgot where she was. The room was purple and white in colour contrast, it had a king size bed with a canopy on it, two night tables on either side of her bed and a rug that was placed just beneath the bed.
It also had a dressing table, massive closet with embroidered and heavy clothing, along with a bathroom the size of Monia's room in the chawl. She laughed on the inside when she remembered, there were no rooms in her chawl house. The bathroom was the size of her old home.

She suddenly felt concious when two maids followed behind a few steps.
"Kuch kaam hai kya?" she asked, her tone still rude.

"Ji Badi Raj Kumari, woh Raj Mata ney  kaha hai ki aap yeh kapdey pehen key nichey dinner pe aaja ye." the maid replied while holding out very simple garments.

She really did not want to wear it but her clothes had ripped with all the running, tugging and fighting. Also, she had no other luggage since she was pratically just taken from one to place to another like the onions on the stalls.
She grabbed the clothes roughly and went into the bathroom to change.

The dress she came out wearing was a very simple salwaar, she kept her hair in two pigtails and lied down.
"Apni Raj Mata se keh dena, mein koi katputtli nahi hoon. Jab chaha nacha liya, mein koi denner binnar mein nahi anney wali! Ab nikal yahan se..."

"Ouch! Princess kumse kum inn se toh thodey pyaar se baat kariye... inhoney aapka kya bigada hai?" Uday came in while the maid rushed out. He plopped onto the bed, lying horizontal near her feet.

"Tum... tum niklo yahan se! Phirse apna chehra dikhaya naa toh jhootey milengey!!" she yelled.

"Theek hai, he replied casually and walked towards the basket of fruits on the table, grabbed an apple and paced towards the door.

"Ek minute ruk!" Manyata called from behind as she rushed to him. He stopped, and bit his apple, "Hmm.."

"Woh wahan maharni maharani kya laga rakha tha?? Tera dimaag ghaas charney gya tha kya?! Phir se kabhi aisi baat mat kariyo! Warna tera muh noch lungi."

"Ab jab haath, paer noch liye hai.. toh muh bhi sahi," he smirked and she fumed more anger. He walked out the door and she began having flashbacks, he was right. She had scratched his arms, legs, torso and tried to bite anything in front of her. She sighed and fell asleep on her bed. She needed this, a subconcious state of mind where there was no one else but silence.


The next morning she was dressed in the simple attire, which was now in blue. She went down to grab something for her growling stomach, her mind was now fresh and she was up for anything coming in her way.

"Aap taiyaar bhi hogayi, aachi baat hai," her mother came and pat her cheeks. She told her to sit down on the table and eat something with Raj Mata as everyone else would be late today. It was a Sunday anyway.

She not pleased eating with such classy utensils and chinaware, nor was she thrilled about eating with her grandmother. But her breath stuck to her throat when she saw the idiotic jerk was placed beside her grandmother, munching on his toast and juice respectively.

"Arey, Manyata, aaye bethye..." she took a seat calmly on the other side of her grandmother and glared at Uday who was right in front of her. He just sent her once of his amused smiles.

"Good morning Princess, hope you slept well yesterday," he said teasingly. She glared.

"Accha aap kya lengi?" Dadisa forwarded her juice, a glass of milk, some toast, omelette and a chocolatey thing which she had never tasted in her life. She opted for the milk.

She took the glass and Dadisa and Uday eyed her but she, being oblivious of her stalkers, gulped down the milk at once, leaving the two stunned. Uday controlled himself just so he wouldn't burst out into a fit of laughter in front of Dadisa.

"Ab yeh hui na baat!" Manyata exclaimed happily and wiped her milk moustache with the back of her hands. Dadisa's eyebrows raised in disbelief and surprise, this girl needed to be taught more things than she had expected.

"Accha ab mein wapis woh kamre mein jaa rahi hoon," she swiftly rushed back, not wanting to catch anyone's attention yet she caught the attention of her father who was rushing by her to get to the table.

When he arrived he asked his mother shockingly, "Apne Manyata ko aise kapdey diye pehn ne ke liye? They are so cheap, much like the things that our own servants wear!"

"Brijraj, hum jaantey hain aap unhey ek Raj Kumari ke jaisa dekhna chahtey hain par abhi thoda waqt lage ga, ahista ahista woh badal jayengi...App sab hum par chhod dijiye."

The king just shook his head and took his place to eat his breakfast.

Manyata explored her big sized room for a hour or two, trying to get used to everything around her. She learned to use the big music system and the advanced remote controls thanks to the help of the maids. Also, she set up her little mandir with on the corner of her room. She was just finishing the last touches to it when Uday entered.

"Kya bhagwaanji! Aapko meri khushi bardasht nahi hoti hai kya, iss oolu de pathe ko phir bhej diya," she murmured and then continued in a loud voice, "Kya hai?"

"Princess you need a trainer, aapko Royal family or ek Princess baney ke liye ek trainer ki zaroorat hai. Iss liye abse aap ka roz ka kaam hoga training lena. Apki trainer aapko ek ghantey mein milengi. Aur yeh Dadisa ka order hai."

He told her things hastily and left. She was not able to comprehend anything but knew that this was big trouble. Everyone in the house was so snobbish, dominating, idiotic and egoistic. How will this trainer be? She had to learn the ways of the house, of being a Princess, now its going to be her job.

"Hey bhagwan! Chawl mein rehna kitna accha tha! Yeh sab jhamela toh nahi tha! Ab yeh trainer kaisi hogi?"





The trainer arrived and Manyata was led downstairs to meet her. She was hoping the worst, trying not to get her hopes too high.

"Manyata, yeh hai Unnati, yeh aap ko train karengi aur aap ko sab sikha dengi," Dadisa introduced the girl who did not much glamourous. In fact she had gotten good vibes from her side but she couldn't be sure, what if she is just acting like JaiNandini does in front of Dadisa.

"Hey Manyata... hum upar chaley...tumhare kamrey mein?"She spilled out excitement and we went up. Once settled she started talking normally, just introducing her. She liked Unnati very much, she started talking in English at times but she understood most of it, learning all those languages finally paid off.

"So I am just a normal girl, with a normal life. Yeh sab parties and all are not really my favourite but since I am part of a royal house...yeh sab karna padta hai. Kher, abhi toh mein fashion aur interior designing aur beauty and make up ka course kar rahi hoon. Saath saath M.B.A bhi karni hai, par abhi free hoon toh kuch toh time pass ke liye chahiye naa. You know, mujhe lagta hai, we'll be good friends, I can't ever get along with Jai...hum ek doosre ko ek minute dekh bhi nahi sakte!" She laughed while completing her last sentence and turned to her.

"Mein bhi nahi reh sakti, uss chudail ke saath," and the two burst into a louder laugh.

"So lets get started, pehle toh hum manners and how we eat and all that. Woh sab sikhai yenge. And then along with me, you will have a English teacher and hindi teacher to teach you, phir humein tumhara make over bhi karna hai...god kitna kaam hai!"

Manyata was blown away with the warmth and the friendly behaviour that Unnati showed towards her. She could feel the connection happening, Unnati taught her with some fun and interesting ways so she would learn it quickly. Most of the time they only laughed.

"Yeh dekho, knife ko iss hand mein letey hain aur," Unnati continued talking but Manyata stopped listening to her when she felt someone walk in---Uday. Her face frowned and she murmered, only so Unnati heard "aur iss kabootar ka khoon kartey hain!"

Unnati stopped in confusion and looked up to find Uday and she dropped to the floor laughing at the fact that a girl had called her brother a KABOOTAR! Uday stared at her in confusion and Unnati had a hard time wiping the tears off her face.

"OMG! Hahaha...dada! no one has ever hahahah made me laugh so much!" She continued giggling, still trying to surpress her laughter.

Dada?!  Did Unnati know Uday somehow? In bengoli it meant---Unnati was Uday's SISTER!ShockedLOL

 "Manyata...inn se elder brother UdayVeer!"She grinned widely as she introduced him.

"Iss Bandar ke ilawa tumhe bhi koi aur nahi mila," Manyata spat out and made her way to Uday, she pointed her finger, touching his chest, "Tumhari problem kya hai? Jab dekho tab tapak jaatey ho? Jao na, apni uss chudail ke paas...waise bhi woh hamesha... hamra uday hamra uday ..karti phirti hai!"

Uday smirked and clasped her hand to his chest, "Kya karen, aap joh hai yahan."

Manyata for a minute felt her heart thud a million times at once but she realised his hands were on hers and she quickly stepped away, pulling her hand back. Uday turned to Unnati and winked a bye before heading out the door while his sister shook her head knowing what kind of sparkles he had just sent through the Princess's body.

"Manyata, I'm sorry...woh thode shameless or egoistic hai, but he is very loving as well."

That was the end of the session for the first day and it had gone very well. Unnati left her in the room and ran downstairs into her dada's arms. Everyone was seated in the living room of the Mahal, having a few sips of tea before dinner.

"Oh my god Dada! Dad! Dadisa! I LOVE HER! She is amazing! I haven't laughed so much EVER in my life! Me and Manyata are going to be an AMAZING me!" Unnati squealed in happiness before sitting in middle of Brijraj and her dad.

"I am very much surprised by your exclamation dear," Brijraj said as he pat her back.

"No uncle! Sach mein, she was so nice to me and listened to me and yet she was so funny. Haan she does talk and blurt out her mind, but thats what makes her fun. And she's too good for Dada. The only girl who actually doesn't care about his presence!"

Uday in his mind thought: The day is not far when she will die to even be in my presence chutki.

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aaah i love this! this is just what i needed! thank you :D and plz do pm me! :D

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