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SS:DTBHJ (A twisted KISS) Pg 34 (Page 30)

ilvuday Goldie

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Posted: 20 June 2012 at 2:00pm | IP Logged
i <3 all 9 chap ...awesome work keep it up Clap...plz add me 2 ur pm list pleasee

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-scarlett- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 June 2012 at 4:10pm | IP Logged
Thanks so much for all these comments guys Hug

@udaymanyata07...thanks so much

@AKlover101... thank you :) no prob

@Fantasyangel... thanks a ton dear

@adventure_gurl...glad you liked it :D

@-JEHAN-... thanks a bunch sweets!

@princessofkesar...thank you :)

@zigzagway_sadi...glad you liked it and thanks so much dear
                  ur lil gifs really lighten up my day ;)

@princessaaliya...thanks...haha...curious na... glad u liked it...

@Surya.Ravi...thanks a bunch dear! sweet of you...thank you

@Marie_789...hey dear..will surely add you ;)

@wendy25... hey...awww thanks a lot!! Haha...I love that part oo
            u'll soon get to see M's feeling for UV...will do ;)

@Goweri05... hawww!!! how sweet! thanks for reading and will pm u for sure!

@xxDaydreameRxx... Ohmygod! for a minute I was like nooo... haha I ALMOST miss her too haha
                   glad u lived it though

@DEKfan2012... thank you :)

@tejuangel... well i m glad u liked it and no prob *hugs back at u*

@ilvuday...aww thanks for reading all of them sweets...will do! 

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-scarlett- IF-Dazzler

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Hey muffins! Hows summer going??

So I realized that I have not been thanking you guys enough for all the effort you put in with reading, commenting, liking and also putting up with my busy schedules and late updates!

So Thank you all SOOO Much! Hug its great to have such a sweet and enthusiastic audience. I know so many people have left the forum = decrease in readers but for all of you have stuck by, I really appreciate it! Embarrassed

and since I was a lil late, I thought of making the update a bit long, oh and this on is FIERY!

Chapter 10: Igniting the Fire


I slept in my bed until a maid came and woke me up, I hurriedly straightened myself up for dinner and proceeded down to the dining table. Everyone had been seated already; DS, Mom, Dad, Uday, Unnati, J, Vijay bhai, and of course Akash, Soni and Chikki. I smiled and greeted them, also apologized for being late.

Once settled the three courses of meals arrived, at first I used to  think 'what the hell?' because I was not even used to eating one meal. If Baba was able to, he would only have money for a one time meal, but now I enjoyed the meals provided to us. Also, they weren't so lavish or demanding and I made sure to donate food to the poor whenever I got the chance as I myself experienced the struggle of keeping my tummy happy with only water.

I started small talks with Vijay bhai, just teasing and pulling his leg when I noticed Uday smiling sweetly. I smiled thinking that he was probably smiling at me but his eyes caught my attention and they were NOT on me. My eyebrows furred, I followed his glance to see him grinning wildly at my sister, JAINANDINI!

How dare he? Just a few days ago he was flirting with me, telling me that I was the one for him, that he would not look at anyone else and now? This guy was so confusing! I was boiling in anger; he had cheated on me and betrayed me with all his sweet flatters. I shouldn't have trusted him at all...I should have known better.

"MANYATAAa!!!!" Vijay bhai sang in a loud tone, I gave him a weird expression, "What? You spaced out so I had to do the way...who were you thinking about?" He wiggled his eyebrows and I smiled weakly telling him to forget it and go back to eating.

While I was cutting my bread I managed to look up and stare right into Uday's eyes, to my surprise he stared right back. I got glued to them, not being able to move another muscle; my hands stopped working on the bread and lips parted at the sight of his cute face. For a moment I felt like the warm and loving Uday was back, his eyes showed some kind of a care or concern for a second. But suddenly he turned his head and talked with J.

"So our dinner tomorrow is on right?"

What! They were going on a DATE! I couldn't stop my anger, I noticed my terrible acting skills as anger boiled through my face and Akash gave me a worried look. I excused myself and went to my room. I threw everything in my can he possibly date my sister. Sure they had a relation before but what about his promises to me?

I took my sword and went to the Royal defense ground to shake off the temper and also try to practicalize my ideas of murdering someone. The trainees came one by one and I managed to defeat all. I was panting but still wanted more, I needed to get everything inside me out...that too fast.

A sword swung at me and I slammed into a well-built hard chest. I looked up in anger only to be left numb with intensity and fire burning through his eyes.

"Uday," I said slowly, my voice was so vulnerable it felt as though I might collapse into his arms but then I remembered the way he flirted with J today and it was enough to rile me up again. I shoved him hard but he didn't budge.

"Accepted defeat so early?" He said with a smirk and put forth his sword, instigating a challenge. I lunged forward in animosity and tried to take him down but he easily stood grounded and broke off my attack with a great defense. My ego and pride wouldn't let me back down, the rat and mouse game continued on for quite a while until I ran to catch my breath and hid behind a pillar.

Suddenly a sword held my neck, all I could see was emptiness as the person wasn't in front me. He was holding the sword from behind the pillar. Slowly the sword steered, it was so close to my neck! I felt something trickle down my neck but remained too scared to move.

Uday came in front of me with a smirk on his face and eyes covered in darkness, the evil Prince was back. I was about to scoff at him for being a coward and attacking from behind when abruptly his body stiffened. His jaw clenched as his eyes searched my neck, worry crossed his face and his eyes had a shadow of guilt in them. He lowered the sword so it was on my chest and angled  so I wouldn't get hurt. He came a step closer and I started drifting in his scent of aftershave and perfume and what not.

He gently took hold of my face, four fingers in my hair and a thumb caressing my cheeks. I started breathing heavily and nauseous as his face came down to the crook of my neck and slowly touched it with his soft lips.

I felt him open his mouth and slowly glide his tongue up my neck, sucking in the droplets of blood that had flowed out. My legs became week and I grabbed on to his shirt for support while he teased me by nibbling and passionately kissing my neck and shoulders. I let out a small moan with the pleasure he was providing me but before I could continue he pulled himself up, slowly dropping the sword in my hand and bidding farewell.

"Sorry Your Highness, I gotta plan for a special dinner for tomorrow."

He turned around to leave when my extremely furious body busted, "WAIT!" I yelled.

I stomped up to him, turned him around and grabbed his collar tightly.

"What do you think of me Uday? Am I some play toy who you use and throw? Huh? Oh but never mind, you were always like this, always using and throwing. That's what you are Mr. Udaybeer Singh! You have no feelings, no emotions nothing!" I stared into his eyes with fire burning wildly.

He took hold of my and pushed me away. I stood there shocked, about to retort when he shushed me forcefully.

"Manyata when you point one finger to others, three more point at you. And what are you talking about? Huh? I am toying you or are YOU toying ME? Why would I want to bother about you when you don't bother about me? I am OVER you Manyata...get it through your head! I won't go around you like a puppy when you are already with AKash! You can't expect me to just CAN'T have the best of both worlds Manyata!"







(This was supposed to be a separate chapter, but I thought of putting it in one Wink




The best of both worlds. The best of both worlds; the sentence rang through my head over and over again. I stood rooted as I saw Uday turning and marching off back to the palace, leaving me there repeating the sentences.

"Moniya!!!" Someone came and jumped at me from the back. I turned around in annoyance only to find Chikki there while Soni and Akash trailed behind her with goofy smiles.

"Kahan chaligai thi? Huh? Tere saath theek se time bhi nahi bitaya. Ab chal, thodi masti karte hai aur gol gappe khatte hai."

"Haan Moniya, yahan waise bhi rakha kya hai. Sab itne bade bore hain, tumhari family toh theek se ek joke bhi nahi marti,"Akash said with disappointment in his tone.

"Tumhara matlab kya hai?" I asked, god why were they behaving like this? I loved my family, they had been so nice to me from the time I had come to live with them.

"Arre, aise, mera matlab hai itni formally koi khana khata hai kya?"

"Akash, hum rajwade hain, aur humein aise hi sikhaya jaata hai'aur yeh baat tum sab jitni acchi tarah se samajhlo utna accha hoga."

"Wah Monia! Tu toh badal gayi, pehle toh inka muh bhi nahi dekhna accha lagta tha, aur aab."

"Dekh Chikki, mujhe aisa PEHLE lagta tha, ab nahi. Aur iss mein burai kya hai, theek se khana khaana koi gunah nahi."

"Kyun apna time waste kar rahi ho!" A voice called out, we all turned back to see Jainandini in a beautiful dress make her way towards us.

"Hey Jiji, why so mad? Kya hua?" She asked with concern.

"Kuch nahi, bas kaam," I reassured her.

She then turned to Chikki and said in a calm voice, "Chikki, mujhe nahi lagta ke Jiji abhi acche mood mein hai issliye joh bhi unke muh mein se niklega woh shayad tumhe accha na lage. So baad mein baat kar lena..hhmmm.."

"Nahi. Mujhe Monia se abhi baat karni hai---"

"Par, Jiji thak gayi hongi----"

"Are, aisa kya kaam kar diya Monia ne joh itna thak gayi? Huh? Aur waise bhi, office mein do char paper padhne se koi thakta nahi."

"Bas! Chikki, bohot bol liya. Tumne mere bare mein joh kaha usse mujhe bura nahi laga. Lekin, tumhe J se maafi magni padegi."

"Kabhi nahi. Jaa Monia nahi chahiye teri dosti." She turned around and ran away, Soni and Akash try to call after her but fail to do so.

"Monia, tum jabse maharani bani ho, hum ko toh bhool hi gayi ho." Akash said in an accusing manner.

"Kya! Akash yeh tum keh rahe ho. Tumhare liye maine kya kya nahi kiya!"

"Mere liye ya humare pyaar ke liye?"

"Pyaar? Agar tum mujhese pyaar karte toh mujhe samajh ne ki koshish karte."

"Please Monia, meine tumhara humesha saath diya hai, bas tum..."

"Kya! Akash mein ne apne maa, baap, dadi, bhai, behen yahan tak ki Uday se bhi larhi hoon tumhare liye! Sirf tumhare liye!"

"Uday Uday Uday! Humesha yehi kyun aata hai? Huh? Woh tumhe samajta hai? Who tumse pyaar karta hai? Who bhi mujhse zyaada?" His tone came out angry and rushed.

"HAAN! HAAN! HAAN! Lekin problem yeh hai ki mein TUMSE pyaar kartii hoon!"

"Toh ab mein ek problem ban gaya, thanks Monia, kya sila diya hai tumne mere pyaar ka."

I felt guilty as soon as he said that, I ran to him and embraced him tightly.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Mein, itna sab kuch ho raha hai, mein...I'm sorry!" I sobbed in is arms and drained my headache.

"It's ok, I am sorry too. Mujhe tumpe chilana nahi chahiye tha."

On the other hand, there was J who texted a message to Vijay.

Sent >>The fire's been ignited ;P

Reply>> So now, lets let it burn 

Bye guys!!

If you can't comment, atleast press Like pls!

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SaHillover101 Goldie

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Nice update!! Loved the ManVeer scene Embarrassed Do continue soon n thanks for the pm!!!:D

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udaymanyata07 IF-Rockerz

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ClapClapthanks...fabulous...well done...ClapClap

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xxDaydreameRxx Goldie

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OMG Vishwa!! That was just such an AMAZING update..soo worth the wait! Though I still beg you to update even sooner this time! The ManVeer scene was soo well-written Embarrassed and yea ur right...wat a fiery chapter Wink and OMG, akash and chiki just make me laugh out loud! LOL and wow..Jainandini, Vijay, UV teaming up!? seriously cant wiat for the next chap! Big smile Oh and thank you so much for making UV give Manyata a wake-up call! And thats so true...shes always trying to get teh best of both worlds Ouch ..Awesome update! and continue soon!! Embarrassed

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Fantasyangel Senior Member

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gud job..pls agli baar jaldi update krna.. i cant wait..

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Posted: 23 June 2012 at 11:19pm | IP Logged
oooh..amazing update!!
the fire's ignited..finally..Big smile
loved what uday told manyata..hope he does that in the show too
and would love to see more of manyata getting jealous of j!
continue soon..thnx for the pm

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