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SS:DTBHJ (A twisted KISS) Pg 34 (Page 19)

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Posted: 14 March 2012 at 1:54pm | IP Logged
Gr8 update!!! Loved it!!! Btw when will u write the next part? I'm dying to read it!!!:)

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Originally posted by AKlover101

Gr8 update!!! Loved it!!! Btw when will u write the next part? I'm dying to read it!!!:)

haha...well dear i m glad u read it right now...cuz this one was updated a few months ago LOLEmbarrassed
and updates coming right abt now LOLTongue
thanks for reading though...glad u liked it :)
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Yellos hotties!HugROFL (pssh, AK all the way, who are you losers again? Ermm) LOL I joke ROFL Feel like killing me, huh? Tongue too bad...I don't even know if I should apologize anymore, since thats all i am doing after each update. Honestly, I dont know why time has to pass by so fast?? It never does that when im in class Cry! But anyways! Heres, the next chapter after two months, yes the stories moving, some funny scenes, some serious. Also, the last chapter, just so you all remember, had UV talking about a royal traditional dance being held on that day for Manyata. He said that he would handle her, since she had not changed completely yet. However, plans change WinkEmbarrassed so...that's just a reminder since you all forgot LOL

Chapter 5: Moving on

There was a ting in her heart that rang in her brain, alarming her of the actions she was performing. Quickly she pushed UdayVeer away and went out of the room in a hast. Something was so not right, she couldn't let him come so near her, it just made her feel uncomfortable and dominated when he entered her personal space. She would go nervous and her breath would start getting uneven. The intensity that poured through his eyes wouldn't even let her think straight; she was swept from the world and brought to a peculiar phase where time stood still and everything went blurry.

"Uff Monia, yeh classic hindi bollywood style dialogues kyun maar rahi hai? Mein tumhare bina jee nahi sakti...keh rahi thi, kal mat dekh itni sallu-shahrukh picture par tu hai ki sunti hi nahi," she mumbled to herself and went in to the kitchen to grab some food.

(A/N: The Manyata in my story has this ajeeb aur gareeb bimari of talking to herself...ALOT lolz)

While she munched on her apple, she saw Vijay trying to select through a few case-like things in his hands.

"Oye!," she marched up to them and then looked down at the DVDs in fascination, "Hai...yeh kya hai?"

Vijay rolled his eyes and then took a dramatic sigh before replying, "DVDs darling, hum movie, mera matlab hai, PICTURE, dekhne wale hai. Just choose karna baaki hai."

"Aacha! Mujhe toh comedy or horror picture bohot acchi lagti hai! Chalo horror picture dekhte hai!"

Vijay smirks and says smugly, "Iss mein movie dekne  ki kya zaroorat hai, tumhari photo album hi dekh lete hain. Bade bade bhi darr jayenge."

Mayata gave him the most irritated look and fumed away.

"Samajta kya hai apne aap ko, darr jayenge..hmph," she then stopped at the mirror to look at her face, "Itna bhi bura nahi hai." She went real close and started examining every single part.

"Kya baat hai Princess, tum kabse Jai ki replacement ban gayi?" Uday leaned on one shoulder to the wall and watched her, amused once again.

"Woh sada hua karela, J ki poonch mujhe keh ke gya ke meri shakal bhoot jaisi hai! Hai kya?"

She walked straight up to him, not even leaving an inch of space between them. Her mind was just busy thinking that Uday was examining her and would give her a feedback as soon as he was finished. However, the thought was only partially right since he was examining her but not criticizing any part of her face, instead adoring it. She looked so cute with her eyebrows bent in confusion, head filled with worry lines and lips in a half pout.

He chuckled slightly before saying, "Nahi, you look good, waise aap Komal aunty pe gayi hai, and she's very good looking so don't even doubt that you look bad. Ok Princess."

She felt a bit better but this is Udayveer we were talking of, he would obviously compliment her, she sighed, less conscious now but still had a few occasional doubts going through her mind.

The time in the Raj Mahal was sometimes very easy to pass with all the arguments and lessons going on. But other times it felt as if it was running at a snail's pace. It had now been over a three weeks since she was brought back to this place and taught to learn the ways of the royals. She was now aware of most of the things learnt in high school; she wasn't needed to be taught as much as Raj Mata had thought in the beginning. They forgot that she did attend a school for quite a while. She now just needed to get the hang of the new technology that was used every day. Gosh! This girl barely had any clue about mp3s, ipods, or even about DVDs! Vijay practically fainted the other day when he heard that she didn't know what a computer exactly was.

It was getting boring for Manyata, the halls were empty, it was very quiet and Manyata was strolling along, wondering where everyone was. She knew there was no party going on and everyone was in the house, yet there was not even a single noise being made. Chakar kya hai?

"Maa sa, par aapne Manyata se vaada kiya tha...toh phir yeh sab..."Komal said in a bit shaky and confused voice.

"Nahi, humne Manyata se nahi kaha parantu hum aise haath pe haath dhare nahi baith sakte. Kuch toh karna padega,"Raj Mata replied thoughtfully. There was complete silence, Manyata decided to barge in. After all, she was curious about what they were talking about.

"Kaunsa vaada? Kiska kuch karna padega?" She entered putting on her confused face, startled, Komal and Raj Mata didn't have a response.

"Kaunsa vaada? Aapne kab kiya?" This girl was persistent.

"Uff-oh princess, hamesha kho jati ho!" Udayveer came in from behind with his signature smirk.

Manyata forgot all about the questions dwelling in her mind while Komal and Raj Mata gave a sigh of relief. Uday took his jungle billi away and Raj Mata turned back to Komal.

"Humein pata hai ki aap ko yeh sab aacha nahi lagta. Humein bhi nahi lagta par hum majboor hai- humein maaf kar--- "

"Nahi maa-sa hum samajte hai aap yeh sab kyun aur kis liye kar rahi hai."

Komal excused herself and left the wise lady alone.


Later on in the evening Raj Mata called me saying that she wanted to discuss something urgently.

"Ek bohot hi bada function humne organize kiya hai, ofcourse Uday ne humari madat ki par hum aapse puchna chahte the, kya aap sabke saamne jaane ke liye taiyaar hai? Kya aap itni kabil hai ki aap sabke saamne ek Royal Ball mein jaa sakti hain? (I have organized a big function, and Uday has helped but I want to ask, are you ready to come out in front of everyone? Are you capabale of attending a Royal Ball)?"

"Raj Mata, meine abhi abhi toh training leni shuru ki hai. Meine bohot kuch sikha hai par yeh dance wance mujhse abhi nahi hoga'aap please iss kabhi kisi aur din rakhiye na," I gave her my puppy dog eyes pleading her to not hold the event. I was already nervous when it came to all those eye-flashers rushing to me and shooting questions, but to also have Uday + JN multiplied by infinity for the whole night. I was not ready.

"Theek hai, aapko yahan aaye abhi ek week hua hai, hum aap ko 2 mahine denge. Phir hum yeh ball rakhenge theek hai?"

"Thank you Mataji, aap ko nahi pata aap ne mera kitna tension kum kardiya!"

"Nahi Manyata, ab aap ko aur zyaada mehnat karni padegi. 2 months kaise nikal jayenge aap ko pata bhi nahi chalega."

And she was right.

(A/N: So just to clear confusion, it had been 3 weeks since Manyata was at the palace, my story works differently. In this there isn't a lot of intrusion from Akash because a common man like him in real life doesn't exactly get to jump over the royal fences too often. His point of view is not shown, sorry. Not too much of UV details as well because I think that it's unrealistic and unnecessary for him to be with M at all time, for the love of sweet jesus! The dude's got business to handle'also let's just pretend that UV is ok with the ball being after two months :)

It had been over a month and a half since she had started her training. ( So she had done the highschool studying and Unnati's bits of classes for three weeks, then her lessons consisting of only royal things and stuff  in details had taken a month and 1/2, hence Manyata has been in the palace for atleast 2 months+)  She was so ecstatic! The fact that she looks and is so well groomed makes her glow with pride. She is no more the person that everyone looked at with disgust, people started respecting her and listening to her. It felt really good to see the sparkle and delight in other people's eyes when they first saw her, all thanks to Unnati and a bit of Vijay bhai who had helped her learn what fashion and dance was really about. Though she hated him initially, he was turned out to be a lot of fun to be around. They would do the silliest things and make Unnati grumble with impatience.

She remembered the time when he first asked her to step into the stilettoes, she had freaked like no tomorrow.

"KYA!!?? ISS MEIN???" I cried out loud when Vijay bhai held out a really high heel shoe, god, what was he thinking! Yes, I did wear high heels before but this was insane! How is a person supposed to even stand with this on? Might as well me walk on my toes than on this 6 inch ladder?

"What do you mean 'iss mein'? Iss mein nahi paer dalogi toh kis mein dalogi Manyata?" And with that he grabbed my foot, and placed it fit into the nightmare ladders. When had glamour become so painful?

"Since the 'Angrez' stepped in dear."

Did I just say that out loud?

"Yes you did."

"Hey bhagwaan! Mujhe ho kya raha hai?"

"Humein" I gave him a glare to which he gave me an innocent look.

"Now what?"

"Ab chalo..."

"KYA!" Aiyaiyo! Aisa kaise karsakti hoon? Aisa lag raha hai jaise paer mein jhootey nahi balki do teen kitabein hain.

"Kitabein par koi paer rakh kar nahi chalta MANYATA!" Vijay bhai screamed into my ears when I realised that I seriously needed to stop thinking out loud.

"Yes you need to stop," damn it!

"Vijay-bhai agar mein gir gayi toh?"

"Toh do teen din mujhe shanti."

"Vijjaaayyy- bhhhaaiii"

He sighs, "Nahi girogi'promise. Ab chalo!"

He grabs my arm, and wow! He had a really strong grip, I could seriously feel the muscles. Now, I am not checking him out but hey! It is an amusing moment when you think that your almost-or already gay brother actually has some doley-sholeys under that old lady-like outfit.


I came back from my daydreaming at the loud voice, crap.

Vijay bhai glared at me, " 1. I AM NOT GAY! 2. DO NOT EVER CALL MY OUTFIT 'OLD LADY' like. My fashion statements are much too classy for a flapjack like you to understand and 3. I am seriously beginning to get the CREEPS from you!"

I nod my head as fast as I could. He then again grabs me and puts me in the middle of the hallway.

"You will walk downstairs, through all the rooms and back. Now lets get started," his voice coats on an adventurous tone and pushes me forward.  I stumble but grab the wall and walk forward.

"OW!" I yelp when someone slaps the hand I had supporting me from the wall, away.

"Uh-uh," Vijay bhai coos.

URGGH! I hate him so much! I take a step forward, my hands spread to my sides, trying to keep my balance. I sometimes dangle forward, and wave my hand like a crazy bird just so that I cannot have the honor to embarrass myself in front of Vijay bhai by falling flat on my face.

He stands there laughing, while I again start flapping my wings, god I hate him so much!

"You know Manyata, I would love to help but I just love watching you!"

"Tu dekh! Iss sidiyon (ladder) se mujhe bahar nikalne de phir tu dekh!"

"HAHAHA'jungle queen to angry birds? Wow what a transformation!"

"TERI TOH!" I lunge forward only to trip over and bring the table in front of the main door collapsing to one side. It crashes and the vase filled with water and roses comes falling on my hair.

"GREAT! Now you look like the perfect bird with the nest on your head."

Vijay bhai was so going to get it!


I laugh when I think about that and dozens of other incidents, we still love insulting each other but it has toned down a bit. Now that I think of it, I really did look like a bird. My hair formed a nest with the tangled rose stems and thorns while my face was drenched red thanks to the cold water. DS had come in later and was appalled at the sight in front of her; Vijay bhai tried his best to control his laughter but still got a fit from my grandmother. The other time, Unnati was trying her best to show me AND Vijay bhai how to do sword fighting, afterall we WERE rajwadein.

Unnati handled her sword with grace while Vijay bhai struggled with his, I rolled with laughter, "Kya hua? Tumhe bhi sikhana padega kya?"

"Oh please, humein bohot time hogya. You know practice nahi rahi."

Oh sure, I thought, he couldn't even hold it properly, ultimately slicing his index finger.

"OHMYGOOODDD!!!" He screamed loudly running frantically; too bad no one was there to hear his rant. He ran back and forth screaming for help before he lost too much blood; I collapsed to the grass holding my stomach. This man would even bring shame to the top ranked drama queens.

Amidst all this, Unnati just stared blank, she went up to Vijay bhai to calm him down and I was still trying to clean myself up.

"It's ok, look it even stopped bleeding."

"Oh my poor baby, Unnz. Waise hi meri body mein blood nahi hai, mujhe yeh vampires nahi chahiye mera khoon choos ne ke liye," he said referring to the sword.

"Haan yaar, yeh talwaar se kya ladna? Aaj kal toh goli aur bandhuk ka zamana hai!" I didn't see a point to this. It was exciting but I was already tired of all the running around and gyming from this morning, who knew being a princess would involve hard work?

"I know, but its tradition."

"Yes Manyata, its tradition to take the vampires and choosafy other people's blood and heads," he said in a sarcastic tone glaring at Unnati.

"Vijay bhai, aaj kiska khoon choos na hai?" I said with a playful smile but a manly tone, sounding almost like Gabbar singh from sholay.

"Oh god!" He started panicking again.

I yelled his name and pointed the sword at time, he jumped and ran, and I ran after him with the sword and let myself go. It was the first time after ages that I felt like I was playing and enjoying life to the fullest. Childhood wasn't so entertaining but right now I was feeling as if I was little child again. We played our tom and jerry game for god knows how long, breaking vases, pots and messing up the china on the dinning table. Once, we even got to DS's study and Vijay bhai jumped onto the desk stepping all over his desk. Of course, after that we both weren't allowed to see each other nor were we allowed to go outside and had a long lecture but it was worth it all.

"MANYATA!" Mom nudged me as I realized I was dreaming, in the day!

"Whoops, sorry."

"Koi baat nahi, hum keh rahe the ke humein chalna chahiye, humein governor saab se kuch baat karni hai." I waved her goodbye and relaxed in to bed.

like, comment Embarrassed

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Great update
Thank you for the PM
please conitue soonBig smile
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great update Smile
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Nice Update...
Thanks  for  PM...Smile

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Lovely update
Thxs for the pm
Plzzz continue soon
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nice ff..please pm me when you update..Smile

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