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Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani
Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani

FUN - Party post - TO celebrate PKYEK and US ALL

carisma2 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 3:45pm | IP Logged
To Abhiya
and all the characters and actors
Love you all!
Good luck in your prospective career and hope to see you soon.
Thanks to Ekta for an epic Abhiya jodi.
The boys in the final episode LOL Jumping up and down.

Thanks to all pic / siggy providers.
Dishu borrowed above banner from Halla - original pic was not there anymore.
Thanks Sanju for the music

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carisma2 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 3:46pm | IP Logged

CELEBRATING US! CoolCoolCoolCoolCool

A show will not run without it's performers... and a forum cannot run without us.
This show bonded us together and bonded we remain.
This is my small gesture to show appreciation and love to our show, the actors/characters and my forumwaasi family.
Shows come and go, but remain in our hearts and minds forever.. with their actors and characters, but friends stay for life.. or until they get married! LOLLOLLOL
On these two pages I have pasted work of the members to take us down memory lane - of how much fun we had here and how we can continue doing the same...
These posts are not mine - so pls no like button pressing, just looking just looking - okay! LOL
My message is for everybody who participated,
The updaters, vm makers, E.A makers, Gallery updaters, Fan fiction writers - esp Ayesha and video updaters sonyfan, Gossip givers esp Archi and Rumi for the thread.
Poll makers esp Nishi, Mods... Everyone is a star!
Pls add your fav posts... so that we have a full gallery of our work.
No one has been left out or not been mentioned intentionally. I want to congradulate each and every single member. From silent readers to active members.
Love U all.

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 3:46pm | IP Logged
Our Own Hema - You called her a besharam, even tagged her an award for being besharam! LoL
But besides being a Total Romantic and FUN - atic she was a DABAANG too - Look at this post. My Fav..
Love You Hema.. Stay here and lets start Abhiya Romance all over again...
More Than Ekta Hema made Abhiya Romance
Bade Dilwala
Ladkiyonka Ka DiwalaTongueLOL

Bade Dil Daar... Chaar Baar Maar DaalaEmbarrassedBade Dilwala

Sher ka hai Saala, Jigar Matwaala
Hho Jisne Hai Jaadu Kar DaalaDay Dreaming  
Tez dhaar se do naina..
Nau Jawan Ka Kya KehnaBlushing
Shoor Veer Arjun Ka SarwalaThumbs Up
Bade Dilwala
Jo Khole Har ThaalaBig smile

Bade Dilwala
Banungi Brij BalaDay Dreaming
Bade Dilwala
Haye Dalungi VarmalaHeartDay Dreaming
Bade Dil Daar Chaar Baar Maar Daala
Bade Dilwala Oo... Yeah...LOL

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 3:49pm | IP Logged

Our Own Aromal - Has found a new hobby! Newspaper gossip column!

hey i am...Nowdayz the forum seem very boring as the track is goin a bit boring and sad new of PKYEK end..has broken ur heart i know what does it feels like here is a very romantic song on pkyek boyz Maa Da Laadla Bigad Gaya !!

Baahon Ke Darmiyaan Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain

Baahon Ke Darmiyaan Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain

Jaane Kya Bole Mann Dole Sunke Badan

Dhadkan Bani Zubaan

Baahon Ke Darmiyaan Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain

Jaane Kya Bole Mann Dole Sunke Badan

Dhadkan Bani Zubaan

Baahon Ke Darmiyaan 

Khulte Badn Hote Labhon Ki Ye Ankahi

Khulte Badn Hote Labhon Ki Ye Ankahi

Mujhse Keh Rahi Hai Ki Badhne De Bekhudi
Jeh and Abhay

Mil Yoon Ki Daud Jaayein Nas Nas Mein Bijliyaan
Baahon Ke Darmiyaan Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain

Jaane Kya Bole Mann Dole Sunke Badan

Dhadkan Bani Zubaan Baahon Ke Darmiyaan 

i hope u guys liked comment !!

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 3:55pm | IP Logged

Our Own Chakku - Bohot bakwaas karthi hai chori! But we cannot get enuff of her. Love you Chakku.

Ahhmmm Ahmmm...*getting ready for chappals and ande*
Everybody in this phorum is tensed, angry and bugged with Abhay's attitude towards Piya. Haina??
Par kya aapne kabhi socha ki kyun Abhay Piya ko bhaav nahi deta? Kyun Abhay Jeh ko Piya se door nahi rakhta? Kyun Abhay kisi ladki mein interest nahi dikhata? Kyun Jeh faaltoo Abhay se panga leta rehta hai? Kyun Abhay Jeh ko Piya ki tarah boring looks nahi deta? KYUN? ?KYUN? KYUN?
Kyunki Abhay aur Jeh ek doosre se beintaha pyaar karte hainShockedBlushing
This was a shocking news for us aswell but we mediawalas were inspired from T and took this hawt, sizzling picture of Ajeh romancing...Blushing
Uff kya adayein hain...Blushing 
So now don't question Abhay for staying away from Piya and staying close to Jeh...Wink
That's all for the news today, thank you and have a Ajehlicious day...LOL

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 3:58pm | IP Logged

Our Own Dishu - jo pure forum mein Halla - Bol macha thi hai. She even gave Anu and Maithali their Shaadi fantasy fiction.

And look at Chakku - read on - kaha tha naa bohot bakwaas karthi hai ladki...LOL

Dishu: Anu Metz ki Metz Anu ki prem kahani hai mushkil, do lavson mein ye bayan na ho paye

Chakku: to ye do lavson ki limit kis idiot ne set ki, jitney chahe utne lavson mein bayan karo na.

Dishu: sacchi, matlab there is no word limit.

Chakku: nope! To ab bahane banana chodo aur jaldi se audience, oops readers ko unki love story sunao oops padhao.

Dishu: Pyaar ki ye kahani suno, ek anu tha, ek Maithili thi, hoti kya nashili aankhe suno, ek anu tha ek Maithili thi, woh ek jungle tha aur sunsaan raat thi, jab the dono mile, done pareshaan the, apne GF/BF se dukhi the jab unki nazren milin.

Chakku: bas bas, ye parody mein kuch samajh nahin aa raha. Dhang se unki puri kahani batao, aur ye anu aur Maithili ke GF/BF kahan se aa gaye.

Dishu: accha baba, lo to suno, I mean padho unki prem gaatha:

Ever since she had seen Twilight, Anurag's stupid girlfriend was hoping that she may run into a real Edward in the jungle and so she was forcing Anurag to take her into jungle for a night walk every night. It was one of those nights when Anurag was dragging himself behind his girlfriend feeling miserable and wondering how he can get rid of her. Sadly for him, her dad was his professor and had ordered him to take care of her if he wanted to pass, as he was well aware what a bimbo his daughter is.

Chakku: oh oh ab uss girlfriend ko side mein phenko aur jaldi se anurag-Maithili ki kahani sunao

Dishu: tum baar baar interrupt karna band karogi to bataungi na'

Haan to Anurag apni uss bimbo GF ke saath jungle mein jaa raha tha'.

Chakku: giving whatever expressions, Wacko

Dishu: '.jab usne Abhyendra ki bewafaii ke gam mein doobi Maithili ko dekha jisne use dekhte hi pukara' ANURAGENDRA'

Chakku: Yippe, Approvephir kya hua? Silly

Dishu(now angrily) Angry: Tum batane dogi ?

Chakku: oops Sorry, ok ok carry on'

Haan to Maithili ne Anurag ko dekha aur Anurag ne Maithili ke ghane kale baal aur uski nashili aankho ko dekha aur phir' nazrein mili dil dhadka, unki dhandkan ne kaha'. Love u raja'

Chakku: ab ye raja kaun tha? Shocked

Dishu: offo, woh to bas gaana tha.

Chakku: ye tum baar baar point se hanta band karo.

Dishu: ok ok, haan to nazrein milte hi, Maithili ko anurag se pyar ho gaya aur usne samajh liya ki Anurag apni GF se kitna dukhi hai. Usse apne pyaar ka ye dukh dekha na gaya aur usne uss bimbo ko apna dinner banake anurag ko uske changul se mukt kar diya. Anurag jo pehle hi Maithili ki nashili aankhon mein khud ko kho chuka tha, ab uska aur bhi deewana ho gaya as she set him free. He was crying tears of happiness and hugged Maithili tightly to thank her. As soon as they touched each other, sparks started flowing through them and before they could realize what was happening to them, they ended up kissing each other. When they broke apart, Anurag was blushing hard and Maithili was mischievously smiling at him. She cupped his face in her strong hands and said, I love you Anuragendra. Anurag also shyly replied, I love you too Metz and your silky silky baal and milky milky gaal.  Maithili was happy to find this new modern name for herself and she loved Anurag's cheesy poetry. Days passed by and Anurag and Maithili secretly dated each other every night. Every time a bimbo will try to make a pass on Anurag, he would just call her for a date in the jungle, where Maithili would happily make that bimbo her dinner. Maithili was very happy with Anurag as he was perfect husband material. After all, he was bringing her new dishes every now and then, and so finally one day Maithili decided to propose Anurag. She decorated the whole jungle with her photos as Anurag's one and only love and desire was she herself. When Anurag came, he was surprised to see the decorations. Maithili came and bent on her knees and proposed Anurag to marry him. Anurag had happy tears rolling down his eyes. He happily said Yes.

Chakku: wow, kya prem kahani hai. Day Dreaming

Dishu: kahani abhi puri nahin hui.

Chakku: aur kya bacha hai? Shocked

Dishu: shaadi. Unki shaadi mein ek bahut badi archan thi. Maithili ka to koi rishtedaar tha nahin aur uska koi legal document bhi nahin tha aur Anurag underage tha aur uske parents iss shaadi ke khillaf the.

Chakku: phir kya hua? Shocked

Dishu: hona kya tha. Anurag ne IF pe PKYEK forum ko contact kiya aur isliye to hum sab yahan hain, Anurag ke Birthday pe hi do pyaar karne waalon ko milane ke liye aur Anurag-Maithili ko shaadi ke pavitra bandhan mein baandhne ke liye. Kyunki apne pyaar ko humesha ke liye haasil karne se accha Birthday gift to ho hi nahin sakta na. Approve

Chakku: oh wow. To u mean aaj anurag ke Birthday ke din hi hum uski shaadi kara rahein hain?

Dishu: bilkul. Shaadi ki saari tayyariyan ho chuki hain, bass ab PKYEK forum ke baaki log bhi aa jayen Anurag-Maithili ko apni blessings dene to mazza aa jayega

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carisma2 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 4:01pm | IP Logged
Our own Farah... Despite making posts every 6 mnths - They were always a hit. Love You Farah.
Hello PKYEKians...

Yup I am back again with my bakwaas... and now you are thinking "2 posts in 4 days... Farah ko yeh kya ho gaya" smileys 1208-surprise-bleu-1.png smileys 1208-surprise-bleu-1.png smileys 1208-surprise-bleu-1.png And all I have to say is "Shhh and read" Embarrassed

FK Production presents the Fantastic Four with: 

Siddhart Mehra as Mr. Parrot Nose
Abhay Raichand as Jacketman 
Kabir Singh Rathore as Mr. Polecat Fakira
Jehhh Khurana as Mr. Watermelon 

Once upon a time, in Dehradun, there lived four best friends. They were pareshan to see people in danger as the number of criminals were increasing day by day. Helpless, they were unable to do anything... but one day they got powers. smileys 1564-super-heros-024.gif

Now they are in action as the Fantastic Four. 
Their mission: KHATAM KAROYING THE CRIMINALS smileys 1619-coup-de-poele-941.gif

Mr. Parrot Nose: 

First Mr. Parrot Nose with his Smelling-Power, smells the criminals and finds their location. 


Then Jacketman meets the criminals and with his Jacket-Power, he hypnotizes them. Wacko

Mr. Polecat Fakira:

Just after his friend hypnotizes them, Mr. Polecat Fakira makes his entry and with his Stink-Power makes them faint.

Mr. Watermelon:

And finally, if the three can't make the criminals confess their crimes, Mr. Watermelon with his Killing-Power comes in front of them. Seeing his big watermelon face they get heart attack and die.

Hope you liked it Embarrassed Thanks if yes and if not who cares LOL 
Don't  throw aande and tamatars... but mushrooms are allowed as I love to eat them. LOL

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carisma2 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 4:04pm | IP Logged

Our Own Pinky. She writes with an enchanting pen - That turns your world magical. Pinky Your contribution has been huge. You are not part of the forum. You were this forum.

Abhay-Piya : Unhinged ever since she saw him.


You can never tell what is running in Abhay's mind, can you? You can never understand that just why in the middle of a fight , of an argument , Piya stops screaming at him and gets lost in his ice blues . It is complicated to understand that how Abhay lives like a cold blooded nocturnal vampire and a committed lover in the same breath. Its difficult to comprehend that how Abhay manages to think rationally about Piya's safety when he has loved her enough to accept the curse of a witch so that she could live. You fail to identify that switch which makes an aggressive and decisive Piya melt like a bowl of chocolate mousse in his arms. Just how do you define Abhay-Piya and the root of their souls which is the same ' which is one. Yes, they are soulmates , no doubt. But they are definitely  not 'boring ' as some people like to believe and I would rather not comment on their opinions  as they are theirs. Look at today's episode , people ' Abhay-Piya can be GREY when they have to be.

Honestly, I LOVED what I saw of Abhay-Piya's shades today. Piya knows that Abhay is 'dating' her sister and yet the thought of being close to Abhay crossed her mind. For a few fleeting seconds, the sight of Abhay all alone in the library  did shake up her prudence and her Abhay-Restraint ' she almost went closer to him , lost in him .  Abhay threw caution to the winds and gave in to the moment when destiny closed doors and sent Piya back running into his arms. He knew it was wrong because that way she will only get closer to him instead of leading her NORMAL ( YAWN) life. But Piya's Abhay in him didn't care . He embraced Piya and rested his face in her hair. The same Abhay who had until now decided that he will deal with Jeh without involving Piya because she will never listen to him ' he melted and almost requested Piya to break off her relationship with Jeh .

Instead of fighting and arguing with her , he tenderly asked her if she trusted him. And Piya, even though stunned by Abhay's request , still was in chocolate mousse mode and lifted her baby brown eyes to is face. Eyes that spoke of nothing but love for Abhay ' a love that unhinges her soul ever since she laid her eyes on him . And eyes of Abhay that spoke of the ancient longing and angst for his soulmate Piya.

Point being that in that weak moment where their true emotions raised their heads like raging lions, both Abhay and Piya did what they had never planned on doing. Piya , with no excuse to fight or accuse Abhay gave in to her vulnerability even though he was subtly rude to her . She wanted to touch Abhay and it was written on her face when she began to step towards him in that hypnotized walk . Abhay had planned on talking to Jeh and deciding his plan ahead but the moment Piya fell into his arms  , his defences fell and the protective tender lover in Abhay requested in a soft voice to Piya that she should break her relationship with Jeh. You cannot tell if Abhay was thinking or was not thinking of his Jeh Plan at that moment but you heard his voice. Holding Piya in his arms and resting his face in her hair was one of the most peaceful moments he has had in ages .

Piya tries very hard to fight her urge , her yearning and her love for Abhay by constantly keeping her untamed heart under the control of her mind . She looked like the old starry eyed Piya when Abhay ravaged Ruhi's innocent truth with his experienced lie and practiced skill of manipulation. Hero, villain, whatever he is , somewhere her heart whispered that he is hers but Piya shut it down for her sister's sake.

Abhay-Piya never had a fairytale, they don't have a fairytale . Their lives and their relationship is marred by tragedies , complications and separation . Yet , they are one unified whole of love.

Remember what Piya had told Kabir once? She had told him that she has always loved Abhay. When Abhay hated her, she loved him, When she hated him, she loved him. When he was her friend , she loved him and no matter what wounds or what balms he gives her, she only knows how to love him. So, today when Piya has no rational reason to love Abhay , she still loves him and even if her memory was erased a 1000 times over , she would fall in love with Abhay all over again as soon as she saw him.

Abhay-Piya were not beautiful. They were tragically poetic today, I think. They truly made you think of the fate of the fire and the firefly.

As for the rest of the episode, the Pancchi-Misha-Abhay scene was strangely NOT annoying and no drama. They are in a deal now which will now mean three sets of stilettos from Piya that will be thrown on their heads. I loved Abhay and Misha's bond ' they really have grown closer and am loving it. Abhay's realization of Jeh being a precarious danger to Piya finally came in and Abhay is justified in trying to keep Jreh away from Piya. Abhay and Piya don't know how Jeh feels about Piya . So, its natural for Abhay to suspect Jeh.

Jeh and Neel's scene was adorable but WARNING CREATIVES! We love Jeh for  the JEH that he is and don't you dare turn him into a rondu-pondu majnoo. He is man enough to handle anything and all the drama that life throws . War with Abhay is one thing but I will hate to see Jeh go down emotionally. Okay?

Oh and why did I give that title? Well, when Piya saw Abhay in the library , she dissolved into him even without Abhay touching her. And the way she brought herself back to reality, I recalled how Piya tends to forget who she is and where she is the moment she looks at Abhay for too long. That famous line " Aapko dekh ke bade dair se meri saans ruki hai" seems apt for Piya.


P.S- Can somebody tell me what is Abhay's plan exactly? Is ladke ke saare plans superflop hote hain lekin tab bhi ye sudharta nahiin hai. Abhay- you are highly underestimating Jeh. You really are. Precap mein woh press ka kaand kisne kiya hai? Tell, tell.

P.P.S ' I am liking Danish, really. He is not a man I was expecting to show any morality. But his commitment to Chaand Raichand only because Chaand gave him a chance at redemption is feel good. Danish deserves a second chance on life and I hope he gets to live a redeemed life.

Love and luck always,Heart

GOD bless everyone.Hug 

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