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-Hoor- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 1:09pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shareen

This is SUCH a CUTE graphic you made, hubby! Awwiiieee, i loveee it <3 LOL

. . . . . .

I don't really have any specific memorable chat with her coz everytime I talk to her, the chat becomes memorable though we are not really in talking spree from quite sometime but whenever we catch up, I found the same crazy loon inside us ready to jump out, minute we saw each other's name in our SB's ROFL but then to mention, I guess time when I used to say Hi in TaAnu cc and then used to roam around and she practically used to get hold of me to get me back into the cc ROFL and then we used to go on and on about our movies we watched and their dialoguesROFL even when she was in Dubai, giving me her every minute details and mostly jalofying me by telling me rather tempting me with all those Burger detailsAngry.

Haha awww, tujhe yaad hai mera jaalana!? ROFL

I know right? Our initial convos were SO formal, and ab dekh :P ROFL ily Hug

I miss those days sometimes.

. . . . . .


My most funniest/memorable moment with Hoor it actaully was the first one in the first conversation we had. Actually I pmed her regarding something and from there whatever we spoke about most of the stuff we had in common meaning almost all of it  LOLfrom our likes, our dislikes, our age, how many bro-sis we had, how old they were. I cant actaully tell you how shock we both were and how much we were laughingLOL it felt like we were lost sister's which may have got lost in the Mela lolLOL and  found on IF LOL

OMG! Yeees! I remember being SO shocked when i got to know that Sofi has the same likes/dislikes like me, ages nd number of siblings etc etc Shocked Haha but thats the reason why she is my Gunjiii nd i am her Nupz Embarrassed ROFL

. . . . . .


My funny moments with wifeey! Hug..There have been SO many that i dont know where to start from! Ermm..But these are some memories that i will always cherish!..One of our first pm convos turned out to be the funniest especially how we started in a formal way trying to catch up with each other after a break on few months Embarrassed Who knew then that ultimately that convo would lead us to getting into a wedlock! ROFL  Hayye marriage is bliss ROFL ROFL That whole incident has been so funny that whenever i think of it i cant help but laugh!

Haha ikr? That whole bunch of PMs lead to our marriage, awww EmbarrassedROFL ROFL

..And then the exchange of wedding gift (if u remember what those were) were absolutely hilarious!..Along with the addition of ur sauti and the whole story revolving that! Among the recent ones it has to about adopting a gora kid and a black kid from US ROFL Such unforgettable moments! Big smile

Oh yeees, ofcourse i remember those gifts. The 'hubby' and 'wifey' shirts/pants Cool ROFL Aand the very recent - adopting gora nd black kids :P ROFL

And of ofcourse who can forget the andes and pakola! ROFL We have still got to complete that one!..I think i like eggs slighty more now thanks to that discussion! ROFL  

Okay, i was only supposed to mention one funny incident and not a list!..So i'll stop now! LOL Every day with you has given me a lot of sweet memories and i treasure them DP! <3 Thank you for being way you are! Hug Hug

Yeees, we need to continue out convo about andey nd pakola ROFL Awww, and thank you for accepting me nd loving me for the way i am Hug
. . . . . .

Hoor.. My LLS.. Hug She is a very very dear friend, one of my 1st on the Tere Liye forum.. I remember we met sometime during TaAnu confession last year on the forum.. We all were going crazy.. It was the perfect time to meet her.. Big smile I cant pin out one moment with her.. All of them have been beautiful.. Be it TaAnu confession discussion, TaAnu wedding discussion.. All have been special' Big smile Just recently we were also hyperventilating on 26th November.. ROFL So in short, where Hoor is concerned all moments go down as memorable.. Big smile

Awww, so trueee. Be it TaAnu confession or their SR or the recent APK birthday segment, we have rocked the forum completely Cool ROFL Loveyou LLS Heart

Love u LLS.. 

. . . . . .


I think our funniest conversation had to be when I had imagined some extra besharmi for an OS that Lubz Di had written and Di was after me to find out what it was but I didn't want to say.  Phir lawyer sahiba aagayi aur humaare dispute ko khatam karne ki koshish ki, making both of us tell our sides of the story.  Maine socha ke main bachgayi thi par when Di said that I was hiding my besharam thoughts from them, Hoor switched sides and joined Lubz Di in attacking me.  Other than that though, I think every moment I've spent in conversation with Hoor has been a memorable and masti filled one, and it's absolutely impossible not to love her because she is always too much fun to talk to!  Love her lots!!

Hailaaa Tejyy! Tujhe yaad tha woh incident? :O Haha yes i remember switching sides at the last moment LOL

Aww, ily tooo Hug

. . . . . .


ShockedThere was One.. Ermm i think i forgot Stern Smile Hooriyee.. do u remember?LOL

Haha naeee mujhe bhi yaad nahin ROFL


I still remember, When i was new to TL forum, Hoor and Lubzie were the first ppl i talked to. The Hearty welcome they gave comforted me and made me active member of the forum.. Ye dono besharmon ne PTB start kiya tha aur mujhe bhi besharam bana diya unki tarah... LOLLOL
All our besharmi conversations are memorable... I'm so happy to be her friend.. After TL, we lost touch, khair better late than never. We are back again.. LOL We'll Rock it baby.. Haan na Hooriye??Wink

Haan haan kyun nahin Maria Wink
Have no fear when the besharam Hoor is there Cool
Aww thanks alot hun, loveyou <3

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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AS.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
Happy Birthday Jee

sorry is time kuch special nahi ho paya.. anywa forget it

i LOVE first page. woow beautiful wishes and gifts woow u lucky lady.
many happy returns of the day

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-EndlessSmile- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 1:41pm | IP Logged
SmileHappy Birthday Hoorie!!!!Smile
birthday image
Wishing a very special person a very special day...Hooriee!! Happy Birthday.Have a wonderful day, get many nice presents and have a lot of fun!! Eat, drink and make merry. It's your birthday.Mauj kar yaar.May all of your wishes come true - today and always Words can't say how much happiness we wish for you.
merii hooriee!!!mein teri birthday kaise bhool sakti hun??tu tou meri jangli billi hainaaa...lolLOL
yr Allah kare tu hamesha khush rahe aur teri saare wishes puri hojaein..
Allah kare tujhe duniya ki saari khushiyaan mileee
Happy bday again!!Big smileBig smile

birthday image   birthday image   birthday image

Edited by -Mahi148- - 16 December 2011 at 2:39pm

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star_fan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 1:47pm | IP Logged
Happy Birthday Hoor !!
May ALLAH Bless you with happiness, love and peace.
May all coming birthdays will be the BEST ones for you.
Wishing a wonderful year ahead.


@Sofia : Great work girl. Awesome thread.

Edited by star_fan - 16 December 2011 at 4:05pm

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-Hoor- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 1:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Sofia-

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
*scrolls down through the post pehle*
Hailaaa! Itne saaareeey questions!? :O Damn ROFL


As the name suggests, we are putting the bday girl on the hot seat and it's time for some grilling now guys!  ROFLWhy should only we do all the work? Cool..Bday girl get ready to answer all our evil questions! Evil Smile
. . . . . .
10 questions umm. . . ?
Arent they a lot! LOL
Oky let me find sum!

Fav song: there are SO many but recently, its Tum ho from Rockstar Embarrassed
Fav place: my very own, Karachi Cool

Love is: a blessing, and the main thing is to maintain it :)
Life is: a very challenging test..

Friends are: VERY important. I dont think i can live without any of my friends :)
Family is: as important as oxygen to any living thing Embarrassed

Fav show: Tere Liye nd Kavyanjali have been my all-time favorites. Warna tou list kaaafiii lambiii hai LOL
Ur motto: Umm to crush on every yummy guy possible Cool ROFL

U wud lyk to be: a responsible daughter, an understand friend/sibling and a nice human being :)
U dislyk: lies! I cannot stand them :|

. . . . . .
Choose 1 :p
 1) Afiridi/Teddy bear Wink/Hafeez: (damn it LOL) umm Lala ofcourse Cool
2)Imran/KT/KSG: ImRan (Ran from Ka'Ran') LOL
3)Rati/Krystle/Shilpa Anand: Rati Pandey :D
4) Pak Vs India /Pak Vs Australia: Hands down to a Pak v/s India match LOL
5) Afridi/Misbah - the better Captian: Afridi ofcourse Cool
6) Tha Vampire diaries/Twilight: The vampire diaries :D
7) Ali Zafar/ Atif Aslam: Atiiifff Heart
8)Desi Food/Junk Foods: Desi food *yummy* Tongue
9)Cellphone/Lappy: cellphone Big smile
10) Fawad Khan/Imran Abbas: I like both, but it has to be Fawaaad <3
. . . . . .
1. How would u react If u would see Harshad and Anupriya Walking out of a Restaurant? Stern Smile ROFL

Reaction: ShockedShockedShocked >> SillySillySilly >> Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming >> PartyDancing


Person YOU admire most: My parents :)
3. One dream I want to fulfill: To meeet Jenseeen/Dean SillyDay Dreaming
4. Happiest day of your life: when i got straight A's in my O'levels Embarrassed
5. 1 thing missing in your life: these days, its HarshIya nd SteLena who are missing Unhappy

I cannot think of more Stern Smile Will this do Tongue Answer Hoorriyee LOL *Sits and Waits*
. . . . . .

1. (Time for my revenge!! Evil Smile)  What is the most besharam thought you had in the PTB that you never shared with us? ROFL ROFL You've got Di's black box to compete with, Hooriye ROFLROFL

Daaamn it, you got me Tejy ki bachi Evil Smile Umm yahaan kaise bolun!? ROFL

Tu samaj jaa na, im a big TVD nd Supernatural fan, tou most besharam thought desi thori ho sakti hai Ermm ROFL ROFL

2.  What is your favorite conversation from PTB? Wink ROFL

The first 50 pages of the 1st PTB Cool I remember being extraaa HIGH that day, nd hence extraaa besharam :P ROFL

3.  If there were a besharmi gang for ArHi, what would your first masti vaali comments? Wink

Umm acha lemme think Tongue

Khushi needs to show her jalwa to ASR (show me you jalwa plays at the BG to which ASR might respond by singing 'i dont know what to do' ROFL And aap log bohat aqalmand hain tou aage ka khud hi samajh jaein EmbarrassedWinkROFL

4.  Same question as before but with VirIka LOL

Jeevika needs to get over Maanvi, coz naturally, Viren gets very jealous of the time she gives to her sister instead of giving it to her husband.

Viren : Ooh la la ooh la la, tu hai meri fantassyyy Blushing

Jeevika : Chho na na chho na na, haan main shareef hogayi WackoROFL ROFL

5.  Describe your dream guy Wink LOL (And you can't say a combination of Onu, Viren, ASR, etc Tongue)

Hadh hai, tujhe pehle se pata tha kya main yahi kahungi!? SleepyLOL

Umm honestly, i dont have a list for a dream guy, coz i believe if you like someone more than just a 'like' then you will accept him/her no matter if he/she matches to your dream match checklist or not Embarrassed

I can't really think of anymore questions LOL

6.  How much do you miss Tejy? LOL

ALOT ^ infinite Approve

7.  If Tejy were to magically appear online to talk to you right this moment, what would the convo be about? LOL

About how amazing nd evil questions you've sent in for me LOL

8.  What is your biggest birthday wish?

Umm i dont know, just to get surprises in every birthday LOL

And I'm done because I can't think of more past that LOL  Love you lots, Hoorie!! Hug

. . . . . . .


    1.what will you do if you certainly come across me somewhere?
    Hug you nd praise you by saying you are the BIGGEST sona fan i have ever seen :P Embarrassed

    2.your reaction if i did something that you never expected from me?
    ShockedShockedShocked << this was my reaction when i saw that VM you made for me, because i wasnt expecting it AT ALL :) Hug

    3.what do u expect from me in terms of our friendship like what do you like in me as a friend or you think are my weaknesses
    You really put in alot of your sincerity with whomever you are a friend with, so that's your strength. Nd weaknesses, umm .. you dont like the typical going tracks on shows which i loveee watching, like IPKKND ROFL

    4.your best quality according to you
    I am an AMAZING listener, trust me ApproveLOL

    5.your weak point according to you
    I am pretty bossy at times, but i try to control it now as my sister keeps telling me to do so LOL

    6.what you just can't stand( person, quality habbit anything)
    As i mentioned above, i cannot stand lies. I hate lies and i hate people who lie.

    7.your fav past time besides IF
    Moviiieees nd MSN LOL

    8.whom do you consider your best best best friend in the whole wide world and why?
    It's Ramsha. She has been my bestestest friend since 7 years now (touchwood).
    Its her because she understands me the MOST. I dont even need to tell her if i am not liking anything, or if i am crushing over a new movie guy or whatsoever LOL She just knows it, nd i love her for that Heart

    9.one person you can share your secrets with?
    non-IF life: the 3 best friends i have, including Ramsha.
    IF life: Sofi, Shareen nd Aashi Embarrassed

    10 .chalo maaf kiya can't think of a 10th question
    Haha thaaankyouuu faruuu HugLOL
. . . . . . .

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-Hoor- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 2:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Sofia-

1)    Common name for Harshad and Hoor.. Tongue? (Waise, I just realized you and Harshad share the same initialsShocked)
Haayyee, we are destined to be together Day DreamingLOL

2)    Imagine u can meet just one couple, U see HarshIya and Karan-Krystal.. Whom will you choose? (Don't hit me) LOL

Daaamnn it D'oh

But i'll deffo choose HarshIya Day Dreaming

3)    Your most favorite Jodi from tellywood? Answer karna padega.. No diplomatic answers of I love them equally.. LOL

Okay so no diplomatic answers yeah?

Then i'll choose Arjun nd Rati. Im not an AB fan, but their couple makes me love AB.

I totally adoreee their couple Heart

4)    Did u cry when Imran Khan got married?? ShockedCool

Thats a personal questiooon! Stern Smile

Haha naeee yaar, i didnt. I was upset, very upset.

But agar mera pyaar khush hai tou main kaise nahin khush ho sakti? EmbarrassedDay Dreaming

5)    Most favorite forum on India-Forums?

TL forum rocks, koi shaq hai kya!? Cool

6)    Share one scene of TaAnu, Virika and KaSh that still makes u go awww'

TaAnu: the diwali scene where TaAnu buy gifts for each other by selling their stuff, nd they later hug.. Awww Day Dreaming

Virika: when Viren kept a karwachauth ka vrath for Jeevika.. Awwwiiieee Heart

KaSh: When Armaan stood outside Riddhima's house for one WHOLE night (during rain) just to apologize to her, nd then in the morning Riddhima runs down to see him Day Dreaming

7)    One dream that keeps coming?LOL

I am driving a car like a whacko, as in like a totally gone case ..

jabke i know how to drive Stern SmileROFL

8)    Define Friendship...

As essential as water, as amazing as falling on the bed after one whole day of work, as pure as a baby's heart and as besharam as the PTB gang CoolROFL ROFL

9)    Last time you laughed till u had tears?

Last night, when my sister got me a Dean cake. I was TOO happy seeing it Big smileROFL

10) If you could be reborn as a celebrity, whom would it be?Embarrassed

Imran Khan or Paul Wesley - two celebrity men whom i totally respect nd adore for being who they are Embarrassed Heart

. . . . . . .
Ahem Ahem.. Let me shoot out my questions.. since we started with besharam gang... first question goes about that..
. . . . . . .


1. Suggest one pic for all our mutual friends for their next DP, including me.
Meri pic lagalo, PERFECTION you see CoolROFL

2. Dedicate a song to me and reason :P

Filhaal tou tujhe main chammat dedicate karungi, gaana nahin..

and you know why Angry

3. One thing that you enjoys the most and cannot really live without it.


4. One thing that you find irritating about me.

Tu puri ki puri hi irritating hai jaanemann CoolROFL ROFL

And I am done as I suck in grilling, I knowCry

. . . . . . .
1. Most cherished moment till dat?
When i got all A's in my O'levels Embarrassed

2. Most funniest or silliest memory?
From the IF life, it has to be the besharmi related convos we all had ROFL

3. What You like abt urself the most?
Umm i am understanding nd honest :)

4. What do u dislike abt u the most? WinkLOL
Again, im very dominant at times ROFL

LOL5. What is the definition of FRIENDSHIP to u?
Upar dekhley, kiya hua hai answer ROFL

6. Ur fab actor/actress?
Actors ke liye refer the first post of this thread Cool
And actresses include Kajol, Rani, Genelia, Rati Pandey, Anita nd Anupriya :)

7. Fab holiday spot?

8. Fab pastime?
IF ofcourse LOL
. . . . . . .
Ahem Ahem.. Let me shoot out my questions.. since we started with besharam gang... first question goes about that..
1. What's the most besharam thing u have done till now? ROFL
Ummm main nahiiin bata rahi :P ROFL

2. Recently krystal mentioned ur name in her interview, sach mei bata, how many ppl did u tell about this? LOLLOL and how many days u ver talking about this?
LOL khushi khushi bataungi main yeh LOL
IF pe almost the whole EHMMBH forum knew, my close friends nd real life mein my whole group of friends know .. nd i STILL replay that part of the video where she took my name EmbarrassedROFL

3. When are u showing me ur photo?? Tongue
Tu apna dil khol ke dekh, waheen hoon main Wink

5. B'day dress color pls...
Blaaaccckkk :D

6. Who do u think the most besharam in TL forum ? LOLLOL
After me nd Lubzie, it has to be Tejyyy ROFL

7. If u are asked to describe Harshiya in one word, wat it is? Big smile

8. Ur most memorable B'day?Embarrassed
my 16th nd this one, 18th Embarrassed

9. Ur first Crush?? Tongue Actor mat bol..Angry samjhi..LOL
LOL nahin bol rahi LOL
He was this guy in my class.. grade 5 :|
But now humara chhattis ka aakra hai ROFL

10. Last but not the least, What do u feel about me? LOLLOL
Filhaal tou im very much impressed by your question 2 which is VERY unique LOL

. . . . . . .
1)Favourite drink? (other than water LOL) preferably non-alocoholic ROFL
Shaadi ke baad se i have stop taking alcoholic drinks Embarrassed
So it'll be vanilla milkshake with chocolate syrup on it *yummy* Blushing

2)Share one embarrassing moment! *runs away b4 DP comes with a brrom*
When one of my best friends accidentally took the name of my crush in front of that crush's best friends Stern Smile

3)Where would u like to go on ur honeymoon? LOL
Are we going? Are we going?
Yaaay, finaaalllyyy :D ROFL
I wanna go to Melbourne, Australia.. business class ki seat honi chahiye hubby, okay? Cool

4)Which tv female lead/ (vamp? ROFL ROFL )are u somewhat similar to?
Agar main vamp tou tu villain, remember the wedlock :P ROFL
Umm my friends compare me to Nupur, so maybe her Embarrassed

 5)Which insect are you most afraid of? LOL

6)Have you ever copied in an exam? ROFL
Ofcourseee i have Cool Nd scored 25/30 on it :D ROFL

7)Whats the maximum no of hours that u've spent on IF in one day?
Never counted .. but it has to be during TL/TaAnu wedding.. i used to live here LOL

8)If the username -Hoor- or anything with hoor wasnt available, what wud u have picked instead? ROFL
Mrs.JensenAckles BlushingDay Dreaming
or Mrs.DeanWinchester would've worked too Embarrassed

9)A language that u will like to learn and why? Big smile
Noneee, urdu sahi se nahin aati tou i would like to improve my urdu first, nd then maybe learn Bangla taake in-laws ke saath communication etc asaan ho jaye EmbarrassedROFL

10)A habit you would like to get rid off?
I fall for celebrity men TOO easily while real life mein i dont find any guy appealing ROFL
  My questions were the easiestErmmLOL Chalo u'll love me more ROFL
. . . . . . .
MY 10+(plus) Itna Toh Hak Banata Hai Boss Tongue x

1.Whats your Favourite Fruit?
Apple :D

2.Your Favourite Type of Weather?
Winters.. when i wear jackets nd sleep with 3-4 blankets LOL

3.Your Favourite Holiday Destination?
Its London, but im sure it'll be Australia once i visit it Embarrassed

4.What Type of Clothes you love Wearing?
Depends where i am going. In Pak, it has to be shalwar kameez. But when i travel to Dubai or USA, it's jeans :D

5.10 things you cant live without?
Umm cellphone, lappy, TV, my I-pod, Supernatural CDs LOL, my perfume, my wallet, my black colored hair clip and my night suit LOL

6.Do you have Straight or Curly Hair / Short or Long Hair?
I have wavy hair .. long i guess? LOL

7.What type of Jewellery you Love/Love Wearing the Most?
Anything in silver is my all time favorite :D

8.Do you like wearing Nail Polish? if yes what colour?
Yeees, but not very often as i have to remove it for every Namaz.
Favorite color would be baby pink, lavender and copper :D

9.Who's your Favourite Cricketer?
Shahid Afridi, hands down Cool

10.Your Favourite Fizzy Drink?
Pakola? LOL

11.Do you like Reading Books?
Nooo, thats the last thing i would do :| ROFL

12.What's your Favourite Food?
Cuisine wise its Chinese :D Nd desi mein everything that my mom cooks <3 *and im hungry now* LOL

13.Which Type of Music you Love?
Soft nd romantic. Im a big romantic buff LOL

14.Which is your Favourite Film?
There are MANNYYY!
But Jaane tu ya jaane na is my most favorite, followed by DDLJ, Kaho na pyaar hai, Hum tum, Kuch kuch hota hai, Veer Zaara, Hum saath saath hain etc LOL

15.Which Film have you watched the Most?
*proudly says*

16.What's your Favourite Shampoo?
I can use any, as long as my hair dont fall ROFL

17.Your Favourite Indian Drama?
All time favorite, from start to end has to be TL nd Kavyanjali :D

18.Which is Your Favourite Chocolate?
ALL ROFL Any with a nut in it *yuuummmyyy* LOL

19.Are you a Early Waker or Late Riser ?
If given a choise, an 11 a.m riser i would be Big smile

20.Do you like Make-Up?
Umm not really. I put make up only when it something REALLY special warna tou nahin LOL
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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-Hoor- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 2:35pm | IP Logged
Baaki ki replying will do tmrw.. gosh my fingers are dead bcoz of typing ROFL
Thankyou everyone once again Hug

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Meehak. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 2:59pm | IP Logged
Happy Birthday Hoor jana Hug May Allah always bless youu, in your birthday i wish that your all dreams and wishs come true :) wish you the best in your life :D i hope you have ENJOYED your day <3
BTW: Sory for the late coming :(
anyways made a chota sa gift for youu ! <3
Hope youu like itt
ahh made in hurry so it's look not so good Ermm ERMM..
GOD always bless youu, loveyouu Hug

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