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*~ Happy Birthday Hoor *~

sofiaaax. IF-Sizzlerz

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 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .  

 16th December! Big smile This is the day when a Hoor fell from the heavens and blessed the planet earth with her presence! Day Dreaming..She was gorgeous, kind-hearted, friendly, chirpy, funny, crazy, extremely talented Cool..In short she was awazing just the was she was! Heart and perfect in every way Embarrassed. As the people around saw her they were completely mesmerized because they had never seen anyone like her! Shocked..She instantly touched peoples' lives and spread happiness! Big smile...All the girls envied her since the boys were all crazy for her.Approve And who were the guys and how was there reaction like when they saw this Hoor? Shocked
. . . . . . <3 

When he saw KSG he just could take his eyes off! She was so lively and looked so cute while being lost in her own thoughts...while KSG was just observing her quitely!
. . . . . . <3 

As was Walking around she collided with KaranT and all he could think was this!

. . . . . . <3 

When ASR saw her surprisingly even he couldnt help but smile! Embarrassed

. . . . . . <3 

Then Imran passed by and the moment he saw her thow was his expression like? Well, no points for guessing this is what he said! LOL

. . . . . . <3 

If imran's reaction was adorable and funny, the dean was no less!..his excitement had no bounds!
. . . . . . <3

Now, when he heard about the new happenings from the others he wanted to see her and was even prepared with a ring! Embarrassed

. . . . . . <3

All the hotties somewhere wanted hoor!..But Hoor who did her heart want?..Guess? Big smile

Well, OFCOURSE SHE WANTED THEM ALL! ROFL She could never let any of them go! However, how could she possible be with all of them? Ouch That was so dilemma and so would she just go back to where she had come from in the first place? 
Therefore, End of the story? NO!.. Wink

So now guys!...Being Hoor's friend let us help our gorgeous girl to decide!..Who do u think hoor should go with and why? Big smileROFL
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Happy Birthday Hoor! <3

I wish to say a thousand words to you. But I'll compress them only in three magical words. Where's the party? Party  PartyWhat else did you think? Wink Happy Birthday! <3

You deserve all the success, happiness and love in the world Hug. And the cash too! LOLAfter all, you have a buddy with whom you can share it with, right? ROFL
We all LOVE you Hoor!..A gem of a person like you is very rare and those who do know you are very lucky..We for sure know that we are! Embarrassed

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shareen IF-Rockerz

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I don't really have any specific memorable chat with her coz everytime I talk to her, the chat becomes memorable though we are not really in talking spree from quite sometime but whenever we catch up, I found the same crazy loon inside us ready to jump out, minute we saw each other's name in our SB's ROFL but then to mention, I guess time when I used to say Hi in TaAnu cc and then used to roam around and she practically used to get hold of me to get me back into the cc ROFL and then we used to go on and on about our movies we watched and their dialoguesROFL even when she was in Dubai, giving me her every minute details and mostly jalofying me by telling me rather tempting me with all those Burger detailsAngry.

I miss those days sometimes.

. . . . . .


My most funniest/memorable moment with Hoor it actaully was the first one in the first conversation we had. Actually I pmed her regarding something and from there whatever we spoke about most of the stuff we had in common meaning almost all of it  LOLfrom our likes, our dislikes, our age, how many bro-sis we had, how old they were. I cant actaully tell you how shock we both were and how much we were laughingLOL it felt like we were lost sister's which may have got lost in the Mela lolLOL and  found on IF LOL
. . . . . .


My funny moments with wifeey! Hug..There have been SO many that i dont know where to start from! Ermm..But these are some memories that i will always cherish!..One of our first pm convos turned out to be the funniest especially how we started in a formal way trying to catch up with each other after a break on few months Embarrassed Who knew then that ultimately that convo would lead us to getting into a wedlock! ROFL  Hayye marriage is bliss ROFL ROFL That whole incident has been so funny that whenever i think of it i cant help but laugh!..And then the exchange of wedding gift (if u remember what those were) were absolutely hilarious!..Along with the addition of ur sauti and the whole story revolving that! Among the recent ones it has to about adopting a gora kid and a black kid from US ROFL Such unforgettable moments! Big smile

And of ofcourse who can forget the andes and pakola! ROFL We have still got to complete that one!..I think i like eggs slighty more now thanks to that discussion! ROFL  

Okay, i was only supposed to mention one funny incident and not a list!..So i'll stop now! LOL Every day with you has given me a lot of sweet memories and i treasure them DP! <3 Thank you for being way you are! Hug Hug
. . . . . .

Hoor.. My LLS.. Hug She is a very very dear friend, one of my 1st on the Tere Liye forum.. I remember we met sometime during TaAnu confession last year on the forum.. We all were going crazy.. It was the perfect time to meet her.. Big smile I cant pin out one moment with her.. All of them have been beautiful.. Be it TaAnu confession discussion, TaAnu wedding discussion.. All have been special' Big smile Just recently we were also hyperventilating on 26th November.. ROFL So in short, where Hoor is concerned all moments go down as memorable.. Big smile

Love u LLS.. 

. . . . . .


I think our funniest conversation had to be when I had imagined some extra besharmi for an OS that Lubz Di had written and Di was after me to find out what it was but I didn't want to say.  Phir lawyer sahiba aagayi aur humaare dispute ko khatam karne ki koshish ki, making both of us tell our sides of the story.  Maine socha ke main bachgayi thi par when Di said that I was hiding my besharam thoughts from them, Hoor switched sides and joined Lubz Di in attacking me.  Other than that though, I think every moment I've spent in conversation with Hoor has been a memorable and masti filled one, and it's absolutely impossible not to love her because she is always too much fun to talk to!  Love her lots!!

. . . . . .


ShockedThere was One.. Ermm i think i forgot Stern Smile Hooriyee.. do u remember?LOL



I still remember, When i was new to TL forum, Hoor and Lubzie were the first ppl i talked to. The Hearty welcome they gave comforted me and made me active member of the forum.. Ye dono besharmon ne PTB start kiya tha aur mujhe bhi besharam bana diya unki tarah... LOLLOL
All our besharmi conversations are memorable... I'm so happy to be her friend.. After TL, we lost touch, khair better late than never. We are back again.. LOL We'll Rock it baby.. Haan na Hooriye??Wink
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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sofiaaax. IF-Sizzlerz

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
As the name suggests, we are putting the bday girl on the hot seat and it's time for some grilling now guys!  ROFLWhy should only we do all the work? Cool..Bday girl get ready to answer all our evil questions! Evil Smile
. . . . . .
10 questions umm. . . ?
Arent they a lot! LOL
Oky let me find sum!

Fav song:
Fav place:

Love is
Life is

Friends are
Family is

Fav show
Ur motto 

U wud lyk to be
U dislyk

. . . . . .
Choose 1 :p
 1) Afiridi/Teddy bear Wink/Hafeez
3)Rati/Krystle/Shilpa Anand
4) Pak Vs India /Pak Vs Australia
5) Afridi/Misbah - the better Captian
6) Tha Vampire diaries/Twilight
7) Ali Zafar/ Atif Aslam
8)Desi Food/Junk Foods
10) Fawad Khan/Imran Abbas
. . . . . .
1. How would u react If u would see Harshad and Anupriya Walking out of a Restaurant? Stern Smile ROFL
Person YOU admire most 
3. One dream I want to fulfill
4. Happiest day of your life
5. 1 thing missing in your life

I cannot think of more Stern Smile Will this do Tongue Answer Hoorriyee LOL *Sits and Waits*
. . . . . .

1. (Time for my revenge!! Evil Smile)  What is the most besharam thought you had in the PTB that you never shared with us? ROFL ROFL You've got Di's black box to compete with, Hooriye ROFLROFL

2.  What is your favorite conversation from PTB? Wink ROFL

3.  If there were a besharmi gang for ArHi, what would your first masti vaali comments? Wink

4.  Same question as before but with VirIka LOL

5.  Describe your dream guy Wink LOL (And you can't say a combination of Onu, Viren, ASR, etc Tongue)

I can't really think of anymore questions LOL

6.  How much do you miss Tejy? LOL

7.  If Tejy were to magically appear online to talk to you right this moment, what would the convo be about? LOL

8.  What is your biggest birthday wish? 

And I'm done because I can't think of more past that LOL  Love you lots, Hoorie!! Hug

. . . . . . .


    1.what will you do if you certainly come across me somewhere?
    2.your reaction if i did something that you never expected from me 
    3.what do u expect from me in terms of our friendship like what do you like in me as a friend or you think are my weaknesses
    4.your best quality according to you
    5.your weak point according to you
    6.what you just can't stand( person, quality habbit anything)
    7.your fav past time besides IF
    8.whom do you consider your best best best friend in the whole wide world and why
    9.one person you can share your secrets with
    10 .chalo maaf kiya can't think of a 10th question
. . . . . . .
1)    Common name for Harshad and Hoor.. Tongue? (Waise, I just realized you and Harshad share the same initialsShocked)

2)    Imagine u can meet just one couple, U see HarshIya and Karan-Krystal.. Whom will you choose? (Don't hit me) LOL

3)    Your most favorite Jodi from tellywood? Answer karna padega.. No diplomatic answers of I love them equally.. LOL

4)    Did u cry when Imran Khan got married?? ShockedCool

5)    Most favorite forum on India-Forums? 

6)    Share one scene of TaAnu, Virika and KaSh that still makes u go awww'

7)    One dream that keeps coming?LOL

8)    Define Friendship... 

9)    Last time you laughed till u had tears?

10) If you could be reborn as a celebrity, whom would it be?Embarrassed

. . . . . . .
Ahem Ahem.. Let me shoot out my questions.. since we started with besharam gang... first question goes about that..
. . . . . . .


1. Suggest one pic for all our mutual friends for their next DP, including me.

2. Dedicate a song to me and reason :P

3. One thing that you enjoys the most and cannot really live without it.

4. One thing that you find irritating about me.

And I am done as I suck in grilling, I knowCry

. . . . . . .
1. Most cherished moment till dat?
2. Most funniest or silliest memory?
3. What You like abt urself the most?
4. What do u dislike abt u the most? WinkLOL
LOL5. What is the definition of FRIENDSHIP to u?
6. Ur fab actor/actress?
7. Fab holiday spot?
8. Fab pastime? 

. . . . . . .
Ahem Ahem.. Let me shoot out my questions.. since we started with besharam gang... first question goes about that..
1. What's the most besharam thing u have done till now? ROFL
2. Recently krystal mentioned ur name in her interview, sach mei bata, how many ppl did u tell about this? LOLLOL and how many days u ver talking about this?
3. When are u showing me ur photo?? Tongue
4. B'day special Kya hai?
5. B'day dress color pls...
6. Who do u think the most besharam in TL forum ? LOLLOL
7. If u are asked to describe Harshiya in one word, wat it is? Big smile
8. Ur most memorable B'day?Embarrassed
9. Ur first Crush?? Tongue Actor mat bol..Angry samjhi..LOL
10. Last but not the least, What do u feel about me? LOLLOL
. . . . . . .
1)Favourite drink? (other than water LOL) preferably non-alocoholic ROFL
2)Share one embarrassing moment! *runs away b4 DP comes with a brrom*
3)Where would u like to go on ur honeymoon? LOL
4)Which tv female lead/ (vamp? ROFL ROFL )are u somewhat similar to?
 5)Which insect are you most afraid of? LOL
6)Have you ever copied in an exam? ROFL
7)Whats the maximum no of hours that u've spent on IF in one day?
8)If the username -Hoor- or anything with hoor wasnt available, what wud u have picked instead? ROFL
9)A language that u will like to learn and why? Big smile
10)A habit you would like to get rid off?
  My questions were the easiestErmmLOL Chalo u'll love me more ROFL
. . . . . . .
MY 10+(plus) Itna Toh Hak Banata Hai Boss Tongue x

1.Whats your Favourite Fruit? 
2.Your Favourite Type of Weather?
3.Your Favourite Holiday Destination?
4.What Type of Clothes you love Wearing?
5.10 things you cant live without?
6.Do you have Straight or Curly Hair / Short or Long Hair?
7.What type of Jewellery you Love/Love Wearing the Most?
8.Do you like wearing Nail Polish? if yes what colour?
9.Who's your Favourite Cricketer?
10.Your Favourite Fizzy Drink?
11.Do you like Reading Books?
12.What's your Favourite Food?
13.Which Type of Music you Love?
14.Which is your Favourite Film?
15.Which Film have you watched the Most?
16.What's your Favourite Shampoo?
17.Your Favourite Indian Drama?
18.Which is Your Favourite Chocolate?
19.Are you a Early Waker or Late Riser ?
20.Do you like Make-Up?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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shareen IF-Rockerz

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Hawww 16th Dec, matlabh finally you are turning another year olderTongue or rather finally becoming an adultShocked matlabh actually you are getting license to have all those wild dreams and thoughts that you secretly have now since you are under ageTongue and cannot enjoy all the privileges that I doApprove but then finally you are becoming one, adding into cool gang of adults, gang that consists cool persons and even super cool like meCool


Congratulations on finally becoming an adultDancingParty

*dances hard*

And now I demand a partyROFL *looks at MB while dancing* with you dancing on 

My Name is Shiela

Shiela Ki jawani Tongue

*Imagines MB breaking the dance floor with that song playing in the BGDay Dreaming*


Baar Baar Din yeh aaye

Baar dil yeh gaaye

Tum jeeyo hazaron saal and saal ke din ho pachaas hazaar


And unlike someone, I want this day to come roz and you know why coz more the birthdays more number of return gifts, for every single wish I can ask for 2 return gifts *dances harder*Day Dreaming.

Now moving to bit serious part

Happy Birthday MBBBHug

I wish you all the success and love in lifeStar

You know how much I love you and adore you as friend, you are one such person who is such an amazing person I met in recent time and became my very close friend, in very short span, with whom I discussed all fantasies rather I just listenedErmm about all your delicious dreams about practically every hot hunk around and I had gala time seeing all your crazy activities.

On this day I have nothing new to wish since I wish daily that you get best in your life.

But just want to say that

Stay the way you are

coz I have made you super amazing under my influence Tongue 

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day

Will be back to take my return giftEvil Smile and I am lazy abhi to find graphics around, so khud dekh lena jo ache lage and meri taraf se add kar denaEmbarrassed pleaseTongueROFLROFL


Dear LLS..birthday image


Many many happy returns of the day.. PartyMay God bless you.. I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true..HugHappy Birthday cake

May you have all the joy your heart can hold,

All the smiles a day can bring,

All the blessings a life can unhold,

May you have God's best in everything.



Fly in the plane of ambition,
and land on the airport of success,
Luck is yours,
wish is mine
may ur future
always shine. . .

"Happy Birthday"

Hoorieeeeee! Party

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to Dear Hoor!

Happy Birthday To you!


A very happy birthda Hoor! wish you all the success Peace happiness Joy and everythng you deserve for! Hope you have wonderful birthday filled with fun, excitement and joy. You are a very sweet person an awesome friend and of course my IK partner ;) ! Its glad to knw you and have a frnd like you! <3 May allah always Bless you!! Eeeks we both share Bday on SAME WOW :P thts super amazing isn't it? hehe!

The day is beautiful, occasion truly special,
Sweetness is around, with smiling faces.
Light the candles, gobble the candies,
Pray to God with faith and make some thoughtful wishes. 

The merry tunes that cheer us all,
The world sings along to wish you.
With lovely gifts and jolly hearts,
I wish they all come together to bless you.
May you have a rocking Birthday.

Enjoy! Hug
Love ya Hoorii!!Hug
Many many happy returns of the day

Happy Birthday To You..  Believing Hear, What You Deserve To Hear:
Your Birthday As My Own To Me Is Dear...
But Yours Gives Most; For Mine Did Only Lend
Me To The World; Yours Gave To Me A Friend.

When God made u he was having a good day! because your so special , so kindhearted , that its difficult to tell in words ... happy birthday
Many Happy Returns Of The Day Hoorie,may u have a healthy and a peaceful life ,have a blast on this special occassion,luv u loads,mwaahhh ,god bless u always and be happy *hugs *  its time for some cakes and chocolates Party

And Last But Not The Least How Can I Forget,Here Is Ur Surprise Cool

Once Again Happy Birthday Hooriiee,I Really Love U Alot Hug Heart


Happy Birthday Hoorie meriii Hug<3 <3 God bless you always with lots of happiness and keep you smiling.  Keep being the masti bari besharmi that we all love sooo much!!! WinkROFL Hum dono toh sahin mein behenein hai Embarrassed, hum dono hamesha kaam mein itni busy reh jaate ke zyaada baat hi nahin kar sakte ROFL LOLpar bohut jaldi vaqt nikaalni hogi kyonki main toh ek hafte mein free ho jaongi! Party You know where to find me Wink, LOL ROFL!!! Love you lotsss jaani Hug!  Have an awesome and rocking birthday!! Dancing

now what I know you'll find sweet ROFL  Besharmi galore! ROFL ROFL

And it would be a crime to leave this one out ROFL ROFL Humaare kitne discussions isse scene par the ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL

Happy Birthday Hooriye!!! Love you to pieces, jaani!! Embarrassed

Happy Birthday HoorieHug

my fellow crazy TaAnuian/TLian...you're just so sweet and thoughtful and we have almost the same tastes in couples (TaAnu,Stelena,VirIka)LOL After all we're only one day apart in b-daysWink. Anyways hope you have the best day and may all your wishes and dreams come true! Rock on fellow SaagiTongue
Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Hooriyee.. Party Glad to have such a friend like you.. u are an amaaazing and artistic gurl; EmbarrassedI wish u all the happiness and Love today Hug .. May u have a happy time.. Love u loads, Keep rocking yaara.. Cool
Hello Hoor Well guss what it's your birthday LOL wishing you a very very very happy birthday may all your wishes come true and may god bless you always. I love ya 47364364634. you are simply a fab fab fab girl a maginfique friend and sister mwahi know you have seen it but here's your gift (added in the post below)
m sorry i couldn't create any photoshop stuff due to exams and all but i will do something of your choice once vacations start hope u'll forgive me
Happy Birthday

To The Dearest Sisy,

Happy birthday to you...
happy birthday to youuu...
happy birthday Hoor Sisy
Happy birthday to youu...
May GOD...bless uuu...
Happy birthday too uu...
Many many many happy returnz of the day 2 the sweetest Sisy on earth...PartyParty
May this year brings you loads n loads of happiness... HugMay you get loads & loads of success and achievements... Hug May God fulfill all ur wishes... Hug
A Birthday is A Million Moments,
Each holding A Promise Of Fulfillment Of UR Dreams,
& ACCOMPLISHMENTS Of Some Special Plans..
May you have all the joy your heart can hold,
All the smiles a day can bring,
All the blessings a life can unfold,
May you have best in everything.
Wishing u a Happy Birthday

It's your birthday,
but I'm the lucky
who got to be with you for another year.
It's your birthday, and the older you get,
the more wonderful you become.
It's your birthday,
and I'm privileged to share the years with you.
It's your birthday, and each year
I find the depth of my love for you growing.
It's your birthday, and I look forward with joy
to each day i spent with u in my thoughts
It's your birthday, and I wonder how I got along
for all the birthdays I didn't know you.
It's your birthday, and it's amazing
how easy and enjoyable it is to be with you each day.
It's your birthday, and no matter what fate has in store for me,
I know it will be a pleasure to spend life with you.
It's your birthday, but I got the gift--
You in my life for another year!

 A very very Happy Birthday !!!! Loads n loads of love to you:
Siddoo :)
 Happy Birthdayyy Hoor your and amazingg personnn and always be like the way you are because your such an awesomeee person ! <3 . your really good friend ! Enjoy yourself on your bday hope you have a good one :) ! Big smile
Many many happy returns of the day my dear friend

may god bless u with his choicest blessings and happiness

I can never forget u as u were my first friend on IF
It was fun those day we usd to drool over dill mill gaye!
It ws grt fun!
It ws amazing to meet someone as spl. As u!
Lv ya sweets!
Happy bday again 

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To Hoor
Happy Birthday To You
Roses are red
Violets are blue
If my Life has a meaning
It has to be You.
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Countless fun times
Between me and you!

roses are red
violets are blue
friends come and go
but I'm thankful I have you
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Through thick and through thin
I'll always have you!
Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true!
May today be filled with smiles, laughter and love.
Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day. 
 May this birthday offer you as much joy and happiness as you give to all who know you."
Wifeeey Hug Wish you a very happy birthday!...Your are 18th now!..OMG yay!..Now we can even run away if we want to ROFLROFL
ILY DP <3 i hope u have an amazing bday and a wonderful year ahead! Which of course you will have coz u have us, such awesome friends Cool ROFL 
Jokes, apart this is like what ur first bday that i am celebrating with you? Stern Smile That sucks we got to know each other this late despite being on IF for so long! Stern Smile Neverthess i am very grateful to god for giving me such an amazing friend and DP on whom i know i can always count on. Hug..Oh, btw you know today is also the victory day of BD and we get a national holiday..on ur bday! So cool that means we can go on a date <333 ROFL
I WANT A PIECE OF DEAN! ..Matlab a piece of ur bday cake of course! ROFL I'm so glad that ur bday started off with such a pleasant surprise and wish i cud see the expression on ur face when u saw the cake LOL
As for the wishes, i wish you ALL the finest things in life DP!..I hope you achieve all your goals and reach great heights of success!
Aaand i cant wait to read ur answers to the grilling questions! ROFL *runs off*

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sofiaaax. IF-Sizzlerz

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
Zoha (zohakhan59)

Aisha (-.Aisha.-)

Sofia (-sofia-) 
Shareen (shareen) 

Nori (angeldmg16) 

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sofiaaax. IF-Sizzlerz

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 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Vm's For You <3
Fary (-Mausam-)
Kalindi (mishti_17)
Aisha (.-Aisha.-)

Sofia (-sofia-)

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

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shareen IF-Rockerz

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Many happy returns of the day DPPP <333     Party  PartyParty  

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sofiaaax. IF-Sizzlerz

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happy happy birthday once again Hoor <3 hope you have a Amazinggg
amazinggg time and get EVERYTHING you wanted! <3 HugHug
hope you have a fabulous future ahead <3HugHug
and all your Wishes come True <3HugHug
 i LOVE love love loveee  you loadsss and FOREVER <3HugHug

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-Hoor- 359 16495 27 May 2012 at 1:21pm by chaha_khan
.:.|| Happy birthday Adorable Anupriya ||.:.

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Author: mishti_17   Replies: 613   Views: 28026

mishti_17 613 28026 03 December 2011 at 12:08pm by delightful.
|*|Happy Birthday Mahi|*|

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Author: -Nahi-   Replies: 24   Views: 4734

-Nahi- 24 4734 19 November 2011 at 12:16am by -EndlessSmile-
~Happy Birthday Pauli~

Author: -Ramya-   Replies: 8   Views: 5603

-Ramya- 8 5603 08 November 2011 at 10:53am by zohakhan7

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