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ArhiFF-True Luv Is Eternal-EpiloguePg39(13/6/12) (Page 2)

sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
Is Khushi Pregnant ?! Embarrassed Update Soon Hug

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--Siva-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 12:30pm | IP Logged
Interesting start!
Kushi is pregnant?? Kushi Saxena..!!

Continue soon

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kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 6:22am | IP Logged
Prologue on PAGE 1

Hey guys,
How r u all?

Something really bad happened to me, on Wednesday night, I got a bad surprise, a Trojan virus, so I was in a big mess all this days, after updating the part, my PC is going for a proper restoration. I wrote the part in a day, so that, I can update today, we are going to England tomorrow so I wanted to update it on Monday.
Besides that, as I already told, guys my uni started... so If I will be regular or not I don't know :(... Seriously I don't like to make delays or anything but this year is the toughest year of studies of my life. Guys I really need your support :D

Coming to the parts and Promo: Thanks a lot for your awesome, fabulous comments, I completely loved them and also thanks to everybody who pressed on 'like' :).

I read them a lot of times and reading your guys comments really did made my day, thanks :D

As you already know, I truly want to reply to every comment individually but I can't as I am really busy :(. I hope you guys aren't angry by this fact but let me tell you once again thanks guys for showering me with your love and support, I will definitely press on like button :) please keep supporting and loving as it means a lot to me :D.

I am glad to know you all liked the part and I hope you'll like the upcoming parts and FFs too. :)

Guys, your response was really overwhelming :).

If you have any question and which I forget to answer please do make me remember.

IMPORTANT POINT: If you ever find I wrote love making scenes explicitly please let me know :)

PS: IMPORTANT: please add me to your buddy list as 'kashishkPM' if you want PMs :)

Luv u all<333

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kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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"hmm, well if I am not mistaken you are my new roommate Khushi, right?"

She nodded and then He continued "come in" both entered and he closed the door. He led her in the sitting room and both sat down "well, I am your roommate... and my friend told me all about you and that you needed accommodation so I said that you can live here, by the way my name is Arnav Singh Raizada"

"nice to meet you Mr Raizada" she said politely

"You can call me Arnav, there is no need to be formal as we are going to share the same apartment so it would be better if we live as friends, so what say friends?" he asked with his charming smile, his million dollars dimples and his blue eyes showing the deepness of his smile.

"Ok friends" they shook hand with a smile

"there is a thing I would like to warn you about me beforehanded" Arnav said quite seriously

Khushi didn't know what to expect but she asked "and what is that?"

"well, sometimes I speak a lot and thus if I say too much don't mind and just stop me" he said sincerely

Khushi already liked her roommate thanks to his sincerity. Now she was sure that what the precture lady Mrs Modi said was right, 'he was a indeed nice guy'

"no problem, If I ever mind I'll stop you" she said with a smile, she was feeling good and that day after so long she had smiled and laughed.

"hmm can I ask you a question if you don't mind?" Arnav asked hesitantly

"Yeah of course. I won't mind" she replied casually

"how many months are you pregnant?" he questionned her

Just the thought of her being pregnant brought a grin on her face. She was carrying her baby and there was no limit to her happiness. If she was alive that was because of her baby. Her sorrow faded away just by the fact that she had her baby with her. "5 months"

"Congrats Khushi" he congratulated her genuinely

"Thank you" she replied with a smile and then asked in a serious tone "Hmm how much would I have to pay per month?"

"Khushi, till you don't deliver your baby and get healthy again, prefecture will pay from your behalf so you don't have to worry" he said with a smile and then he hit his head "how bad of me that I didn't even offered you a drink" saying so he rushed in the kitchen and Khushi was amazed to see him.

He came back after a while, with a tray containing pepsi, sprite, juices and glass. He placed it on the table and asked "so what would you like to drink?"

"hmm, I would like to have water"

Arnav nodded and poured a glass with water for her. He then handed her off the glass of water. "thank you" Khushi said as she took the glass

"you are welcome"

Once they were done with drinks, Arnav said "come, I'll show you the apartment". Khushi stood up and followed him, he showed her the kitchen, the bathroom, the toilet, his room, the sitting room, a guest room and finally her room. The apartment was quite big and beautifully decorated.

If anyone would have come there, they wouldn't have guessed it was guy's house as it was clean.

"you have maintained brilliantly the house" she complimented him whole-heartily

"Thank you" he smiled and then asked "did you like your room?"

"yes, it's beautiful" she said while looking around and admiring the half-white color of the room and all the furniture.

"would you like to have some rest and have dinner or have dinner and then go to sleep?"

"what are you cooking?" she asked with a frown

"dhal roti" he replied matter-of-factly and then he added sheepishly "actually that is the only dish I can make eatable apart from the fast food"

"what's your favorite dish?"

"hmm chicken but I don't know how to make it" he said sadly

"do you mind if I prepare the food?" she questionned while hoping a positive response

"no never, you are going to be mother and it's not good to exhaust yourself" he refused her plainly

"but Arnav, I had been eating from restaurants lately and had not cooked anything by myself so I want to cook" she said with a pout

That somehow melted Arnav's heart, he gave in "ok" listening that Khushi smiled but then he continued "but on one condition"

"what is the condition?" she asked whilst wrinkling her brow

"The condition is..." he tried to create some suspense ".. that I'll help you" he said with a smile

"ok" she replied with a biggest smile then before

They went in the kitchen and Khushi asked "so do you have chicken at home?"

"yes I bought it yesterday, you know I was reading the recipient book in which they told how to cook chicken so I decided to try to cook it but all in vain" he said with upset tone

Khushi couldn't help but chuckle. He truly was a chatterbox but she didn't mind "ok then let's started"

During the cooking, Arnav helped Khushi in every way, he cut the onion, tomato, green chillies and what not. Even though, Khushi told him that she'll do but he clearly refused saying 'I am already letting you cook so no argument' listening that she sighed and did the cooking part.

"now go and sit I'll lay the food" she said while turning the stove off

"no, you go and sit, I'll lay the food on the table" he literally dragged her in the sitting room and made her sit on the sofa. He picked up the remote control from the table and gave her "here, watch TV"

"I'll become useless if I keep watching TV all the time" she said sadly

He shook his head and went in the kitchen. In the way, he was thinking 'she is a nice girl, I wonder what happend to her but I guess I can't asked her well at least not right now as she would mind'

She grumpily picked up the remote control and checked the channels. As Arnav came out, he saw her watching the song 'Tum Mile' from Tum Mile, then his eyes fall on the tear that had come out from her eyes.

He didn't knew why but it hurt him. He never liked anyone crying but seeing her crying made him sad. He softly put the dishes which were in his hand on the table and then going to her, he sat beside her.

"Khushi" Hearing her name, she quickly wiped her tear and looked toward him. "what happened?" Arnav asked her

"nothing" she said while lowering her head, true she wanted someone to share her feelings but she wasn't ready to share them with Arnav as they just met a while ago. Moreover, after what happened to her caused her trust people really slowly.

He gave a low sigh and said "ok. By the way, now come and eat. The table is set and moreover the smell is very attracting"

Khushi nodded with a smile and they both went to the dining table. "hmm, the chicken smells yummy. You are an awesome cook" Arnav said while closing his eyes and savoring the smell. Khushi smiled that someone actually liked her cooking.

Arnav let Khushi to be served first, although she protested but all in vain so she put the food in her plate and then passed the bowl to Arnav who placed the chicken in his plate.

Not only the food but also the taste was delicious, he just loved it. It felt like he hadn't eaten homefood from ages. He praised her a lot.

While eating and in between praising her, he noticed she wasn't eating much, her plate was almost untouched "Khushi why are you not eating?"

"I am not hungry"

Arnav gasped and said "Khushi it's not only a question of your health but your baby's too. You have to eat for two persons so quietly finish your food"

"but.." she tried to protest

"Let me tell you, if you don't start eating on your own I would feed you" he said threateningly, of course he knew he was going to that but he was sure this tactic would work.

She exhaled and ate properly while Arnav smiled looking at her. He knew something big happening in her life, he could guess that clearly seeing her condition, her state of mind. Even though they met just few hours ago but it felt like they knew each other from ages.

"I think you should go and sleep, you both need rest" he said with a smile

"But the dishes?" she asked as she wasn't feeling sleepy yet

"you don't worry I'll clean them" he said while blinking his eyes reassuringly

She knew there were not point to argue as she couldn't refuse but accept that she was tired... Tired from all the emotional turmoil.

She was about to stand up when the home phone rang as it was next to Khushi she picked it up "hello"

"hello, Khushi right?" a sweet voice came from the other end

"yes and you?" Khushi was quite surprised to hear her name as far as she knew no one knew that she was here

"I am Nikki, I mean Mrs Nikkita Modi"

"Oh Mrs Modi, hi, how are you?" she asked politely, she was confused to receive a call from her but then she remembered that Mrs Modi was Arnav's friend.

"I am fine, what about you? and how did you find the apartment?"

"I am also fine and the apartment is very nice" she said and then looked at Arnav, she smiled and added "here, talk to Arnav" she passed the phone to Arnav.

She was about to pick up the dishes, Arnav softly held her wrist and shook his head. Khushi sighed "ok then good night"

Arnav put his hand on the receiver "good night and if you need anything you can tell me"

Listening that, Khushi nodded and went in her room. Entering in her room, she changed into a nighty and stood in front of the mirror, her stomach has started showing off a bit. How she wished that her husband would have been with her but no she didn't need to wish this anymore.

After that she laid down on the bed and then she actually realized how much she was tried as she dozed off in few seconds.

Meawhile, Arnav was talking to Nikkita "hey, how are you?"

"I am fine, you tell?" she replied with a smile, Arnav was her best friend and he meant a lot to her

"I am also fine and that new roommate of mine is really sweet but Nikki I feel that she is in pain" he shared his feelings with Nikkita

"yes Arnav, I too have guessed it and thanks for volunteering to let her stay otherwise I'll would have a hard time searching more for a good accommodation for her"

"Nikki, it was my duty. I mean any human would have helped another human in need and plus she isn't alone, she is carrying a baby so I knew she needed a comfortable place to stay" he said genuinely

"you know that's one of the best quality in you" Nikkita said while praising Arnav

"That's so sweet of you. By the way thanks to you as she cooked chicken you know my favorite and it was SO TASTY" he completely had loved the food she had made

"Good good. Ok now I am going as Abhimanyu is calling me" Nikkita said that as Abhimanyu called her in their room

"of course of course, he must be missing you in the bedroom" he teased Nikkita

She blushed and then said sternly "Arnav, you just shut up"

"Ok ok peace" he as well made the sign with his finger "now go before Abhimanyu comes and chop me down in pieces" he said while chuckling and then saying bye, he hung up the phone.

"Life is nothing without friendship"- by Marcus Tullius Cicero

Thanks everyone for your comments and likes, please keep doing both these things as it encourages me writing further. All comments, suggestions, questions and criticism are more than welcome. :D
Please add me in your buddy list as 'kashishkpm' as I will pm you from that account only and not one that I mentioned in the first post :D

Luv u<333

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meenaluma IF-Rockerz

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nice part pls pm me when u update next part

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sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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Very Nice :) I Want To Know What Happened With Khushi's Husband Ermm

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loved it

add me to ur pm list plz

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awesome part...
loved it...

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