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singh24 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 17 December 2011 at 9:26am | IP Logged
  *  When and why you started  watching this show...
      Since the beginning (1st epi.) , i like it but very soon bcame mad  
  *  When did u join the forum...
  *  Your best moments and friends in this forum...
      All r very nice , luv them 
  *  Which is your most fav. phase in this show...
     When Geet was working  in  KC 
  *  Which is your most fav. scene in this show...
     Hoshyarpur's jungle scene where Maan saved Geet 
     from Brij ,their first hug and last Maaneet scene with baby 
  *  Which is your most  fav. Maaneet  moment in this show...
     I love all 
  *  Your views on Geet development team and their moderation...
      You all r perfect  
     Thanks a lot 
     I luv GF 

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miss_bennet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 December 2011 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
 Hi all, I am harsha, a once active, now silent member here...Smile

  • When and why you started watching this show...
    I started watching cos it aired just after MJHT. I knew only Dhrashti from the cast then. I wasn't very impressed with the show in the start, but Maan's intro, and Dev's deception caught my interest.
  • When did u join the froum..
    I stalked the forum for a long while silently, and I think my first post was on the day when maan saved geet from brij.. that would be june last year...

  • Your best moments and friends in this forum
    Best moments where when maaneet paradise used to be buzzing... I became less active after that thread died..Cry Miss that thread and my friends there... -shaz, salma, sheena, richa, anju, manal, fas, asma, remi, mariam, etc..
  • Which is your most favourite phase in this show
    HP phase after Maan's intro.. I loved Maan n Geet best in this part..
  • Which is your most favourite scene in this show
    Hmm... many. To name a few- maaneet first meet, first hug, kurbaan hua, teri deevani, last scene with the baby...
  • Which is your most favourite Maaneet moment in this show
    There are many, but I have to mention Teri deevani specially for the awesome cinematography, and Dhrashti's performance

  • Your overall journey in this Geet forum
    It has been fabulous, though I got silent after a while... I was a newbie when i joined the forum, I became a dazzler here, and u can see I am still stuck at that...LOL
  • Your Views on Geet Development team and their moderation.
    You guys have been fab... Jyoti and the whole team, including nabs who was the mod wen i joined.Embarrassed

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..CountingStars IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 December 2011 at 3:04pm | IP Logged
Hello People!Big smileLOL I Have A Complicated Story About My Journey HereLOL

Ufff Can't Believe Our Show Has EndedOuch...Challo Koi Baat Nai! We Have Season 2 To Look Out For!Tongue

Here I Share My "Experiences" Ya Stupid Speech, Whichever One You WantLOL And Can You believe this topic has been up for TWO Days and I didn't know!LOL

  • When and why you started watching this show.
    I Started watching the show because...Embarrassed Bataa Doon? Challo Wait For A BitWink

    When did u join the forum
    <<<<2009LOL BUT I Have my reasons! Some friend of mine was very addicted to I-F And asked me to make an account and send a message to someoneLOL And I DID Exactly that and never came back Until 2010LOL

  • Your best moments and friends in this forum
    I Am NOT a Popular girl...So never made any...BUT After coming back ALIVE in the recent months I Made MANY...But I'm not PopularLOL
    My Best moment was...Well MomentS Were when i was actually noticed here and thereLOL Like people would talk to me and stuff..LOL Uff I Don't have a best moment thenLOL.

  • Which is your most favourite phase in this show
    HONESTLY...This is where i was heading to..I'm still On ...Don't Shout! ...I'm Still On...Maaneet's WeddingLOL Uske Baad I have just read and heard not properly seen an episode. BUT To me the best phase *According to my knowledge since I'm on Maaneet's Shaadi* was when...They Confessed their loveEmbarrassed to themselvesLOL

  • Which is your most favourite scene in this show
    Ufff looking at where I've maanged to get, I CAN'T DECIDE From them! Uhmmm ...ALL LOL

  • Which is your most favourite Maaneet moment in this show
    Again don't know which one to choose.Embarrassed

  • Your overall journey in this Geet forum
    Okay Abh Bataati Hoon!LOL Honestly, I Was JEALOUS Of This Show!LOL Damn It was like...ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! Famous WorldwideLOL And My Sister and friend would Blabber On And On EVERYDAY!! Even Weekdays!!
    Before I Was On Pratigya Forum and would never even roam aroundLOL just stay in that forumLOL THEN Kya Hua na, ek din main Tang ho kar i came into this forum! I Was Like "Main bhi dekhti hoon kitna achcha show hai! Huh!"LOL And Patta Hai Kya Hua?!! MY LAPTOP FROZE!!!ROFL I Was on Geet Picture Gallery and it froze again!Shocked I Was scared!!! It was soo creepy that i HAD To make a post then!LOL Bechara Laptop Bhi Mar Gaya AbhCry
    Toh Haan i had my influences on this show and eventually i ACCEPTED This show WAS SomethingLOL And Made A Fan Fiction On Maaneet *Which Is STILL Somewhere...LostLOL* Phir I Had To Leave I-F For MonthsCryCry And Then Came BACK In Around..August-September I Think..And Even Then I Was Away From this Forum!LOL Marr Jaaongi Lekin Yahaan Kabhi Nahi Aaongi!!LOL Joke Joke! Haan Toh I Would Just Roam Here And There And I Was Just In Love With MaaneetDay DreamingDay Dreaming So I Tried My best to watch all episodes and shortened it by watching Maaneet Scenes OnlyLOL Kyunki Long before i knew it, I Was actually watching this show! But never Accepted the fact that i LOVED It! Embarrassed When I heard the news of Geet ending in October... I was...shocked. Because I was planning so much for next year knowing this year I would be HELL BUSY! But I decided not to waste time and got together for HALLA BOL Save Geet.Instead Of doing my Assignments for my First year in college, i was on I-F All the time! LOL Right now I Am pretending to do my work  but actually i'm on I-F Doing crazy stuffLOL
    I Always tell everyone I regret this I regret this. I Regret NOT Being in this forum before because Now when I AM Here... I realized how fun this forum was. Oh how I could go back in time! I Was hell bent on making VM's ,Pictures, FF/.SS/OS All On Maaneet But It Ended before I could do ANYTHING. I Know I'm just talking nonsense but...that's me...I Just regret not sharing the moments when Our show was on Air...Ouch

  • Your Views on Geet Development team and their moderation
    Evil SmileEvil SmileLOL Mujhe Mod Bana DoROFL Jokkiingg!!!Embarrassed
    Aweshomeee!! BUT Ek Chottii Si Request *Only For Me!Evil Smile* Don't Close The Basher's Topic Before I've Posted My CommentROFL Kidding!
    I Haven't been here for that long although my Love for this show has been there since the beginning Embarrassed
    But All I Can say is...You guys did an Amazing JobHug Mods Are There to take the right decisions for the forum And you guys Did EXACTLY ThatHug

    Now I Guess Everyone Has dozed off before even reading the first few linesLOL
    I'll Shut Up Now!LOLEmbarrassed
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    sia221 IF-Rockerz

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    Posted: 18 December 2011 at 12:55am | IP Logged
    When and why you started watching this show...

    My very first epi.. was d one with MSKs.. grand entry.. The Mela scene... I was very surprised to c GC.. (I had seen him in RAMAYAN) n just wanted to find out how far will he b able to pull off the angry, young man character... though that was d sole reason for watching initially..but GHSP's sheer uniqueness.. freshness in storyline...kept me glued to this serial till d very end..

    When did u join the froum..

    I was looking at some off-screen pics of GURTI on d net.. n in that.. got d link of this forum.. Till then I was not even aware of IF...this was in May 2011... so after months of stalking here n there LOL..I joined d forum on 30th oct 2011...

    Your best moments and friends in this forum

    When I joined d forum.. I was very hesitant at first.. coz I realised that there r so many diff grp of friends here.. ppl were very well acquainted with each fact that was 1 of d reason I cud'nt join d forum earlier... But to my surprise.. I was welcomed by so many.. with hugs.. kisses.. smiles.. SmileSmile
    Also when I made my very first post in MF.. right after SBS Poll win.. I was actually shocked.. so many of them.. agreed with me.. n like my post too...Smile
    As for friends.. to whomever I hav spoken to.. has been nice n friendly here...Smile 

    Which is your most favourite phase in this show

    My fav.. was office n outhouse track.. coz it had all..passion,masti,nokjhok,fights,dance,
    drama.. also some really good classy comedy...

    Which is your most favourite scene in this show

    There r innumerable scenes which I loved.. But my fav.. was MAAN-GEET love story told by TALLI (drunk) GEET.. post ML...coz that was 1 scene that left me speechless..It was just flawless in each n every aspect...(oh man.. I can go on n on abt this...LOL)

    Which is your most favourite Maaneet moment in this show

    It is d one I hav mentioned above...also all d dance seq of MSK- Geet wer always a treat to watch...

    Your overall journey in this Geet forum

    AMAZING!!!! so much so that I regret not joining this earlier...

    This is such a nice place.. ppl here r from not only diff state.. but diff countries, continents, culture all-together.. all under one roof.. sharing one common CRAZINESSS GEET...LOL
    I never knew.. VM's/siggies/FF/OS..There r so many..amazing 
    I recently became a part of Devils Den...n I m glad that was able to talk to some of d ppl part of B2B.. SmileSmile N hopefully I will continue to do so...Smile

    1 more thing... from now on.. if ever any guy.. says that female/girls.. lack sense of humour.. he is sure to get a KANTAAP from me...LOLLOL coz I come across some really hilarious comments... d MF.. also Devils Den...I hav enough evidence here to prove them wrong...LOL

    Your Views on Geet Development team and their moderation..

    Thumbs UpThumbs Up    ClapClap  CoolCool

    It is bcoz of u ppl... that.. this Forum has maintained a sane n healthy atmosphere... I hav no complaints at all.. in fact its just praises n acknowledgment of ur efforts.
    Starto the whole team...

    A special Thanks to Jyoti.. for always mentioning straight facts.. unbiased comments..n of course... her eternal positivity SmileSmileSmile

    Thank u all.. very much...
    I m still hoping to get GEET SEASON 2... so that this journey still goes on for many more years to come...Smile

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    maaneet_forever IF-Dazzler

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    Posted: 18 December 2011 at 5:56am | IP Logged
    When and why you started watching this show...
    From the first day
    When did u join the froum..
    october 2010
    Your best moments and friends in this forum
    When I joined d forum.. I was very hesitant at first.. . I always read all the post but never comment as i am very bad in communication but after some week i started making  comments
    Which is your most favourite phase in this show
     Maaneet office track
    Which is your most favourite scene in this show
    all the dance scene of MAANEET
    Which is your most favourite scene in this show
    No Specific Scene
    Which is your most favourite Maaneet moment in this show
    No Specific Scene

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    iMadz IF-Rockerz

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    Posted: 19 December 2011 at 5:40am | IP Logged

    • When and why you started watching this show...

    I perfectly remember the date even. It was 25th June. I came from work late, totally tired and exhausted ! I was late, and I took remote, changed all the channels quickly and it was a freezing moment, just one fraction of a moment when I saw GURMEET as Maan ! I was Gurmeet's fan from Ramayan time, I was impressed by his body (Honestly, he is sexy and he turns me on ! Dead Embarrassed Day Dreaming ) So, I knew as far as Gurmeet is there, I will watch the show ! He was looking red HOT smokin as Maan. Geet's yellow dupatta was falling from his head, and he was looking up to her in her window upstairs ! And, I knew I was hooked ! I loved that man from beginning, and next day, I googled it and I started watching it regularly after July as I was busy in hospital but Maan's entry was something that made me watch this show ! My pure and sole reason was Maan ! Embarrassed

    • When did u join the froum..

    After being silent member for almost two months, I joined this forum on 10th September, 2010. And the biggest tragedy is that, after millions of debates, discussions, fights, chats and FF/SS/OS and still...I am not a ROCKER ! Cry  Angry ( It hurts ! LOL )

    • Your best moments and friends in this forum

    Mostly all initial moments in this GF was best with my friends, I made few life long friends here like Swati, Reva, Lily, Kuls, Nandu, Zaara, Arz, Hope, Mansi, Aarti, Dee and many more ( I can't name them all, or else this post will get two pages long ! LOL ) Show was just medium, we met and still we are good friends even though the show is over and we have major difference but I still love my great friends ! And, yes...My best moment was when I first wrote my OS and got tremendous response ! And, I never looked back and still...Torture continues ! ROFL

    • Which is your most favourite phase in this show

    Aww...The golden period ! When their love story began ! I would express it by all song seq happened in the show, beginning from Behne De to Maahi ! Before their marriage, everything was just fine and perfect ! It was my favorite phase ! Outhouse stay, and the break up part was best ! Honestly, after Amritsar track, I hated all the tracks and storylines ! Angry

    • Which is your most favourite scene in this show

    So Many...! Embarrassed Can't say one...But still its weird but my most fav scene was probably the break up scene, I know...I know...You all hated that part but I loved that ! Perfect blend of emotion and great perfomances by GC and DD ! And another was when they confessed their love ! And next was when Maan was beaten up badly and lost his memory, I remember I cried and after that I never watched the show ! NEVER ! Cry

    • Which is your most favourite Maaneet moment in this show

    Maahi Moment, Teri Deewani Moment and their Marriage ! Apart from all these moments, there was one particular moment when I fell in love with Maaneet again and it was when Maan had that single drop of tear rolling down his cheeks when he saw her baby, sonography time ! It was cute, and I loved that !

    • Your overall journey in this Geet forum

    Aaahh...That comes the part ! Well, it changed my life lil bit ! I have had bad and worst experiences of life and learned something about virtual world ! First, good things like I found so many good friends and then the best part...I became writer, I never ever wrote in my life before GHSP but Maaneet's love story was so awesome and touching that I was moved and I started writing ! They made me WRITE ! And, another...before MAAN happened to me, I actually did not believe in Love but THE GREAT MAAN SINGH KHURANA made me believe in Love ! I loved him, I love him and I will love him ! And now comes the bad part...GOD ! The bashing...I experienced the worst thing in life when I was dragged unnecessarily and thats how I learned not to trust anyone in virtual world but thanks to my few friends who trusted me, and thats the reason I am still here ! They stood by me, they believed me and esp. Kuls ! I am here or else, I would have left GF a long time ago like a coward crying pig, but I stayed and I proved myself ! But as they say, forget the past and I have ! So, now ALL IS WELL ! Embarrassed

    • Your Views on Geet Development team and their moderation

    Well, DT has done good job, though there was a time when I thought that the part of the process was biased and partial but it happens...We need to remain practical and see all the aspects ! From DT members, I love JAZ, Noodles and Ishan ! Hug Thank You, guys ! You guyz ROCK ! Clap

    Love you ALL and now Special THANKS to GC and DD !

    I know this whole forum knows me as Maanified soul, I was always here for Maan and I loved him, I love him and I will always love him !

    No Matter what happens in future, Maddy loves Maan ! Heart


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    mila1 Goldie

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    Posted: 19 December 2011 at 10:23am | IP Logged
    I hardly hv any time but as I'm indebted to GHSP, Maaneet n all the beautiful people of Geet forum I managed to pen down my experience in Geet Forum.

    WarningEvil Smile:
    Mila has come up with a long essay instead of a short summary

    When And Why Started Watching This Show: I don't watch hindi serials mostly bcoz of their gruesome subjects like multiple marriages, infidelity, abduction-rape n the victim falling in love with the rapist etc r some of the reasons of my apathy towards such showsDead. In all such shows women r shown like objects not human beings either they r shown characterless or as an idol of sacrifice which I think conveys the wrong image of womenThumbs Down. I saw the promo of GHSP & wasn't interested in it at all. I thought its one of those shows that shows women as weak n helpless & the female protagonist goes on sacrificing n filling buckets with tears. The show started n the snob mila didn't watch itAngry. After her fake marriage Geet came home she was in denial that Dev had cheated her I started watching the show from their. I started watching by accident SO used to make 1 hour summaries of their new shows. One day while surfing channel I started watching 1 such summary that showed in short what had happened to that poor girl! That showed MSK unfortunately that showed Geert's SR with DevDead. But that brief epi of events so far was enough for me to start watching the show. The innocence in her eyes, the unfortunate accident that shattered her life, her families unkind treatment towards her, her faith in her hubby n determination to find him were undeniable n made me a part of her journeyEmbarrassed. (Though I missed the initial epis I managed to see the goon attack n rude MSK, water rescue n roadside abandonment, her bidadi with dev, her meeting with Maan right after Dev raped her, a shy blushing Geet at airport n then the heartbreaking abandonment etc)

    When did I joined the Forum: Though I started the show almost from beginning I joined the forum pretty late. As I didn't watch soaps I didn't know much about the stars! Though Drashti's face was familiar I had seen her in a Pond's ad n also noticed her in the doctors flock in DMG while surfing channels. But I didn't know Gurmeet at all!! As I grew more n more MaanstruckBlushingROFL I decided to know more about him so in November 2010 I typed his name n searched Google for resultsShocked! There were names of many websites which had info about him. I clicked on India-Forums went through his profile knew more about him knew that he wasn't singleD'ohAngryDeadOuchCryBroken Heart...ROFLROFLROFL. But I didn't join the forum then. I also went through Drashti's profile tooEmbarrassed. Afterwards I began to visit IF but I didn't became a member. I used to read user comments on DD-GC's profile then I found Geet forum! I went through some of the individual members posts! In fact I was clueless! One fine day on March 2010 I joined IF. I started commenting on their profiles on the TB articles but didn't make any posts! I sometime stalked the threads but never entered devils den!!! I thought it was related to DevConfused! I entered the den n made my first post in Geet forum after Maaneet's first pathetic tabela CONDeadAngry. I was so angry n disappointed that it brought out the AYW i.e. Angry Young Womaan inside me n I raised my voiceROFL. I was going through the main forum suddenly the den title caught my attention!! Everyone was raving in the denROFL! I poured my anger out n it felt so goodBig smileLOL. Medha welcomed me in devils den I am so grateful to her for thatEmbarrassed. So basically my journey in the forum is my journey in devils den where I made the maximum no of postsEmbarrassed.

    Your best moments and friends in this forum: Initially I used to give my posts n pressed the like button for others post but didn't dare to talk or comment Yes I was so shyBlushingROFLROFL! But Medha, Jyoti , Faria, Shali commented on my posts n gave me the courage n confidence to chat!! Since then there was no looking back. I made so many lovely friends here. My best friends in this forum are Samana, Richa, Jyoti, Faria, Sia, Lily, Zahra, Brunda, Priya n Priyachand, Maliha(I hv a cousin named Maliha in real life!), Usha, Shreya, Shali, Anjali, Yogita n so many!! But with these guys I chatted most n had a great time. My best moments- I had a great time naming MSK! For example- X-Maan, Humaan, MachoMaan, SuperMaan, PostMaan, WiseMaan, IRONMaan, ShadowMaan, MightyMaan, BabyMaan, NaughtyMaan, Monk Singh Khurana, Miser Singh KhuranaEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed!! I wish I could give him some more names but the show endedOuch. I enjoyed joking with others about MSK/GC's spl Inglish. Though I didn't joined the forum yet but his Bledy Maerry had me rolling for a weekROFL (but I must say GC's English has improved a lotClapClapClap). My another pass time was making phun about MSK's secret true love Adi sir n the great lub ishtory of Dadi-Nakul infact GHSP has given us not only 1 but 3 great love stories simultaneouslyROFL. I had a great time enjoying all the Tabela jokes. Once in a while someone would crack a Tabela joke n had me rollingROFL. I remember 1 incident just before Maaneet's 2nd tabela CON where Armu said she didn't want Geet to CON in her tents. But I quoted "Her tents r so big Maaneet can easily CONTent in ItROFL!"...OK I'll shut upCensored. Not only these I had a great time talking about serious issues as well. As I joined when Mouse Pamdey was having a blast we spend a lot of time bashing him n his spl creatures.

    Which is my most favourite phase in this show: My most favouite phase is the office track it where we saw the smart independent Geet n it was the most beautiful phase in the show as it showed the magnificent falling in Love phase of MaaneetEmbarrassed.

    Which is my most favorite scene in this show: This is unfair how can I pick 1? I'll pick some out of many. When Geet held the tabeez n fakir said "Aap ka hamsafar aaj hi aapki zidegi mein ane wala hai", her heartbreaking scream "Dev" n the airport security stopped her, when MSK held the sword n saved her life 2nd time, when Geet realized Dev cheated her n fainted, when MSK fired Geet Adi came n questioned MSK why did u fire her? MSK was struggling to hide his emotional turmoil, after kehna hey Geet realized her feelings towards MSK fell on her knees on the floor n asked babaji "Why do I hv such feelings for him when my right to fell for a man has been taken away?" In Hp when she was pleading "don't kill my baby", When Geet tried to give him white roses MSK told her to throw them in the dustbin she angrily took the bouquet but thorn stung her he said be careful she left n 1 rose fell on the table he looked at the flower with lots of love picked it up broke the thorn n gently put it in the drawer I've never seen a man look so ethereally beautiful before not hot nor sexy but pure innocent beauty!, In IP track when Maan said "I don't care if u r with me or not" she turned while leaving n said "aapko farak padta hai", MSK in tears in the rail station,   In BR track Adi-Maan's emotional conversation, after ML Maan when saw the marriage DVD Maan-Dev confrontation MSK turned red!, After behki behki the extreme manhandling scene I'm including this bcoz of the extreme passion, severity, savageness n the brilliant performance by GC-DD. 


    Which is my most favourite Maaneet moment in this show: There r so many! The first time he saved her out of waters, at KC on Geet's first day of office it was late MSK stormed in her cabin to scold her n saw her asleep on the chair he was spellbound he slowly moved forward leaned n almost removed her curls from her face, Kurban Hua dance, behne de passionate hug, in hum tum when Geet fell asleep on the sofa Maan covered her with his shirt n placed her head on his shoulder so that she can sleep well!! in Kehna hey keya when Geet realized she was emotionally n physically attracted to him, in the Outhouse when he saw her sleeping on his bed n thought he was hallucinating she was looking ethereally beautiful, at KC when her dupatta got stuck on a thorny fake bouquet he slowly came n helped her untangle her dupatta the scene had beautiful eyelocks n fingerlocks, the Greenroom confrontation, Dargah scene, when Geet realized she loves him she was trying to avoid him he asked for coffee she spend hours hiding in the kitchen he came n looked her in the eyes she couldn't stand his stare n eyes were automatically closed, where's the party tonight hug then outside the night club she broke his heart! Afterwards in Outhouse she took lime juice for him tripped n fell on his face leaving her lipstick mark on his face then she left without saying a word MSK said "Chali Gayi!", when Rasika filed a case Geet went to HP to save his reputation on their way back she fell asleep in the car he carried her to her room n put her on bed!, when she became his fake fianc, in rail station when MSK knelt down in front of everybody n put the ring on her finger, in Pee loon MSK thought she would say I love u but she said I'm pregnant, when Geet fainted in the rain he carried her to his bedroom changed her clothes n held her all night, their tent date when Geet put the tabeez on his neck, the hospital hug after their engagement fiasco, in archive room when Geet fainted MSK was desperately trying to wake her up n when she regained consciousness he almost broke down!, on their honeymoon when he pointed at Geet n told the girls trying to flirt with him "Look at that girl she is going to give birth to my baby!", the Post MC Maaneet scenes, in ML track when a drunk Geet was telling him their story her eyes were filled with tears then she fell asleep on his shoulder he was looking so sad n confused. OK I must stop otherwise I'll end up describing all the Maaneet moments!


    My ovaeall journey in this Geet Forum: For the past 1.8yr GHSP had been the center of my universe & for the last 8 months Geet Forum or should I say devils den had been my virtual home. I had the most memorable time of my life. Here I made so many wonderful friends we may never meet in real life or may live at diff parts of the world but GHSP n Geet Forum connected us for life. Thanks guys thanks for giving me so many beautiful memories. Thanks for accepting me as your friend. I'll never forget my journey in this forum. Love u allHeart.

    My views on Geet development team and their moderation:Stern Smile.. Our mad err mods r really wonderful. Specially Jyoti she treats each n every member with so much love n respect. I don't hv any complain against them. Mila just labs the mad err modsLOLEmbarrassed.

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    _Rashmi IF-Rockerz

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    Posted: 19 December 2011 at 11:16am | IP Logged
    Geet  is the bestest serial ever on indian telly.A great idea to keep the forum alive till we get back ith season 2Embarrassed

                  When and why you started watching this show...

    Well,at first glance i didn't like the show at allShocked.My dad used to watch ramayan on imagine b4.So when i came to know the gurmeet was doing geet,from that day itself i started watching it.7th july 2010 to be precise.geet and maan were locked in the conference room and sasha n other staff had found out.I was awestruck by their awesum chemistry n caught up the earlier epis on youtubeEmbarrassed

                                 When did u join the froum..

    i joined on 11 feb 2011.That day i read a hilarious post here so thought of joining itLOL 

                            Your best moments and friends in this forum

    Each moment i have spent on ghsp were very special to me.all members here are my friends.All have been very nice to meTongue

                          Which is your most favourite phase in this show

    Ofcourse, the office scenes and the outhouse scenes which were most romantic and funny.It was the golden period of GHSP.and we had only them the entire epis,no kabab mein haddisLOLEmbarrassed

                             Which is your most favourite scene in this show

                               All the romantic and funny scenes of maaneet

                   Which is your most favourite Maaneet moment in this show

                                  All maaneet moments were specialEmbarrassed

                                Your overall journey in this Geet forum

    Splendid.India Forums has been my 2nd home.we are like a one big gave me opportunity 2 share my views on a global platform and also to make friends from all over the world.It is the place where i found crazy fans of maaneet like meEmbarrassed

               Your Views on Geet Development team and their moderation.

    You guys rock.Geet being the most active forum,you all have always managed to keep it alive with heathy topics and debatesClap.we have got the best mods in this forum

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