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hopehot IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 6:19pm | IP Logged
res----i just hope i don't forget to un res it LOL

serendipity2 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 6:57pm | IP Logged

 When and why you started watching this show...
  • Before i begin let me say this is my first and last Indian serial unless Gurti are shown together again.
    I stumbled across this show by chance. My mum and sisters were avid viewers of SP shows which i had occasionally been forced to watch or listen to my sisters discuss. However, i did not like that storylines were dragged for months and all pretty much had the same underlying concept. Seen one seen them allLOL
    Then by accident while searching utube for a song (tere mast mast do nain) i came across a maan geet VM of kehna hi kya scene with the song tere mas mast do nain. 
    At first i thought this was the song from the movieLOL (don't watch BW much but listen to the songs). DD's acting and prettiness caught my attention and not a NPM  first. The way she was hiding and watching him gave me goosebumps and then when he dragged her out roughly. I thought what a ****. Why is he being horrible to her. Then when he started talking and started to put the earing in her earBlushing and the song continued to play i realised this was a either a BW movie or an Indian drama serial and i needed to find out what was happening hereLOL.  (prayed it was the first, did not want to get hooked on a Indian drama) 

    Read some of the comments on utube and everyone was talking about the KH dance sequence maaneet had done  and how good it was but first i needed to find out who Maan and Geet were. So i googled them and up popped GHSP, a drama serial on S1 with these two as the lead characters. (I shook my head and muttered just my luckLOL, an Indian drama serial) but i wanted to know what the story was about and what was happening in that scene. 
    I typed in GHSP and KH scene and i was a total goner...needless to say i was hooked, Indian drama serial or notLOL i needed to watch more of these two and their amazing chemistry. Watched the epis from out house scenes.  I started watching Maneet VM's alongside the epis and they had all the old scenes from when maan pushed Geet away, the behne de scene and so on. I started watching GHSP in September 2010 from the outhouse scenes and caught up to the current epis but wanted to watch the older epis too. 
    So i went back and watched from when GC enters the pic. once i caught up again i went back and watched from epi 1LOL...I just could not get enough of these two. I think what really sealed it for me was when i saw DD and GC offscreen doing masti in the SBS/SBB segment where he first wears that bandage around his head and DD is trying to cut his hair LOL. I realised these two were complete opposites to their onscreen personas and yes there was a sizzle off screen too.Smile I found out their real names and googled them..imagine my disappointment when i found out GC was taken but, hey that's a whole other storyLOL

    Any way back to the question...the main reason i watched ( past tenseCry) GHSP was the chemistry between these two, not stretching the tracks and the lack of 5 mins wasted swinging the camera from one face to another when something was reveled or discovered. This was not like the serials on SP. When i watch something i need to connect with the characters and with maaneet i did. I even got my sister to watch it and  she agreed it was  very good but she lost interest once Maaneet got married and geet stopped going to the office.  
    Sorry if i babbled on a bitLOL

  • When did u join the froum..
    I discovered the forum through comments on utube when i used to watch the episodes...did not even know that there was a discussion forum where you could discuss drama serialsLOL..mind you before this i had never been on a discussion forum. So through GHSP i  ventured out into cyber world. I joined the forum in  29 December 2010. I did not get to complete my first year anniversary on the forum with GHSPCry. The reason i joined.

  • Your best moments and friends in this forum
    There are many moments where i have stayed up until 3 or 4 in the morning discussing GHSP with friends. I had some crazy laughs with them. My first post was made in The Wine Club, where i met and made some lovely friends and then later on in B2B Mishu, Rosh and Mona are just a few of the good friends i have made on this forum.

  • Which is your most favourite phase in this show
    This is quite difficult to answer because each phase had it's own magic because of the presence of Maaneet who bought the scenes alive. 

  • Which is your most favourite scene in this show
    As i can watch all scenes again and again can't narrow it down to one particular scene. If pushed i would say KH and Kehna hi kya because these scenes led me to discover GHSP.

  • Which is your most favourite Maaneet moment in this show
    I think because of how short the show was i would say the whole show/ Maaneet/ Gurti were a favorite moment of my life.

  • Your overall journey in this Geet forum
    This journey has allowed me to make good friends with people right across the world. Discover BD's , which i never picked up on untill i came to the forumLOL. The shooting of  episodes is done within days of the airing Shocked. Everything you want to know and don't want to know about the show/ actors is reveled on the forumsLOL. For someone who was very cynical about Indian dramas is now teased by mum and sisters for knowing so much about the technical side. 
    My time on here has been as addictive as the show itself. I call it the quicksand pit..once you step in it is difficult to pull yourself outLOL. The journey is far from over because this is where i will find out when my Gurti are back on the screen.Smile

  • Your Views on Geet Development team and their moderation..(we r not expecting any praises here..but plss don't throw joota-chappals eitherLOL..ok kiddingLOLLOL)
    I have not had much interaction with development team apart from a couple of polite love letters (notice)Big smile from Jyo when we used to get carried away  in the Wine Club or B2B club ( which were rightly deservedLOL) but i have seen mods as active member of GHSP forum which has made them more approachable. At times the the mods job was thankless and you need to develop a thick skin to deal with the issues that used to rise up in the GF but i have to say that they did it with  grace...good jobClap


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sandhyabanoj Senior Member

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 9:26pm | IP Logged

When and why you started watching this show...

from the first episode , each and  every episode .

  When did u join the froum..

from this june, since i took net at home.

Your best moments and friends in this forum

 a lot of friends, i made through this forum, i was bored from my routine life, this forum gives me joy and an internal satisfaction of connecting with different people, and get to know their viewsi was unaware of this side of socialization, which this forum gave me.

Which is your most favourite phase in this show

the office scenes of maan and geet and geet confession for maans love.

Which is your most favorite scene in this show

when maan forces geet to be confess her love for him and to be his fiance , the terrace scene , the expressions in maans eyes and the mix emotions in geet face were so beautiful ,i never can forget that. i dont think any actor i from the industry could have ported it in the same way as DD and GC had done it.

Which is your most favourite Maaneet moment in this show

there are lots, each and every moment when they share the screen itself creates history, on frame they both look as one beautiful painting.

Your overall journey in this Geet forum

 awesome, specially FFS i was never aware that people with such talents are also present, it itself motivated me to write some thing and express my views.

Your Views on Geet Development team and their moderation.

very nice always keeps upadating and shows new prospect abt the show as well as  lot more other things.

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krsh07 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 9:55pm | IP Logged
When and why you started watching this show...

I started watching the show from very first episode, that time i had an accident in January and on bed rest, whole day sitting in home is just impossible for me, so flipping from one channel to other i have seen GEET promo, & after start of the show, it has became by part of life, as due to accident, my moral was totally down, and then with each episode of GEET, i got the fighting spirit to fight against my wound, and it has taken almost 1.5 year to recover my leg and to walk properly, but thanks to geet fighting spirit, even my doctor praised me for this.
When did u join the forum..
I just accidently dropped to this forum, since i missed one of the episode and wanted to see at least written update.
Your best moments and friends in this forum

Well i use to come this forum just to read various views of members which they discuss in Devils Den, but never interacted with them, but got to know various things from their views. A special thanks to all Devils.

Which is your most favourite phase in this show

Its hard to quote, since in HP phase i loved to see the streght and will power of GEET, by which even Maan got effected. Then ofcourse Out house moments,office track and their wedding. After wedding actually CVs lost total starting track, but watching Maan and Geet is kind of treat.

Which is your most favourite scene in this show
All time favourite cannot be quoted, but yes Kurban hua and Roop tera mastana comes after confession which were totally not shown in any TV serials till date.

Which is your most favourite Maaneet moment in this show

kurbaan hua, teri dewani,roop tera mastana, tere mast mast , karwachouth, marriege, apple oh i just cannot type the list.

Your overall journey in this Geet forum

It was really wonderful journey, since i wont interacted much in this forum but loved the post which are made. From this forum i started watching SBB & SBS, since at my home only channel which runs are News channel, but wont seen these two any time.

Your Views on Geet Development team and their moderation..(we r not expecting any praises here..but plss don't throw joota-chappals eitherLOL..ok kiddingLOLLOL)

Well i have seen moderators very positive behaviour towards the post which are not according to IF rule, speically Ms. Jyoti.

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Khaalbaali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 10:20pm | IP Logged
Wen n y i started?
Wen?..d exact date i dont rmbr..but i started coz mom used 2 watch it..i wasnt a gr8 fan 4rm starting...i had clge n used 2 cum back @ arund 1.45pm..geet used 2 cum @ 1.30pm dah tym...dheere dheere i got hooked n den it became a drug...i used 2 bunk my last class n cum back early 2 watch credit goes 2 my mum gr8!

Wen i joined?and friends?
I guess 2 3 mnths back...but i was a silent reader b4...
But i cum 2 knw abt IF nly after reading muskaans deewaangi...n i got hooked 2 ff's...den after long tym of stalkng GF i finally joined...
N friends..havent made ne such coz i nly gve comment on ff's os n few post i like...guess hve 2 b more active 2 make friends but cant help it coz m a mobi user...n it damn painful 4 my fingers...god knws how m writing dis long...
All till circus made entry...
Fav. Scenes?
Lotza..but dat shimla or manali scence wen wen geet sits out in snow n maan cums 2 take her..dat 3 pulls ne mjh maar dalla...
Also khoon se maang bharne k baad dat outhouse scene
also special mention of d scene wen maan cum out of bathrum in wet hair n a towel in neck...phew i was so dead...
Read above i cant type more...
0k dis is d longest comment till date i wrote

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manesha76 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 10:47pm | IP Logged
            Now I would like to ask you all to share your memorable experiences in this forum in few words and also answer the following set of questions Embarrassed...
                                      My answers will be in red

When and why you started watching this show...
                              I started watching this Show from start

When did u join the froum..
I joined this Forum from July 2010

Your best moments and friends in this forum
My Best moment in this was making Pic Posts - Writing my first FF - making my first VM . I have made many friends here & thoroughly enjoyed with them .

Which is your most favourite phase in this show
I loved Office phase , it was the best . Maaneet were superb there .

Which is your most favourite scene in this show
Oppsss this is tough question .There are many scenes which are my favourites . But i will choose Last scene Maaneet becoming proud Parents .

Which is your most favourite Maaneet moment in this show
I would say my most favourite moment in the Show was when Maan was trying to keep Geet away from his Life but was unsuccessful .
Your overall journey in this Geet forum
I will say only one word superlative

Your Views on Geet Development team and their moderation..(we r not expecting any praises here..but plss don't throw joota-chappals eitherLOL..ok kiddingLOLLOL)
You were good teachers for us . I totally agreed your decisions as that helped us to keep everything in limits .
I would like to thank you for helping me to operate this IF too , as i was totally unknown of using  PC & internet .

We will never leave this forum till we get our Gurti back in other Project .

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Serenity_me IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 1:18am | IP Logged
rEvil Smile
jnawaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 1:54am | IP Logged

Great post jyo!!


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