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-dhundlae aks- MAANEETFF THREAD15 (Page 92)

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Originally posted by shrutheAjay

Originally posted by Dilsay

Muski wants us to cross 100 pages ..6 more to go

She is offline
She will be back soon to give us the update...
keep ur finger cross

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Originally posted by softly_spoken

 Hey Guys... 

Hi darling,

Help us out in spamming...i m tired of spamming...approx 40 pages ka hum sab ne spamming kar diya...

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Dhundlae aks

PART 121
Happiness in a way he couldn't handle.. he couldn't comprehend. Why he felt so sweetly happy. Is it a dream he is living.. dream .. !!! why was is all so special..a strange emotion.. delicate like flower, that if u touch & it may break or is it something strong ..that it does seem to stop growing within him. He so much feared to lose every sec of it with his one wrong gesture or by is one unspoken word.. oh god..even keeping silent could spoil it all.. he couldn't even eat his meal.. all the while the thought of blush was for him.. ek pal ke liya ..laga mano sare jahan ki khushi mil gayen ho.

Just then Dev got a call from Geet..
Maans doggy ears immediately turned towards him.. trying to over hear.
Dev ' tum itna late office main kya kar rahi ho
he didn't even finish the call.. Maan got up.. wo mujhe vishal ke yanha study ke liya jana tha..
Daadi ' dinner
Maan ' mera hogaya
Daadi looked at his plate
Maan tried to cover up.. dad ne kaha tha.. kuch impt kaam tha.. thats why I waited.. aacha bye.. I am getting late.
Yash sighed.. aaj kal ke bachen bhi na..

Maan ran to his room.. changed into a jeans & t-shirt.. & ran out all in a min types.
He drew crazily & reached KM.
He ran directly in.. just skipping most of the security things.. well he was the khurna.. so nothing really to bother any way ..
He looked around restlessly.. finally spotted IT dept.. he panted.. checked his hair in the glassed window., took a deep breath.
Wo nayen wali project ki file dena
ji sir..
she instantly got up the file.. & just stood their gaping at him holding the file in her hand

he so much loved her lost expression. He muffled his laughter & took the file from her.
Moo band karo
She fluttered her lashes & closed her mouth
yeh sach main yanha hain kya
mera dimag karab hogaya hain, how can be here
. She looked at the time & then at him.. he was sincerely looking into the file. Nahi ..nahi. ..inhe tho project ke baren main kuch bhi nahi pata..
she looked down.. & then.. cutely looked at him again..
she shook her head & pinched her self... & screamed..herself.. aaah..
kya huwa
he asked in his typical tone.. she sweetly rubbed her wrist...shaking her head.
Yeh tho sach main idhar hain. She pouted cutely babaji aab mera kya hoga
she looked around it was just them in the office.
Technical humari suhag raat hain.. then she cursed herself.. agar unke dimag main aisen koi baat nahi hain tho bhi.. tho zaror daal degi
he hid his face behind the file.. I know wat u r thinking
her face turned pink.. oops red.. nahi nahi.. main kuch...she sighed..biting her lips..
she twisted the pen & stood their ..aap mujhe pareshan karne yanha aayen ho na
aapne boss se aisen baat karten hain.. he said rudely muffling his laughter.
So he knew all the while he is the boss.. then why was he taunting her like that.. her expressions changed.. she looked disturbed.
He said few more things.. but her mind was sinking .. so all that excitement .. anxiety ..was just me..he was just troubling me.
Maybe he is doing it on purpose just to see how much he can hurt me... well then Maan Singh Khurana.. u can't... u can't hurt or control me.
Maan immediately came around.. nahi nahi nahi..main mazak kar raha tha.. he gave the file back to her. She snatched the file from him & kept it back.
Inke liyen tho sab mazak hain...yanha kisi ki jaan jarahi hain.. she twisted her lips.
Just then they heard heavy thunder sound.. she was already trembling with his presence...& the thunders were just adding their special effect. He came around.. kya kar rahi hoo?
She kept the file down with a thud & looked at him angrily
teehk hain na.. tum kaam karo.. main wait kar longa
she looked at him & looked back into the file.. wait kar longa.. kya matlab hain..
why is he sitting there like this.. uff.. aab main kaam kasien karon ghi..
he looked at her.. she was mumbling.. kya huwa
she got up from her seat.. aap yanha kyun wait kar rahen ho?
He gave  a stern look.. mera office hain main, main yanha wait bhi nahi kar sakta
she didn't buy that... she crossed her hand & tapped her foot still demanding an answer
he just closed the files & dragged outside.
Yeh kya kar rahen ho.. she snapped her hand
Maan sir
he took a deep breath.. bahar challo, I am waiting for u outside
he just walked ahead
she completed all her usual closing routine & walked out.. he was not outside. She sighed.
The driver got the car of her.
Geet thought for a moment & refused him.
she knew he probably waiting near the bus stand. She walked to there.. it started to pour.. she smiled.. playing with the water ..& turning around, instantly getting excited.. the summer rain smelled heavenly all over the place, white moon breathed had a fragrance of magic. The rain the breeze felt cold.. so cold.. she chuckled, feeling refreshed on her face.. then suddenly.. she remembered he might be waiting.. she a small girl.. kicking the rain.. swinging her hand.. she paused when she saw him.. standing there waiting for her in the lane.. resting his back in the wall crossing his hands over his chest.. not minding the rain, that drenched him already top to bottom.
His breathtaking deep eyes drank her body in, she blushed profusely.. & splashed water on his playfully.. he turned his face.. with the splash.. she giggled.. splashing yet again.. with other hand.. he .. smiled.. & splashed rain water on her..
she laughed & ran.. away from him.. he ran behind her, chasing her.. almost reaching her bag.. she slipped it off & gave it off to him & ran away.. he smiled.. & holding the bag & ran behind her..
her laughter filled the empty lane along with the rumbling of the rain, the wind stirred the rain drops with her curly hair. She teased turning showing her thumb.. & pointing out her pink tongue cutely. He smiled.. & ran behind her.. he held her hand & pulled her in his embrace in a jerk.. she fell with thud on his chest..panting.. laughing giggling. Her hands held his shirt .. falling backward. .. they could hear a faint rumble of thunder & the raindrops felt slightly larger now.. she swung... backward holding on to him.. he supported her with one hand on her lower back.. she titled her head back further..& opened her mouth wide.. so did he do..they swalloed the rain water..& laughed aloud..
Maan laughed & leaned forward to get a grip on her.. when his eyes fell on the fresh washed off face of hers.. he took a deep breath.. & the wind blew her hair across his face.. filling him with her fragrant of her body.
It was inevitable.. he leaned closer.. pushing her wet hair behind.. she smiled & turned to face him.. only to meet the alluring eyes. She tried to look down instantly.. he didn't let her..his lips kissed her deeply while still moving her hair.
She backed .. trembling.. he follwed at the same pace..not leaving her lips. The moment..she hit the wall behind.. she jitter.. she couldn't run away.. she borke the kiss & turned to face the wall.
He instantly fused his lips to the nape of her neck.. moving the curls side ways. She let out a moan at the contact of his warm lips against her icy wet skin. His hand slid along her arm that rested on the wall & entangled the fingers with hers. Geet  he whispered, sucking on the lobe for a brief second licking the sensitive place. . She shivered at this & he kissed his way down her neck. Geet groaned & clutched her fingers  with his. 
oops wat is puchki upto
-   PREV   PART 120   NEXT   LINK THREAD 16-
thanks for the lovely comments & likes

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First to Comment

Maan' doggy ears...hehehe

he's all ears   for everything related to his mistimia...
he went office to tease mistimia...  
Geet all lost seeing him  
and he enjoyed...  

she thought... she is dreaming  
and pinch herself... ouch Geet lagi kiya...  
OhGod... Get thought k technically their SR  ... uper se hum tum office ma all alone...  
oops did he actually caught her...?  

hehehe she thought yeh   yahan hain to main kaam kese karon gi...

ufho Geet... do you really think... he will let you work...? jhalli its your SR...
she started playing with rain... and he accompanied her...
or khel khel main... maaneet flew(behne de)...and then romance full on...  

wese aj to Geet ko prachi ki party main jana tha na...  
well this rain sequence is much better than that pyjama party...
what pucki's upto...kuch or bhi...???  
Continue Soon

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Originally posted by Water.

Originally posted by jasraj123

Originally posted by Water.

Originally posted by jasraj123

Originally posted by Dilsay

Originally posted by jasraj123

Originally posted by Dilsay

Originally posted by jasraj123

Originally posted by Dilsay

Muski please aisay  mat karo


to kaise karien naaa
sample bhi do  naaaLOLLOL
Jas Mujhay niny arahi hay ..
abb tum nay kha kay Muski ko type kaisay karni chahiyy see

LOLpehle kyun nahin suggest kiya

ab dekho kitni der ho gayee

yaar what time is it at your placeConfusedConfused
Its past midnight .
1:30 AM

omg two hours ahead of us.
I have 1130 pm hereLOLLOL but have to wake up early for schoolAngry
but can't go to bed until read updateLOLLOL

2:30 am here

wowww and where are you from water.

I am from vancouver canadaLOLLOL

U r from vancouver.
I m from torontoLOL

I thought so because toronto time is 3 hours ahead of usLOLLOL
mu cousin lives there

do you have to go in morning to work or studyConfusedConfused

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Dilsay IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by softly_spoken

 Hey Guys... 

Hi yaar it looks like  I need to say

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maaniqra IF-Sizzlerz

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That was an unexpected face off... But I am really happy muskiDancing

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Water. IF-Rockerz

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Thank u Muski, it was a lovely update.
I am also wondering what is Pucki doing with his Mistimia...

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