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FF: Love makes Life Beautiful#6-ch74-p143-updt** (Page 94)

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Posted: 14 February 2012 at 9:06am | IP Logged
HEllo Everyone,
HEre is the next update. It is a short one. Actually, I needed a little more thought over the scene in the office so I stopped the update there. Please dont mind. But I could not think beyond it. Im a little tired. But I can tell you, there is a lot of ROMANCE in store. WinkWinkWink So, next update, which is going to be tomorrow, will be a long and an interesting one.

Chapter 72

"Okay fine. Now what?", he asked, "Had I not gone to Chennai, I could have stopped her and probably even married her, by now", he said.

She smiled and thought for a few minutes. "Hmm, so what delayed the Chennai trip?"

"Late paper work and faxes and some unnecessary meetings", he said.

"And why is that?", she asked.

"I dunno. Shreyasi is not the reason, I know. She confessed today", he said.

"Hmmm, then?", asked Daadima, looking thoughtfully, as though knowing the answer, yet waiting for him to say it.

Maan looked at her thoughtfully, but did not say anything. He finally took a deep breath and said, "Is that important now?"

"Well may be it is? How can you decide it is not?", she asked.

"Daadima, Geet is in S'pore, her family's arranging her wedding with another guy, and I have no contact with her as of now, I don't know what is happening there. So, to me the office, meetings and all that is not important. What has happened has happened", he said.

Daadima looked at him and smiled. She brushed her fingers through his hair and kissed his forehead.

"Mr. Khurana, do I sense some tension?", she asked, still smiling.

"Daadima, yes I am a little tensed", he confessed.

"Maan, relax. Alright. I will make it easier for you. Sasha, is the answer Maan. She is the reason you were in Chennai for some useless meetings. But anyways, we'll think about her later. Important things first", she said.

"Sasha? What about her? Since you've started it might as well finish it", he said.

"Maan, she loves you and all I can say as of now is, don't fall for her trap anymore", she said.

He looked at her shocked and yet calm. "Sasha loves me?", he asked, softly.

"Hmmm, she does. How is that you never realized?", she asked.

"I never bothered about any woman other than you and now ofcourse Geet. But anyways, I'll clear her matter later and I'll keep in mind what you've told me", he said.

"Hmm, now about Geet. Son, just go and talk to her family", she suggested.

"But unless she tells them that she is in love with me, how do I just go and talk to them? I don't even know them and as per Geet's words they sound like wierdos to me", he said, agitated.

"Maan, before you jump to conclusions about how her family is, let me remind you Son, that you have created all these problems for yourself", she said, sternly.

"What do you mean?", he asked her.

"The impression her family has about you is not good. Obviously. You cant expect them to think great about you even after you mercilessly rejected a girl belonging to their family, without even thinking once", she said.

"But I have accepted her now. I agree I had rejected her even without seeing her, but I love her and I love her more than I love myself now", he said.

"That does not undo anything Maan", she said. "People will never remember how happy you make me feel, no matter what you do, once you've taken away their smile and created some sort of fear and dislike", she said.

"But Daadima, Geet does not remember all that, so why should her family remember?", he asked.

"Geet does not remember the trouble you've caused her, during the initial days because she loves you and her family does remember everything because they love her", she said.

"Hmmm", he said, not wanting to argue anymore. "What has to be done now?", he asked, finally.

"Contact her. Tell her you are ready to talk to her family, convince them. Give her the confindence and the trust that you will stand by her, in tough times and that you two are meant to be together, no matter what", she said.

"Okay, I'll talk to her", he said and got up, when his grandmom held his hand.

"She is coming to India for her friend's marriage" she said and smiled.

"What? Daadima couldn't you have told this before?", he asked, smiling.

"Maan, certain news bring happiness when you least expect them", she said. "She and her grandmom are coming for Niharika's wedding".

"When?", he asked.

"I guess after two days", she said, "Not sure. Will confirm and let you know", she said.

"Thanks Daadima", he said and hugged her. He ran down the stairs and tried calling her but could not reach her. He left her a message and an email.

He hurriedly ran out of the mansion towards the outhouse. Dev, Naintara and Kiara were in the lawn. Maan walked past them but did not bother to look at them and Dev was about to call him, but Naintara stopped him.

"Jaldi mein hain, Veerji, unhe jaane dijiye. Hum unse baad mein baat karenge", she said and gave him a knowing smile.

"Iss ghar mein ho kya raha hain?", asked Dev, angrily.

"Abhi tak to kuch hua nahin, lekin aage jo hoga, who bahut interesting hoga", she said and smiled.

"Meaning what?", asked Kiara and Dev together.

Naintara smiled again and said, "Maan Singh Khurana will have to fight all odds to get his lady love to his mansion", she said. "That's all I can say for now, the rested has to be watched".

Saying so she walked into the mansion while Kiara and Dev watched her walk away.

"Tumhein kuch samaj aaya?", he asked her.

"Nahin", said Kiara.

"Kyun? Tum toh aaj kal office bhi nahin aate ho. Tumhein to pata hona chahiye ki ghar pe kya ho rahan hain", he said, looking at her suspiciously.

"Veerji office nahin aati hoon, iska yeh thodi na matlab hui ki main ghar pe har baath pe apni nose poke karu?", she said.

"Hmmm", he said still having some doubts in his mind about Kiara.

"Chaliye ab andar. Its getting cold", she said and started to walk away.

Dev thought to himself, "Kuch to baat hain. I don't have to worry about Maan Bro, he will take care of himself and take care of the others too, but about this girl, something's not right".

Geet responded to Maan's message confirming the news that she was indeed coming to India. Maan was elated and so was Geet. The next two days flew by very quickly for the both of them and it was flight for Geet to travel to the airport now, to take a flight to Delhi. Once she checked in, she called Niharika and told her that she would be boarding the flight in about an hour. Niharika was very excited that Geet would be coming. Geet could not call Maan, because her grandmom was with her all through the call.

Geet could only text him, "Checked in. Will board the flight in sometime. Will let you know once the flight lands in Delhi".

"Okay, waiting for you", he replied, as he sat in his office on the 8th floor of Khurana Towers. His Daadima was also in his office that day, as she wanted to look into some matters personally. As soon as he put the phone on his table, Sasha walked in, with another gentleman.

"Good morning Mk", she said, smiling and Maan smiled back too. "Good morning, Daadiji", she said, turning to Daadima, who simply smiled and acknowledged her greeting.

"Good morning", he said. She sat down and asked the man who had accompanied her to sit down too.

"MK, this is Anurag Nanda. Remember the CS I was talking about", she said.

Daadima stopped her smirk and Maan's expressions changed from being calm to being angry.

"Oh Dear, I just hope this fellow goes out of his chamber, alive", she thought to herself and Sasha bragged about how good Anurag was in his work and how dedicated he was.

Maan listened to everything patiently and said, "Nice meeting you".

"Thank you Sir. Nice meeting you too", he said.

"If Sasha's speaking so much about you, then that means you are indeed really hardworking and dedicated", he said and Sasha blushed.

Daadima smirked even more. She knew precisely where Maan was heading. "One shot two birds", is all she could think of, then, analyzing Maan's behavior.


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wowww w8nn eagerly!!!!!
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Updated my post with Chapter 72 on page 113..!!!!

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Loved the update.  
Office scene is very interesting.  Waiting to see how maan trapping these two birds.
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awesome update sowmya..i loved it..but you stopped right at where maan was meeting anurag and shasha...this is so exciting...waiting eagerly to read about the outcome of the meeting...good going...please update as soon as possible..Smile
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nice update
you left us again in the pool of thoughts
continue soon
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hey, you didn't keep the precap (not updated yet about the precap you gave in your last part) why sweety? How do you expect us to wait for 24 more hours?

keenu_kk IF-Sizzlerz

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ossum dear
loved it to core
so sasha and anurag u are dead guys
playing with MSK love is rather easy to play with cricket with pakistan dear
waiitng for next update dear
pls update soon

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