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FF: Love makes Life Beautiful#6-ch74-p143-updt** (Page 86)

sweet scorpio IF-Sizzlerz
sweet scorpio
sweet scorpio

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Posted: 09 February 2012 at 6:18am | IP Logged
maan is guiding geet so smartly!
continue soon!

shalini_s IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 February 2012 at 6:19am | IP Logged
loved the update.. the way Maan builds confidence in Geet.. good one..
when he said 'I'll come when I should come...', i remembered Rajni's dialogue in Muthu.. ' vara vendiya nerathula kandippa varuven' LOL
translation - I'll come when the time is right...
allibr IF-Dazzler

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Awesome one, thanx dear for updating.
snehadingoe Groupbie

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wow juz amaizing luvd it!!!!!!!!!!!!ClapClap
billy_ritu IF-Dazzler

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thanks for the update nd its nice
pickle6586 IF-Dazzler

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HEllo Everyone,

The next update LOLTongue

Chapter 71

"So, find out what the reason for you being called back is. Actually, this should have been your first step. And after knowing the reason, then proceed accordingly. You do what you can and I'll come when I should", he said.

"Hmmm, alright I'm hanging up now. I need to go", she said.

"Okay, bye and take care", he said.

Geet hung up and took a shower. She got dressed and came out. As she stood in her bedroom and combed her hair, she re-collected his words, "You do what you can, and I'll come when I should" and wondered what that meant, especially the last part of the phrase. She did not understand, when, according to him, was the right time for him to come.

She walked out of her room and found everyone gathered at the dining table for lunch. She went and sat beside her sister. She smiled at her parents who smiled back. She then looked at her bhabhi, who smiled too. She did not bother to look at her brother. She assumed he was perfectly fine, since she had travelled with him, all the way from India.

Her brother quickly finished his lunch and drove away to office. She took a deep breath and looked at her parents. She then looked at the empty chair that was meant for her grandmom. Her sister answered the question.

"Daadiji bahar gaye hain. Shaam tak aayenge, shayad".

"Theek hain", said Geet.

"Beta sab theek?", asked her dad, in a low voice.

"Haan Papa. Lekin yahan kuch theek nahin lag rahan hain", she said, looking around the house.

"Hmmm", is all he said and finished his lunch. Before getting up from the table, he told her, "soch sambhal ke bholna, jab daadiji ayenge".

"Hmmm", she said, not in a mood to argue or talk anything.

Her mom, sister and Geet gathered in her room, after lunch. And she hated the silence of her sister and mother.

"Koi mujhe yeh bholne ki kasht karenge, ki mujhe wapas kyun aani padi?", she asked, finally angry and frustrated.

"Daadiji ne kahan hain", told her mom.

"Ma, kya Daadiji ne koi wajah nahin di?", she asked, in a high tone. Her mom and sister looked at each other. Her bhabhi answered the question for her.

"Geet, tumhari koi bhi sawal ka jawab nahin milega. Kyunki Daadiji ne hum sab ko mana kiya hain, tumse kuch bhi baat karne se", she said, sitting down beside Geet.

"Par bhabhi" and paused remembering Maan's words, "don't make them angry".

"Geet, okay. Listen to me carefully. You are here because your grandmom wants you to marry Anurag and no one else", she said, finally.

"But why so suddenly?", asked Geet.

"Anurag and his parents want the marriage to happen as soon as possible. And had she told you this, then you would never agree. So, your brother was told to bring you back", told her bhabhi.

"But why the marriage so suddenly and who is this Anurag?", asked Geet.

"Geet no one all this at home, except your brother and your grandmom. I heard all this while settling your grandmom's room. She was talking on phone to your brother and that's when I heard all this", she said.

"Par bhabhi, itni jaldi shaadi? Mujhe toh pata bhi nahin ki woh Anurak kaisa hain aur karta kya hain? Yeh kaisi zabardasti hain?", said Geet, in a low tone.

"Geet, I can inderstand but there is nothing any of us can do. You know that. Once a decision is made it is made", said her bhabhi. "I have to go now. Have some work", she said and walked away.

"Mom, mujhe yeh shaadi nahin karni", said Geet, turning to her mother.

"I dunno beta", her mom said and got up and walked away. Her sister and her, exchanged looks for a second when her sister asked, "aap kisi aur se pyaar karte hain kya?"

Geet immediately turned to look at the door to make sure no one was at door. "Kya bakwaas kar rahen ho? Main shaadi nahin karungi itni jaldi. Jao ab jaake apna kaam kar", yelled Geet.

Heer got up and went into her study room. Geet was confused and sad. Her bhabhi did not mention Maan anywhere. She sat on the bed and thought, "Does it mean Anurag did not speak about Geet being in love with some one else at all?"

She rested on the pillow and thought, "Kaisa insaan hain? Main kisi aur se pyaar karti hoon aur isse koi farak hi nahin padta. Mujhse shaadi karna chahta hain aur woh bhi bahut jald. Pagal kahika", she thought.

The entire afternoon passed away and Geet did not even realize. She had fallen asleep. She was woken up by some one pushing her hair away from her face.

She was about to say, "Maan", but opened her eyes and looked at her Dadiji standing in front of her. She woke up with a jerk and looked at her. Daadiji looked at her with no expression.

"I have to talk to you, come to my room", she told Geet and walked away.

Geet got out of bed and freshed up. she then walked into Daadiji's room, after fifteen minutes.

"Close the door", told her Grandmom, as she saw Geet walk in. Geet nodded and closed the door behind her and came towards her.

"Geet, your wedding is on the 20th of this month that is exactly 10 days later, after today, with Anurag", she said.

Geet did not say anything for a few minutes. She went blank. She knew she had to think a zillion times before she opened her mouth, else everything would go wrong. She could not think of anything.

"Hum do din ke baad India jaa rahen hain. You will attend Niharika's wedding, which is five days from now. And after that you will have about five days for your wedding. I would not have allowed you to attend your friend's wedding but her parents invited all of us and sent us the wedding, so I decided you and me would attend the wedding for sure. The others can attend too, if they want", she said.

Geet still did not respond.

"Do you have any questions?", asked her Grandmom, after seeing Geet go blank and quiet.

"Shaadi? Itni jaldi Daadiji?", is all she could think and say.

"Haan, Anurag's family wanted the wedding to happen as soon as possible because there are no auspicious dates later on", she said, "so we don't have much time".

"Is that the only reason?", she asked, softly and hated herself for asking the question.

"Yes Geet. What other reasons do you want? Now stop questioning me and go and get ready for Niharika's wedding and your wedding", she ordered.

"Daadiji, agar mujhe do din ke baad wapas jaani hi thi toh main yahan tak kyun aayi, internship chod ke?", she asked, her softly, but her insides were boiling.

"Geet, internship is not priority. And I wanted you to stay with your family before you get married and leave this family for ever", she said.

"I do not even know whom Im getting married ' who the guy is, what does he do", she said, frustrated, that her Daadiji was putting so much pressure on her and making decisions for her.

"Geet, once you go to India you will have time, to meet him and see him. And then you can get married", she said, picking up a few saris from her bed to fold them.

"What if I don't like him?", she asked, angrily.

Daadiji stared at her for a few minutes and said, "You don't have a choice. You have to get married. Shaadi ke baad toh pasand aa hi jayega. Atleast I'm allowing you to meet him, before the wedding. Usually in our family, no one meets the guy before. None of your cousins did. So you should feel blessed", she said.

Geet had no patience to argue with her. She was going to India anyway- meaning back to Maan, closer to him. She was going to attend Niharika's wedding so Niharika would certainly cook up some plans to save Geet. And with Niharika and Maan around, no one can come near to her.

Geet took a deep breath and said, "theek hain Daadiji, main chalti hoon".

Daadiji nodded. Geet opened the room door to walk out when Daadiji told her, "Koi gadbad nahin chahiye. If anything goes wrong during your wedding, it would be an insult to my family's honor reputation. And if you mess up, trust me Geet, you will find me dead".

Geet looked at her very coldly for a few seconds and simply nodded and walked out.

She called up Niharika. She hated herself for being so selfish and just thinking about herself and not even remembering Niharika once. Niharika, her best friend, was getting married in a few days and Geet did not even think about her, once. All she could think of, was Maan and only Maan.

Niharika took the call immediately, "Geet tu pahunch gayi? Yeh sab kya hain? How come S'pore so suddenly? Meri saansein atki padi hain yahan", she spoke non-stop.

"Nihu darling main theek hoon. Sab batati hoon. Relax. But before that sorry baby. I was so lost in wondering about what would happen to my lovestory that I completely forgot about you. I'm so sorry. Teri shaadi hain kuch dino mein, aur main, Geet, teri best friend, tumhare liye kuch nahin kiya", she said, with almost tears in her eyes.

"Arey Geet, tumhein kuch bhi karne ki zaroorat nahin hain. Tu theek hain, aur meri shaadi pea a rahin hain. Yahin bahut hain. Ab batao. Kya hua? Aur please senti mat hona. Mujhe bhi rula doghe kya?", she asked, softly.

Nahin meri jaan", said Geet and explained the entire story from the time she left Niharika's house.

Niharika heard the whole story carefully and said, "accha toh tu yahan aa rahin hain, meri shaadi attend karne?",

"Haan", said Geet.

"Pucca?", asked Niharika, wanting to confirm, because she knew Geet's family changed plans without prior notice.

"Haan haan pucca", said Geet.

"Theek hain. Phir to tension lene ki zaroorat hi nahin. Main achint se baath kar loongi. He is very good with such things. Kuch soch lenge aur tumhari love story ko complete karenge", she said, smiling.

"Arey tum meri jeeju ko pareshaan mat karo. Pehle apne shaadi ke baar emein soch", said Geet.

That precise moment Geet heard Achint say, "arey kaisi pareshaani? Saali to aadhi ghar waali hoti hain na. aap fikar mat kijye. Soch lenge kuch".

Geet smiled and said, thank you jeeja ji".

"Now speak to your best friend. She would eat me up alive if I don't allow her to sepak to you", he said, handing over the phone to Niharika, while Geet laughed.

"Geet, don't worry we'll sort it out. Just stay composed till you come to India. DO not create any doubt till you land safely here. Once you are here, we will play along, baby. Love you so so so much. Don't worry. Bas jaldi se mere paas aa jao", said Niharika.

Achint smiled at the way his fianc spoke to her best friend. Geet smiled too and had tears in her eyes.

"Teri shaadi ke baad main kya karungi. Tu chali jayegi", said Geet.

"Arey nahin jaungi kahin bhi. Arey agar jaana padega, toh tujhe Maan ke saath chod ke jaungi", said Niharika.

"Bye", said Geet.

"Kya ho gaya?", asked Niharika.

"Mujhe baat nahin karni. Tu mujhe chod ke chali jayegi aur mujhe rona aa rahan hain", said Geet.

"Geet, meri bacchi, abhi time hain. Main tumhaare saath hi rahungi. Ab please ro mat", said Niharika. "Love you".

"Hmmm, main bhi", said Geet, "chalo rakto hoon, mogambo aa jayega", she said.

"Haan, theek hain. Take care", said Niharika.

Geet hung and Achint asked, "Mogambo?"

Niharika laughed and said, "Oh that's what we call her brother".

"Oh I see", he said and looked at her lovingly.

She looked back at him and asked, "Kya hua?"

He moved forward and kissed her on her cheek and said, "this is for being a great friend". She smiled and blushed at the same time. Her cheeks turned red and he kissed her on her forehead.

She looked at him questioningly and he said, "That is for sounding so cute while talking to your best friend"

Niharika blushed harder. And Achint smiled and said, "Too bad, you never spoke to me that cutely".

Niharika hit with her hand and he pulled her towards him and hugged her.

Maan walked into his grandmom's room after office. he had left office early that day. For some reason he could not concentrate and he did not know what was making him lose his focus. He stood at the door and watched his grandmother play with the driver's kids. A smile automatically came to Maan's face.

She looked so active and energetic and absolutely showed no signs of aging. He always loved to watch his grandmom smile and laugh. After all she was his first love for a long time. He stood there and kept watching her and he heard her say, "Maan andar aane ka koi plan hain?"

The kids turned to look at Maan and stood up. "Arey aapko ko kya ho gaya?", asked Daadima.

"Hum baad mein ayenge, daadiji", said one kid.

"Kyun?", asked Daadima, surprised. One kid bent forward and whispered something into daadima's ears as Maan walked into the room. Daadima laughed aloud and the kids ran away laughing too.

"Kya hua?", asked Maan.

"Ah nothing Son", she said, "Come come. Sit".

He sat by her legs and rested his head on her lap and asked again, "What did that kid whisper?"

"You really want to know?", she asked, laughing.

"Haan", he said, angrily.

"The kids are scared of you and call you, "khadoos uncle". So they don't wanna play in your presence", she said and continued to laugh.

"Daadima, bas", he said, angrily.

"Accha baba, theek hain. Har baath pe gussa. Sahi kehte hain woh baccho' Khadoos hain aap", she said.

"Daadima", he said, angrily, in a loud tone.

"Maan, geet S'pore mein hain, woh gussa aap hum pe kyun nikaal rahen ho?", she asked, calmly.

"Aapko sab kuch pata kaise chal jaata hain? And even after knowing everything you do nothing", he said.

"Maan, hume jo karni thi, woh hum kar chuke hain. Now your turn", she said.

"Daadima, I'm serious. She is away and I don't know why her family took her back and its all so confusing. Knowing Geet, I'm just hoping she did not mess up", he said.

"Maan, how could you just let her go? I expected you to do something more", she said.

He looked at her questioningly. "What?", he asked.

"Maan, I expected you to play smarter. And instead you just let her take off to S'pore", she said.

"How do you know she left?", he asked.

"Maan, at this point of time, that is immaterial", she said.

"Daadima I would not have let her go, had I been in Delhi that day. I took a very late flight to Delhi and as soon as my flight landed I got her messages. By the time I called her or she called me, she was already in the flight with that loser beside her", he said, frustrated.

"Loser? Who?", she asked.

"Daadima, her brother", he said.

"Maan, mind your words. Do not forget you are someone's brother too", she reminded him.

"Daadima please. Don't even compare my relationship with my sister, to Geet;s relationship with her brother", he said.

"Son, we are nobody to judge Geet's relationship with her brother and it should not matter to us", she said, calmly.

"Okay fine. Now what?", he asked, "Had I not gone to Chennai, I could have stopped her and probably even married her, by now", he said.

She smiled and thought for a few minutes. "Hmm, so what delayed the Chennai trip?"

"Late paper work and faxes and some unnecessary meetings", he said.

"And why is that?", she asked.

"I dunno. Shreyasi is not the reason, I know. She confessed today", he said.

"Hmmm, then?", asked Daadima, looking thoughtfully, as though knowing the answer, yet waiting for him to say it.



That's it for now. Have a wonderful weekend.


Precap: "I can always use this againt you, if you dont listen to what I have to say".





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