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FF: Love makes Life Beautiful#6-ch74-p143-updt** (Page 79)

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soumya plzzz update dear

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continue soon..Unhappy
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Hi soumya
where are u
why no updates from you end
eagerly waiting for the update

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Where r you Soumya? How r you?
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HEllo People,
HEre goes the next update...!!!!!!

Chapter 70

"He's is the son of one of your trusted and old employees", she said. "His name is Anurag Nanda, son of Ritiesh and Revathy Nanda"

"Oh I see", he said, "any personal details?", he asked.

"Ah well, I heard his family was planning to get him married sometime soon and they found a girl too. Apart from that I hear that he is very hard working, does not drink or smoke. He is quiet and has very few friends. He is the only child to his parents and has had no girl friends till now", she said.

"Hmmm, okay. Thanks Shreyasi, you've told me everything that I wanted to know, without wasting my time", he said.

"Anytime Sir", she said, smiling.

"What took you so long to send those papers to Chennai, when you are so efficient and you exactly know what I expect?", he asked, looking at her.

She smiled again and said, "Sir, most of the times, the picture is not painted the way, it is supposed to be- at times it is painted to hide the truth or facts".

"You mean to say, you are not behind the delay?", he asked.

"I may be one of the reasons behind the delay Sir, but not the sole reason", she said.

"Hmmm, so what are the other reasons?", he asked.

"Well, that I would leave to your imagination Sir", she said, smiled and got up. she walked out of his chamber and Maan looked at the doors closing, thinking about something.

"Anurag Nanda", he repeated the name and quickly emailed Geet.

"Geet, what's the name of the guy your parents have chosen for you?"

Geet's phone was switched off still so she did not know of the email. Maan did not expect a fast reply either, because she was with her family. She had to be careful.

Geet got out of the cab and looked at the 25 storeyed building in front of her. She took a deep breath and pulled out her bag from the trunk of the car and walked towards the elevator. Their apartment was situated on the 14th floor. Both of them were quiet throughout the cab journey and in the elevator. She got out of the elevator and walked towards the last flat on the floor. She rang the bell and hoped her Daadiji would not be the one to answer it. Luckily, for her, it was her sister.

Here sister hugged her tight and whispered in her ears, "Geet tu wapas kyun aayi. You have no idea'" and before she could complete her brother was standing behind Geet, at the door way.

"Veerji aayiye", said Heer and moved away from Geet's hug and let Brij walk in. She then turned to look at Geet who stood there flabbergasted at what her sister what just said and left incomplete.

Both of them looked at each other for a couple of seconds and then suddenly a smile cropped onto Geet's face.

"Kuch nahin hoga", she whispered back to Heer and pecked her on her cheek. "Im ready to face it all", she said and Heer was shocked at her sister's confidence.

Geet walked into her room, with her bags. After having confirmed that her Daadiji was at home and would not return for the next two hours, she walked into the bathroom, with her clothes. She turned on the tap in the washbasin and then quickly removed her phone from her pocket.

She made sure there was enough water sound to block out the sound of her voice. She switched on her cell phone and waited for it to become completely functional. She then saw Maan's messages and his email.

She checked his email first and replied, "Anurag Nanda. Now why ask me this question out of all the questions on the planet? I thought it would be something else, like a "I love you" or an "I miss you" or "I wanna see you",'. Etc etc. But look what I get to read "'..

She then splashed some water on her face after putting the phone carefully aside. She knew Maan would reply instantly and she was right. Before she could even splash a second round of water, onto her face, her phone vibrated.

She smiled and looked at herself in the mirror. "What can go wrong Maan, as long as you are along", she thought and smiled again and checked her phone.

She read his email, "Honey, I would have loved to directly recite to you all those amazingly wonderful romantic lines and probably even better lines, than what you expected, instead of sending them in an email (how boring..!!!!! ) However, as of now, this man is the reason that I have to send you messages that I would have never asked or bothered about. Anyways, thanks for the reply. Take care of yourself, please".

After reading the email, the little control she had, over her self, to not call him and vanished in thin air. She instantly dialed his number and he made sure not to waste any time in not taking the call, as soon as his phone rang.

As soon as he took the call, he expected her to speak and she expected the same. Nevertheless, all Maan could hear, was the sound of the flowing water. Geet could hear the sound of the air-con. For a couple of seconds, there was complete silence. In addition, Silence did all the talking. They did not have to ask each other, if they were okay, well the answer was obvious; they were in love, with each other, so they had to be okay. They did not have to ask each other, if they missed each other, the answer was obvious yet again- yes and a no. Yes, because the only instance they wouldn't miss each other, was in each other's presence and no, because they were a part of each other, and the distances did not matter.

Finally Geet broke the silence, as always and said, "Maan"

"Hmmm, Bolo Geet", he said, smiling, knowing the fact that Geet could never stay quiet for a long time. Soemthing that he loved about her at times, because he did not have to speak much or think much about what to speak and something that he hated too, at times, because then he would have to listen to everything she says, even if it made no sense.

"Maan you know what happened", she said and started narrating the scene that had happened between her sister and her.

"Maan, I smiled then, but I'm really scared, what the consequences would be. Daadiji is not at home, right now. Once she comes back, she will create hell", she said, almost on the verge of crying.

Maan was silent for a few seconds and Geet wondered if he was still on the line, or if it was disconnected. She checked her phone and realized the line was fine.

"Maan", she screamed.

"Geet, it is obvious that your grandmother would create hell. In fact, even if you were in her place, the same would happen. That;'s what parents usually do, the first time you tell them, that you are in love with someone", he said, calmly.

"But that's not what your grandmom did. She smiled, hugged us and gave her blessings", said Geet.

"Geet, we are not talking about a few exceptions that exist in this world. We are talking about the general reaction that people or rather families would have", he said.

Before Geet could say anything, Maan spoke again, "And Geet, everywhere there is always a normal person, and an abnormal person involved in such arguments. In my case, I was abnormal and my grandmother normal and in your case, you're the normal one and your grandmom the abnormal one", he said.

"Maan", she said, angrily.

"Yes love", he said.

"What is the point finally?", she asked.

"I'm coming to that, have patience sweetheart", he said, smirking. Geet rolled her eyes and caught her forehead with her hand.

"The point is'.", and Maan paused and said, "Don't you think you are wasting too much water?", he asked.

"Water? What?", said Geet, again and then realized the taps had been on, ever since she stepped into the bathroom.

"I cant help. That is what you wanted to say is it? Really Maan?", she asked, angrily.

"Geet, you nitwit, switch on the exhaust and switch off the taps", he said, "And when I have to do most of the talking now, anyway, does it make sense to waste so much water?", he asked.

"Okay fine", she said and switched off the taps and switched on the exhaust.

"Good, now listen. Geet, its normal for her to scream and yell at you and make your life miserable. Then your family would take you on a guilt trip and fill you in with sentiments and emotions. Listen to it all, patiently. Let them speak or rather vent out their frustrations and anger. Just listen to them calmly and don't say anything that would infuriate them, further. Remember, you are supposed to win their support and not make them any angry".

"Hmmm", she said, "Then?"

"Then? What then? Now Geet, do I like, hold your hand and walk you through each step? Cant you think by your self?", he asked.

"Maan, sorry but that's what you would be promising me, once we take our marriage vows, to walk by me at every step of life", she said.

"Geet, I told you to take in all the sentiment that your family is going to put through, not take it all out on me", he said.

"Okay whatever. Why are you arguing? Tell me what to do next?", she said.

"Geet, this is no rocket science. But anyways, I am not the one who is arguing. It is you and Geet, when all of them have calmed down that's when you talk out your feelings about me and why you chose me as your life partner. And why you think that Anand guy is not the right one for you", he said.

"Anand?, who is that?", asked Geet, confused.

"Geet, that's the guy your family is fixing you up with", he said, "How can you not remember?"

"Maan, I do remember. His name is Anurag, not Anand", she corrected him.

"Geet, I don't care. What's in the name, anyway?", he said.

"Ok fine. Stop irritating me and tell me what to do?"

"Geet, I knew love is blind and also deaf and dumb at times, but definitely not that deaf that you don't seem to hear what I have just said", he said, thoroughly enjoying irritating her.

Geet took a deep breath and said, "Bye Mr. Khurana", and was about to hang up when she heard Maan scream, "Ok ok Geet, love. Listen. I'm sorry"

"HMmm", she said.

"Geet, for your sake and for the sake of our love, Maan Singh Khurana will repeat the same thing for the second time. Note- the second time. Main yeh kabhi nahin karta".

Geet rolled her eyes and said, "Hmmm, thanks. I'm honored".

"You better be, honey. Now listen, Let them relax and calm down completely. Now that might take a few hours or even a few days. Be patient. And then go and talk your feelings", he said, calmly.

"Maan, if I do all the talking and the convincing, what will you do?", she asked.

"I'll marry you", he said, giggling.

"Maan, aren't you supposed to come and like ask my hand from my family?", she asked.

"Have you watched too many movies on the flight? Geet, your family does not know who I am and I come and ask your hand and leg from them, wont it be a bit weird? And plus sweets, you don't know the real reason why you are taken back by your family. We are simply assuming that, that Ajay has told your family about you being in love with someone else", he said.

"Maan, its Anurag and not Ajay and the most important thing, I am in love with you and not someone else", she said.

"Geet, I know you are in love with me, but he does not know that right. So shut up and focus on the important things", he said.

"Hmmm", she said.

"So, find out what the reason for you being called back is. Actually, this should have been your first step. And after knowing the reason, then proceed accordingly. You do what you can and I'll come when I should", he said.

"Hmmm, alright I'm hanging up now. I need to go", she said.

"Okay, bye and take care", he said.

Geet hung up and took a shower. She got dressed and came out. As she stood in her bedroom and combed her hair, she re-collected his words, "You do what you can and I'll come when I should" and wondered what that meant, especially the last part of the phrase. She did not understand, when, according to him, was the right time for him to come.


 That's it for now. Big smile Have a wonderful day and I hope to update tomorrow. No long gap for a few days now.
Precap:   "How could you just let that happen? I expected something better",

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will be waitinggg Big smile

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yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanqPartyClap

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thnx for the update after a long time .. 
a strong  yet confused geet and a brave maan taking the step together .. 
hope they ll be able to convince geet's family .. 
waiting for the next one ..

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