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FF: Love makes Life Beautiful#6-ch74-p143-updt** (Page 59)

seemamary IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2012 at 2:45am | IP Logged
I dint like this update, want maan to see geet in airport or atleast go to singapore and bring her back.

krati5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 January 2012 at 2:57am | IP Logged
cn't they both meet each other at airport???????? i m nt liking all ds thing which is gng on
spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 January 2012 at 4:22am | IP Logged
part 68
nice part...
Geet got herself into trouble by blabbering to that Anurag in her sleep...
if Maan comes to know about this guy then he will surely repent...
and Sasha is gonna hear songs from Maan and how i wish he really punishes her for trying to meddle in his life...
OMG i like this Shreyasi shes damn cool...
poor Geet...
dunno what her grandmother and bro gonna do to her in S'pore...
hope Maan too helps her in some way...
waise how and why did Geet take her passport with her when she thought shes gonna stay at the Hotel?
cont soon dear...
JeevanaP IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 January 2012 at 4:32am | IP Logged
loved it...jaldi se make them together...can't wait now...
-SwaSan- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 January 2012 at 5:16am | IP Logged
really awesume plz update soon...
keenu_kk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2012 at 5:23am | IP Logged
waiting dear
pickle6586 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 January 2012 at 7:33am | IP Logged

Chapter 69

"Hi Maan", she said.

"Hi, all okay?", he asked, "What's with this sudden S'pore trip? ", he asked.

"I dunno. I must have done some blunder again. I wont know what I've done until I go home in S'pore", she said.

"Geet, I think I'm getting a little worried for you now", he said, calmly.

"Maan, even I am worried. But If I show it, my grandmother's gonna take advantage of it. I love you Maan", she said.

"Geet, don't", he said, "I want to take you in my arms right now. I dunno why. Did I fly back to Delhi to hear the news that you are going away from me?", he asked.

"Maan, I did everything I could to not go. But like you always say, for once, I thought I'l just face the consequences", she said. "I'll keep in regular touch with you", she said, while giving her boarding pass to the gate staff for scanning.

"I'll let you know what is happening at home from time to time. I guess this has to do something with the marriage proposal that has come up for me. I wanted to tell you that long time back but did not get time at all- first Nihu's grandmom was not well, then I got busy then you went out of town", she said, taking a deep breath and pausing.

"Marriage proposal?", he asked, shocked and surprised.

"Yeah supposedly my family has been in talks with this other family and that guy likes me. He also called me twice or thrice to talk to me, but I did not know then, that my family was in serious marriage talks with his family. I had met him once in some office and I thought he just wanted to keep in touch. I dint know his calling me had different intentions all together", she said, waiting in the line, in the aerobridge to board the flight. She turned back to see where her brother was, and was relieved when she did not find him anywhere in the aerobridge. He must be in the line at the gate she thought and smiled.

"Hmmm", he said.

"React Maan, how can you be so reactionless even for such serious issues?", she asked.

"Geet, who is this guy? DO you know anything about him?", he asked.

"I only know that his name is Anurag. He is a company secretary and I met him, when I went to meet some clients in Raheja QBE. He was there too, on behalf of his company to meet someone, I suppose, If im not wrong", she said.

"Is he an intern too or'?", and Geet answered his question immediately, "He's an intern too".

"Okay! You have a safe flight and have a good time at home. I'll take care of this CS", he said, smirking.

"Maan, don't do anything dangerous. I sense a lot of trouble for this fellow, in the near future", she said, smiling, as she entered the aircraft. She looked around for her seat and put her bag in the overhead cabin.

She sat in her seat and continued to talk to Maan. Maan walked out of the airport and got into his car. His car slowly drove out of the airport area.

"Geet, don't worry. I might just break the 206 bones in his body. Apart from that I swear, I will not harm him anymore", he said.

"Maan, that's enough damage in itself", she said, laughing.

"Geet", he said and paused.

"Yes Maan", she said and paused too. For a few seconds there was complete silence in the conversation. All Maan and Geet could hear were the in-flight announcements and the voices of passengers around.

Geet took another deep breath when Maan spoke, "When will I see you, Geet?"

"Dunno", she said.

"Hmmm, no issues, very soon, I'll have you in my arms", he said, "and by then I would have won the hearts of your family too", he said, confidently.

"Hmmm, lets hope", she said.

"Geet, Maan Singh Khurana has never lost", he said, arrongantly.

"Ok Mr. Maan Singh Khurana I will wait for the moment. As of now, I have to switch off my cell-phone. My brother has just entered the flight", she said.

"Ok take care", he said.

"Yep, you too", she said and quickly hung up and switched off her cell phone. She adjusted herself in the seat, put her cell phone away, and pretended to look outside the window when her brother came closer to the seat.

"Aa gaye aap. Main abhi sone waali thi", she said, pulling out the blanket from the cover and wrapping it around her.

"So jao", said Brij as he sat beside her. She rested her head back on the seat, closed her eyes and thought of Maan. Maan did the exact same thing. He rested his head on the headrest behind, closed his eyes and thought of Geet.

He also thought about everything that Geet told him. "Anurag", he repeated the name and opened his eyes. He thought for sometime and then sent some texts and emails. He somehow could not rest. He called up Geet again, but her phone was switched off.

Geet too looked out of the window, while her brother looked around at the people walking around the aisle, while the flight was almost ready to take off.

I wish I could speak to Nihu too", she thought, as the flights doors were closed and the aircraft began to pull out of the terminal towards the runway.

Maan's car came to a halt in front of the mansion and the driver turned back to look at Maan. Maan was in deep thought and the driver did not dare disturb him. Maan suddenly looked around and got out of the car, while taking his coat and laptop bag with him. He walked into the mansion and sat in the living room of the mansion. Dev was still awake.

"Hi bro", came his voice, while he walked out of the kitchen with some coffee.

"Hi Dev, still awake?", he asked.

"Yeah, was waiting for you and in the mean time also working on something", he said, sitting opposite to him. "Want some coffee?", he asked.

"No, I'll just get myself some water", he said, getting up, when Dev stopped him.

"I'll get some for you, aap baiteye", said Dev and walked towards the kitchen and returned with some water for Maan.

"So, how was it?", asked Dev.

"Not so good", replied Maan, while he drank some water.

"Hmmm, go and sleep, Bro. You look exhausted", said Dev, while he sipped his coffee.

"When do you plan to sleep?", asked Maan.

"Hmmm, in about fifteen twenty minutes", said Dev.

"Hmmm, I'm not sleepy", said Maan.

"Bro, everything alright?", asked Dev.

"I hope so", said Maan, absent mindedly.

"Ji, kya kaha?", asked Dev.

"Nothing Dev", said Maan, "I'm going to my bedroom. I'll see you in the morning", he said, standing up.

"Okay", he said, "Good night Bro", said Dev.

"Good night Dev", he said and walked towards the stair case, when he found a sleepy Naintara walk down the stairs. She stopped midway and smiled. He smiled back.

"Kaise hain aap Veerji?", she asked, softly.

"Theek hoon Naintara. Even you dint sleep till now?", he asked.

"Ji nahin. Kiara se baat kar rahin thi", she said, "I'll sleep now. Wanted to tell Dev", she said.

"Ok carry on, good night", he said, smiled, and walked away.

He came into his bedroom and quickly changed and freshed up. He sat in the balcony for sometime, watching the lights in the garden. He then went back to bed and laid down for sometime and finally fell asleep.

Geet, too, was in a deep sleep when Brij woke her up, a few hours later. "Geet, the flight's landing in S'pore".

"Hmmm", she said, lazily and sleepily. She quickly went to the washroom and freshed up and came back. She sat down and looked out. "God save me", she thought as the flight started its descent into the airport.

It was around 11:15 am in S'pore and Geet lazily dragged herself out of the airport. They took a cab home.

Maan was already in office and Sasha of all people was extremely shocked to find him back. She was so dumbstruck that she did not know what to speak too. She did not like the idea that Maan came back so soon, and all her efforts to dealy his trip had gone in vain.

He asked her several questions and she would only answer after a few minutes of posing the question.

"Sasha which world are you in?", he asked, her angrily, while Shreyasi rejoiced the fact that Sasha would get it from Maan for being so lost.

"your world", said Sasha, again lost.

"Sasha", yelled Maan, angrily and Sasha quickly adjkusted herself in the chair and looked around. Shreyasi was grinning and so were Adi and Pinky.

She shot all of them angry looks and all of them only smirked back. Maan looked at the papers and asked, "Who worked on these? Why did they change the format?", he asked, angrily.

This time Sasha was prompt. "MK, the new company secretary intern worked on these. I thought the new format was good too, so you know'", she said and stopped when he looked at her angrily.

"Sasha , this is not your desktop screensavers to change it as and when you like.  This is the minutes of the meeting and the format cannot be changed as you wish. Does this company secretary not know that?", he asked.

She did not have an answer when he spoke again, "You seem to be loosing focus these days Sasha. Not good for you or for the company", he said, looking up from the papers to her. Sasha';s face turned red in embarrassment, when Shreyasi actually wanted to do a small "bhangra", right then and there, but controlled the temptation.

"What you staring at me for? Go and tell your CS to do things properly, else I'll have to show him the doors", said an angry Maan.

"Ok Mk", she said, getting up and walking towards the door, when the words CS stuck him again and he remembered Geet';s words.

"Btw, what is the name of this CS?", he asked.

"Haan, I'm sorry", she said and he repeated the question.

"Oh, Anurag is his name", she said, letting out the secret herself and giving him the key and the lock to the puzzle that would have otherwise taken a long time to solve.

"Hhmm, okay", he said, "You can leave". She left and everyone else too followed. Shreyasi was about to walk out of the chamber when he stopped her.

"Shreyasi, I need to talk", he said and she came back after closing the door. she sat opposite to him and waited for him to speak.

"You heard the name right, I need details", he said. She smiled and nodded.

"He's is the son of one of your trusted and old employees", she said. "His name is Anurag Nanda, son of Ritiesh and Revathy Nanda"

"Oh I see", he said, "any personal details?", he asked.

"Ah well, I heard his family was planning to get him married sometime soon and they found a girl too. Apart from that I hear that he is very hard working, does not drink or smoke. He is quiet and has very few friends. He is the only child to his parents and has had no girl friends till now", she said.

"Hmmm, okay. Thanks Shreyasi, you've told me everything that I wanted to know, without wasting my time", he said.

"Anytime Sir", she said, smiling.

"What took you so long to send those papers to Chennai, when you are so efficient and you exactly know what I expect?", he asked, looking at her.

She smiled again and said, "Sir, most of the times, the picture is not painted the way, it is supposed to be- at times it is painted to hide the truth or facts".

"You mean to say, you are not behind the delay?", he asked.

"I may be one of the reasons behind the delay Sir, but not the sole reason", she said.

"Hmmm, so what are the other reasons?", he asked.

"Well, that I would leave to your imagination Sir", she said, smiled and got up.



Hmmm, that;s it for now. Take care and have lots of fun...!!!!



NExt PArt:

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wow maan came to know abut anurag. loved shreyasi.  loved the update

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