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FF: Love makes Life Beautiful#6-ch74-p143-updt** (Page 52)

-SwaSan- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 January 2012 at 10:59am | IP Logged
plzzz update soon...

CiaMaaneet Senior Member

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Posted: 12 January 2012 at 11:52am | IP Logged
Awsm update!Smile Me hell scared yaar.. Ouch Dat Brij GawarAngry lagta hai Geet ko lekar hi jayega!Shocked I hope Maaneet meet up accidently or undr forcd conditons on d airport... Confused Plz PM me wen u update nxt tym..Big smile W8ng..Embarrassed
zaqxsw Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2012 at 1:54pm | IP Logged
Welcome back Sowmya...
Its so good to see u back... But aate hi Maan ko Chennai bhej diya...
Koi nahi... Brij ko bhi aane do... Dekhte hain...
Bring it on Brij Handa... Geet ko to Maan lekar hi jaayenge... U have put ur hands on wrong place this time... Its gonna be difficult time for u... Maan ki jaan ko pareshaan kiya na ab to tum gayeee...
But loved the way the story shaped up...
I loved the way Daadi explained everything to Maan...
Please jaldi aao Maan... U land at 2.20 and Geet will take off at 3.00... Please make it fast... Waiting for u...
Waiting for the next part...
snehadingoe Groupbie

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hey dear sry to bug u EmbarrassedApprove bt cnt w888 plzzz try 2 updateTongueSmileBig smile
honeygrape IF-Rockerz

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where are you dear??? waiting for the update...come back soonSmile
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please continue soon..Smile
pickle6586 IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 68

"Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation".

"I am not staying in any hotel. We are going to the airport. Our flight to S'pore is at 3am. Everyone at home, wants you back", he said, sternly.

Maan checked in at the same time in the Chennai airport to fly back to Delhi. His Daadima was right. When he could not focus there was no point staying back. Hence he had decided to go back to Delhi and then cooly think about the rest. His flight was scheduled at 11:45 pm and it took about two and a half hours to get to Delhi. He had informed Dev that he was flying back and hence Dev had told him that he would send the car to the airport. He expected to reach Delhi by 2:20 am.

He knew it was probably a little too late to call Geet, but still called her. Her phone was switched off and he wondered why he could not reach her.

"Where are you Geet? Why cant I reach you?", he thought, while he waited to board the flight.

The boarding call was announced and he tried calling Geet again before walking into the aerobridge. He got the same response. He walked slowly towards the aircraft, while texting her.

"Veerji itni achanak S'pore kyun jaa rahen hai hum?", asked Geet, very scared now. Her thoughts went back to Maan, who was not even in town to do anything. She did not know whom to call. She did not want to fly to S'pore all of a sudden. Even Niharika did not know she was going to S'pore. Her family was made to believe that Brij and she were to stay in the hotel that night.

"Geet, I am not answering any of your questions. So just, shut up and sit. Once you reach S'pore all your questions will be answered", he said, sitting in the front seat of the cab.

Geet almost broke into tears. She wiped her tears quietly and thought of all possible reasons why Brij had suddenly appeared in Delhi. There had to be strong reasons, else he would never come.

She recollected her conversation with her grandmother. She had not spoken any thing redundant to her. So, there was no problem there. She then thought of all the phone conversations she had. She could not recollect any. The last few days had been too tiring for her and she did not remember any. She quickly grabbed her phone out and realized it was switched off. She put it under the seat and swiched it on, so that the sound would not be audible. She received messages from Maan and Niharika.

She read Maan's message, "Geet, where are you? I tried calling you so many times. I am flying back to Delhi tonight. I want to meet you tomorrow".

"Maan's getting back to Delhi?", she thought and dialed his number. It was switched off. "Oh god, don't tell me he's in the flight", she thought and tried again. It was of no use.

She quickly texted Niharika. "I am not going to the hotel. Veerji's taking me to S'pore. Nihu do something, quick. Maan's coming back to Delhi tonight. He's on the flight I suppose, phone switched off".

She hoped Niharika would reply. She then checked the phone log for the last two three days. She realized Anurag had called her the night before.

"This bas***d called me. How come I did not know?", she thought. She hit her head with her hand, when she realized she was sleeping then. "Oh dear, I've committed the same mistake again, that Maan has always been scared of"

She thought back again about what she spoke. She could not remember. "Did I tell him something that I am not supposed to?", she wondered.

"Geet, there is no escape now for you but to come with me to S'pore. So don't waste your time", came Brij's voice as he looked at her through the rear view mirror.

She quickly hid her phone in her bag and tried to pretend as though she knew nothing. "Nihu msg back. What are you doing?", she thought.

Sasha sat in her living room, while sipping some coffee and cooly checked her email. She had too many reasons to rejoice she thought. Maan was in Chennai. From Anurag she had come to know that Geet's brother was in town. But dropped the coffee down when she saw Maan's email.

"Sasha- meet me in my office in DELHI at 9am tomorrow. I am flying back to Delhi tonight-MSK".

"What?", she thought. "Everything was going great, now why is he coming back?"

She called Shreyasi and Shreyasi took the call.

"You did not tell me MK was coming back to Delhi", she yelled at Shreyasi.

"You did not ask me, did you?", she asked Sasha Cooly.

"What non-sense? Why do I have to keep asking you everything? You are supposed to inform every single thing to me about MK", she yelled.

"Alright let me inform you then, that I am not in office right now, so you cannot be calling me at this odd time of night and yell at me. Good night Sasha and take care", said Shreyasi and hung up. She smiled at Sasha's plight. She never feared Sasha. Afterall her Maan Sir was now coming back to Delhi so there was no reason to fear Sasha too, she thought and smirked.

Geet put her cell phone in her bag and texted Niharika again, "Where are you? I cannot take your call. Text me back".

She then texted Maan, "Maan, my bro is here in Delhi. He's taking me back to S'pore. I dunno why and I dunno what to do".

Geet suddenly looked up and saw that they were only 8 kms away from the airport. A tear rolled off her eye, onto her cheek.

She gave Niharika a missed call, but her phone was switched off. She then realized that ever since her grandmom came back home, Niharika would accompany her grandmother in her room and would switch off her cell phone.

Geet wanted to cry but she remembered Maan's words, "Crying is a sign of weakness". She stopped her tears, clenched her fist. She took a deep breath and looked outside. They were only 4 kms away from the airport now. She took another deep breath and looked at her brother and then at her phone.

She realized Maan was in the flight; Niharika's phone was switched off and wondered what she could do, in the last minute even if her phone is on. Therefore, the only option now left was to travel to S'pore.

She smiled and looked out. She thought to herself, "Geet, relax. Why are you panicking? You have done nothing wrong. So chill. Whatever it is, that is destined to happen in S'pore will happen. I know for sure that no matter what, Maan will be the only love of my life and I belong to only him. So big deal! Lets see, and act accordingly. There is no point putting Niharika and Maan into stress now. And there is no point trying to escape the situation. So lets just face it".

She felt relieved. She quickly texted Maan too- "Maan, I love you and you are the only love in my life. I dunno why I am going to S'pore. I tried all ways possible to escape going back. Then it suddenly struck me, why I was doing all that? I am not at fault and there is no need to fear. I am Maan Singh Khurana's love- his to-be wife, so who can meddle with me? ;-) I am ready to face anything that comes my way now. Will keep you informed. So do not panic".

"I will be fine honey. Will keep you informed. I am ready to face naything that comes my way- I love you Nihu", texted Geet to Niharika.

She then relaxed and fell back onto the seat. They were now in the airport. She cooly got out took her bag and smiled at her brother and said, "Chale VEerji?"

Brij looked at her strangely and asked, "Tum theek ho?"

"Haan bilkul. Chaliye na, time ho raha hain", she said, smiling. He shook his head not understanding what was happening. How is she all so calm he wondered.

They checked in and then went through the security check. They waited to board the flight. Geet sat right beside her brother and spoke to him calmly about the internship and her colleagues at work. She then spoke about Niharika, her family and her fianc. Brij could not understand anything that was happening.

She looked at her watch and they were only 40 mins away from taking off. Her heart started to beat faster when she realized that in a few minutes Maan's flight would land in the same airport and she would take off from the same airport. She did not know what was in store for her, but she definetley did not want to make it evident to her family that she is scared. She was a little scared but she knew what it would be like, to get back home. But then she also knew that if she is not strong and confident, then she would go no where. She had to make choices- some tough ones, and now was the time.  There was no turning back. Atleast that was not something Maan would expect from her and that was not something Maan would appreciate of her or preach to her.

Her heart skipped a beat when she heard the announcement about a Chennai flight landing in Delhi.

"That must be the one. He might call me now", she thought. "Ah Maan, when will I see you again? its been so long", she thought. She suddenly felt a shiver run down her spine and jolted at the sudden coldness that engulfed her. She put on her sweatshirt and zipped it up. She smiled as she zipped up the sweatshirt.

"I think this would suit you perfectly, Geet", said Maan, looking at the blue color sweatshirt that Geet tried out, while shopping in a mall.

"No Maan, I don't like it, I think it's a bit loose", she said, turning 360 degrees to get a better look of herself, in front of the huge mirror.

"Geet, how will you know, if you don't zip it up?", he asked her, loosing his patience.

"No Maan, I know it", she said and was about to remove the sweatshirt. Maan took a quick look around and quickly pulled her towards him, and she fell onto him.

"Stand still", he warned her and she looked at him, seriously.

"Don't look at me that way, I might just eat you up", he said and winked. He did not break the eye-contact with her and his fingers reached to the bottom of the sweat shirt. He pulled her closer and quickly zipped up the swaet shirt a little.

"Now see", he said, pointing at the mirror.

Geet looked around from one side to the other and then finally at Maan. She again looked away from him and looked at herself in the mirror. Maan rolled his eyes, "You women I tell you, never make an attempt to shop fast altleast once".

"Maan", said Geet while continuing to look at herself in the mirror. "Yeah you are right", she said, smiling.

"I, always am", he said, arrongantly.

"How does this look on me?", she asked.

"Geet, it looks horrible. Come lets just go try another shop", he said, seriously.

"Really? You don't like this? ", she asked, looking flushed. He looked at her for sometime and then said, "That's why I say you women have no brain"

"Maan, mind you", she said, angrily.

"Geet, seriously gimme a break. Why would I say this looks nice on you, if it dint look good on you. Why would I ask you to zip it up and see, if I thought it was not for you?"

"Ok ok, relax. I'll take this", she said, pecking him slightly on his cheek.

She held the sweatshirt close to her, as she recollected the past connected to that piece of cloth that was now on her.

"I love you Maan", she thought to herself. She then heard the boarding announce for her flight and got up. Her brother looked at her questioningly.

"Mujhe jaldi jaake sona hain, flight mein, cheliye Veerji", she said and walked away towards the gate.

"Yeh ladki sach mein pagal hain. I thought I would have to drag her to the flight and here she is, walking ahead of me, telling me that she wants to sleep on the flight. What is wrong with her?", he thought.

Mana switched on his cell phone, while getting out of the flight and read all the messages Geet had sent him. He smiled when he read the last message.

He called her. Geet looked at her phone and then looked back to see where her brother was. He was still picking up his laptop bag near the chairs, while she was ahead of him and there were a couple of people in the line behind her. She was happy and answered the call.

"Hi Maan", she said.

"Hi, all okay?", he asked, "What's with this sudden S'pore trip? ", he asked.

"I dunno. I must have done some blunder again. I wont know what I've done until I go home in S'pore", she said.

"Geet, I think I'm getting a little worried for you now", he said, calmly.

"Maan, even I am worried. But If I show it, my grandmother's gonna take advantage of it. I love you Maan", she said.

"Geet, don't", he said, "I want to take you in my arms right now. I dunno why. Did I fly back to Delhi to hear the news that you are going away from me?", he asked.

"Maan, I did everything I could to not go. But like you always say, for once, I thought I'l just face the consequences", she said. "I'll keep in regular touch with you", she said, while giving her boarding pass to the gate staff for scanning.



That;s it for now people! Have a wonderful SAnkranti, Pongal.. etc etc...Will make an update tomorrow. I'm very sleepy right now. I dunno if I even made sense in what I wrote. LOL


So no precap!




P.S. thanks for the wonderful comments...!!! Loved reading them...!!!

NExt Part:

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