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FF: Love makes Life Beautiful#6-ch74-p143-updt** (Page 41)

myedward12 Goldie

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 12:00am | IP Logged
jesus! sasha is such a looser!

kkiddoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 1:59am | IP Logged
awesome update dear...
don't want any misunderstanding dear ...
want them to understand each other ...
and solve it out together Smile
pickle6586 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 5:27am | IP Logged
HEllo Everyone.
HEre is the next update...!!!! Too fast isn't it???? LOLWink

Chapter 67

"Oh Anurag, you'ev already given up?", she said, putting the folders and papers aside. "Look, don't give up so easily. Just keep trying and one fine day she might give you a chance to talk to her atleast. You are a very good person, how could any girl not fall for you?", said Sasha.

"Hmm", said Anurag, getting back some hope again. "Guess you are right", he said.

She smiled and said, "Now get back to your cabin and finish some work. I'll check these papers and get back to you", she said.

As Anurag left, Sasha realized she had to push Maan's meetings in Chennai for a day or so. Because if he was back in Delhi, then chances of Anurag meeting Geet would become less. If Anurag had to meet Geet, Maan had to be in Chennai for a few more days.

She immediately checked up with other clients and called back Maan. She told him about some more meetings that were lined up for him and intentionally delayed some papers that were supoosed to be faxed from the Delhi office, making sure Maan, would not return before two days to Delhi. She smiled at her smartness, little did she know of the consequences.

Niharika's house all of a sudden was being decked up for her marriage. Relatives and close friends had started pouring in, because the marriage was only a month away. Achint and his parents had agreed to get Achint and Niharika married at the earliest as her grandmother's health deteriorated.

Niharika had told her supervisors about the sudden marriage plans and had requested them to let her work for half a day everyday. Geet was also aware of everything happening at Niharika's place and tried to help her, while working in office, in every way she could. She also waited for a chance to speak to Maan, but Maan being tied up with meetings in Chennai, did not find any time to talk to her.

Sasha just made things tough for Maan, even at the cost of being yelled at. Maan lost his temper a couple of times on Sasha for being so irresponsible and not sending the right papers. Shreyasi tried to do her best by sending Maan the papers he required but Sasha would find a trillion faults with the papers and delay the process.

Shreyasi sat in her cabin that evening working on some papers that were supposed to be sent to Maan. She cursed Sasha for making changes in the last minute and hated her for delaying the process.

"Saali, ab tak kya so rahin thi?", cursed Shreyasi. "Aaj kal sare kaam last minute mein karti hain". It was already 7pm when Sasha came into her chamber.

"Done?", she asked Shreyasi in an authoritative voice.

"No", said Shreyasi in an equally dominating voice.

"Don't raise your voice. Remember I can kick you out of office", said Sasha, angrily.

Shreyasi smirked and said, "Sasha Ma'am, take care of yourself first. If Maan Sir comes to know that you are intentionally delaying his stay in Chennai, you might be the first one to get kicked out of office".

She sat and typed a few more sentences when Sasha stood there fuming. "How do you know?", asked an angry Sasha.

"Any sensible person would know, if they saw you work at this pace", came Shreyasi's reply.

She printed out the document and gave it to Sasha. Sasha stood there dumbfounded and would not take the documents.

"Don't worry, Maan Sir will not know. Because If I tell him so soon and get you kicked out of office, whats the fun. Before I get to know the real reason behind you holding up Maan Sir in Chennai, I will not open my mouth", she said, picking up her bag and walking out of the office.

Sasha looked at the papers and looked around for sometime. She went back to her cabin and quickly faxed those papers to Maan.

While the papers were being faxed, she thought to herself, "No matter how much you try, you will not know the true reason Shreyasi. Hence you will have to shut up forever".

Geet got out of office and took a cab home. She called Niharika a couple of times to ask her if she would have to do any shopping but Niharika did not answer the call. Geet thought it was strange. Niharika always answered her call or atleast sent her a text back for not answering her call. This time neither of the two happened.

Geet wondered if everything was okay at home. Her initial thoughts jumped to Niharika's grandmother. She immediately told the cab driver to hurry. She had to get home very quickly.

Maan, on the other hand stood in the conference room, waiting for some clients. He got a call from his Daadima and smiled.

"Hi", he said, lovingly.

"Hello Son, how are you?", she asked, smiling.

"How did you know I wanted to talk to you?", he asked her.

"I know you through and through, Son", came her reply.

"Love you", he said.

"Same here", came his Daadima's reply. "So how is everything in Chennai?",she asked.

"Not the way I wanted it to be", he said.

"Hmmm, it happens at times.  Things don't work the way you want them to. It's a part of life", she said, calmly.

"But something tells me that I ought to be in Delhi at this point of time and not here", he said, calmly.

"Hmm, what makes you think so?", she asked.

Before Maan could answer, Daadima and him heard Dev walk into the mansion angrily, yelling.

Daadima felt silent for sometime and so did Maan. Both fo them knew Dev was out of town too, for some work in Shimla. His flight had landed about two hours back. What kept both of them silent was the fact that he was yelling. It was not Dev's nature to yell or lose his temper. He was relatively calm when compared to Maan. Dev yelling or losing his temper meant something serious.

"Son, I'll hang up", she said.

"No daadima, just put the phone aside. I want to know why Dev is angry", came Maan's voice.

"Hmm", she said and left the phone to the side. She immediately got up and went to Dev's side. By then NT and Kiara had assembled in the living room too.

"What's wrong bhai?", came Kiara's concerned voice.

"What do people think of themselves? How dare he speak to a Khurana that way?", came Dev;s angry voice.

"Dev relax. Calm down and tell us what happened", came Naintara's soft and calm voice.

Maan smiled. Though he never interacted much with this lady, he had liked the way she was calm and composed in tough situations. He also knew she could easily soften angry people and make them forget their anger.

"I was wakling out the airport and got into the car. My brand new Jaguar- that Maan bro gifted me on my bday last week. This gawar comes with his cart and in the hurry to get a cab, dashes inot the tail lights of my car. I did not even say anything. I simply got out of the car to see what happened. And this fellow starts yelling at me, for parking the car in the wrong position. He started talking about how the rich people do not care about rules and laws and always like to concentrate power in their hands", said Dev.

"Hmm, so?", came Daadima's voice.

"I  simply told him to not create a scene as he was at fault", said Dev.

"go on, Bro", said Kiara.

"He argued he was not at fault and literally came to beat me up. he looked like this typically Punjabi guy, tall and well built. In the process of trying to hold him back, his passport and itinerary fell out of his hands. I could not see his name but saw that he had landed from S'pore. Then the police came and told me to go away from there and I simply got into the car and drove away. I dunno what happened to him. But when I took the car to the service centre, I realized the damage he had done to the car", came Dev's voice.

Maan cleared his throat loudly and Daadima realized he was still on the phone.

"Maan Bro", said Dev and picked up the phone. "You were listening to the conversation till now?", he asked.

"Yes Dev. Relax. You always run across such people who don't accept they are at fault. Just get the tail lights fixed and don't bother about all the nonsense he spoke", said Maan calmly.

"Yeah", said Dev.

"Can I talk to Daadima now?", he asked.

"Sure", said Dev handing over the phone to Daadima.

"Yes son", came Daadima's voice.

Maan did not say anything. "Maan I guess you are over thinking something", she said.

"No , I'm not. But I feel restless", he said.

"Obviously Son, you work for all the 24 hours a day and all 7 days a week, why would you not feel restless?", asked Daadima.

"No, its not that restless ness Daadima", he said, not knowing what he was feeling and why he was feeling so.

"Come back Son", she suggested. "You can always handle everything later on, when you feel better. There's no point staying there when you are unable to concentrate on your work", she said.

Maan did not say anything. "Maan, the last flight from Chennai is at 11:45 pm. You still have time to catch it", she said.

He looked at his watch and nodded. "K, il see what I can do. Will keep you informed", he said and hung up, as some people walked into the conference room.

Geet stepped into the house only to find Niharika's family sitting and talking to her brother Brij. Geet stopped in her track and stood horrified.

"What was he doing here?", she wondered and a sudden fear engulfed her.

"Hello Geet", he said, seriously. "How are you?", he asked, very casually.

"Veerji, main theek hoon, aap yahan kaise?", she asked, walking in very slowly.

"Geet, bahut din ho gaye, isiliye tumse milne aa gaye", he said. Niharika rolled her eyes. She realized there was something suspicious about Brij coming to meet Geet.

Niharika knew Geet's family very well and there was no chance of him coming to meet Geet, without a stong reason. Niharika just hoped, Geet had not committed any blunders. She prayed to God, that Geet should be fine. She was very tempted to call Maan right away, because she sensed some thing fishy. Maan was the only person who could get gEet out of the trap that was being laid for her. She just hoped she was wrong and that Brij had no evil intentions behind meeting Geet.

"Geet sit down and talk to your brother, Beta, while I go make some coffee and get some snacks", came Niharika's mom's voice.

"Ji", said Geet, softly and sat beside Brij. "Ghar pe sab kaise hain?", she asked.

"Sab theek hain. Bas tumhein bahut miss kar rahen hain aur tumse milna chahte hain", said Brij, talking softly, since Niharika's dad was also in the same room.

"Accha", said Geet, "Aapne bataya nahin ki aap aa rahe hain, Veerji", said Geet, scared out of her wits.

"Kyun Geet, main tumhein surprise nahin de sakta?", he asked, smiling at Niharika's dad, who smiled too.

"Nahin aisi baat nahin", she said. Niharika's mom came back with some snacks and coffee for all of them.

"So when did you land in Delhi?", asked Geet.

"A few hours back. I would have come home earlier but there was some issue in the airport and someone got into a fight with me", he said.

"everything okay?", she asked.

"Haan Haan, sab theek", he said, sipping coffee.

As they were speaking Brij suddenly turned to Niharika's mom and spoke to her.

"Aunty ji agar aapki permission ho to kya Geet aaj mere saath hotel mein reh sakti hain?",

"Arey aap hotel mein kyun rahenge? Aap dono yahan aaram se reh sakte hain", said Niharika's mom.

"Arey nahin nahin aunty ji. Main aapko pareshaan nahin karna chahta. I came so suddenly without any notice and now don't wanna trouble you anymore. I already gave you a lot of trouble by keeping Geet at your place for so many days. Im grateful to you for all that".

"Geet is like my daughter. She is no stranger. She is a girl of this house. So please don't says uch big words", said Niharika's mom.

After sometime, Geet packed two pairs of clothes and went along with Brij. They got into the cab and it was around 11pm then. The cab turned the end of the street and Geet asked him, "Which hotel are you staying in?"

"I am not staying in any hotel. We are going to the airport. Our flight to S'pore is at 3am. Everyone at home, wants you back", he said, sternly.

Maan checked in at the same time in the Chennai airport to fly back to Delhi. His Daadima was right. When he could not focus there was no point staying back. Hence he had decided to go back to Delhi and then cooly think about the rest. His flight was scheduled at 11:45 pm and it took about two and a half hours to get to Delhi. He had informed Dev that he was flying back and hence Dev had told him that he would send the car to the airport. He expected to reach Delhi by 2:20 am.

He knew it was probably a little too late to call Geet, but still called her. Her phone was switched off and he wondered why he could not reach her.

"Where are you Geet? why cant I reach you?", he thought, while he waited to board the flight.



That's it for now, people! Have a great day and have loads of fun...!!!!!




 NExt Part:

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mandymore IF-Sizzlerz

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Awsome prt,omg maaneet r seprated
Sasha ka to band bajna chaie..
Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 5:36am | IP Logged
oh man...trouble ahead...

for geet's family...n when maan finds out...he will raise h*ll...

i think brij is taking her coz anurag might have told him all abt her love for some1 else...

cant wait for next part...

plz update soon...
ExpectoPatronum IF-Dazzler

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Oh no what's happening... I hope anurag didn't say about geet to her parents...
I so hate that sasha...
Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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last two part is too sad m really sad
no comments

kkiddoo IF-Sizzlerz

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wow it means they would meet at airport wow 

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