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FF: Love makes Life Beautiful#6-ch74-p143-updt** (Page 34)

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waiting for u r update ... Big smile

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waiting for an update...
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waiting for it.. to see how Maan handle's Geet's family..
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hey happy to see you back soumya
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waiting Smile
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HEllo Everyone,Tongue
Here';s the next update !!!!! LOL
Chapter 66

"Geet, I know you are at work, but this is important. I heard that you are not meeting Anurag for a long time now. You've been giving excuses to not get in touch with him. He told his parents and they told me. So, I had to call you", she said.

Geet was confused. She did not understand what her Daadi was speaking about and who all those people were.

"Ji, kaun Anurag?", she asked, innocently.

"Arey Anurag wahin hain, jisse tumhaari shaadi hone waali hain. We finished all talks with them and rishta is pucca", told her Daadima.

"Kya?", she asked, shocked and confused. She thought back to all the times this fellow had tried talking to her and almost every single time, Maan was with her.

"Haan, isiliye usse mil le, ek baar", she said. "Shaadi to usi se karni hain tujhe. So it is better if you two can know each other better", told her grandmom. Geet thought she would faint. She felt a sudden chill run through her body. She felt her fingers go cold and the phone slip from her fingers. As much as she wanted to hang up on her grandmom for giving her such bad news, she couldn't. She had to convince them that she would only marry Maan, and that Maan was the one for her. In order to convince them,, she had to be a good girl and listen to everything they say.

Geet went blank for sometime, all she could think of is Maan and his family. She shook her head and finally spoke up, "Daadiji, main aapse baad main baat karti hoon".

"Nahin Geet, tu pehle yeh bata kit u Anurag se milne kab jayegi?", she asked, adamantly.

"Daadiji abhi abhi toh aapne bataya, itni bhi kya jaldi hain? Mil loongi, weekend ko", she said and looked at her watch. The weekend was about three days away. Therefore, that would give her enough time to discuss the issue with Maan.

"Theek hain, Sunday ko mil lena. I will tell his family and Anurag too", she said.

"Hmmm", said Geet, reluctantly.

Geet heard the phone go blank on the other side. She closed the files she was working on and texted Maan.

"What you doing?"

"Playing tennis with Sasha, wish you were here", he replied back.

"Maan, cant you for once, not be sarcastic?", she replied, angrily.

"Geet, tum sawaal hi aise karti ho. Office mein koi kya karega?", he texted back.

"Theek hain, mujhe aapse baat karni hain, bahut zaroori hain. When do you wanna meet?", she texted back, not wanting to delay talking to him anymore.

"I guess today evening would be good", he replied.

"Okay time and venue", she texted him back.

"Around 6pm, my office", he replied.

"Fine see you then", she said and continued with her work. She had to work hard that day as she could not concentrate on what she was doing. it was getting tough for her. She wanted to run into Maan's office right now and talk to him, but she knew that is not an option. She had to carefully think about what to do next and discuss that with him.

She kept looking at her watch and hoped time would fly. However, realized that time moved slower than ever. She hated it, she hated waiting to run to into Maan's arms. He was the only one who could get her out of the situation she was trapped into. It was all clear now to her. Her grandmom would have not easily agreed to Geet doing an internship in Delhi, had she not known of this rishta before. She was made to think that everything was fine, when nothing was. She was surprised that out of the blue the news about her marriage talks being in the final stages came to her. She wondered why her sister or mother told her nothing about this. Were they so sure that she would not fall for anyone or were they scared to go against her grandmother? She did not know. At this point of time, it did not matter too. She had to stop all this. She had to stop this guy from having any kind of expectations from her. She knew from his talk that he was desperate to meet her and know her, but she also wanted him to know that she was not interested. She did not care who he was and how he was, because she had pledged her heart to someone, who was, for her, her world, and her love. it would either be Maan Singh Khurana or no one else. She was firm about that. Moreover, she would tell her family that too. Nevertheless, she only wanted to know how to handle this situation.

Finally after ages, the clock struck 5:30 pm and Geet cleared up her desk. She ran out of office to take a cab to Maan's office when Niharika called her.

"Huh bolo", she said , taking the call, looking for cabs.

"Geet, kaha ho, you have to come home. My grandmother is not well and dad's out of station. We are rushing grandmom to the hospital", came Niharika's tensed voice.

"Oh, achanak kya ho gaya? Theek hain, I just got out of office, I'll come home", she said and took a cab home. She had completely forgotten to tell Maan, that she would not be meeting him in his office.

She rushed home and then Niharika her mom and Geet took her grandmom to the hospital. She was admitted in the hospital. Geet had offered to stay back at the hospital for that night. Niharika and her mom waited for Geet to go back home and fresh up and come back. Geet rushed back home again, cooked dinner for the four of them, took a shower, and went back to the hospital. It was almost 9pm by then.

Maan tried calling her several times, but Geet's phone was in silent mode and she had forgotten to put in the ringer mode, after getting out of office. Maan wondered what had happened to her. He hesitated calling Niharika or her landline number, wondering how she would react or her family would react to a stranger calling Geet.

He waited until 10pm in office, working on something or the other hoping to get some news from her. When he did not get any, he finally got back home, still wondering why she had not turned up or bothered to call him and inform him.

His family waited for dinner, and he quietly walked into the dining room. as he had his dinner, he checked his phone a couple of times, making sure he had not missed any call or messages from Geet. Losing patience he finally texted her, "Geet where are you? Were you not supposed to meet me today?"

Daadima noticed the restlessness in him and asked him, if everything was okay. He nodded but still thought about Geet.

"Call her Maan", she told him and he answered spontaneously, "I did, she's not answering".

"Hmm, maybe she's caught up with something, Son. She will get back to you", she said, patting his hand gently. He smiled and nodded, hoping she was fine.

He quickly finished his dinner and went back to the outhouse. Geet on the other hand, fed dinner to Niharika's grandmom and gave her medicines. She helped grandmom sleep comfortably and then retired to the couch in her hospital room. She was dead tired but she had to stay awake for another two hours to give another dosage of medicine to grandmom. Niharika and her mom got some medicines and then went home to have dinner. They told her to call them if there was any problem.

Geet digged into her bad, to take a magazine when her phone came into her hand. She checked her phone and realized there were about 30 missed calls from Maan and about 10 messages from him. she suddenly realized that she was supposed to meet him and had forgotten about it. She called him back and he took the call in the first ring itself.

"Geet where have you been?I was so worried", he said, loudly.

"Maan, sorry", she said and explained the whole situation.

"You need any help?", he asked.

"No Maan, I'm fine", she said.

"Ok, what is that you wanted to speak anyway?", he asked.

"Maan, I cant talk about it now. I have to meet you personally and need some time for that", she said, literally whispering, so that she would not disturb grandmom.

"Hmmm, are you sure you are okay, honey?", he aksed.

"Yes Maan", she said, smiling.

"Okay, what do you wanna do now? Talk  to me or rest for sometime?", he asked.

"Why the hell are you so sweet?", she asked him angrily

"What do you mean?", he asked.

"Why do you understand me so well and why do you take such good care of me? I'm scared at times, of letting you go or losing you Maan", she said, softly, with tears in her eyes.

"Geet, my love is strong enough to hold onto you and never let you go, come what may", he said, firmly.

"Its easy to say Maan", she said.

"Geet, why are you being so pessimistic so suddenly?", he asked.

"I dunno", she said.

"No something is wrong", he said.

"Maan change the topic", she suggested.

"But Geet, you cant keep worring about something for no reason", he said.

"I'l be fine Maan, im talking to you now right", she said, smiling.

"Geet do not hesitate to tell me what you want to, if there is anything at all", he said, "Keeping things to yourself will not help you or me in any way"

"I know that", she said.

"Good, so had dinner?", he asked.

"Hmmm, I did", she said.

"So how long would your grandmom have to stay in the hospital?", he asked.

"I dunno", she said.

"K", he said and they continued talking for sometime and arguing for sometime about various things on the planet. Geet completely sidelining the topic of marriage again and the topic of Anurag again.

After what seemed like two and a half hours, Geet hung up to give medicines to grandmom. She called Niharika again to tell her that everything was fine in the hospital and so was grandmom. Niharika told her that her dad was flying back to Delhi because of grandmom. The next two three days passed with Niharika and Geet taking turns to stay with grandmom in the hospital. Though grandmom's health was getting better, at times, she would get very critical. Niharika's parents got a little concerned over her health. That weekend, Geet had brought her back home and while she took rest, Geet joined Niharika and her parents in the living room.

"Niharika, I guess you should get married soon", told her dad.

"Grandmom's health is deteriorating and she wanted to see you as a bride for quite sometime", added her mom.

Niharika did not know what to say. Though she completely was in love with Achint, she wondered if the whole idea of marriage was too quick. Geet did not know what to speak and she sincerely followed Maan's advice. She recollected the incident, of one evening when they were together.

GEEt was speaking to the shopkeeper and in anger, she had spoken a bit too much. Later Maan had to step into the situation and solve the issue between the both of them and pulled her out of the store.

When they were in the car, in the parking area, he told her he was disappointed with her.

She was angry and told him, "when I am angry I don't think"

"Geet you don't think even otherwise", he told her, looking at her sideways.

"What do you mean?", she screamed.

"Geet, when you do not know what to talk or what to answer back, you might as well, shut up and keep quiet, instead of speaking non-sense and getting into a mess", he told her.

"But he spoke non-sense too", she said.

"So what? Would you stoop down to his level just because he speaks shit?", he asked her.

"But Maan, I am not weak and keeping quiet would mean he won the argument", she said.

"Geet, keeping silent does not mean you've lost the argument. It simply means that the other person is simply not worth arguing with", he said, smiling.

She looked at him angrily and he smiled again, "Love it when you are angry".

"I don't love you", she said, looking away. He pushed his car seat back and grabbed her by her arm. He looked around the parking lot and found it completely deserted. He saw a few cars far away, but he knew they were simply parked and no one was in them.

He pulled her over him and she fell onto his chest.

"Maan", she yelled at him, softly, taking support of his broad shoulders.

"Hmm, ab bolo, kya keh rahi thi tu?", he asked, smirking.

"That I don't love you", she said.

"Hmmm, say that again. Sound nice", he said, grinning.

"Sound nice? Okay fine. Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, I do'", and Maan covered her mouth with his. He kissed her for so long, that she almost got breathless. She hit her hands on his shoulders, telling him to stop.

He finally let her go and she went back to her seat, breathing hard. He kissed her on her cheek and smiled and she looked away.

"Geet, you still don't love me?", he asked, moving closer to her again.

"No, I love you, lets go", she said, terrified, pushing him back to his seat.

"Hmm, so what do you do, when you do not know how to react to a situation?", he asked, pulling his seat back to the original driving position.

"Stay shut", she said, softly.

"Hmmm, that's like a good girl now", he said, starting the car and driving out of the mall. She came to the present situation and found Niharika gone.

"Aunty Niharika kahan hain?", she asked, Niharika's mom.

"Where were you lost Geet? She told you she would be going to speak to Achint about preponing the marriage", told her mom.

"Oh okay. I was busy thinking of something else", she said, trying to get her thoughts off the car in the parking lot.

She went back to her room and ley on her bed, while Niharika walked around outiosde the room, talking to Achint.

Geet had been extremely tired. The last few days had been too tirng for her and she hardly got a chance to sleep properly. She wanted to speak to Maan, but was too lazy to do so. Geet closed her eyes and fell asleep when after a few minutes she heard her phone ring. She did not see who it was and simply answered the call.

"Geet, kaisi ho?", came someone;s voice.

"Theek hoon", she said, in deep sleep.

"When will you meet me?", came the question.

"Meet you for what?", she asked, not realizing what she was speaking.

"Arey to discuss about our likes and dislikes and also about marriage", he said.

"Look, I dunno who you are and what you are talking. However, let me tell you, I'm already in love with someone and will only marry that person and no one else. I do not wish to meet you or your family. I did not tell my family this, but will tell them very soon. I do not wish to meet you, as I see no point in wasting your time or my time in trying to establish a relationship that has no future", she blabbered.

Anurag was shocked. She was in love with someone else. How come she did not tell him before? who was she in love with?

"But your family told me you would be interested in meeting me and your grandmom told me the same after speaking to you the other day", he said.

"That's because I did not know what else to tell her. Look don't waste your time on me", she said.

"But Geet, I like you", he said, "Maybe we could work out hings, after we meet and talk", he suggested.

"Oh hello, are you mad? Main keh rahin hoon, ki main kisi aur se pyaar karti hoon and you wanna meet and work out things?", she asked angrily.

He did not say anything.

"Look I'm sorry that im being harsh. But please try and understand", she said.

He said nothing and hung up. Geet put the phone to the side and went back to sleep again, while Anurag narrated the whole incident to his parents.

Geet, woke up the next day at like 8am and rushed to office. She had a busy day and she texted Maan in between. He told her he was in Chennai for some meetings. He told her he would try to finish his work and get back to Delhi that night or he might have to stay back that night and return the next evening.

Anurag, sat in Sasha's cabin, while Sasha looked through some papers that he had prepared. She told him a couple of things and realized he was not listening.

"Anurag, when you are in office, I expect you to concentrate on your work", she screamed at him.

"I'm sorry. I was thinking about something", he said.

"Thinking about that gril you love?", she asked.

"Yeah, how did you know?", he asked.

"Whats the problem?", she asked. While they were in S'pore, once Anurag had accidentally blurted out that he was in love with Geet. He showed Sasha, Geet's photo too and Sasha was overjoyed that once Anurag And Geet get married, Geet would be out of Maan's life. She suspected if Maan and Geet were just friends, but she did not like the attention Maan paid Geet.

Sasha had been very clever in telling Anurag that Geet was perfect for him. she did not revela the fact that she knew Geet before. and that worked to her advantage.

"Problem is she does not want to get married to me", he said, sadly.

"Try meeting her", suggested Sasha.

"I don't think it is of any use. She loves someone else.", he said.

"Oh Anurag, you'ev already given up?", she said, putting the folders and papers aside. "Look, don't give up so easily. Just keep trying and one fine day she might give you a chance to talk to her atleast. You are a very good person, how could any girl not fall for you?", said Sasha.

"Hmm", said Anurag, getting back some hope again. "Guess you are right", he said.

She smiled and said, "Now get back to your cabin and finish some work. I'll check these papers and get back to you", she said.

As Anurag left, Sasha realized she had to push Maan's meetings in Chennai for a day or so. Because if he was back in Delhi, then chances of Anurag meeting Geet would become less. If Anurag had to meet Geet, Maan had to be in Chennai for a few more days.

She immediately checked up with other clients and called back Maan. She told him about some more meetings that were lined up for him and intentionally delayed some papers that were supoosed to be faxed from the Delhi office, making sure Maan, would not return before two days to Delhi.

That's it for now people. so sorry for such a long gap. But from now, I'll try to make updates on alternate days atleast.
Precap: "Why cant I reach you?"Shocked

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this shasha never in her life change she knew about maneet phir bhi hope maan settled everything and marry geet aur is anuraag ko bhi aqkaql aa jaye

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