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FF: Love makes Life Beautiful#6-ch74-p143-updt** (Page 17)

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Hello Everyone,
Here is the next update...!!!! Big smileLOL

Chapter 65

While they continued, Nt noticed Daadima being quiet and asked her what the matter is.

Daadima narrated the entire conversation with Devanshi to the others.

"God ab aur ek twist?", said Kiara.

"Daadiji, aap Devanshi Handa se baat kyun nahin kiya? Meaning, I guess you should have given a hint atleast about Maan Bro and Geet", said Dev.

"No Dev, such matters ought to be given some thought before letting out even the slightest of the hints", came NT's voice.

"But Naintara, this is related to someone;s can you delay?", said Dev.

"Naintara is right, Dev", said Daadima and all of them looked to see her. "Maan has to win his love by himself. And how he plans to do so, is his choice. This is a completely different ball game altogether and Maan has to get through this, if he wants Geet as his wife", she said, in a stern voice, that no one dared to question.

"But Daadi, this is not fair", said Dev. "This is such an important issue and you want only Maan Bro to handle it?"

"Dev, since you three were kids, I have raised you. I have given you everything that you need to lead a comfortable and a respectable life, Son. Now you cannot really expect me to work out plans for your love stories too. At some point of time, Son, I expect you to not depend on me", she said and Kiara nodded for a yes, as though agreeing with her.

"But Daadi, Maan Bro", said Dev and he was cut-off by Daadima.

"Dev, you're Maan Bro is my strength. He is the rock of this family and the empire we own today. He's seen worse problems and handled the worst of the people and situations, very efficiently. I am very sure he would handle this too, very neatly. Don't worry about him", she said.

Dev nodded though still not convinced. Daadi knew he was not convinced.

"Dev, lets go back in time. I have not done anything in getting you and Naintara married. You just told me that you like her and that you would spend the rest of you're life with her. You went and asked for her hand from her parents and when they agreed that's when I stepped into the picture".

Dev re-collected that event. It was a few years back when he remembered walking into the plush interiors of a huge bunglow situated in the classy Jubilee Hills area in Hyderabad. Naintara's parents spent most of their time in this city and had established businesses here. They would shuttle between Delhi and Hyderabad, but Naintara considered her hometown as Hyderabad and still yearned to be there.

Dev was tensed but did not make it evident on his face. He knew he had everything and he would do anything to keep Naintara happy. He also knew his happiness was connected to her and she was the love of his love. He was committed to her and there was no stepping back. He remembered also, what his Maan Bro had told him and smiled, slightly re-collecting it.

"Dev, I don't know how all this works- this marriage and commitment and all that. I have known only two commitments all my life- one to my family and the other to the work I do.  But you speak about a new commitment. I'm glad to know that you could actually pledge your heart to one girl in your life. If you are sure that she is the one for you, then don't step back. But if this is just like any other affair of yours, then I'd say, don't ruin her life for your pleasure".

Dev laughed, having re-collected Maan's advice. Everyone in the room looked at him.

"Dev what's wrong?", asked Naintara.

"Maan Bro had told me once that he did not understand marriage and commitment to a girl. Now when I look back it all seems so strange. I mean, a man who never bothered about any woman in his life, apart from his grandmom, today is in love with a person who's exactly opposite to him", he said and smiled.

Kiara smiled and thought about Kunal and her self- even they were exactly opposite to each other yet madly in love with each other. Her thoughts were disturbed when Dev spoke to Daadima.

"So finally what are we doing then about the Handas?", asked Dev.

"Nothing", said Daadima.

"Then?", asked Kiara.

"My Maan will take care of them. Let them will life peacefully for some time because after Maan comes to know that they're looking for someone else for Geet, he will make their lives miserable until they agree to get Geet married to him", said Daadima, smirking and winking.

All of them laughed.

Geet sat alone in her room and tried calling Maan but he would not answer the call. she texted him a couple of times, but she did not get any replies.

"Maan, why are you angry? I need some time to tell all this to my family. I cannot go and tell them directly. They are not as open minded as your family is. I have to prepare the base first, give them appropriate hints and then tell them the news. Why don't you understand? You know right, Rome was not built in a day", she emailed him.

Maan had checked the email right away. Well how could he not? Afterall it was from his love. he smiled when he read the last line. He wanted to go and hug her right away, but then decided to tease her for sometime.

She did not give up. She walked straight into his office the next day. He was in a meeting with Sasha. She only knocked once and Maan knew instantly from her knock that she was here. He Smirked and asked her to come in.

He knew she was already irritated. She stormed in and raised her eyebrow when she saw Sasha sitting in his chamber, holding a cup of coffee. Even Maan was drinking his coffee.

"Yahan inhe convince karte karte meri haalat kharab ho gayi aur yahan yeh coffee date pe hain, woh bhi is chudail ke saath, office mein", she thought and rolled her eyes.

"I'm here to talk to you, Mr. Maan Singh Khurana", said Geet, when Sasha looked at her, shocked. No one ever dared to meet Maan without a appointment and no one called him with his full name.

"I'm in a meeting, now", he said, calmly, sipping his coffee. "Can you wait for about fifteen minutes, please?", he asked.

Sasha was taken aback again, "please?" she wondered. "When did MK start using words like "please", "thank you", "sorry"?". However, what she did not know or what she would never understand is that love transforms everyone but to what extent is left to them. Strong people maintain their individuality and yet realize that certain simple things and words can make a whole lot of a difference to a relationship at times. Whereas weak people give up everything that is special to them, as individuals and later crib about changing themselves for the other and yet not being happy.

"Sure. Where do you want me to wait?", she asked, with a straight face.

"You can wait here", he said, pointing to a chair beside Sasha.

Sasha shot Geet an angry look and turned to MK saying, "MK, what we are discussing is all confidential. How can a non-employee of the company be here?"

Maan looked at Geet, who remained unaffected by Sasha's statement.

"Sasha, we'll be fine", is all he said and continued talking to Sasha about the project they were handling. While Sasha made some changes to the drafts, while Maan picked up the receiver and ordered for another coffee, with three spoons of sugar. Sasha stopped writing and looked at him, with her mouth. Geet smirked at her expression.

"Three spoons of sugar MK?", she said.

"Haan", he said. She waited for him to say something but he did not. Geet smiled widely as though Maan had just made her day even without saying anything lovey-dovey or complimenting her.

Sasha continued looking at Maan, when he asked with the gestures of his eyes, if anything was wrong. She nodded her head for a "no" and continued working on the changes in the draft. Maan looked at Geet who looked at him for a fraction of a second and then turned to look away. He smiled and continued to look at her. She knew he was looking at her, but she did not look at him. she did not feel like. She could feel his gaze move from her eyes, to her lips and then her eyes again. She smiled and looked at him again, asking with her eyes, "what?"

His eyes made it clear that he had nothing to say, but the look in his eyes, made her realize he was happy to see her there.

She again gestured with her eyes, looking at Sasha as to when she would leave. He smiled and spoke nothing. He only looked at his watch and at her again. She understood he meant, "Honey, office time so obviously I'm busy. Can you please be patient for a few minutes?"

She nodded and smiled. He smiled back at her and looked at Sasha.

"Mk, I've made a note of all the changes, anything else?", she asked, forgetting completely that Geet was in the same room, just beside her.

"Not to my knowledge, Sasha", he said.

Sasha looked at him and said, "What else?"

"We'll discuss the L&T project after lunch. Call Ashutosh and speak to him, about the changes that they wanted and see if they can be incorporated into the project. If they cannot then we'll have to see what other options we have", he said.

"Ok, I'll do that right away", she said, standing up. There was a knock on the door and all three of them looked at the door, when a person walked in with a cup of coffee. That's when Sasha realized Geet was here to meet Maan.

Maan told the person to leave the cup of coffee in front of Geet. Sasha did not want to leave. She looked at Geet, who now sipped the hot coffee and almost spat it out.

"Ouch, its hot", she mumbled and Sasha smirked while Maan looked at her expressionless.

"Sasha We'll meet after lunch", said Maan, hinting that she should get out now.

"Ok", she said with a sullen face and walked out slowly.

"Geet you ought to be careful", he said, getting up from his chair and walking to her. He sat beside her and cupped her face into his palms. "Does it hurt?", he asked.

"Hmmm", she said, feeling the burning sensation on her tongue.

He touched her lips gently with his, "any better now?", he asked.

"No", she lied.

"Geet", he said, smiling naughtily. She laughed and hugged him. he hugged her tight.

"Not angry anymore?", she asked, still hugging any more.

"Angry? What does that mean, Geet?", he asked, kissing her hair.

"Oh yeah Mr. Khurana. Who was angry all this while, You or me?", she asked.

"You", he said, smirking.

"Maan", she said, pushing him back and he held her wrists tightly and pulled her towards him.

"Bolo Geet", he said.

"Maan, anger gone or not?", she asked.

"What do you think?", he asked.

"I dunno", she said.

"I thought you knew me very well", he said.

"I don't understand you, Maan", she said, point blank.

"Why Geet?" he asked.

"Maan, see, you need to understand that my family is not going to take this easy. I need some time, please", she said.

"Ok Geet, take as much time as you want. But tell you're family in the next three days", he said, winking.

"Maan", she said, hitting him.

"Geet, jokes apart. Take your time honey. Only when you're confortable, we'll go ahead and tell your family", he said.

"Hmmm", she said, and smiled.

They spoke for sometime and Geet left for work.

It had been a few days after Daadima had left everything for Maan to take care about Geet. Amd Geet had finally convinced Maan that they would need more time. Geet was in office and she got a call from her S'pore home. She was shocked to see them call her at that point of time. It was very unusual for them to call her, let alone even call her when she was at work.

She answered the call praying to Babaji hoping everything was alright.

"Geet", came her grandmother's voice and Geet dropped the phone down in fear.

"Geet you okay?", asked her colleague Shweta.

"Haan", she said, tried smiling and picked up the phone again to listen to her Daadi speak.

"Geet, I know you are at work, but this is important. I heard that you are not meeting Anurag for a long time now. You've been giving excuses to not get in touch with him. He told his parents and they told me. So, I had to call you", she said.

Geet was confused. She did not understand what her Daadi was speaking about and who all those people were.

"Ji, kaun Anurag?", she asked, innocently.

"Arey Anurag wahin hain, jisse tumhaari shaadi hone waali hain. We finished all talks with them and rishta is pucca", told her Daadima.

That's it for now people. Have a wonderful weekend and Merry Christmas...!!!! :):):):)
Precap: "What? How can this happen?", he yelled, angrily.ShockedLOLWink

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awsem updatew dadi not want to come betweet maneet and handas and m aan angry but geet ne mana liya and shasha wondered about thanx age dekho hota hai kya finally geet come to know about this anurag waiting for next do next as soon as possible

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nice update
Now Maan in trouble
Please update soon

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WinkMe loving it totally.. now me waiting for MSK's reaction...ha how lovely it is going to be to see MSK being possessive abt his love Wink

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Awesome part. Finally Geet got to know about Anuraag. Precap se lagta he Maan ko bhi pata chal gaya.

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wow awesome update .
now its the time for maan's action
plz continue soon dear
merry christmas...

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what a Christmas gift...shadi pucca...Tongue
ummm precap maan again angry... angry maan is more hottt...
Day Dreaming
enjoyed the shasha burning part...Wink
when dadima says my maan...sounds too good...really he is her maan of life...Approve
waiting how maan will convince geets family with his style (actually soumya style)...Embarrassed 

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ossum dear
ossum update
pls give one more update dear
cant wait dear
hope maan understands geet deat
pls give us bonaza dear
pls dear
update soon

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